7 Video Games That Every Metalhead Needs to Play

Two things that mix really well are video games and heavy metal. Nothing beats blasting zombie’s brains on the wall, shredding guitar like the rockstar you dream of becoming or being a menace to society. If you want the right games to jam out too, then this will set you up for a great, headbanging Christmas.

#7: DOOM (2016)

The reboot of DOOM is metal as fuck beyond belief. It is up to the standards of modern first-person shooters while having music that will make you slam your head through a concrete wall. Doom Guy needs a way to kill those demons, and he is not going to listen to Taylor Swift or Kanye West. Give the man some death metal.

The sequel that is coming next year, DOOM Eternal, will feature a death metal choir, so if that does not get you sold to jump on the train in preparation for 2020’s bloodfest, then nothing will sell you on id Software’s masterpiece revision of this classic FPS.

#6: Valfaris

This 2D action-platformer was sold at E3 as a title that would bring out nostalgic emotions from its players while combining a skull shattering soundtrack. Everything from its combat to music is meant to be as brutal as possible, and it nails this. Play this title as it is not getting enough chatter around it, go support indie devs.

#5: Killing Floor 2

This scratches my itch for a Left 4 Dead-style shooter while injecting me with some solid metal. Demon Hunter, Fit for a King, and Impending Doom are just some of the bands who have songs featured in this zombie-infested game. Detailed dismemberment, along with a great cooperative experience, makes this irresistible for anyone looking to join up with buddies to blast away hordes of the undead.

#4: Brutal Legend

Jack Black and heavy metal is a great combination. The actor and musician teamed up to voice the main character of this action-adventure game that embeds itself into a world that revolves around all things brutal and metal. This is a love letter to older groups like Metallica and Slayer that must be played by fans of thrash.

#3: Rock Band/Guitar Hero

Playout your dreams of being a rockstar was an easy seller for these games. Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero dominated the mid-2000s for all the right reasons. Rock out to classic bands from the 60s or melt faces with some modern death metal. There is something for everyone here.

#2: Broforce

A 2D sidescrolling platformer where you go around blowing up and gunning down enemies. Broforce feels like an arcade game where you get to play as iconic action heroes like Rambo and Terminator. This is one of the best indie games in recent years, and it would be perfect for jamming out to some heavy music while killing your way through each level.

#1: Any Gears of War

Microsoft’s exclusive third-person shooter is as metal as it gets. Extreme violence has always been apart of the most devilish music on the planet. Whether it is singleplayer or online, turn on your go-to bands that will pump you up as you chainsaw through enemies, blow heads apart, and play as muscular characters who absolutely use steroids.

What are some of your favorite games that go perfect with heavy metal? Let me know in the comments.

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