Trailer Impressions: Wonder Woman 1984

Even the highest of highs DC has reached in its universe, problems still occur, mostly with the visuals and the villains. Wonder Woman 1984 may or may not have the right baddie as it is still unclear, but damn, it goes all out on the 80s color aesthetic. A new vibrant life and seeing Gal Gadot back in her armor and utilizing her iconic whip gets me so hyped for next year as this looks like an improvement over the already pretty solid 2017 film.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is speaking to her friend Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wig), who will eventually become the supervillain Cheetah, but we don’t see any of that in this trailer. Diana is talking about her life and the direction she has gone on with a dark pan around her apartment with a photo of her a “Trevor Ranch,” clearly signifying her continued pain over the loss of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). It establishes her grief well and the development of that side of her character, but if you missed the hints, our hero is asked if she has been in love, and a picture of Steve pops onto the screen.

The 80s electro that was subtle springs up louder as Diana heads to an opening of a mall. The narration here comes from a TV commercial with Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) talking about how great the future looks, but as we know how movies, especially in this genre, like to portray rich people, I assume he will be bad news.

Also, am I the only one getting Stranger Things vibes with the music and now the mall that also features in season three of the Netflix series?

Chaos starts to insue without any hints as to why. People are running into the streets, the police arrive, and Diana goes from a pretty everyday lady and jumps into her outfit to kick ass. She crushes the guns and destroys the security camera, it all looks badass, which I expect coming from her.

Max Lord’s advertisement continues, and as he says, “Think about having everything you always wanted,” which cues Steve’s mysterious return. The two lovers reunite, and I don’t know if I should be confused over his return or happy.

The three leads looking stylish in a flood of vibrant colors. (Image via DC/Warner Bros.)

Now we get a hint at things being shady with Max as he looks distraught and says, “Now, I take what I wanted in return.” The two lovebirds walk through the madness of the streets as smoke comes up on one side, police cars are scattered, and people are still running in panic. One thing is for sure, the next shot of Max walking like an evil bastard confirms my suspicions, along with the Google search on his relationship with the princess.

Steve gets protected by his Amazonian girlfriend, who beats on some security guards. Easily one of the coolest shots comes from her ejecting a bullet and hitting it away with her bracelets.

A brief shot captures Barbara at a party wearing all black. Surely, this is shown for the reason that she will be bad. We all know movies, wearing black means you are evil unless you are Batman.

Some scenery changes will be made. Steve and Diana are overlooking a destroyed city in the desert with a wall that eventually explodes in another scene. It appears to be the Middle East, but I cannot tell exactly where. Either way, I am happy to get some vast differences in the environments.

It appears that the same fight with the security (maybe Max Lord’s) as Wonder Woman sends a guy flying with her whip. Then Steve punches a guy in the face, so we know he is not going to stand around being utterly useless. I hope more is done with his character rather than being a romantic partner.

Pounding drums make for Diana running into action even more epic with flashes of her running back home. Two more scenes show the beach of the Amazon and then a bunch of the Amazonians going through an awesome obstacle course, which I need to know more about.

The angle makes it hard, but Max is in some blue room with a shining light over him, wind picking up as he looks straight above him. I have no idea what this means, but things must be looking positive for him. Good for him, go get that blue light thing…

Again she continues to beat the hell out of these guards by flipping them around and kicking them into walls. Finish them already, Diana, Jesus Christ.

Now a militarized convoy drives through a road in the desert. The princess turned superhero flips a truck and soars through the sky, Steve looks up with the same expression I had because this is insanity. The two come together to beat on the remaining soldiers, and I cannot wait for this scene.

It is nighttime with turrets firing out wildly. I lost count, but we see Diana flying around again, slinging her whip out at what looks like nothing but lightning, maybe Thor?

New golden armor is shown before she deflects a projectile. The design of this is mesmerizing. I always enjoy seeing new costumes for my favorite heroes to keep things fresh.

Finally, a funny scene happens to end things on a jolly note. Diana explains to Steve about an abstract art piece, and he points to a trash can, looking slightly confused. A bit generic of a way to conclude the first look into the movie, but I am sold.

The visuals are certainly an improvement. I have a million questions about Steve, Max, and Barbara. The new faces look intriguing, and I am excited to meet up again with this wonderful hero.

Wonder Woman 1984 releases June 5, 2020.

What do you think of the trailer? Watch it below and let me know what you think.

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Image via DC/Warner Bros.


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