Trailer Impressions: Avengers: Endgame

I knew the Avengers trailer was coming, but somehow I did not see the title being Endgame. Everything pieces itself together especially seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes rise to take down The Mad Titan. Marvel delivers an emotional tease that gives only a little bit to satisfy their hungry fans.

Right, when the trailer begins, my heartstrings get ripped out by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) who has been able to get himself off of Titan, but with no food, water, or any other resource, he will drift in space until he dies. Footage of him recording a message for his wife Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) to let her know what happened to him. The emotional scene represents how defeated both Tony and the rest of the surviving Avengers.

Marvel Studios

Two images quickly show after the Marvel Studios logo turns to dust, yes they really did that. Thanos’ armor appears like a memorial. His mission is done, he can now relax. Then the titan himself, Thanos (Josh Brolin) arrives. He is sauntering in a beautiful setting full of plant life. The only way to see him is by his gauntlet and a part of his side. Interesting choice on Marvel’s part to hide their main villain in this way. I can only wonder about their reasoning.

A few more glimpses of the remaining heroes. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) admits Thanos’ win to Captain America (Chris Evans). Captain has tears in his eyes, rightfully so. Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) facepalms in despair, maybe trying to figure out a plan by the look of the computer screens in front of him that show Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) and fallen heroes from Infinity War.

After a look at the empty Avengers home base, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) sits, looking full of both sorrow and anger. I can’t tell where he is by the room. Maybe he is at their home, but possibly somewhere else.

Nebula (Karen Gillian) gets a nod in a quick shot, like everyone else, she is not doing well at all.

Black Widows sees everyone’s long lost friend Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) sporting a new outfit, a sword, and standing over a dead body. Rumors were made guessing his reentry would show a transformation of his character, the darker side of him being Ronin. Hopefully, he becomes a better character moving forward unless Thanos kills him at the end.

Black Widow and the Captain finish their conversation about their mysterious plan. They have something up their sleeve that could work to take down the purple titan who killed their friends.

A bit of comic relief happens after the title reveal. Just watch the trailer for a nice comedic end that will get you thinking and starting another theory after already boiling up ideas in your head from everything shown so far.

I knew Marvel would have to do only a little to hook me, but I am beyond caught in their grip. All aboard the hype train because of Avengers: Endgame. The studio has plenty of plans for the future, and this is the beginning of something special.

Avengers End Game comes out April 26

Image via Marvel Studios


Trailer Impressions: Vice

The Dick Cheney biopic just launched the first trailer. Christian Bale has transformed himself yet again to get into the proper mindset for his role. Our of every dramatic move the actor has made, this might be his most extreme since The Machinist.

A conversation over some wings and beer between Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) and George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell) about George wanting Dick to be his vice president. Cheney explains his career as a CEO and into politics. The conversation takes a turn as Cheney offers to take up more duties than vice presidents would generally take on.

Cheney’s influence on the Bush administration is the premise for the film. Telling the story about what happened behind the scenes that many people may not know. At least that is what they claim, you never know with biopics, especially the political ones.

As Cheney explains his career from being a CEO to the secretary of defense and chief of staff, various images showcase his experience with these careers. Meetings, rallies, paperwork, all that you would be doing in that line of work.

We get a look at what Cheney wants out of Bush as he explains what he can do for the upcoming president. Shaking hands with various politicians at what looks to be a rally. Military troops patroling as he insinuates how he could take care of that aspect of Bush’s job. Cheney is seen walking with a Middle Eastern man alongside what looks to be bodyguards.

A variety of quick shots show other cast members such as Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney and Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld. Some of these shots show a younger looking Dick Cheney having a drink with Rumsfeld. Another scene shows Lynne offering Dick advice about people using him when he obtains his power. It appears we will get either a timeline jump between different periods of Dick’s life or see the events in chronological order, it is difficult to tell. Either way, we will see the cast’s age change over the course of this story. Scenes fly by of politicians meeting and military troops fighting in the Middle East.

I am skeptical due to the nature of the film’s theme and story. However, Adam McKay did direct and write The Big Short, which was brilliant. Hopefully, he can maintain the level of intelligence and objectivity when telling Dick Cheney’s story. I will say, it is hard to resist a movie with this impressive of a cast. Steve Carell is not someone I enjoy in comedies, but his dramatic performances are compelling enough to change your perception of who he is as an actor. Amy Adams has done plenty of stellar work such as Arrival. Sam Rockwell is on top of his game after Three Billboards Outside Ebbington, Missouri. Of course, the legendary Christian Bale does it again with a transformation that has blown my mind. He is unrecognizable and his looks will not be the only thing to carry his role. Bale’s performances are always fantastic, especially when he dives into the life of someone real just like he did when portraying Michael Burry in The Big Short. With an outstanding cast and McKay to take the reins, I have hope that Vice will be a solid biopic.

Vice comes out Christmas of this year. You can watch the trailer below:

Image via Annapurna Pictures


Trailer Impressions: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Part 2

Rockstar has put out their second gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. The company continues to have unconventional marketing strategies by releasing the only gameplay trailers a few weeks away from release. Usually, studios would have shown us something years ago, but Rockstar is exclusive in the industry. The new trailer showcases the dead eye mechanic, the danger that seamlessly will enter your experience, and some activities such as robbing trains and much more.

Arthur and his gang join together for a variety of illegal activities. Large-scale bank or train heists can be executed. Intimate robberies such as stealing from people’s homes or robbing stores are options for smaller reward with less risk and excitement. Outside of theft, you can go loan sharking. Each activity had brief clips from knocking someone around on a loan shark missions. Every clip was straightforward, but the bank heists looked the most intriguing. A giant explosion to open the vault showed how aggressive you can be during these heists. Arthur is also demonstrated with his gang taking people hostage and making them open cabinets for their goods.

Of course, in an open world game, you can do anything you want alone. The game wants to emphasize the dangers that are out in the world. The Van der Linde Gang, the gang our protagonist is in, are not the only criminal group out in the Wild West. Rival gangs might see you and attack. Their crimes can be observed as they beat civilians or take hostages. Each gang faction will be unique but remain dangerous. We see some different outlaws, but nothing explains how each group will differentiate.

As you commit crimes, the lawmen will come after you. These men are shown not only hunting for criminals but investigating crime scenes. Usually, in past games we see police come up to hunt and shoot the suspect. To make the experience as immersive as possible, we see real investigating to find the person who committed the crime. Just like in the previous Red Dead, a bounty on your head for how much damage you have caused will return. Bounty hunters will come out to get the reward for killing Arthur. Adding another layer to the many dangers in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Even as a hardened criminal, you can do things for fun that won’t get someone shooting at you. Fishing and hunting are not only fun options, but hold a reason to help feed your gang. If you don’t want to go through all of that hard work, then take a seat to play some games. Poker and other games help take the stress away after stealing hundreds of dollars from a bank. Shows are available such as plays or dancers. Getting your hands dirty is just as fun with herding cattle or hunting down bounties. Dueling is back but looks like just about what it was back in 2010, we don’t know as of yet. The activities are full of enough variety for any type of person. Relaxed players can spend their time gambling, or you can go out on a murder frenzy.

The dead eye system is back, a staple in the Red Dead games. Just like the previous 2010, dead eye will come in stages. Each level of the mechanic will change how it is used. Time can be manipulated into slow motion, targets can get painted to quickly kill several threats, and show weak spots on enemies. The slowing down or painting targets sound the most practical. Weak spots do not seem too helpful when it is obvious to shoot someone in the head. The Wild West was not known for heavily armored enemies, but we might see a reason later down the road to warrant seeing weaknesses.

During the dead eye segment, we see more gunplay. Rifles, shotguns, and pistols are used throughout the entire trailer. What makes this specific part interesting is the dual wielding. Arthur can use two revolvers at once or a sawed-off shotgun in one hand while using a pistol. Whether we will see other weapons that can be used for dual wielding is up in the air, but the option will make for intense battles.

Choices will mean everything to the adventure of playing Red Dead. The basics are present such as choose clothing, haircuts, eat, and what to ride. The basics of customization are more in-depth than ever. Getting haircuts is not a menu to choose from. If you cut your hair or shave your beard, time will slowly grow that hair back. Therefore, if you chop a big bushy beard off, you will wait to grow some more facial hair to grow that mustache you want. No more selecting in a menu to magically have longer hair. The way you smell and look will change how people view you. If you walk into town covered in blood or mud, people will react different compared to walking in clean with fancy clothes. The way you interact with people and the world will change an individual’s experience while playing. People will remember you, so choose wisely whether you want to be kind or hurtful. Arthur is not entirely set on who he is as a character. The player will have plenty of choices to create the man they want to play as.

The world Rockstar is presenting is meant to be alive, so you will find things that you won’t expect. Secret passages in buildings might lead you to a hidden room with valuables. People will randomly be fighting or attack you. Many encounters have their own stories, just like meeting random people on the streets in real life. Everyone has a story and a personality that might react differently.

Different camera angles can be used for a different experience. GTA V had patched itself to be played in first-person, this is not the case since Rockstar built the perspective into the game. We see a variety of clips showing off the first person. You don’t get a shaky camera, or a tacked on feeling that GTA had. While GTA has a decent first-person mode, it is not perfect. Here we see horseback riding and combat in first-person. Riding and shooting looked as smooth as can be. Rockstar has confirmed you can turn off the head bobbing while riding a horse in first-person to avoid anyone feeling sick.

For a more cinematic view, the camera can be placed in different positions to get a look at the beauty of the game. Perfect for a nice screenshot to see Arthur walking across a mountain with his horse companion.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a seamless experience full of surprises to make for an organic world that feels alive. Interacting with people and the environment is in the hands of the player. Their choices will change the gameplay and how characters will perceive them. Games, heists, and other activities will be available to meet anyone’s specific playstyle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 releases on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The multiplayer will come out a few weeks later, no exact date has been confirmed. Pre-order the game below:

Image via Rockstar Games

Trailer Impressions: Captain Marvel

The next leader of the Avengers is coming in 2019. Yes, Brie Larson as Captain Marvel finally got a trailer. After people being a little let down by Entertainment Weekly for only having pictures and not a full trailer, we finally get a look at the next movie in the MCU.

We are taking a step back from everything going on in the MCU to go into the 90s. You know we are here because one of the first images is a Blockbuster. Our heroine, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is blown up from her ship (or escape pod, it is hard to tell) and lands right through a Blockbuster. As she stands up, we hear Samuel L. Jackson start to speak.

“War is a universal language. I know a renegade soldier when I see one. Never occurred to me that one might come from above,” says a two-eyed, young, Nick Fury with hair. Yes, the man has both his eyes and a full head of hair.

As we get the quick monologue from Nick, we see Captain Marvel walking through a subway full of people. What is notable about this scene is we get a better look at her blue suit that she is wearing when crashing on Earth. Already, this is one of my favorite looks for a hero in the MCU, but we are not even to the point to see her iconic red, gold, and blue costume that looks beautiful.

The most intriguing scene by far is when she scans her thumb on a pad which opens up some doors to an unknown facility. A quick shot shows a man holding a large alien weapon and a scientist examining the corpse of what looks like a Skrull, an alien being that has not been seen in the MCU but mentioned among die-hard comic book fans. Out of pure speculation, this could be a base for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fury is talking again describing exactly what we see. An alien ship outside of Earth appears and a car chase.

A quick clip shows Captain in action before showing her and Fury meet. He was ready to hang up the badge before he met her. Now we get to see a full head of hair, young, two-eyed Nick Fury. The two of them go on a car ride in which she explains that she is not from around the area. Based on what we see, it appears Nick was a police officer before joining S.H.I.E.L.D. I can tell we might get a duo-origin story about both Fury and Marvel.

We get glimpses of Carol’s past as a child, training in the military, and outside of Earth as Captain Marvel. From the first behind the scenes photo from last year, we saw Brie Larson practicing in a military uniform while standing by a fighter jet, we knew that her character would be serving the U.S. in some capacity. At a point when she falls during a drill, she looks like the powers are setting in for the first time. In one scene we see her in some machine wearing her blue uniform from earlier in the trailer. Piece by piece we get to look at her origins from pilot to the most powerful hero we have seen so far in this universe.

Some flashbacks show our heroine in the suit from before with some aliens wearing the same outfit heading into a ship. The planet they are on must be the reason for her powers. As I am someone who never read the comics, a lot of what I have is pure speculation. I certainly can’t wait to be told by anyone how wrong I am.

Now the action is kicking in. Carol smacks an old lady. She is not hitting your grandmother. The elderly woman must be a Skrull, but it is a hilarious image of our hero beating down old people. Now we get the typical Marvel action scenes we want, outside of beating old women. A giant explosion is shown from what looks like shots from a ship. The structure being blown up is hard to tell what it is by all of the fire and smoke, but it appears to not be on Earth.

Brief images appear showing a variety of characters, the most striking to me is seeing Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy. How he makes an appearance or how much he is in the story is something I have no idea about, but that might be the most eye-catching moment in the trailer. Seeing him is swift, but I know it is him from preview images released a few weeks ago.

“I’m not what you think I am,” a piece of dialog spoken from Carol as we get a look at her in her iconic suit as she glows from her powers. The images we have seen from Entertainment Weekly is a better image of the costume. The colors, patterns, and material of the suit make it look spectacular. Out of every character in the MCU, she might have the best look of them all.

I am beyond impressed by Captain Marvel and what we see in the trailer. Not much is shown about the story or how she gets her powers, but enough of a glance to get a good idea. Some accident must have occurred to lead Carol down this path. In the comics, she is one of the most popular heroes as of now, which makes me more curious to see her in action. On top of a new exciting character to help lead the Avengers to defeat Thanos and future threats, we are getting her origin story with Nick Fury. How could you go wrong with more Samuel L. Jackson? The answer is that you can never have too much of him.

Captain Marvel arrives on March 8, 2019. You can check out the trailer below:

Image via Marvel Studios

DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions and Up to Date Information

The 2016 DOOM reboot was a highlight for so many people like myself. How could you hate on a beautiful, violent, fluid, heavy metal-induced FPS? The game was practically flawless with its stunning visuals, tight gameplay, creative enemies, and weapons, along with one of the best soundtracks I have heard in any video game. On top of its excellent single-player campaign, the multiplayer was a ton of fun with a ton of customization. Now we are getting the sequel that we have been waiting for.


This past E3 was pretty great, but Bethesda stole the show in many ways. We got to see a teaser trailer of the follow up to DOOM with the reveal of DOOM Eternal. It was a surprise to some, but I did write up my predictions, and I was right.

Just a few days ago we had Quakecon which revealed not only multiple gameplay videos, we got to see concept art and some information on what is new to come in DOOM Eternal. Everything we saw was impressive, and for a 25-minute presentation, we got a lot of information. Let’s break it down.


Let’s get to what we know so far about the upcoming sequel. The game will go more in-depth into the lore of DOOM. With new areas such as Hell on Earth (we see plenty of gameplay) and at Phobos, one of Mars’ moons that a station is set on. Some areas in the game will be entirely new to the DOOM franchise and others we have seen before. Along with places to go, we have enemies. Just like the 2016 predecessor, we get to look at classic demons from the series, reimagined classics, and brand new enemies too. Our protagonist, Doomguy aka Doom Slayer, is getting a brand new look also. His armor is more advanced along with his weapons. His double barrel shotgun has a grappling hook, a bayonet attached to his arm, and a cannon on his back which can fire explosives or be used as a flamethrower. While multiplayer was not mentioned, the only online mode we got to know is an invading mode. You can play your campaign then all of a sudden another player invades you, or you can invade others. Of course, players have the option to turn this off if they want a purely single-player experience.


The core to this series is the movement while brutally killing demons left and right. From the footage we got to see, Doomguy got to swing around the map with boosters, the double barrel shotgun grappling hook, his sheer speed, and jump boosters around the map. Everything was fluid as you can possibly be in an FPS. Transitions from combat and movement are perfect. We got to see a variety of old and new weapons. Everything got a variety of new features such as the double barrel shotgun that I mentioned, The Plasma Rifle now can electrocute enemies it hits, and many more coming in the game. Including in all of this action, the executions for injured demons are back and brutal than ever. I can’t count how many different executions I saw for each enemy. From bashing in heads, slicing demons in half, sticking body parts where they shouldn’t be, and my personal favorite is sticking the bayonet down a demon’s throat. If you want things to ramped up with the violence, trust me, you got it.


Along with those gameplay mechanics, something new was added to enhance combat and visuals. Enemies, especially harder ones to kill, will lose armor and body parts as you shoot them. Large, intimidating enemies are shown losing flesh and armor as Doomguy unloads with whatever weapon he has decided to slaughter them with. It looks not only brutally awesome, but it gives the player a hint at how damaged the demon is.


The game looks fantastic. We will be getting a more developed version of the 2016 title. A bigger, more violent DOOM that will involve new mechanics, more fluid movement, and double the types of demons to slaughter. Not much is known, but so far this is all that was said during Quakecon. With a listing on Amazon appearing as a placeholder and the well developed looking gameplay, hopefully, we can play this beast sooner rather than later.

DOOM Eternal will release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Full conference below via Gamespot:

Images via id Software/Bethesda Studios

Trailer Impressions: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Part 1

Rockstar Games is known for some unusual marketing tactics. Most companies will put out trailers and gameplay way ahead of the game’s release. Not with Rockstar who have finally released the first part in a series of gameplay trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2. The game comes out in October, and we finally got a glimpse of gameplay and what’s to come in the upcoming trailers. Rockstar has a certain level of quality that is known in the industry, and they always manage to raise the bar. Consider the bar to be built at a level that nobody thought was possible, and I am saying that after a six-minute trailer that will have other parts following it.

Much like the previous game, we will get a look at a point in history where the Wild West was becoming a modernized civilization. We will see small towns start to turn into cities and technology at a turning point that will significantly impact society. The world is becoming something much greater with the age of outlaws ending, and modern society is coming to light.

The map as any Rockstar game will be massive. We don’t get a full look at what the map size will be, but players will be able to explore a variety of small camps, towns, mountains, deserts, swamps, and more. The areas on the map will be populated with people and wildlife. Wildlife that can be friendly or deadly, which are available to hunt for money or food for your gang. The new hunting system allows players to injure an animal and track them down. Once the animal is dead, you can load the carcass on your horse and take it wherever you want to sell or feast. The animals range from prey, scavengers, and predators. These animals have their own intelligence and level of how deadly they are to hunters or other animals. The population will not just be wildlife, but people too. Rockstar is known for their excellent writing and character development, so expect to meet some rather interesting characters.

You play as Arthur Morgan, you and your gang will roam the world committing a variety of crimes. Once settled in an area, you and the gang will settle in a camp as a base. This is the place for the gang to eat, sleep, do chores, play games, share stories, and more. Each member of the gang has their own story and personality. Arthur will get to know more about each person especially if you decide to focus more on specific individuals who will reveal more about them along with new activities with your family of criminals. These individuals rely on you, so you bringing in food and doing other chores will keep morale high.

Interacting with the world is more in-depth than ever before in an open world game. A variety of button options gives the player many ways to tackle situations. You can simply say hello or compliment people passing by. Creating friendships by helping people or being friendly can happen, everything depends on the way you act. If you are feeling mean, you can antagonize those people walking by. When tensions get high, you can either talk your way out of it or make matters worse. Your words can mean a lot to people around you, but your actions do too. You can beat or threaten witnesses to stay silent. If the police are on you, then you can talk your way out of it if the situation is not too dangerous. It is up to you to make Arthur an honorable criminal or the biggest scum on the planet.

Combat is more profound than ever from hand to hand combat and shooting. Guns will have their own unique characteristics from reloading animations to how powerful the recoil is. Not much was said about melee combat, but it looked fluid and more in-depth. Unlike GTA V, which has one punch to just a few punches to knock someone down, this looks more like actual fighting. Multiple punches and other moves were used to make for a more realistic fight.

The most important thing by your side will be your horse. The functions of horses in the game are radically different and advance compared to the first Red Dead Redemption. This bond between Arthur and his horse can change depending on the treatment towards the animal. As this bond grows, the way the horse controls will evolve. Riding during intense situations will be more comfortable as this bond grows. Choosing which breed will also be necessary. Some breeds will be better for a combat-related task or another will be better suited for herding cattle. Every breed will be unique in these characteristics. Besides the horse, what you put on your horse matters. Saddles, bags, and the horses rear can be used to carry weapons and supplies such as animal carcasses.

Every time Rockstar announces a game, my expectations are set high, this time they have blown those expectations away. With this small glimpse, we will be getting their most ambitious game ever. We will be delivered a world that is alive unlike any other open world game from Rockstar, or possibly any studio. Combat looked fluid and that it will pack a punch. The stunning visuals from evolving towns, mountains, and other areas in the game look incredible. The depth of interacting with random people and your gang seems extensive enough to allow for many different experiences for players. I am beyond impressed and cannot wait to see more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out October 26 on PS4 and Xbox One, you can pre-order the game below and watch the gameplay trailer below.

Header image via Rockstar Games

Trailer Impressions: Titans

If someone told you as a kid that Teen Titans would get two new series, one being overly childish and the other take being gritty and violent, you would not believe them. Yes, a dark and gritty series is coming later this year. The internet is tearing the trailer apart, but is it really that bad? It is worse than you can possibly imagine.

The official synopsis goes like this:

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise. Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth. Joining them along the way are the hot-headed Starfire and loveable Beast Boy. Together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes.

While TV shows have increased in quality regarding production, cinematography, writing, and overall quality, this shows that we are not at that point just yet. With the acting, cinematography, and effects all look like it was done by someone who just got into Hollywood. If you took someone, gave them a big budget, and gave them creative freedom despite their lack of experience, this is what you would think that project would look like. However, these are not inexperienced people. Greg Berlanti has directed the critically acclaimed Love Simon, produced and written shows like Arrow and The Flash. Alongside Greg, there is Akiva Goldsman who has written the latest movie in the Transformers franchise along with the awful Stephen King adaption Dark Tower. Finally out of the creators of Titans, we have Geoff Johns who is best known for his work on various video games such as writing Injustice 2, writing shows such as Arrow and The Flash, and is currently working on the upcoming Aquaman movie and Wonder Woman sequel. With Greg’s positive experience with Love Simon and various TV projects, along with Geoff’s experience with movies and tv shows, you would think that they could pull this off. I am not mentioning Alkiva because of the pathetic Dark Tower, embarrassing 1997 Batman and Robin, and writing the story for Transformers: The Last Knight.

Let’s take it from the top by looking at this trainwreck in detail. We see Raven (Teagan Croft) going into a circus tent that seems rather ominous. Cut later into her in an interrogation room claiming the man talking to her is from the circus. Then there is a black and white flashback of him and her having an accident while performing some acrobatics. The scene is attempting to show some emotion, but it is just laughable about how cheesy it looks.

The intro to Robin (Brenton Thwaites) is shockingly trying too hard to make everything gritty. We see that Robin is getting his gear ready then heads out to beat on some criminals in an alley. When they ask, “Where’s Batman?” the response Robin gives after beating the men is, “Fuck Batman.” Seriously, who would think that will fly with an audience member? Sounds like Batman needs to put Robin in a timeout. Before that poor oneliner, Robin stabs, beats, and shoots all of the criminals to death. Yeah, Robin murdered some thugs in an alley.  The action is cut quickly in a generic fashion, possibly for the purpose of the trailer, but either way, it looks like trash.

We go back to Raven whose attacks someone and explains to the man from the circus that something is inside of her. He tries to comfort her, but let’s be honest, what is he actually going to do? Not much or the writers will give him some improbable actions to help out Raven.

A quick look gives us a peek at what Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Starfire (Anna Diop) will look like. Just like the rest of the cast, their costumes look poorly designed along with terrible CGI. Alongside them, we get some other looks at other heroes such as Hank Hall/Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly). Quick cuts are made to various action scenes in total darkness, so it is impossible to tell what you see for most of the last thirty seconds of the trailer. Poor character reveals and action that feels thrown together to try and attract anyone who might be interested.

Overall, I think this looks beyond atrocious. A lot of fans hated Teen Titans Go! and this will not ease their pain. When people think of low-quality TV that tries to be cinematic, then you get something with poor taste and looks. When going for any tone, you need to make it consistent and natural. All I get is that people are trying too hard to make this show come off as gritty for an adult audience. Despite their attempt, I see a trailer that looks like a teen superhero show that will have some extreme violence. Ignoring the violence, the dialog, acting, and terrible soundtrack makes this seem perfect for an edgy teenager whose parents won’t let them watch the good gritty shows and movies.

You can watch the trailer below. Meanwhile, be sure to give your thoughts on the trailer below. Do you agree with my assessment or are you excited for the new take on our young heroes?

Image via Warner Bros.