Best Costumes in Insomniac’s Spider-Man Ranked Worst to Best

Insomniac has nailed it with their latest game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. If you read my review, then you know how much I love this game. After playing through the story and getting every collectible, unlocking the suits grants you quite the variety of Spidey’s most well-known costumes to some of the most obscure. While every outfit is fantastic in its way, pitting them against one another on a list is irresistible. Each suit will rank on the list based on its origins, look, and the time spent wearing that outfit during my time in the game.

Warning some suits in the game might spoil the story or unlocks from completing all challenges.

#28: ESU

Complete every photograph in the game will grant you this suit where Peter will represent his University while he fights crime. The suit lands at the bottom for being basic and no rich history behind it. It is funny to imagine a young Peter Parker fighting Scorpion right before he takes an exam.


#27: Wrestler

Before his final design in the Ultimate Universe, Peter had a wrestler outfit. The detail is there to show he is on the path to designing his official costume. Out of every homemade style Spidey donned, the wrestler is one of his least intriguing.

Spider_Man_suit_13_copy (1).jpg

#26: Undies

Completionists will be able to wear their undies for getting 100 percent in every district. Out of every outfit in the game, this is the most hilarious to wear. What would make this rank much higher on the list is if the body was more like Greg Miller from Kinda Funny. At least we get to see him during a costume party so we will settle with that.


#25: Last Stand

While I am not a fan of the overly casual look, I do love his jacket. The origin comes from Amazing Spider-Man #500 from 2003. In this story, the costume belongs to Spider-Man from Earth-312500. He ends up running from the police after murdering Kraven the Hunter. Our hero dies by the police shooting him. A dark tale that shows Spider-Man has broken his no-kill rule in some bizarre iterations.


#24: Electrically Insulated

The texture of the suit bothers me. I have no idea why, but I find it to be quite ugly. Mostly with the red parts of the suit, the rest looks fine. Spidey wore the suit when he spent time in the X-Men to fight Electro. The only time the team up occurred that lead to this suit is in Amazing Spider-Man #425 in 1997. Good thing he has not worn this suit until the 2018 game because he has much better choices to wear.


#23: Fear Itself

Out of every unique color scheme out there for some of Spidey’s more bizarre suits, this takes the cake. A white and teal look covers most of his body with some black padding. Fear Itself #7 is eight years old, making it one of the newest editions on the list. Made out of the same metal as Thor’s hammer, Uru metal, this would have been a powerful piece of tech for difficult battles. The gauntlets would shoot out blades because apparently, Spider-Man needs that type of weapon. The suit would be destroyed before any use could be made due to an order made by Odin.


#22: Classic

You can never go wrong with a classic, especially for Spider-Man’s iconic costume. The first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy in 1962. The suit has aged like a fine wine with the perfect balance of his colors. Sadly, the later costumes in the game are much more unique and bring something different to the experience.


#21: Classic (Damaged)

The dirty torn suit looks like the web-slinger just got out of a brutal fight, which he did. After defeating Wilson Fisk, it is time for an upgrade. I love the torn up look because of the gritty feeling that these battles do take a toll on our hero.

spider-man-suit-002-classic-suit-damaged (2).jpg

#20: Stealth (Big Time)

In 1999 during the Big Time arc featured in Amazing Spider-Man #650, the hero needed something a bit more powerful than his previous costume. Hobgoblin’s sonic screams were an obstacle until the stealth suit came into play. Small details such as his gloves along with the green lighting are just some of the suit’s unique features that look amazing to look at while swinging through New York. The game’s version would have looked better if we saw it’s coloring change just like in the comic.


#19: Mk. II Armor

A shortly lived armor that Peter made when he lost his Spider-Sense during Amazing Spider-Man #656. I love every armor we see in the game. Nothing fits better than Peter making armor to battle the Sinister Six. Out of every version we see this is the lesser of the group due to its colors. I am not a fan of the yellow and black; he looks like a bee more than a spider.


#18: Secret War

Like many suits featured in the game, the Secret War had a short life. In Secret Wars #8 back in 2004, Spidey and other heroes teamed up with Nick Fury to take down Doctor Doom. The black suit has small details in its texture along with some interesting color choices. Red vein like designs is lightly drawn on his head, shoulders, arms, and legs. Blue details are along various parts of his body and make up the iconic spider on his chest. While I am not a fan of the blue streaks, the look is refreshing compared to everything ranked so far.


#17: Anti-Ock

A handful of costumes in the game are original creations by Insomniac rather than a comic book origin. Once you go in for the final fight with Doc Ock, Peter creates the ultimate armor to fight someone who was once his mentor and friend. The armor has heavy plating that gives an incredible look along with a giant yellow spider that takes up the entirety of his chest. While I was not a fan of the yellow on the Mk II, the coloring and design work much better here.


#16: Dark

Complete every Black Cat collectible to unlock this demonic-esque suit. The origin is one of the weirdest, but one of the best. From Spider-Man/Deadpool #8 from 2016, we see a pretty long story that will be kept short for our purposes. Deadpool kills Peter Parker then realizes he killed his best friend. Deadpool rescues Peter from Purgatory, and this suit is born. The black material is mostly smooth and does not have many textures. The giant red spider on his chest is in a different design from what you usually see along with some evil looking eyes. A little too plain, but the spider and backstory give this one enough to rank this high on the list so far.


#15: Advanced Suit

Insomniac had another unique creation, the Advanced Suit that replaces Peter’s torn up classic. The detail in the suit and the explanations behind their choices is brilliant. The developers here understand Spider-Man is an athletic hero, so this inspires this original outfit. The texture and material are made to look like an athlete. The colors each have their purpose such as the white provides extra protection. Zooming in allows small details in the fabric to pop more giving the suit a more realistic aesthetic while keeping the comic book appearance.


#14: Armor Mk. IV

A classic Spider-Man look mixed with the armor gives a shiny look to a familiar costume. The biggest difference is the spider looks significantly more detailed and glows. Peter wore the suit in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 #1 in 2015, but Superior Octopus demolished the suit.


#13: Negative

When you want to defeat a supervillain, might as well look like them. Peter made this suit to combat Mister Negative in Spider-Man #90. The costume changed into the black and white color after going into the Negative Zone to rescue three children. The suit looks evil even though Peter is not in control by the power of the Negative Zone. An excellent way to scare any criminals.


#12: Velocity

Insomniac teamed up with Adi Granov who has designed plenty of work for Marvel in the past. Similar to the Advanced Suit we get a more athletic style to Spidey’s look. The main difference is we get a more futuristic look. While the material looks just as flexible, the vibrant colors and heavier padding makes for a stronger look. The eyes are less animated, but the slits in his mask make for a menacing look when you stare at him directly in the eyes.


#11: 2099

The origins of the suit here take place in the year 2099 in the Amazing Spider-Man #365. Our web-swinger is not Peter but is Miguel O’Hara who wears a suit made of the same material as the Fantastic Four outfits. Miguel’s influence comes from his background and first wears the unique costume during a Day of the Dead festival. A skull-like look along with other features to make for an intimidating presence for this alternate Spider-Man.

spider-man-suit-016-spider-man-2099-black-costume (2)

#10: Mk. III

A more realistic approach to the Spider-Armor, Peter must take down the Sinister Six. This time he creates the Mk. III that gives him various ways of defeating each villain. The suit has been Electro proofed along other devices to aid Peter. The armor looks completely different from the other versions, making for a better identity.


#9: Scarlet

As someone who never read the comics and is going based on research for the article, I can tell the Scarlet Spider is a bit confusing. Ben Reily is a clone who thinks he is the wall-crawling hero. The rest is a bit convoluted, to say the least, but it is a very popular comic. To make everything simple, this is ranking based on its 90s inspired looks. A sleeveless hoodie with a spider that is slightly at an angle and slightly faded along with his belt and bracelets makes for a distinctive look to this Spider-Man. The red costume has some neat detail that needs a lot of zooming in to appreciate. Insomniac has an eye for the little designs to make these suits pop out.


#8: Spirit Spider

Imagine Uncle Ben never dies, and Peter never learns a lesson from that loss to make him the hero he should become. In this story from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38, Peter takes his superhero life down the wrong path, ending with him getting killed. Luckily, he gets a second chance and becomes this Ghost Rider inspired Spider-Man. Spirit Spider might be the scariest variation on the beloved hero.


#7: Noir

This Spider-Man lives in America during the Great Depression. He is just like the web-slinger we know except for a new suit, and he uses guns. Yeah, he will shoot some bad guys with no problem. His costume is entirely black and stylistically fits the time period. Noir Spidey is one of the most popular in the Spider-Verse and will make his big screen debut in the Into the Spider-Verse movie this December, voiced by Nicolas Cage.


#6: Iron Spider

Out of every armor that Peter uses, this has to be my favorite. Iron Spider ranks this high mostly because of its debut on film in Avengers: Infinity War. The costume has been around for a bit longer starting from Amazing Spider-Man #529. The comic version of Civil War has Peter in the Iron Spider with red and gold instead of the colors we see in Infinity War.  With a beautiful shine and the ability to use the extra legs during combat, it is hard to hate on the Iron Spider.


#5: Punk

One of the silliest iterations of the character to ever be established is a punk version of our hero. Debuting in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10 in 2004, we see a punk version of the protagonist. Spider-Man of Earth-138, we see Hobie Brown take up the mantle to swing around New York and fight crime. His method is a bit different than the rest of the Spider-Men and women by using the power of punk to stop the tyrannical President Osborn. Sporting a spiked mohawk, battle vest, spiked bracelets, and a pair of high-tops, Spider-Punk is ready to fight crime while rocking out.


#4: 2099 (White)

In Spider-Man 2099 Vol. 3 #1, Peter is saved by Miguel after being control by Doc Ock. In return, he hires Miguel to work at Parker Industries and creates the white and red version of the 2099 suit. What makes this rank so much higher than the other 2099 costume is the colors; a red and white color scheme looks incredible. Out of every suit, 2099’s white counterpart is in my top five based on how much I played the game while wearing this outfit.


#3: Vintage

In a superhero game, having a comic book look is always a huge plus. The suit looks straight out of a comic which can be disorienting at times. Once I got used to it, I fell in love. The cel-shaded look against a mostly realistic world made for a comical adventure as Cartoon-Spidey saves the city.


#2: Homemade

Straight out of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the young, inexperienced Peter Parker, made his suit. With a sweatshirt and other clothing items that can be in just about any household, Peter makes his first suit. While how poor quality it is, I love the absurdity of the whole costume. Plus, he has some of the nifty looking eyes out of anything we have ever seen. Just goggles that make for perfect expressions as he talks.


#1: Stark Suit

Tony made the ultimate suit for Tom Holland’s debut as the web-swinging superhero in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. In many aspects, it is reminiscent of the classic suit that people tend to know. Made to be as practical as possible for any encounters with the biggest bad guys in New York. Full of a variety of gadgets and most importantly Karen, his AI partner that pre-built into his suit. While Yuri Lowenthal made for a great Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the PS4 exclusive, Tom Holland is Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Getting to wear Tom’s suit while playing was the best part of my experience.


Out of every list written on this blog, that must have been the hardest. Every suit has its charm and identity in Spider-Man’s long history. I bet many of you strongly disagree with aspects of my rankings, or maybe the entire thing. However you feel, go ahead and comment below which are your favorite or least favorite Spider-Man suits in Insomniac’s game.



5 Books Every Metalhead Needs to Read

Being a dedicated fan of heavy metal means more than just listening to the music. Fans go from buying merchandise, making battle vests, decorating their rooms with posters, and getting tattoos dedicated to their favorite bands. On top of this, a die-hard fan of a band should want to get to know the artist or the industry. Many artists and industry leads who have developed this scene of music into what it is today have done a lot of work to get us to this point in heavy metal. Many have detailed their journey and passion in interviews, their music, and writing books. Yes, you will have to do some reading, but it will be worth it for the biggest headbangers. Here are five books that every metalhead needs to read.

Clicking the images of any of the books will take you to Amazon to purchase. You can click one link then shop away without having to keep going to separate links.

#5: Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore (Extended) by Adrian Mudrian

Ever wonder how death metal came to be? The answer is right here in this extensive read that gives you insight to teenagers with the love of heavy music would create extreme genres such as death metal and grindcore. The book is full of interviews with members of legendary acts such as Carcass, Napalm Death, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and many more. You get an in-depth look inside of the minds who create such iconic extreme music along with the people on the business side who will end up signing these bands to spread their horrific music to the masses.

#4: Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And The Profane: Behemoth And Beyond by Adam Nergal Darski

The Polish blackened-death metal band Behemoth is one of the most popular extreme bands out there in modern metal. Their vocalist, Adam Nergal Darski, came out with a book that is a series of interviews with him that gives fans an in-depth look into his complex mind. Readers will learn about his extreme religious views, his childhood, musical journey, battle with cancer, and much more. Even if someone is not a fan, this is a must read due to his compelling story and thought-provoking ideas. Seeing an essential figure in the heavy metal world survive against leukemia should be more than enough reasons for the biggest metalheads to dive into Nergal’s life.

#3: Dark Days: A Memoir by Randy Blythe

Anyone who pays attention to what happens in the metal world will remember Randy Blythe of Lamb of God getting arrested in the Czech Republic. In his memoir, he details the entire process, how he survived a month in a foreign prison, and some other details in his life such as the loss of his child. This memoir is full of heart with Randy’s sense of humor shining, and his darkest emotions bleed onto the page. Just like an excellent movie, you will laugh, cry, and so much more. You will feel a swirl of emotions. Randy has a compelling story and is one excellent writer. For Lamb of God fans and people who never got into the band, this is one powerful story you cannot miss.

#2: Seven Deadly Sins: Settling the Argument Between Born Bad and Damaged Good by Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor is full of surprises from his talent to rap, scream, sing, play guitar, and even write incredibly funny and thought-provoking books. The man has written four exciting reads, but his first is not only his most controversial, but his most important. Though many will turn their noses up at Corey dismissing and bashing the seven deadly sins, the importance comes from his stories about his own life. If you never understood the emotions from either Stone Sour or Slipknot, then this will give you that needed insight. Corey delves into his personal demons that lends inspiration to those also struggling. Besides that, the man can set up arguments with precision and education. Whether you agree with him or not, he knows how to back up what he says. With a conversational style, all of his books are easy reads for the most part and will make you think and laugh with every page.

#1: For the Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records by Brian Slagel

Would it be too extreme to say Brian is the most critical person in the heavy metal world who isn’t an artist? Not at all, the man behind Metal Blade Records has signed some significant bands along with some influences you would never have guessed. His short autobiography details his journey of making compilation albums of local heavy metal bands in LA to being the CEO of one of the most prominent heavy metal record labels. You see the story behind classic headbangers such as Slayer and Metallica to more extreme artists like Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, and Cannibal Corpse. For those of you who want an insight to the business then this should be number one on your list.

While there are many more books to read to learn about this scene and your favorite bands, these are just some of the many fine selections out there. Go read a book and learn about this scene of music if you are as die-hard of a fan as I am. Comment below some of your favorite reads about heavy metal along with any thoughts on these books I have listed.

Image via BMG/Metal Blade Records

10 Villains Who Should Feature in Matt Reeves’ Batman Movie

Matt Reeves is still in the process of his standalone movie of the Dark Knight. The film has had plenty of issues with Ben Affleck initially directing, writing, and starring as the beloved hero. Now it is questionable whether he is in the film at all. With Reeves riding high after his Planet of the Apes trilogy and starting to do some work with the project, the future looks bright for Batman. All that we know is this will be a grounded noir styled film, so we can already make some guesses on who could be the villain. Some of these baddies on the list will be some of Batman’s more grounded villains who could be real criminals and possibly land a role in the upcoming film. However, some of these adversaries are being put on here because they have not appeared in a Batman movie or they were not done justice with their portrayal (I am looking at you Batman & Robin for that terrible Mr. Freeze and everything else about you). Some of these characters are Batman’s most iconic villains, but some will be a bit more obscure. Also, no, Joker will not be on this list since let’s all try to be more creative outside of having Joker as the main villain of every movie.

#10: Catwoman

The relationship between the Cape Crusader and Catwoman are a bit complicated. In many storylines, the two have fallen in love or merely have had sex. Instead of being a full-on antagonist, there is some sexual tension between the two. The relationship along with Catwoman’s skills and gadgets, she would be quite perfect to make for a challenging foe. Seeing a relationship like this with a central villain would make for a unique battle between the sexes. Along with her being one of the most realistic villains in Batman’s catalog of baddies, Catwoman’s chance of being in the next movie is quite high.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#9: Court of Owls

The secret crime organization Court of Owls would make for a challenging foe for Batman by their secrecy and large numbers. Our hero will not be fighting one bad guy, but a whole organization that is set out on destroying him. Besides the Court of Owls themselves, they have some deadly assassins called The Talons who are loyal enough to attempt to kill Batman. If Matt Reeves wants to shine Batman’s detective skills, this would be the perfect villain to do so.


Image via DC Comics

#8: Carmine Falcone

Maybe he is not compelling enough to me since I don’t see Carmine being the main villain of the next film; however, I do think it is plausible. The crime boss is a classic gangster in the Batman universe who would make sense for the type of story that will be told. Seeing the Dark Knight against any gangster would fit perfectly, and Carmine Falcone is high on that list.


Image via Telltale Games

#7: Hugo Strange

A brilliant scientist and crime lord who knows Batman’s identity, what could be better? Hugo Strange is a mastermind who can take down Batman in many ways. Even if he is defeated, Hugo can easily go public about who is under the mask of Gotham’s hero. With his experience as a psychologist and his chemical knowledge, he was plenty of ways to fight off his adversary and pose as a problematic villain in the untitled Batman movie.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#6: Professor Pyg

With the rumors of an R rating, Professor Pyg would be perfect. A deranged and brilliant man who wants to make people “perfect” by subjecting them to brutal surgery and chemicals that will alter their body. Out of the many psychotic villains out there, he is one of the most sadistic. Outside of his brutal plans, he is the leader of a crime organization called Circus of Strange. The added element of Batman taking down not just one psychopath, but his whole organization would be an additional challenge for the hero.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#5: Two-Face

While it might be hard to have a better Two-Face than Aaron Eckhart from the Dark Knight, this is a classic villain that could easily make an appearance. The beloved District Attorney turned crime boss is ruthless but has a code he follows. Two-Face flipping the coin to determine someone’s fate is one of the most iconic features from any supervillain. His brilliant mind and ruthless strategy along with being one of the most popular villains in Batman’s massive onslaught of adversaries, I will bet money on this one being in either this upcoming movie or a possible sequel.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#4: Mr. Freeze

Maybe it is pushing it due to his technology and abilities, but Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s best villains. While many are psychopaths, Mr. Freeze is a sympathetic character. He is a man who wants to find the cure for his wife but must commit crimes to fund his research. If he is done right, and nothing like Arnold’s version, then we can see the most sympathetic antagonist in a Batman movie. Sympathy aside, he is a brilliant and powerful foe with deadly technology that can freeze anyone in his path. Not only will the audience want the best for the iconic supervillain, but to worry for the life of Batman since he will be risking his life to defeat this one.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#3: Poison Ivy

Another unlikely appearance, but seeing Poison Ivy done right on the big screen would be a treat for the biggest fans of the Dark Knight. She has some incredible power due to her plants along with her skills in seduction. The toxins in her blood make her extra deadly along with immunity to many elements such as poisons and viruses. With her pheromones, Ivy is able to control men and women alike. With these abilities to control plants and people, along with her immunities, Batman will have to think hard on how to defeat this deadly foe.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#2: Penguin

If a crime boss is going to be the central villain in this noir Batman story, then who is better than this iconic criminal. Penguin has been featured across video games, movies, comics, and more. This is because Penguin is one of Batman’s most well-known and beloved villains. Just like Two-Face and Falcone, Penguin is one of the easier villains to put into a film adaptation for being one of the more grounded characters. He is a genius in the criminal world on how to manage his organization from both a business standpoint and a ruthless leader. Rumors have already been going around that he is the villain for the upcoming movie that Reeves is directing, so we just need to wait for a reveal to uncover the truth.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#1: Prometheus

Prometheus is the opposite of Bruce Wayne. He is a man whose family were criminals and ended up being killed by the police. Ever since that day he has sworn to destroy the law. What makes him a suitable enemy in a movie is his lack of screen time, but also his power over Batman. He has defeated the Dark Knight twice, something many have failed to do even once. Just like Batman, he is a man with strength, intelligence, gadgets, weapons, and other qualities similar enough to make him able to stand his ground against the Caped Crusader. Anti-Batman is what Prometheus is known as which can create a unique confrontation between our hero and his rival.


Image via DC Comics

Out of the many excellent villains Batman has, these were just some guesses (some of which were somewhat improbable) on who the antagonist will be in the movie that Matt Reeves is directing. The film does not have much information as of yet, so hopefully, something comes out soon. Who are some of your dream villains for this noir-styled Batman flick? Whether it is probable or improbable, there is always a chance.

Header Image via DC Comics













Ranking Every Parkway Drive Album from Worst to Best

Parkway Drive has taken the world by storm in the last few years. The band has risen significantly in popularity within the metal scene with every album they have released. These Australians seem pretty unstoppable, and it makes sense since the group has been putting out heavy metalcore with heavy duty melodies since 2005. Now, let’s go over each record and see how they each compare to see which are their worst and best albums in the past thirteen years.

#6: Reverence (2018)

If you read my review of the band’s latest release from earlier this year, then you know how disappointed I was. While I did not like the record, it was not atrocious, but not what I was hoping for. With a powerful first single, Wishing Wells, every other song felt significantly weaker in its emotional weight and musical style. The Void had an old school metal vibe along with Parkway’s traditional sound. The song was a weaker, but satisfying the second single. Sadly, many of the other songs were weaker especially with the first red flag being the third single, Prey. With Winston either talking too much instead of brutal screams or his attempt to cleansing in a few tracks was not fitting. While there is worst metal out there, this is not a highlight in Parkway Drive’s catalog.

Image via Epitaph Records

#5: Killing with a Smile (2005)

The band’s debut record is a heavy hitter. Out of every Parkway album, this might be one of their heaviest and least melodic. In many ways, it is what I usually think of as metalcore regarding their instrumentation. A simple, but a heavy delight for any metalhead wanting to bang their heads. Romance is Dead is a classic song from the band’s oldest material that helped launch the group into the metal scene.

Image via Epitaph Records

#4: Deep Blue (2010)

The band is now riding high with this third release that continues to solidify their sound that will be recognizable within the crowded metalcore scene. With a greater focus on melody rather than heavy breakdowns, this album still maintains the proper aggression. The album eases itself in with the somber instrumental portion of its first track, Samsara, with ending off with guttural screams and a slow breakdown to set the stage for what’s to come in this record. Deep Blue shows the band branching out by collaborating with Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors and label owner, and Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz makes appearances on the record. Whether it is the rapid-fire that shoots out from Unrest to the fan favorite Karma, the record is full of major bangers for any Parkway fan to listen to full blast.

Image via Epitaph Records

#3: Horizons (2007)

If you were to go up to any fan of Parkway Drive, then many would say that Horizons is their best record, and it is up there. The band’s second outing hit the world strong with one of their best albums to date. The record has a slow, but explosive beginning with the transition of its two first tracks Begin and The Siren’s Song. Popular tracks such as the fan favorite Carrion and Idols and Anchors are staples in any Parkway concert.



Image via Epitaph Records

#2: Atlas (2012)

The band continues to open the gates of straying away from typical instrumental styles that most metalcore bands implement with this 2012 release. The album has the best intro of their catalog with Sparks which features a somber beginning that builds up to an epic final act before going into the rest of the album. Nothing like Parkway having a melodic, but brutal track to start things off. Dark Days being a thought-provoking track about the world’s environmental issues. A major fan favorite being Wild Eyes which not only has a classic intro for a whole crowd of thousands of Parkway fans to sing along to but an easily recognizable ring that leads right into Dark Days. The guttural and bouncing Old Ghosts/New Regrets makes for one of the heaviest songs off of the record. While many say Horizons is their best album, but many tend to forget about this gem.



Image via Epitaph Records

#1: Ire (2015)

This might be controversial, but I absolutely love the band’s change in sound from their 2015 release. Ire takes that traditional sound that these Australian metalheads have developed and given it a facelift with Rage Against the Machine inspired rhythms and experimenting with new sounds altogether. The album starts off in a way to show fans they are in for a relentlessly furious record with Destroyer. With the heaviness not stopping with the bouncing chorus of Dying to Believe. The album does not let down on the gas but gives a more uplifting track with Vice Grip, a track that is perfect for fans to sing along to during the chorus. The album does not let up with my favorite track being Crushed, the closest to Rage Against the Machine we get with the Parkway twist which makes for one of the most ruthless tracks on the record. The band experiments with one heavy track, in particular, Bottom Feeder, a relentlessly heavy song that features a bridge in which Winston raps, and it is surprisingly excellent. The album knows when to let things settle down with Writings on the Wall while still ending strong with A Deathless Song. Front to back, this is easily the band’s best album.


Image via Epitaph Records

Those are my rankings of the current catalog of Parkway Drive albums. The band has had an overall strong career, despite my disliking of their latest release. No matter how you feel about them, at least they break the mold from the metalcore scene to create their own sound. What are your rankings of Parkway Drive’s music? Comment below on how you would rank their albums.

Header image via Epitaph Records







10 TV Shows to Binge Watch Now

The phenomenon that has taken over the world due to streaming services is binging. Those lazy days can be hard to fill until services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu started to pop up. Now you can knock out just about any TV show that you would like. It is notably easier when the show is relatively short, but even the longest shows can be eaten up in no time if you have nothing to do. Trust me, I know you have nothing better to do since you read my blog, so why not spend it watching some grade A TV.

#10: Deadset 

This British zombie show takes place inside a TV studio that is making a reality TV show. The contestants among others outside of the show go about their day until a zombie outbreak occurs. Take 28 Days Later and take any atrocious reality show then you have Deadset. Sure, the show is not the best, but with only one season, it is an easy binge. Plus, if you want something violent, then you have your show right here.

Image via Endemol UK

#9: Spaced

Before Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, and Simon Pegg teamed up for the Cornetto Trilogy, they made a short TV series from 1999 to 2001. Tim (Simon Pegg) meets this girl Daisy (Jessica Hynes), and they discover that the two of them need an apartment. When an ad pops up for a place to rent only for married couples, they pretend to be married to get the place. The show goes through weird scenarios between the two, the landowner, neighbors, and Tim’s friend Mike (Nick Frost). The show is bizarre, random, and full of heart. If you are a fan of these three, then this is a must watch because it started the careers of three guys who will go on to do incredible work.

Image via Channel 4

#8: Justified

Most shows on this list are smaller and something you haven’t seen, but while Justified was on the air, it was quite popular. Six seasons that were not only consistent but got better as the show went on. Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is a U.S. Marshall getting transferred back to his home in Kentucky. He must handle his past and current personal issues such as his family, ex-wife, and old friends. This Wild West styled crime drama has humor, drama, and action. The driving force is the conflict between Raylan and an old friend Boyd (Walton Goggins). Both actors along with supporting cast and many villains are all excellent. Each season’s individual stories along with the continuous story of Boyd and Raylan is superb. Justified might be a long binge, but it will be worth it.

Image via Sony

#7: The Killing

The Killing was initially on AMC before getting canceled and picked up by Netflix. The series is a bleak and realistic look at two police officers, Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) as they struggle with personal issues and their work. The first two seasons focus on a teenage girl being murdered while the last two seasons take a look at a string of murders that are connected. You get a dark look at the struggles of two people who have a lot of baggage while trying to do their jobs. Not just in the lives of the detectives but, you get a look at how devastated the loved ones of the victims are. The first two seasons are easily the best as you follow the investigation, especially with the family. The police investigation aspects in these kinds of shows always stretch the realism of how real officers investigate, but you see real pain in the family who try to cope with losing their daughter. The show is compelling, bleak, and one of the most depressing, but binge-worthy crime dramas on Netflix.

Image via Netflix

#6: The Five

This British mystery will have you on the edge of your seat for its entire season. Yes, only one season, so you better not come up with any excuses to miss out. A boy goes missing, and twenty years later his DNA is found at multiple crime scenes. His older brother Mark (Tom Cullen) and his friends Danny (O-T Fagbenle), Pru (Sarah Solemani), and Slade (Lee Ingleby) come together to find out what is happening. The show throws you twists and turns throughout the series. As you find out more about who these characters are, you will be shocked by some of the character developments that are revealed. The show throws twists, murder, and keeps questions to keep you on your toes through every episode.


Image via Red Picture Company

#5: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Thirty years after the events of the original movies, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) must fight evil again. If you have never seen the movies, don’t worry because you get caught up on everything. This show is perfect for anyone who loves cheesy humor, extreme violence, and an intriguing story. I have never seen a show so relentless in every aspect from its humor, violence, and storytelling. Sadly, after being canceled, we will only have three seasons of Ash killing loads of demons with his chainsaw hand.


Image via Starz

#4: Daredevil

Netflix has been inconsistent in its quality of Marvel TV shows. However, Daredevil is in a different place regarding quality. Sure, season one is far superior to season two. With that said, this is one of the best shows in the MCU. Charlie Cox is an excellent Daredevil playing both the lives of a blind lawyer and a man taking the law into his own hands. Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin portrayed by the always incredible Vincent D’Onofrio is not only an astonishing villain but possibly the best villain in the entire MCU. A sympathetic criminal who rules with an iron fist. The show, just like the other Marvel Netflix series, delivers a dark crime drama that is infused with the superhero genre. Season two is a bit too complex and gets a bit messy, but it is still far from the worst Marvel Netflix series (I am looking at you Jessica Jones season two). You better catch up because season three is coming and is rumored to be out this year.


Image via Netflix/Marvel Studios

#3: Gracepoint

Sure, there is a British original called Broadchurch, but this is the show I saw. Instead of multiple seasons, Gracepoint is only one season of the exact same show. David Tennant is even in this as the same character he plays in the British counterpart. A young boy is murdered, and the police must investigate under extreme pressure from the media and the family who lost their child. Just like The Killing, you see the struggles of the police officers and the family who are grieving for their loss. The show is an excellent, short mystery that is basically the same as the British version except for being more concise and does something different with the characters (as my mom reported to me as we watched this show since she has seen both). If you love your murder mysteries as I am then this is the perfect show to knock out over the weekend.


Image via Fox

#2: Flashpoint

Toronto has an Emergency Task Force in which this Canadian crime drama is inspired by. Think of the SWAT team except with a focus more on the psychology of the suspect. Out of any crime drama where most of the show is just another scenario without much story elements, this is on top. Out of all of the CSIs and other mainstream crime dramas, Flashpoint delivers a loveable team who are like a family along with twists you will never see coming. While most episodes have a happy ending, many do not. Sometimes the hostage dies, the suspect dies, or even a team member gets killed in action. The show is full of surprises and sympathetic characters. Also if someone is holding a group of hostages, you learn that person’s story. Often times the person committing the crime is sympathetic enough that you tend to be on their side rather than our protagonists. Out of every show on this list, Flashpoint is the most underrated show.


Image via CBS

#1: Luther

If you have not seen Idris Elba in Luther, then you are missing out on one of the most compelling crime dramas ever made. Luther is a detective who gets emotionally invested in his work in some extreme ways. He is a dominant force to find out what happened in his cases. The show has dramatic turns that make his life a living hell. If you want something compelling and dark, this is for you. From children being in danger from deranged killers, vigilante killers, and full on terrorist attacks, this show has some extremely disturbing subject manners, and I have not given you the really dark stuff that you will experience. Like many British shows, the seasons are short. Each season has a few episodes, so this is one of the easiest binges on this list.


Image via BBC Studios

That is it for the top shows you should be binging right now. Comment below what you think of this list. Have you seen any of these shows, if so then what did you think? Which show on here has you interested?

10 Best Scenes in Already Excellent Movies

It is one thing to pick out some great movies, but it is another to pick out your favorite scene. If you have loved a movie so much that if someone wanted you to choose the best scene, it would take some time. While some films will be easy, others may not be. These are scenes that stand out more than any other moment. It might be the protagonist having their pinnacle moment, the climax, or just a great action scene. No matter what the tone is these are scenes that make the best films even more memorable. When you discuss with your friends about the movie, you can point out that one scene that will make everyone smile as they go through the scene in their heads. With that said, here are ten best scenes in already excellent movies.

#10: American Psycho – Hip to be Square

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Lionsgate Films)

My favorite scene in American Psycho is when Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) lures a business associate Paul Allen (Jared Leto) into his apartment. He makes sure Paul is drunk, so he does not pay attention as Patrick prepares to murder Paul. Patrick is dancing around the apartment giving facts about the music he is playing with such charisma. His unexpecting victim just sits there listening along to him ramble on about each track. Paul has some suspicion as he sees Patrick put on a raincoat. Once his guard is down again after a new song is put on, Bateman gets Paul’s attention right before butchering him with an ax. Bateman turns friendly host to a screaming lunatic. Bale’s performance from charismatic host to a psychotic killer to casually smoking to relax is incredible. We see many sides to his character and we get to learn about his favorite tunes. Remember, it is hip to be square.

#9: Shaun of the Dead – Girl in the Garden

(Scene via Fandango MovieClips/Universal Pictures)

One of my favorite movies and the movie I have seen the most out of anything is Shaun of the Dead. A hilarious zom-rom-com that is full of excellent scenes, but there is one in particular that is truly excellent. When Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) confront a girl in the garden whom they think is drunk. The scene is full of great moments from Ed grabbing a camera to take a photo of the girl trying to eat Shaun’s face or the climatic impalement, this scene is golden.

#8: Let Me In/Let the Right One In – Pool Climax

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Magnolia Pictures)

I am aware that this is two movies. However, both have the exact same scene in the final act. As the bullies try to kill Owen/Oskar (Kodi Smit-McPhee/Kare Hedebrant) in the school pool, his vampire friend Abby/Eli (Chloe Grace Moretz/Lina Leandersson). The scene is brutal and tense. Watching the scene, you are eager for Owen/Oskar (depending which adaption you are watching) to be saved by Abby/Eli. The main difference is the Swedish version is more violent. You see a severed head and arm while you only see some blood in the American version. Either way, it is an excellent conclusion to a compelling drama about these two characters as they develop their relationship. Yes, it is a much better love story than Twilight.

#7: Get Out – Betrayal

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Universal Pictures)

Everything feels off throughout Get Out. You don’t quite know what to expect, but Rose’s (Allison Williams) family is no good. However, the film lends you to believe that she has to be on the same side as her boyfriend Chris (Daniel Kaluuya). We get the signal by her phone call his Chris’s friend Rod (Lil Rel Howery). Rose is cold and calculated with her words as she tries to throw off Rod. Allison’s acting in this scene is phenomenal. Her voice evokes so much emotion, but her face is as blank as can be. This shows how she is just as crazy as the rest of her family. Towards the end of their call, we see the rest of her family sitting by watching the call take place. The haunting twist just goes to show how unsafe the entirety of the film really is.

#6: Alien – Chestburster

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/20th Century Fox)

If you read the 10 Shocking and Brutal Movie Moments list I wrote a few weeks ago then you know that I love this iconic scene. Not only that we see the aftermath of the facehugger that was attached to Kane (John Hurt), but we see the genuine horror on the cast’s faces. Yes, that is right, the cast was truly horrified at what they experienced. Ridley Scott did not tell them what was going to happen. There were some hints to guide the cast on how to act out the scene, but the chestburster was placed as a surprise. Horror movies should scare the audience, but if they scare the cast too then, that is an added bonus along with saying a lot about the film itself.

#5: No Country for Old Men – Coin Flip

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Miramax Films)

Believe it or not, I recently saw No Country for Old Men. One scene that struck me despite nothing happened, and you might say it is a bit of a throwaway. However, there is a lot of power behind it. Yes, that is the gas station scene in which we see Anton (Javier Bardem) talking to the gas station attendant (Gene Jones). The conversation is full of tension and shows the audience how menacing and odd Anton is as an antagonist. He tries getting the gas station attendant to call the coin flip, whether it is heads or tails. Just a simple conversation about a coin flip makes for one of the most powerful scenes in the entire movie, and one of my favorites of all time. The dialog is brilliantly written along with Gene and Javier’s performances. This is a classic scene and shows how much Javier Bardem owns this film. So, would you call it?

#4: 10 Cloverfield Lane – Dinner Time

(Scene via FandangoNOW Extras/Paramount Pictures)

This has to be one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. The first time seeing the second film in this sci-fi anthology series had me on the edge of my seat and sweating the entire time. As Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.) have a cautious dinner with their eccentric host, Howard (John Goodman), things turn dangerous. The whole scene is quiet, awkward, and tense. Emmett tries his best to lift the mood before Howard shutting him down. There is a growing tension during dinner. Michelle is not here willingly and finds this to be the perfect moment to make for an aggressive move to escape. The scene is methodically paced with an immense build-up to one of the several attempts Michelle makes to escape from Howard’s bunker.

#3: Saving Private Ryan – D Day

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Dreamworks)

A debate can be had for the best war movie of all time, but no matter who you talk to, they will mention Saving Private Ryan. The audience gets one of the most realistic looks what how brutal, and awful war truly is. Right at the start of the film, you see the invasion of Normandy. Regarding film, this is one of the greatest battle scenes of all time. Due to the real history, this makes for a depressing realization at the same time as you enjoy the wonderfully choreographed battle that is extremely gory. People lose their limbs, set on fire, get exploded, and so many more gruesome deaths are compacted into one major battle. You get a sense of tone for the film by the realism and know what you are getting into right away.

#2: Silver Linings Playbook – Diner Date

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/The Weinstein Company)

While Silver Linings Playbook is fantastic, there is not a scene better than Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawerence) at the diner. The two start to have a calm conversation, but their personalities crash into a heated argument. Tiffany explodes after a comment made by Pat that makes things go from bad to explosive. The writing and acting in this scene is superb as these two mentally ill people clash against one another. While Bradley is phenomenal here, we get one of the best performances in Jennifer’s career.

#1: Pulp Fiction – Tasty Burger

(Scene via Miramax Films)

Tarantino is one of my favorite filmmakers, but Pulp Fiction is his best, I will fight anyone on that, even though most would not argue. Every scene with Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) is absolutely gold. While picking either their car ride conversation involving McDonald’s or everything that goes down in the apartment that they must retrieve the briefcase from is difficult, I had to go with the apartment. With Samuel L.’s memorable monologue, the bullets being shot at Vincent and Jules somehow missing, and Samuel L. having that tasty burger, how can anyone complain about this part of this Tarantino classic? All I want is to try that burger that Jules loved so much.

Each movie here I love to death along with these scenes. Ranging from the dramatic, brutal, comedic, or just flat out explosive, these are arguably some of the greatest scenes in cinema history. With that history, there are thousands of terrific movies with some excellent moments in them. Comment below some of your favorite scenes from movies you love.

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10 Brilliant Psychological Movies That Will Ruin Your Day

With film, the audience can go through a series of emotions. Horror will scare you, comedies will make you laugh, a thriller will get your adrenaline pumping, but it can be so much more. A filmmaker can set their eyes for a genre for their film and make it so much more. With giving the audience twists, ambiguity, or an elaborate plot to follow, they can make a movie that will mess with the minds of their audience. These feelings can give a film another level that opens up for discussion as the moviegoers leave the theater to talk amongst themselves about their experience. You might feel confused, shocked, or unsure of what to think after watching a movie that took you on a psychological trip. Out of the many films that will ruin your day by how much your mind will be messed with, here are just ten movies that will make you think and struggle with what you experienced.


#10: Mother! 

Darren Aronofsky is known for making some unusual movies that will confuse the audience. His latest film from last year was one of the most divisive films of 2017. A young couple gets visited by some strangers then more people come to their home who are fans of the husband (Javier Bardem). His wife (Jennifer Lawrence) and his lives are disrupted by hundreds of more people flocking to their home. By the end, I had to google the meaning behind the movie as you go through a chaotic and confusing journey. Once I found the answer, it all made sense and goes along with the themes in Aronofsky’s other work perfectly.


Image via Paramount Pictures

#9: Gone Girl

David Fincher’s adaption from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is excellent. Nick Dunne’s (Ben Affleck) wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) goes missing one day. The police investigate and start to suspect Nick of killing her and disposing of her body. However, what really happens is far darker than imaginable. Amy faked her death to get her husband to be put on death row. Nick lawyers up and tries to battle it out. This all-out war between two sociopaths who were in love and now want the worst for one another is an incredible psychological journey. As the audience learns about Amy and Nick, you see a side of psychopathy that you don’t usually see in a film. Both of them are awful people destined to be together. As you learn about their characters, you will get to see evidence that shows which one is the real monster. Full of some dark twists and powerful moments, this is a must watch. Maybe don’t watch this with your significant other.


Image via 20th Century Fox

#8: American Psycho

I would say that this is Christian Bale’s best work ever. Patrick Bateman is a full-on psychopathic serial killer while maintaining his job as a successful investment banking executive. You are viewing the entire film through his eyes which will make you question reality. His words and actions are sometimes ambiguous, but other times direct to the people around him. As everything you witness is not quite right as you see the truth behind his psychosis. With the reveal that all of the murders were inside his head, the twist is one of the best in cinematic history. For decades after the book and even the movie, fans wanted answers. Did he ever kill anyone? Is he really a psychopath? Those I will leave to you to go explore for yourself.


Image via Lionsgate Films

#7: Prisoners

Dennis Villeneuve is on a roll with hits such as Sicario and Arrival. Right before those came out, he released Prisoners, an underrated drama involving two families whose youngest daughters go missing. Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) must find the girls while trying to keep the families as calm as possible. His main worry is the father of one of the families, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) who is on the brink of insanity for his missing daughter. He kidnaps whom he thinks took his child, Alex Jones (Paul Dano) and brutally tortures him for days. All the while, the real kidnapper is loose. This reveal of who really did it is excellent, but not the final punch to the audience with its ambiguous ending that leaves Keller’s fate up in the air. Prisoners is a brutal, slow-paced, and emotionally draining film. If you love Villeneuve’s style then you must watch this film, it is easily his best work yet.


Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

#6: Shutter Island

While many tend to dismiss Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, I love it. This is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies, and it will scramble your brains. As Teddy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) search for a missing patient at a mental asylum on an island. The reveal of Teddy being a patient the whole time had my friend and I jump out of his couch as we scream at the TV. The hospital tried an experiment to help Teddy get better by having him live as this detective. With the ambiguous ending and subtle clues as to Teddy’s psychological issues makes for an excellent film that many did not like. Shutter Island will be divisive amongst readers, but for those of you that loved this movie, this was for you.


Images via Paramount Pictures

#5: Ex Machina

While the story of AI getting so advanced that it creates evil robots is not original at all. In storytelling, it does not require to be completely original. Alex Garland’s directorial debut and adaption of the graphic novel of the same name as the film is an excellent debut to the director’s chair. With being the writer and director, he has been able to craft a chilling narrative of a young programmer, Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) who gets to come to the CEO of his company’s home. When he meets Nathan (Oscar Isaac) things seem normal until he starts talking to Ava (Alica Vikander). The film’s ending is no huge surprise, while still delivering on an impactful conclusion. What makes this film most impactful is the ominous feeling with Nathan. Things feel wrong at all time. While any actual action or suspense comes from the last fifteen or so minutes, you feel uneasy about the entire movie. The setting of isolation and the eccentric CEO makes Caleb uncomfortable until he finds out the truth, which is more horrifying than he thought resulting in an utter disaster.


Image via Universal Pictures

#4: Inception

One of Christopher Nolan’s most beloved and well-known films is Inception. In the dream world, just about anything is possible. Seeing buildings fold in on themselves and rooms spinning as people fight, this movie is a trip to watch. The ending has caused people to debate, unlike any other film I can think of. To this day I hear people discuss whether the conclusion was a dream or not. Of course, answers can be found online, but it is always a lot of fun to discuss what happened in a movie when everyone’s perception is entirely different.


Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

#3: Arrival

Dennis Villeneuve is on this list again for his next best film, Arrival. A beautiful and thought-provoking film that delivers something different for the alien invasion subgenre. Humans around the world are reacting differently. Some countries are aiming their tanks to fire at the alien ships, while others try to communicate with them. The film has a typical Villeneuve ambiguous ending as he hones in on his style as a director. Most movies with a message tend to be too direct, but Arrival will have you thinking for a while as you digest the conclusion. If you are looking for an intelligent sci-fi flick, this should be your number one choice.


Image via Paramount Pictures

#2: Annihilation

Alex Garland’s second film that he has directed came out earlier this year. Annihilation is adapted from the first novel in the Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. When promoting the movie, Alex says he is “adapting from the unadaptable” which makes sense based on the ambiguous ending. I can only imagine reading this whole trilogy and trying to figure out what happens. While Annihilation can be followed along, the last twenty minutes or so will lose you. Sadly, the internet is all I have to understand this film since the box office performance was weak, so don’t expect the whole trilogy to be made. If you read my review, then you would know how much I loved this gorgeous sci-fi flick.


Image via Paramount Pictures

#1: The Shining

While Stephen King may hate the film adaption of his classic novel, many including myself see The Shining as one of Kubrick’s best movies. The film is a slow grind to see Jack (Jack Nicholson) spiral down to madness, while his wife Shelly (Wendy Duvall) and his son Danny (Danny Lloyd) must suffer. Full of weird imagery such as people in animal costumes having sex and elevators spewing out blood, this might be the most mind-boggling classic ever made, at least it is up there. On top of the constant confusion, the ending which shows a picture of Jack from an old photo gives the audience one last image to make them rethink everything that they just saw. Try deciphering this one, it will be a challenge.


Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Those were just ten of the many confusing movies out there. What did you think of my list? Also, be sure to comment what you find to be movies that will scramble your brain and make you think long after you have finished the film.

Header image via Warner Bros. Pictures