15 Most Anticipated Games For 2020

2019 was filled with Norman Reedus facing Kojima’s labyrinth of a mind, retro indies, and a remake of a classic horror tile. A strong year and 2020 looks just as strong and diverse. These are the 15 games I am looking forward to the most for the coming year.

#15: Nine to Five [PC] – TBA 2020

Unlike faster-paced shooters, I prefer something more methodical like Rainbow Six Siege. Now I get to sink my teeth into another strategic FPS. Nine to Five takes three teams of three to face off in various objectives, focusing on intelligence rather than headshots. Each round will change depending on what happens before.

Image via Red Hill Games

#14: 12 Minutes [Xbox One, PC] – TBC 2020

It is hard to explain this game shown at Xbox’s 2019 E3 conference, but I am intrigued by the trippy trailer. Seeing something experimental always gets me intrigued, I just hope it can be done justice.

What the hell is happening? (Image via Luis Antonio/Annapurna Interactive)

#13: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 [PC, PS4, XBO] – TBC 2020

As someone who never played the previous release, it is difficult to say how excited I truly am for Bloodlines 2, but the gameplay trailer looks impressive. Based on a tabletop game, this could be a great immersive experience to feast upon humans and live life like a vampire.

It would be exciting as the first game came out in 2004 and has been in utter hell for all these years. I hope we don’t have a Duke Nukem Forever situation on our hands.

Image via Hardsuit Labs/Paradox Interactive

#12: Halo Infinite [PC, XBO, Xbox Project Scarlett] – Holiday 2020

Nobody knows what this new Halo title will look like, but supposedly it will be a return to form as the franchise went downhill after the third entry. I have hopes it will be good, but I had those same feelings towards Halo 4 and 5, which did not go well.

maxresdefault (2).jpg
Master Chief is back (Image via 343/Microsoft Games Studio)

#11: Chivalry 2 [PC] – TBA 2020

I never got my hands on Chivalry, but I did play Mordhau, which is incredibly similar. The new additions with this sequel are enticing enough to buy. I feel I missed the boat on its predecessor, so the 2020 game will be a great jumping-on point to get my armor and sword to slash away at my enemies.

Knights getting ready for war (Image via Torn Banner Studios)

#10: Destroy All Humans! Remake [PC, PS4, XBO, Stadia] – TBA 2020

Remakes/remasters have been on a roll with Resident Evil 2 and Shadow of the Colossus. Now a modern take on a childhood favorite is coming. I cannot wait to get in my spaceship and cause chaos around the city.

Fingers crossed Destroy All Humans! sells well so we can get the sequel remastered. I really want to play with my friends, don’t judge me.

Let’s zap some humans (Image via Black Forest Games/THQ Nordic)

#9: SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated [PC, PS4, XBO, Switch] – TBA 2020

I am ready as the spongey protagonist as another major game is getting remastered. I spent hundreds of hours in Bikini Bottom when I was a kid playing this game. Now I get to do it as an adult. I just hope it holds up to the standard that my brain has held it to.

Patrick might be a little oblivious to the killer robot (Image via Purple Lamp Studios/THQ Nordic)

#8: Dying Light 2 [PC, PS4, XBO] – Spring 2020

The first title had its issues, mainly in the story and characters. The gameplay was beyond fun with its physics, melee combat, and traversal.

The sequel sounds ambitious as your actions will severely change the world around you. I hope the promises live up as I find a lot of decision-making games tend to feel repetitive and meaningless after a few hours. Either way, I cannot wait to jump back into the zombie apocalypse with my friends and hack our way through the undead as a team.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
Get ready for parkour and slash up zombies. (Image via Techland)

#7: Carrion [PC, XBO] – TBC 2020

A retro-styled game where I get to be the monster? Hell yeah, count me in. It is horror turned around where the player gets to be the hunter. The massacre that is the gameplay looks like it will be a messy ride that I will be front in line to hop on.

A bloody mess and I am sure it will be even bloodier when this game releases (Image via Phobia Game Studio/Devolver Digital)

#6: Resident Evil 3 Remake [PC, PS4, XBO] – April 3, 2020

Rumors circulated then got confirmed that Resident Evil 3 is getting remade. RE 2 was a fantastic remake, and now Capcom is keeping that train going.

On top of that zombie goodness, a multiplayer mode will get attached called Resident Evil: Resistance, formerly Project Resistance.

Image via Capcom

#5: Maneater [PC] – May, 22, 2020

Tripwire nailed the zombie horde mode in Killing Floor 2, and now the developer is making a new IP with a Jaws meets GTA bloodbath. This open-world game lets you be a shark that eats its way through everything that comes in sight. To add depth to the gameplay, it will be an RPG to upgrade your man-eating creature to be better at eating, well, man.

Super Jaws is hungry. (Image via Tripwire Interactive)

#4: Doom Eternal [PC, PS4, XBO, Stadia] – March 20, 2020

The delay from 2019 to 2020 made me sad, but nonetheless, I am ecstatic for a sequel to id’s 2016 masterpiece. Adding to the already superb mechanics that made the reboot fantastic will make this the FPS to play next year.

On top of that, the developer will make the heavy metal soundtrack even more brutal with a choir of death metal vocalists. As I am aware, nothing like this has done before in the darkest form of music. As a gamer and metalhead, I cannot wait to get my hands on Eternal.

Grab your gun, helmet, and your best metal playlist to kick ass. (Image via id Software/Bethesda Softworks)

#3: Ghost of Tsushima [PS4] – Summer 2020

Sony is ending this generation on a high note. 2019 felt like a low year for the company’s exclusives, but with The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, I am so excited for next year.

A Samurai adventure that looks more realistic than the already phenomenal Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I cannot wait to jump back in time to ancient Japan and go on this road of revenge and incredible sword fights.

Also, can we all agree on how beautiful this game looks? Everything in all of the trailers can be screenshotted as one of the best shots in video game history.

Ready to duel it out. (Image via Sucker Punch Productions/SIE)

#2: Cyberpunk 2077 [PC, PS4, XBO, Stadia] – April 16, 2020

I have my concerns for Cyberpunk 2077 as I did not like Witcher 3 (yeah, that’s right, I am not afraid to state that unpopular opinion) due to a plethora of technical issues and feeling that its story was dragged on for the sake of having a crazy length rather than having something that flowed properly. That said, someone who likes the cyberpunk aesthetic and love Keanu Reeves, I am so stoked for this game.

It is ambitious as hell and can shake everything up, or be the most embarrassing release in gaming history. Regardless if it is a diamond or a piece of coal, I am so excited to make a cyborg version of Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I am rooting for you CD Projekt Red.

V walking into a motel. (Image via CD Projekt Red)

#1: The Last of Us 2 [PS4] – May 29, 2020

It is a little shocking that The Last of Us is my favorite game as I cannot stomach Uncharted as playing through the first two games, and part of the third almost put me to sleep. Nothing against the series, but it never caught me as I would have hoped.

I can go and on about how I think The Last of Us is the best video game ever made. It is the first to make me cry, and that emotional connection is one of the main reasons for my love. I cannot believe the sequel is coming in the first half of next year. May will be a good time to dust off my Spider-Man PlayStation 4 Pro.

A grown Ellie ready to get revenge. (Image via Naughty Dog/SIE)

What are you looking forward to next year? Let me know in the comments.

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Header image  from left to right via Tripwire Interactive, Sucker Punch/SIE, id Software/Bethesda Softworks, CD Projekt Red, Black Forest Games/THQ Nordic, Naughty Dog/SIE, Phobia Game Studio/Devolver Digital




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