25 Best “Game of Thrones” Characters Who are Still Alive

HBO’s massively successful fantasy series Game of Thrones has announced the final season will premier next April. Despite all of the death over the past seven seasons, a lot of people are still alive. The 25 characters listed will vary from heroes, villains, and the morally questionable, one thing they have in common is that they are some of the best the series has to offer.

No, dragons do not count, but they are in my heart just so you know.

Since I am talking about Game of Thrones, be aware of spoilers of that did not occur to you.

#25: Hot Pie

How could I not put the friendly baker on here? I am not some kind of monster, plus his pies look delicious.

Image via HBO

#24: Podrick Dayne

Sweet Podrick does his best as he has been beside Brienne of Tarth for a while at this point. For someone so sweet and getting pushed down, he has two major surprises in his story so far. One, he manages to stay alive despite being a horrible fighter. Second, he got that orgy with those prostitutes for free. What is his secret? The biggest mystery of the series will never be solved.

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#23: Night King

A character with little development will remain lower on my list, especially one that has never uttered a word. The Night King is the show’s main threat who has an undead army and ice dragon by his side. Plenty more needs to be discovered to see his full potential because this mysterious being has enough power to wipe out everyone.

Image via HBO

#22: Daario Naharis

One of the many strong men who stand by Daenerys’ side. A loyal companion who has some of the best kills in the series.

He also manages to be one of the many characters to be recast. One of the few significant issues the show faces.

Image via HBO

#21: Eddison Tollett

Finding friends in the Night’s Watch can be hard, especially in the early seasons for Jon Snow. Eddison has one of the best hearts of the men who serve the Night’s Watch. A trusty friend who stood by Jon’s side through thick and thin.

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#20: Lyanna Mormont

One of the few characters to have little screen time and manage to be a fan favorite. Lyanna might be young, but her ferocious dialog shows that nobody should mess with this powerful girl.

Another positive to the character comes from her cousin, Jorah Mormont, one of my favorite characters who will pop up later on in the ranking.

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#19: Euron Greyjoy

A smug, charismatic, and most of all annoying villain, but I cannot dislike Euron. A great newer addition for the antagonist side of the show along with developing Theon and Yara’s character arcs.

Image via HBO

#18: Yara Greyjoy

The amount of great female characters in Game of Thrones feels overwhelming to list. Yara has done so much as a standalone character and to the tragic story that follows her younger brother Theon. A tough, fun character who stands out strong against so many incredible personalities.

cq5dam.web.1200.675 (1)
Image via HBO

#17: Grey Worm

A seemingly simplistic Unsullied commander for the Mother of Dragons becomes so much more. Due to his horrific past, he is a broken man who feels as if he is just meant to kill and die. The love story between him and Missandei feels organic and worthy. Too many shows push romance unnecessarily, but not here.

Image via HBO

#16: Bronn

Once he defended Tyrion and now fights next to Jamie. Bronn might not have had the most exciting story arc; that does not stop him from being a charismatic fighter who is enjoyable to watch as he kills or speaks with other characters.

Image via HBO

#15: Varys

While Little Finger was a snake, Varys matches him in sneaky behavior. One of the most morally questionable characters of the series, he keeps himself alive with diplomacy, working behind the scenes, and knowing the right cards to play at the right time. A brilliant man who after all this time, I have no idea what he is looking to get out of all the drama going around Westeros.

Image via HBO

#14: Jaqen H’ghar

The assumed identity of one of the men behind the Faceless Men remains to be an overall mystery. While nobody is certain whether we will see the assassin again, his arc was a methodical, intriguing narrative full of closed doors and death.

Image via HBO

#13: Davos Seaworth

Davos has had quite the adventure. Few characters are further away from where they started then him. Danger lurks around every corner, and I am hoping Davos can survive through all of the armies, undead, and dragons.

Image via HBO

#12: Samwell Tarly

While I am not a fan of his current narrative, Sam has a lot of potential in the final season. The show loves its slow-moving stories that make you question the purpose. By the end of most arcs, the “ah-ha” moment comes with a payoff that satisfies. I can only hope because Sam continues to bring joy with his kind heart.

Image via HBO

#11: Theon Greyjoy

If you asked me a few seasons back then, Theon would have been lower on the list. Due to his current story, I have regained my faith in him. Once a loveable friend of the Starks, turning into a backstabbing fiend, to his brutal relationship with Ramsay, and now he faces a Euron who will make or break Theon’s redemption.

Image via HBO

#10: Cersei Lannister

I love to hate Cersei. One of TV’s most heartless, horrible villains makes for the best threat to the more favorable personalities. The question everyone is thinking, will she win or die? If she dies, please let her be killed by either Jamie, Tyrion, or in a blaze of glory by a dragon. Drogon must be hungry.

Image via HBO

#9: Tormund Giantsbane

A significant member of the Free Folk, Tormund balances killing machine and a ball of levity in one of the darkest TV shows in history. His crush on Brienne of Tarth might be one of the best bits in the series. The little winks and nods as Brienne look away in disgust brings the kind of humor needed right before depressing scenes where fan favorites are raped, tortured, or killed.


Image via HBO

#8: Arya Stark

Arya’s narrative can be tedious. The Faceless Men story pains me to think about due to its pacing. The payoff ended up being worth it because Arya transformed into one of the most ruthless assassins fans have seen. Her killing Little Finger will go down as one of the best scenes in the entire series.

If rumors end up true that Maisie Williams portrays Ellie in the Last of Us movie then I will be happy with the potential trainwreck of another video game adaption.


Image via HBO

#7: Brienne of Tarth

While plenty of men can hold their own in battle, not many of them stand up against Brienne of Tarth. Her stature will make her enemies tremble. An honorable woman who has looked after the Stark girls the best that she can despite some troubling circumstances. You know she means business if she won a fight with the mighty Hound.

Her relationship with Jamie Lannister is a unique dynamic that I cannot wait to see further develop in the final season. Two great warriors who are now on the same side. Even when they were against each other, there was a mutual respect that shined through the conflict.


Image via HBO

#6: Jon Snow

Unlike most people, I used to not like Jon Snow. He grew on me around the time of his death and resurrection. As he has become as a leader and warrior, I have gained an appreciation for him. His narrative during season seven was some of the best in the series, and I am rooting for him during the final few episodes.


Image via HBO

#5: Jorah Mormont

Despite the falling out between him and Daenerys, he has always fought for her. She pushed him out, and he did what he can to redeem himself to be her loyal companion. The world of Westeros is full of selfish people who will lie, steal, and kill their way to the top. Jorah stands out in this hateful world as a man who has a strong moral compass.

On top of his kind soul, Jorah’s kill count rises continuously and will not stop until he dies. If a battle between the fiercest swordsmen and women were to happen, I might bet on Jorah.


Image via HBO

#4: Sandor Clegan/The Hound

A mean-spirited man who will kill anyone who looked at him wrong. A one-note character turned into one of the most complex personalities in the series. Also, he has one of the best lines spoken in the series, “Fuck the king’s guard, fuck the city, fuck the king.”


Image via HBO

#3: Jamie Lannister

A once vile man turning away from his evil, manipulative sister to fight on the right side of history. Jamie was wrapped around Cersei’s finger for so long, I wondered if he will ever break free. He has had plenty of ups and downs, but not is the time for Jamie to rise up. Will the King Slayer become the Queen Slayer? One can only hope.

#2: Daenerys Targaryen

Being forced into a marriage with a barbaric man then raped and brutalized. Daenerys has become a seemingly unstoppable force. People told stories in the first few seasons of a girl with dragons. People dismissed those stories, and now they could potentially have her as their queen. Daenerys has a lot to face before the throne, but with her track record, the crown could be obtainable.


Image via HBO

#1: Tyrion Lannister

Universally the most beloved character in the books and TV show is Tyrion. A brilliant mind with a great sense of humor will get you a long way with the audience. Comedic relief along with a compelling story makes the joker into a person who is irresistible. Tyrion deserves a happy ending after so much suffering. Knowing Game of Thrones, that will not happen.


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10 Best Stan Lee Cameos

The legendary Stan Lee has passed away at 95. The man has brought many joys to the world with Marvel in many forms. From comic books to movies, millions have enjoyed these stories and characters. In memory of Lee, here are 10 of his best cameos.

#10: X-Men: The Last Stand (20th Century Fox/YouTube user ultimate)

Not one of highest quality films on the list, but a solid cameo from the comic book legend. Lee tries his best to water his yard, but those superheroes continuously have to interrupt.

#9: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (20th Century Fox)

Easily the most atrocious movie on this list. Despite being an abomination in the superhero genre, seeing Lee get rejected from Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Grufford) and the Invisible Woman’s (Jessica Alba) wedding is hilarious. The only good that has come out of any of the awful Fantastic Four adaptions.

No clip was found, but here is a photo.

5 FantasticFour2.jpg

#8: Iron Man (Paramount Pictures/YouTube user ultimate)

A quick scene of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) patting Lee on the back and referring him as Hugh Hefner. Lee sure does have a way with the ladies.

#7: The Amazing Spider-Man (Sony/YouTube user Tim Wesseling)

Lee has a job to do which involves him organizing the school’s library. Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) fights The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) does not distract him from his work. Spidey and Lizard need to take it outside so the man can listen to classical music and work in peace.

#6: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Pigeonfiction)

Lee has had many jobs across his cameos, some work better than others. As a security guard, he discovers the Captain America suit has been stolen. Maybe return to organizing books for a high school.

#5: Captain America: Civil War (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Filmic Box)

An odd final note for the spectacular Civil War by having Lee pop up to deliver a package to Tony. He misreads his name as Stank which lightens up James Rhodes’ (Don Cheadle) day after losing the use of his legs. Even in the darkest of times, Lee will make someone smile.

#4: Deadpool (20th Century Fox)

Seeing the beloved creator working at a strip club is all that needs to be said here.


#3: Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Mr. Spoiler)

Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) beautiful hair gets chopped off none other than the mastermind of comics, Stan Lee. Poor Thor, at least he had the right man to do the (dis)honors.

#2: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Scopian01)

Avoid taking any alcohol from a God, especially at a party full of other powerful beings. Lee tries to be a big man but ends up getting wasted.


#1: Marvel’s Spider-Man (Insomniac Games/Marvel/YouTube user SwanyPlaysGames)

The masterpiece game by Insomniac Games does so much to reach the same quality as the Marvel movies. In a surprisingly enjoyable scene, the man himself makes an appearance. The platform does not matter, Lee will pop up somehow.

The surprise factor and how much I enjoy this scene, that is why I rank this to be the best Stan Lee cameo.

Which are some of your favorite cameos from the comic legend? Let’s celebrate his legacy the best way that we can.

RIP Stan Lee (1922-2018)

Header image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore


10 Talented Vocalists Who Scream and Clean Sing

Some fans in the heavy metal community find utilizing screams, and clean vocals are controversial, plenty of singers make the two styles work. Often time bands will have the lead singer do one or the other while someone plays an instrument and sings the other method. Not everyone has those limitations. These 10 vocalists in the scene are able to belt out horrifying screams then switch to singing with a beautiful voice that will soothe you into sleeping at night happily.

#10: Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)

Blythe has had a long, successful career being a brutal vocalist in one of the biggest heavy metal bands. His range tends to be in the middle, but he can impress the biggest enthusiasts of screaming with his highs and lows. On the band’s last album, VII: Sturm und Drang, he surprised the whole community by the song Overlord. The long-time screamer jumps on the clean singing train for a majority of the track. If you managed to not hear the legendary singer try out some clean singing, then you will not believe what you are hearing.

#9: Ryan Kirby (Fit for a King)

The metalcore frontman stayed in his seat as the band’s screamer, while letting the bassist Ryan O’Leary take over the lighter vocals. He dabbled with Deathgrip then dove right in with the band’s latest album Dark Skies. While his harsher vocals sound much better, he progresses with this skill. His admirable efforts land him a position on this list.

#8: Caleb Shomo (Beartooth/Ex-Attack Attack)

Shomo remains to be one of the most immensely talented people in modern metal. He manages to do everything in Beartooth, and do it well. His mid-range screams always continue to be enjoyable and emotional. His voice fits the powerful subject manner that remains to be the face of Beartooth’s music. What makes him exceptional happens to be his clean vocals. A variety of tones flow out along with a catchy melody in his choruses, I find it hard to get his voice out of my head.

#7: Chino Moreno (Deftones)

The highly experienced singer manages to have an angelic voice will having such ear-piercing screams that set him apart from the rest of the scene. While everyone has their unique sound, Chino’s style and tone stand out more than most singers.

#6. Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)

The frontman of the gothic industrial metal band has quite the range. Going from a low tone like Marilyn Manson to high pitch singing in their early metalcore work. While his harsher vocal sounds have changed a lot over the years, he is able to belt out ferocious screams. The band’s early work displayed more range with impressive highs to brutal lows.

#5. Alisa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy/Ex-The Agonist)

While Gluz has not utilized her clean vocals since her previous band The Agonist, she has continued some heavy screaming with Arch Enemy. While many women in the metal scene are heard clean singing, Gluz stands out with her beautiful voice while managing to switch to ferocious growls.

#4. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember)

The diversity in A Day to Remember’s music is impressive. The decision to mix pop-punk and metalcore seems insane but works wonderfully. McKinnon’s catchy vocals in the poppiest of songs can easily stay in a fan’s head all day. While on the flip side his screams are far from the best, but what puts him high on the list is his ability to go in any direction he wants. The band’s heavy music is excellent, while the lighter material stands just as strong.

#3. Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)

Many tend to think of mixing clean singing and screams sounds like a higher pitched singer blending mid-range screams that adds to no range at all. One of the most definitive vocalists who have a tremendous range with that typical modern metalcore sound is the lead singer of Ice Nine Kills, Spencer Charnas. The vocalist delivers a death metal style to his vocals along with what many tend to hear from metalcore. His cleans are soft and beautiful to give excellent contrast to the heavy music.

#2. Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)

The masked juggernaut continues with unstoppable talent in both his heavy metal outfit in Slipknot and his rock-oriented band Stone Sour. Taylor has the second highest range in the rock and metal world, and he still can surprise people. From catchy rapping, gorgeous acoustic work, and barking out hateful lyrics, the man does anything and everything.

#1. Spencer Sotelo (Periphery)

While it pains me to not put Corey Taylor at number one, I feel my choice is justified by placing the Periphery singer above the legend. Sotelo has excellent range in his screams from going deep, high, and everything in between. What sets him at number one is his angelic voice. I can listen to this man sing all day while still getting my fix for some heavy music. It makes sense that the most talented metalcore band, and one of the most talented groups in modern metal, has one of the best vocalists in the scene.

With all of the amazing singers out there who can switch from nightmare-inducing vocals to a beautiful sound that only an angel can make, plenty is missing from this list. Comment below what you think of my list and who you would rank instead.

Images via Wikimedia/Alice Wiegand, Wikimedia/Luiz Alberto, Flickr/Gage

Five Concerns for Red Dead Redemption II Online

With Red Dead Redemption 2 coming this Friday, the hype train is at full speed. I am aboard the train, but I have my worries. Rockstar makes some of the best single player campaigns in the industry. Online will resemble Grand Theft Auto 5 which concerns me. Their model makes sense, however, there are severe flaws in that business decision for microtransactions and how the experience with other players will be dramatically impacted. Here are some of the problems that I see with the upcoming Western multiplayer that arrives a few weeks after the game is released.

#5: No Singleplayer DLC

I will go on about this more in other parts of the article, but I want to dedicate number five to the potential lack of singleplayer DLC. Red Dead Redemption released one of the best and most surprising singleplayer experiences with Undead Nightmare. Chances of that happening are low due to Rockstar’s actions with GTA V. Plenty of players might want only the lone experience without other players. Sadly, if the online is successful enough, we might not get much more with Arthur once the multiplayer is launched. That puts me (and many other gamers) in a weird predicament. I want the game to succeed in every possible way, but I want add-ons or updates to the campaign for those days of not wanting to play with other people.

Image via Rockstar Games

#4: Poor Character Customization and Models

While the variety of clothing, tattoos, and other accessories for your character in GTA was phenomenal, while the initial creation of your character is ghastly. Playing with genetics to make a unique person in the online world was a brilliant idea, but the character models came out ugly. Every person I saw would have weird bruises and marks on their body that looked unnatural. I am sure Rockstar has learned a lot in five years of working on GTA, but I can’t help to worry about how RDR2 might turn out due to past mistakes.

Image via Rockstar Games

#3: False Promises

What burns me the most about GTA are the false promises. Announced DLC that would quietly disappear and features such as animals and the stock market would be forgotten entirely. If a company announces a mechanic and that aspect of the game is missing, then people tend to bring up their pitchforks. Rockstar got some backlash, but a smaller amount than expected. People shouldn’t go after a company too harshly over missing features, but should still call them out to keep the communication between a company and its customers open. If the developers announce something will be in the multiplayer experience, then we better see it at some point.

Image via Rockstar Games

#2: Broken

Rockstar has said when the online comes out it will be more of a Beta than a full release. Surprisingly, this is excellent news. GTA Online came out as a disaster when fans expected a fully functioning game. The developers are playing it smart by covering themselves before the release of the game. Despite that feeling, I am still worried we won’t get the best quality in multiplayer for months after release. Hopefully, we can get something that will be worth staying for instead of waiting for dozens of updates to play with friends in a world that works correctly.

Image via Rockstar Games

#1: Microtransactions and Game Currency

We are at the most significant concern many gamers tend to have after their business model with GTA. I won’t point a finger to say they are a greedy corporation. I love the free content updates GTA would receive every few months. I  also can’t blame them for wanting to make money when they can continue to support the game that millions of people still play. However, due to this decision obtaining new content such as cars and other goodies became almost impossible. If you want the new house, business, or car, then you have to play a seemingly endless cycle of heists or other missions to earn enough money to buy new items. If you decide you can’t dedicate a full-time job’s worth of time to play the game for enough cash, then you can buy microtransaction that can drain your wallet to play the game. I don’t want my game to feel like a chore, but I do want enough of a challenge. I hope Rockstar can find their footing to balance the economy of Red Dead Online.

Image via Rockstar Games

I might be a little hard one of the most anticipated games of the year. I am genuinely excited to play Rockstar’s next masterpiece. However, their decisions on multiplayer in the past have made me not satisfied. I hope they have learned from their mistakes, but we won’t know until the online Beta launches in November. Comment below what you think of my concerns or if you have any of your own.

Red Dead Redemption II releases on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The online will be delivered sometime in November.

Pre-order the game here:

13 Horror Games You Must Play During Halloween Season

October is here which means Halloween is around the corner. During this season, fans can come out to play as many scary games and watch movies. To celebrate, we will go over plenty of spooky games and movies in the month. To start off, let’s look at some video games that will give you nightmares.

To note, I did cheat the list by adding games with their sequels to clump them together, so let’s get over that while we are here.

#13/12: Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light (4A Games)

While the first game, 2033 feels a bit dated, Last Light holds up wonderfully. The world has ended in a nuclear apocalypse and creatures roam the around. Set in Russia, survivors have set inside of the subway system to avoid monsters and radiation. The games have compelling stories along with a variety of gameplay from stealth to big shootouts. Not only are they a ton of fun, but the atmosphere and survival aspects make for one intense experience. While this is not the scariest game on the list, the sense of constant danger and needing supplies to survive will give you the emotions you want to feel during Halloween.

#11/10: The Evil Within 1/2 (Tango Gameworks/Bethesda)

Bethesda published Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. A psychological horror game created by the mind who brought the world Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami. The story stands are the game’s strongest point with a well thought out world with rich lore that will keep you compelled through the series. Exploring trauma and psychology in a way that many games tend to shy away from, The Evil Within is not afraid to tell its story. While the game’s lean more towards action, the horror remains strong through every minute. With elements of psychological manipulation, extreme violence, and disturbing themes, this game utilizes everything creepy to make your skin crawl.

#9: Doki Doki Literature Club! (Team Salvato)

That is right, I am recommending a dating simulator visual novel. If you know of Doki Doki then you know exactly why this game is on the list. For those of you who have never heard of the game then you should go in completely blind. That is the only way to experience Team Salvato’s bizarre visual novel.

Warning: Do not play this game if you have struggled with mental health issues now or in the past. The game can be triggering for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, suicide, and self-harm.

#8: Amnesia: The Dark Descent (Frictional Games)

To the standards of modern gaming, Amnesia: The Dark Descent might feel dated by its graphics and clunky gameplay. For its time, Amnesia was the kind of horror. By many standards for years, gamers would find it difficult to find something more horrific than Frictional Games’ masterpiece. Not putting the game on a list of horror games would be disrespectful to one of the most influential horror games of all time.

#7/6: Dead Space 1/2 (Visceral Games/EA)

The first two Dead Space games are some of the greatest games across any genre. A universe with brilliant lore and storytelling along with excellent combat and genuinely terrifying elements to give you nightmares. The use of violence and atmosphere is to the point of perfection. With the bad taste of the third entry and Visceral Games being shut down, we may never get another adventure with Isaac Clarke.

#5: Bioshock (Irrational Games/2K Games)

A thought-provoking video game is rare, but Bioshock manages to be more than just your average game. A horror game with all of the typical elements with combat, dark atmosphere, and terrifying enemies goes above and beyond to completely shake-up the industry. Some of the most gripping stories are right in Rapture with its main story and the many audiotapes that can be found to make the deceased city seem like it once had a life. Usually, silent protagonists seem out of date to me, but Bioshock managed to be the one exception for me by its execution of having a mute hero.

A message to 2K, please make another entry to this series, even if it is like the less horror-oriented Bioshock: Infinite.

#4: Dead by Daylight (Behaviour Interactive)

The horror multiplayer game delivers a unique experience. You and a few other survivors must start up five generators then escape. Meanwhile, one player is playing as a killer who is hunting you down. From original psychopaths with unique abilities to classic horror film murders such as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, there is a wide variety to choose from that will change play styles for both sides. The game is fun and manages to deliver unique experiences each time despite the seemingly repetitive concept. Playing the game with friends makes the game that much better. Grab some friends to survive with, or you can decide to murder them.

The game is getting constant updates such as new survivors, maps, killers, and rewards to keep players going. Go support the developers and give this game a try.

#3: Outlast (Red Barrels)

Yes, I have listed only the first game, not its sequel. Outlast 2 is one of the most disappointing games I have ever played. Let’s focus on the brilliant first game.

Outlast takes many elements from other horror games where you just run away and hide because you can’t defend yourself. What separates Red Barrels’ outstanding game from others is its story and use of lighting. 90 percent of the game is pitch black, so you have a camera with night vision to see what is hiding in the darkness. While the running and using stealth to survive is fun along with its terrifying atmosphere and use of night vision, the story about a secret experiment that explores the human psyche is the strongest element here. The influences and typical tropes are present, but the game manages to make itself as an individual in a crowded genre.

#2: Resident Evil 7 (Capcom)

Who would have thought Resident Evil would make such a comeback into the horror genre? The first-person take on the long-running franchise ended up being the refresher critics and fans needed. Taking inspiration from classic horror movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Evil Dead along with the well-established world of Resident Evil, you get to experience one of the most disturbing and disgusting video games made in years.

#1: Alien: Isolation (Creative Assembly/Sega)

If I had to make a list of the greatest horror games ever made, Alien: Isolation will be within the top three. Taking place after the first movie, you play as Ripley’s daughter who has to go through dangerous androids, hostile humans, and one big Xenomorph. The balance of stealth and combat is as close as you will find in the genre. Whether you are hiding around from the alien or fighting off people willing to kill anyone in their path to survive, every mechanic works with grace. The quirk that sets Alien apart from many others in the genre is that there is little safety. Of course, there are going to be scripted parts in the story, but for the most part, the Xenomorph is a living creature that will explore the ship, slaughtering everything in the way. Better grab a friend to help you endure a relentless journey full of death and terror.

Now you are set to go into the rest of the month with a nice stack of new/old video games to play for the sake of getting nightmares. Good luck sleeping after playing some of these terrifying games.

What are some of your favorite horror games? Be sure to comment your thoughts.

Buying any game linked will benefit the developers and me, you can just click a link then browse through Amazon to buy anything you want.

Header image via Capcom

15 Heroes and Villains Who Have Worn the Symbiote Suit

With the release of Venom, I started to wonder how many heroes and villains have worn the symbiote suit? Most fans tend to think of Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, and Cletus Kasady, but there are many more people who get down with the sickness. The heroes and villains here have been hosts to our favorite slimy creatures.

#15: X-23 (Laura Kinney)

Laura made an incredible debut to casual fans with Logan. Not that long after the film, in the comic books, she joined in a series that had the clone of Wolverine has donned the black alien suit. After trying to escape the facility for the fifth time, she accidentally punctures a container with the venom symbiote.

Along with her usual powers, she has fangs and razor-sharp nails given to her by her new found friend. She spends plenty of time in combat next to her father figure, Wolverine.

Out of every symbiote variant, X-23 is arguably my favorite. Not only does the black and yellow work for her suit, but she is absolutely horrifying. The claws coming out of her hands along with the pointed teeth that will rip your head right off are intimidating enough to make any baddie run away.


Image via Marvel Comics

#14: Scorpion (Mac Gargan)


After being recruited by Norman Osborn, Mac Gargan is hired to kidnap Aunt May to get at Peter Parker/Spider-Man. During the task of capturing Parker’s beloved aunt, Gargan runs into a recently freed Venom. With their common hatred towards the web-slinging hero, Gargan becomes the new host for Venom.

With Gargan’s initial lack of a moral compass and Venom’s hunger for flesh, he became a killing machine. Venom was in full control eating people left and right. Gargan was too afraid to really fight back against the overwhelmingly powerful creature. He would eventually be stopped and have the symbiote forcibly removed to return back into Scorpion.


Image via Marvel Comics


#13: Eugene “Flash” Thompson

Peter Parker’s high school bully becomes worse in adulthood once he meets the vicious symbiote. After enlisting in a program called Project: Rebirth 2.0. Flash becomes the new Venom. He is able to regrow his legs that he lost back when he was serving in the military and has plenty of powers.

Known as Agent Venom, he has plenty of powers and tools to take down anyone in his way. Outside of the typical superpowers such as healing, strength, and durability, Thompon can utilize shapeshifting for stealth, morph with technology, and stole missile launchers and armor from the Beetle.

Out of every variation of Venom, the militarized version with Agent Venom is one of the most unique variants ever created. Thompson’s Venom look is a lot less nightmare-inducing compared to other symbiote suits we have seen.


Image via Marvel Comics

#12: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

Venom taking over a new host is pretty horrific, but to make things worse is if it is Carnage. In Web of Carnage, Ben Reilly, a clone of Peter Parker, becomes the newest host for the evil symbiote. If you know anything about the Clone Saga then you know things get bizarre with Ben Reilly.

His powers are the same basics from Spider-Man with a mix of Carnage’s. The ability to transform his body into deadly weapons such as knives and axes, Spider-Carnage can web you up then hack you into pieces. He can disguise himself by morphing into his old suit.


Image via Fox

#11: Venom 2099 (Kron Stone)

Miguel O’Hara’s (Spider-Man 2099) half-brother Kron is quite the evil family member. His first appearance involved killing Punisher 2099’s family, so you get a good idea where his moral code stands. Frank Castle stabs Kron and leaves him to die in a sewer. The same sewer happens to have Venom waiting for a host. Kron gains Venom’s powers along with an acidic touch and liquid body.


Image via Marvel Comics


#10: Punisher (Frank Castle)

In the What If? series, we get to see some rather interesting scenarios, one of which involves Frank Castle becoming Venom. You don’t want an angry man with the murder of his family on his mind being fused together with a bloodthirsty alien to come after you. Spoiler, you will die.

With a gliding wing for flight, Venom’s powers, and Punisher’s skills with guns, he becomes a deadly force. The main weakness is their motives are quite different. Venom’s feelings about Spider-Man don’t meet Castle’s.


Image via Marvel Comics

#9: Rocket Racoon



The awesome blend between the vicious Venom and the snarky Rocket Racoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy makes for a surprise that is hard to think of, especially with Rocket’s claim to fame in the MCU. He would become a bounty hunter set to kill Captain America then summoned into another reality. In the new world Rocket finds himself, he joins the Resistance of Venoms to fight a group called The Hive.

His weapons are the same as the other symbiote hybrids with the addition of a new way to carry weapons. His vast arsenal is stored within himself where the symbiote carries all of his gadgets and guns, ready to kill any enemies who appear.

Venom makes everyone look better, and Rocket is no exception. A raccoon with the black and white Venom aesthetic makes Rocket look like he has been infected with rabies.


Image via Marvel Comics

#8: Groot

Yes, another member of the Guardians of the Galaxy has been taken over as a host for Venom. The loveable talking tree looks like an abomination that will haunt you for weeks. Before you ask, yes he says, “I am Venom.”

After extinguishing a threat from the symbiote’s home planet, the Guardians of the Galaxy keep a jar filled with the black goo that is the iconic creature. Groot clumsily breaks the container and becomes fused together with Venom.


Image via Marvel Comics

#7: Drax the Destroyer

The final Guardian of the Galaxy to be infected is Drax. I know a lot of these characters look horrifying, but Drax needs to be mentioned by his horrific new look. The already big member gets far larger as he turns into his symbiote form.

When trying to stop Venomized Rocket is causing havoc. Drax has a plan to grab Rocket, but Quil orders him to not touch their friend. Drax goes for it anyways which has the symbiote slide right off of Rocket into a new host.


Image via Marvel Comics

#6: Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)

While many now know Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel with her big screen debut next year, she was previously known as Ms. Marvel. Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel has a whole history for another day to discuss.

She-Venom, Carol Danvers’ symbiote alter ego is one of the better female venoms. Many of the characters tend to be more sexualized in some aspects. Just like the men, Carol ends up turning into a nightmarish monster, that is true equality right there.

Norman Osborn leads a battle into Asgard, in which Mac Gargan’s Venom appeared. Spidey, as always, ends up fighting Venom. Marvel comes into to the rescue but ends up being the new host for the symbiote. Having one of the most powerful heroes in Marvel Comics mixed with any symbiote will cause some serious harm.


Image via Marvel Comics

#5: Thor

One of the most powerful versions of Venom is when he takes over Thor. Symbiotes range in strength depending on their hosts. The powers of the symbiote and the host combine into one powerful foe. Mixing together with a God will make things nearly impossible. After nearly wiping out Earth, Venomized Thor is taken down by a sonic weapon.


Image via Marvel Comics

#4: The Inklings

This entry technically consists of multiple Venomized characters, the group is special in their own way to be under one category.

When Lee Price donned the black suit to become Maniac, he gained some unique abilities, unlike most symbiotes we see. He could spit at anyone which would infect them with an extended symbiote. Under the power of the symbiote, Price could mind control people who have been spat on. The powerful group he had taken over consist of Black Cat, Scorpion, Hammerhead, Looter, 8-Ball, Killer Shrike, The Brothers Grimm, and the Melter.


Image via Marvel Comics

#3: Red Hulk

Hell has been brought to Earth by Blackheart, literal hell on Earth. The Circle of Four, Red Hulk, Flash Thompson AKA Agent Venom, X-23, and Ghost Rider must defeat the incredibly powerful villain. The only way meant that Red Hulk becomes Venom. Alejandro (Ghost Rider) temporarily gives her powers to Red Hulk. Yeah, we have a Venom-Red Hulk-Ghost Rider combination, you cannot get more badass.

Arguably the best looking Venom hybrid ever created. A fiery demon that looks like it came from hell, but no, it is just Red Hulk fused with Venom and given the power of Ghost Rider. Comics get really crazy, now Marvel should step it up in the next phase of the MCU.


Image via Marvel Comics

#2: Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacey)

Gwen Stacey is either Peter Parker’s first love who dies or the Gwen who becomes Spider-Gwen after being bit by a radioactive spider. I don’t need to say which is more interesting. Since she dons a spider suit, she eventually becomes Venom. Of course, you did that Marvel.



venom_hosts_gwen_stacy (2).jpg
Image via Marvel Comics

#1: Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

While the movies portray Deadpool as a bit of a psychopath while showing he has some humanity deep down. He is far crazier in the comics, so when he gets infused with Venom, that is not a good mixture at all.

Some iterations have Venom using Deadpool as a host, while other times he gets mixed with multiple symbiotes. A storyline involves Deadpool facing Carnage. During the conflict, Deadpool gets used as a host for Lasher and Agony. Thus giving Deadpool his regenerative powers along with the abilities from Agony and Lasher. Agony grants acidic chemicals along with Spidey powers. Lasher is focused on lashing foes with whips, very creative of Marvel to name him Lasher.


Image via Marvel Comics

Trust me, there are plenty more symbiote versions of your favorite heroes and villains out in the world of comics. Many of which are not canon and some that are not comic books can get mind-numbingly complicated. Most of the wackiest of crossovers came from Venomverse and What If? series. Consume those stories to gather all of the crazy different hosts for Venom and the other symbiotes.

What have been some of your favorites on this list? Out of the many characters I did not touch on, who are some of your favorite Venomized characters?

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15 Horror Movies You Need to Watch During Halloween Season

October has an important holiday for fans of everything spooky, Halloween. Arguably the best way to celebrate is by watching the scariest and sometimes most gruesome movies from cult classics made decades ago to newer films coming out throughout the month. Here are 15 horror movies that you have to see by the time Halloween comes around.

All images link for you to buy them.

#15: Halloween (1978)

By the time this comes out, the reboot/sequel will not be out yet. While I am excited about the new movie, I can’t wholly recommend it right now.

Until then we have the original, which I just saw for my first time recently. Michael Myers remained to be creepy and a relentless force that kept the movie together. While the classic slasher is dated by some of the more intense scenes, plenty of elements hold up wonderfully, or in this case, terrifyingly. Subtle moments such as Michael watching Laurie then disappearing were disturbing. He is just a man but manages to be so much more.

#14: 28 Weeks Later

While the first film, 28 Days Later, should be seen, I prefer the sequel. I know that is an unpopular opinion, but I feel the story is more compelling with more excitement than the first film. A family is trying to survive as the military is doing their best to contain the rage virus, all hell breaks loose. Along with the brutality and intensity, the theme song to the series is one of the best in horror history. Once the tune starts, you know trouble is coming.

#13: Saw

Many fans of the genre are divided on the Saw franchise. I love the first few films, and I will still watch the later trashy entries. The first is full of the best twists along with enough simplicity that makes it perfect. The others go overboard with their stories and traps. Here you get a concise story that has its surprises and enough violence to satisfy bloodthirsty fans.

#12: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

I said it before in another list, and I will repeat it, the remake of Dawn of the Dead is so much better. Better pacing and overall better ending help to outshine the George A. Romero classic. The film has the best opening credits of all time easily with the world collapsing and Johnny Cash’s When the Man Comes Around as its soundtrack. While there are glaring flaws with Zach Snyder’s take on the iconic zombie flick, he nails so much right.

#11: The Thing 

John Carpenter’s classic is my favorite horror movie of all time. While there are plenty of great vintage films out there, many tend to feel out of date in some areas. The Thing is a masterpiece that holds up with its incredible practical effects and acting. Full of suspension as you wonder which form the alien has taken as the crew is driven to madness. Paranoia stricken scientists are at each other’s throats in fear that their colleagues are a creature that will rip them apart. The film is a classic that will satisfy fans who want suspense or extreme violence. Carpenter delivers everything you could want.

#10: Green Room

Some of these movies may not scare you, but that does not take away from their quality or level of horror. Green Room may lean towards a crime thriller in many aspects, but from the terrifying performance by Patrick Stewart and one of the final performances from the late Anton Yelchin, you get some phenomenal acting in this low budget film.

A punk band stuck in their green room after discovering a murder. The venue is a front for a group of Neo-Nazis who need to take care of the band who witnessed the killing. The story is full of relentless intensity and some of the hardest to watch brutality you will ever see. A physical and emotional rollercoaster that will rip you limb from limb, it is impossible to resist Green Room once you start.

#9: Let Me In

Here is another divisive entry. I could have listed the Swedish film, but I did not see that one, I saw the American version directed by Matt Reeves who is a brilliant director. The other controversy with choosing Let Me In is that in many aspects it is not necessarily a horror movie. At least you can debate it, but the film is staying on the list.

The most moving entry on the list by far. The real horror of the film is not the vampire, but the trauma that can be inflicted upon such a young boy by his wretched home life and ruthless bullies. The troubled boy befriends a strange girl, who turns out to be a vampire. For those who have never seen or heard of Let Me In or the original film based on the novel of the same name, Let the Right One In, you may wonder how this is any good. Watch for the emotional story, and you will see. Along with some fantastic development of characters and their relationships, there is plenty of violence to make people happy who want to see some death.

#8: The Shining

While the film and novel by Stephen King are entirely different, the film manages to be a beloved classic. Despite Stephen King hating it, many fans and critics will say how much they adore the film. Jack Nicholson delivers his best performance to date, partially due to Stanley Kubrick being too much of a perfectionist. The film had its issues due to Kubrick being incredibly difficult to work with, especially for Shelley Duvall (you can look up the trauma she had to endure on YouTube). What Kubrick managed to deliver is a psychological trip full of physical and emotional violence. To fully explain the events during the film’s final act would be too difficult, but the confusion adds to the insidious masterpiece that manages to shine just as bright despite being 38 years old.

#7: The Cabin in the Woods

A mix of horror and comedy, The Cabin in the Woods is the modern equivalent of Evil Dead. The two tones of comedy and horror have an impeccable balance. Fans get goofy characters that are meant to be stereotypical along with plenty of jabs at classic horror movie tropes. The scary side unleashes every killer and monster idea imaginable along with being a complete bloodbath in the most literal sense. If you need to catch your breath with something fun, there is not a better choice than Drew Goddard’s brilliant horror-comedy.

#6: Alien

Another older film that holds up well. A few moments while watching don’t hold up as well, but 99% works just as well 39 years later. The audience not seeing the alien in its entirety for over an hour is a genius move that creates mystery and horror about the creature. Alien and Jaws set something that many modern movies fail to do. Having a balance with pacing tends to be the problem, but Ridley Scott makes every minute valuable. Along with its pacing, the film manages you to rarely feel safe. Once the chestburster is loose and starts to grow into the Xenomorph, you will be on the edge of your seat.

Sadly, after the first two films, the rest of the franchise goes down in quality. Maybe we will get a sequel that is just as good as Alien or Aliens.

#5: Get Out

Jordan Peele’s debut with Get Out blew me away. The film is one of the best from 2017. A genius thriller that perfectly balances many tones on one plate. Peele delivers horror, violence, psychological trips, comedy, and a rarely discussed side of racism. The movie even does something we never see, it puts the TSA in a positive light.

#4: IT (2017)

While I thought the horror aspects could have been stronger, IT delivers a great adaption from Stephen King’s classic book and a facelift to the beloved tv series (that is beyond out of date). The strength is found in its characters and acting. Bill Skarsgard as the evil clown was disturbing and phenomenal. All of the kids in the Losers’ Club are fantastic. Child actors get some flak, but the casting choices with Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, and Jaeden Lieberher are perfect. With a sequel on its way next year, I am beyond excited.

#3: Train to Busan

A South Korean zombie film that takes place on a speeding train is the premise of Yeon Sang-ho’s gory flick. The zombie genre has had its ups and downs, and Train to Busan manages to be a shining star in the genre. A man is trying to protect his daughter during a zombie outbreak when a trip to Busan turns into a nightmare. Imagine 28 Days Later styled zombies with the cultural significance from South Korea. The film is full of constant intensity and some social commentary to rise above the rest of the million other undead films out there.

#2: REC

A Spanish found footage zombie movie, that is precisely what you are getting with REC. America made their adaptions with the two Quarantine films, but the Spanish original is excellent. The film is easily the best found footage movie I have ever seen. The genre of the shaky camera and the distorted sound is not for everyone, but if you can handle it, then you won’t want to miss out.

A reporter and her cameraman follow along a team of firefighters for a special about their careers. Once they get a call to a distressed woman at an apartment building, the cheery tv special goes down a dark road. A zombie outbreak occurs, and everyone is trapped inside the building with the flesh-eating monsters.

I rarely find zombie films scary, but the mix of the POV and a twist on how zombies react, REC manages to be a horrifying movie. Maybe leaning on a more uncomfortable and disturbing side of scary, but is easily one of the most terrifying films on this list.

#1: It Follows

An admittedly silly premise, It Follows executes its idea excellently. A creature that slowly follows until it kills its target unless you have sex with someone. Yes, having sex will save you in this movie. However, the film is not full of sex and violence. The focus is more on the characters, a group of teenagers and leaving the audience in suspense as you get teased about where the threat is located. The monster has its own rules like many classic horror movie monsters tend to have. The film handles giving the audience questions and answers in a way to lead through the bizarre story.

Hundreds of amazingly terrifying horror movies are out there over the years. I only managed to scratch the surface with 15 choices. What are some of your favorite scary movies to watch during the Halloween season? Are you going to watch anything from this list, if so then which ones?

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