8 Bands That Fit Perfectly For Your Doom Eternal Playlist

Doom Eternal is inching forward with every passing day. While the 2016 reboot had plenty to offer, the one surprise was its incredibly brutal music. Nothing beats an ultra-violent video game where you kill demons than listening to heavy metal. If you are a metalhead gamer like myself and need something more than what the composer Mick Gordon comes up with, then you have come to the right place.

#8: Shadow of Intent

Outside of being one of the best newcomers in the extreme underworld of metal, Shadow of Intent already has plenty of sci-fi game inspirations as vocalist Ben Duerr has written songs about Halo. It would only be fitting it listen to this deathcore group in another space-fueled adventure.

#7: Slipknot

If you are listening to metal, you have to dabble with some of Iowa’s scariest masked crew. They strike the right amount of weird and heavy that is needed when going through space and various worlds to kill off hellish creatures. Get your heart pumping and your hands ready on that controller or keyboard and mouse when blasting People = Shit.

#6: Slayer

The most devilish of thrash bands, the retired Slayer should have been able to work on the game as much of their music reflects Doom. Satan and violence, what more could you want from these icons?

#5: Behemoth

Continuing on that evil side of things, Behemoth might be on the wrong side of the battle that Doom Slayer is on as he would probably mistake the polish musicians as servants of the entities plaguing the universe. If they happen to survive the BFG (big fucking gun), then it would be a gruesome collaboration as the protagonist slashes and blasts through his enemies while listening to the band’s masterpiece creation, The Satanist.

#4: The Black Dahlia Murder

The dark storytelling power of The Black Dahlia Murder’s vocalist Trevor Strnad along with their riff action and percussive beats of his bandmates, this death metal group would undoubtedly aid in the fight against the hellish monsters. Take any of their albums and go all out in a killing frenzy.

#3: Cannibal Corpse

If you are playing Doom, one of the most violent shooters in the genre, then might as well turn on your preferred way of listening to music to jam out to some Cannibal Corpse. You want brutality, well then Butchered at Birth or Tomb of the Mutilated should satisfy gaming metalheads.

#2: Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation might be talking about the environment, but I think killing demons to save the universe is an excellent way to tackle those issues. Listen to their two latest apocalyptic releases Death Atlas and The Anthropocene Extinction, then you will become invincible even on the hardest of difficulties.

#1: Deceased

Similarly to TBDM, Deceased has speedy, powerful songs that get matched with some of the best and darkest storytelling from King Fowley. This is a band I need to write a concept album on the ominous demon slayer.

What bands will you be listening to when Doom Eternal releases? Let me know in the comments so I can add them to my playlist.

Doom Eternal releases March 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Header image via id Software/Bethesda

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