Naughty Dog Announces Release Date and More for The Last of Us Part 2

UPDATE (Oct. 26): Naughty Dog announced the game will be delayed to May 29, 2020.

Two years of silence, and now Naughty Dog gave the world some information on the sequel to the 2013 release, The Last of Us. Physical goods, a release date, a trailer, and more has been announced in the past few days between State of Play on the 20 and today, Outbreak Day, the day in which the developer celebrates anything related to the zombie infested world.

The latest trailer gives some insight into the journey that Joel and Ellie will embark on. Neil Druckmann, creative director of the games, stated that the first was about “love” and this sequel will be about “hate.”Now the meaning behind his words are revealed as Ellie gets kidnapped by a new faction of bandits and witness her new girlfriend die, so it is time to start killing in this revenge story.

The video shows off gameplay and locations. Snowy rural areas to dilapidated cities will give the same variety of environments as the first adventure the two protagonists experienced.

Journalists got some hands on time with The Last of Us Part 2. They got to play three hours through two levels. I won’t walk through the demo since I did not play, but you can read Kotaku’s article on the gameplay along with the snippets of story and characters that were shown.

Last year Anthony Newman, the game’s co-director, told Polygon the new title would have multiplayer like its predecessor, but that changed to opt out of having an online mode. Newman said, “I know we had kind of announced that [it would have multiplayer], but as the game has developed, it’s become so ambitious, so grand in scope, and so intricate in its complexity, that it really required the full focus of the studio to deliver this single-player experience.”

Pre-order editions have been announced:

Standard comes with the base game for $59.99. Some in-game goods are given like an ammo capacity upgrade, crafting training manual, and digital pre-orders get an avatar of Ellie’s new tattoo.

Special Edition for $79.99. You get what the standard offers plus a PS4 dynamic theme, six PSN avatars, a steelbook, and a 48 page art book.

Collector’s is priced at $169.99. Anyone who gets this will get what is listed in the $79.99 edition along with an Amray case, 12″ statue of Ellie, Ellie’s bracelet, five stickers, six pins, digital soundtrack, digital version of the art book, lithograph art print, a behind the scenes documentary and a thank you letter.

Ellie Edition is a sold out product, but it did cost $229.99 and came with everything from the Collector’s plus Ellie’s backpack, logo patch, a vinyl record, and a keychain.

The Last of Us Part 2 releases on Feb. 21, 2020 exclusively for PlayStation.

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Answering a Major Marvel Question: Who are the Eternals?

The MCU is going to get more complicated as its roster of characters and lore expands in phase four. One movie releasing that will change everything is The Eternals, a group of immortal aliens who look after Earth from afar and have been doing so for thousands of years. The big question is, who are they? While the movie adaption might change characteristics or story threads, this is a good basis to get background on this team of heroes.

Eternals concept art. Image via Marvel Studios

Azura AKA Thena (Played by Angelina Jolie)

Born Azura, her father Zuras changed her name to Thena, similar to Zeus’ daughter Athena. This Greek warrior is more than her strength. She is as educated as she is fierce.

Her powerset is impressive. Naturally, she is abnormally strong, but honing on her powers gives her even more super strength. Her agility, durability, stamina, and reflexes beat out most superpowered beings on Earth. Flying, self-healing, telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and cosmic energy to manipulate the world around her with extreme heat or transforming objects.

Image via Marvel Comics

Ikaris (Played by Richard Madden)

A Siberian Eternal who has Greek relations as he is the father of Icarus who dies by flying too close to the sun in Greek mythology. During the Great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis, Ikaris guided an ark carrying human and animals to safety. The ark had been created by another Eternal named Utnapishtim.

Image via Marvel Comics

The second most powerful Eternal on Earth, first being Zuras, Ikaris has cosmic energy powers like the rest. He has all of the same capabilities as Thena and other Eternals, but more advanced like being the fastest flier. His perspective on how he utilizes his powers is quite different as he has a more modern sense on how to protect humanity like using various devices and gadgets.

On a weirder note, he becomes a professional wrestler names Iceberg, yes comics get bizarre. The wrestling does tie into his excellent ability at various fighting styles that are used by humans.

Kingo (Played by Kumail Nanjiani)

A Japanese Eternal who learns the ways of the Samurai. Over hundreds of years, the Samurai master becomes a movie star in Japan and often portrays the classic warrior.

Image via Marvel Comics

Despite having God-like powers similar to his fellow Eternals, Kingo mixes his abilities with traditional fighting styles as he sticks to his Samurai roots.

Ajak (Played by Salma Hayek)

A male character in the comics, this female version could still take after aspects of the source material. Ajak is the father (mother in the MCU) figure of the Eternals, a leader who guides them. Most of his time was spent in Central America where the Aztecs thought he was Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, and the Incas worshiped him as the lord of flight, Tecumotzin. In Greece, he was confused for the hero of the Trojan War, Ajax.

Image via Marvel Comics

His close relationship with Celestials grants him the ability to communicate with them on top of the other typical powers the Eternals hold.

Phastos (Played by Brian Tyree Henry)

Mistaken for Hephaestus from ancient Greece, Phastos is the genius of the group. He is a weaponsmith who develops various technology. He is the most mysterious as there is little to no information on his background.

Image via Marvel Comics

Gilgamesh (Played by Don Lee)

The brute of the group, Gilgamesh, is physically the strongest Eternal. After his exile, he took on the title as “The Forgotten One.” He roamed the Earth, helping out humans from tyrants and dangerous beasts until he learned of his true powers as an Eternal.

At one point, he becomes an Avengers. During a demon invasion on New York, Gilgamesh aided Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and became a member of the team.


His powers remain the same as other Eternals, the main difference is he is far more developed than most of his kind. The Forgotten One has knowledge of hand to hand combat and a wide range of weapons throughout history.

Sprite (Played by Lia McHugh)

Essentially a more moral version of Loki, Sprite is full of mischief and trickery. He, a male in the comic books, often gets in trouble due to lack of any concern for human safety. Always wanting to have fun with his powers leads to trouble despite having good intentions.


The central powers that separate him from others are his manipulation of the world around him. Turning objects to whatever he wishes or creating illusions to trick other Eternals or humans.

Makkari (Played by Lauren Ridloff)

Not only does Makkari get gender-swapped like Sprite and Ajak, but the race of his character has also been changed for the MCU. With the casting of Ridloff, this makes for the first deaf superhero in a Marvel movie.

Image via Marvel Comics

Like Thena, he is born in Greece and shares similar characteristics like his brilliant mind and combative skills. He has taken part in major historical wars like the Trojan War and later in the Battle of the Alamo.

His abilities set himself away from everyone else by his super speed. Not only fast but by running in circles, this Eternal can create cyclones. He is an expert in transportation with his advanced knowledge of vehicles.

Now you have a good idea about the new faces coming to the MCU. The Eternals is scheduled to come out Nov. 6, 2020.

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Google Stadia Information Leaks Along With Official Reports

Google’s streaming platform for video games was supposed to releases all of its information today at 12 p.m. ET, but the report has leaked by Canadian newspaper La Presse.

The translated report reveals that Stadia will launch in November with a subscription for $11.99 Canadian per month to access games at 4K resolution and 60 FPS. Newer titles will need to be bought. By 2020 a free version of Stadia will be available called “Stadia Base,” but games will only have access to 1080p resolution. The highest tier titled “Stadia’s Founder Edition” will launch this fall for $169 Canadian will include Chromecast Ultra, the Stadia controller, three-month subscription, and Destiny 2, which was reported yesterday from Kotaku. For people not getting that high-end subscription, the launch titles for everyone will include the latest Tomb Raider trilogy, DOOM, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, and The Division 2 The recommendation for internet speed will be at least 10mbps download and 1mbps upload.

Just as reported before the streaming service will allow players to play any game by streaming it on their device without the hardware required like a gaming console or PC.

An official stream came in which confirmed everything along with other details.

A reveal for Baldur’s Gate 3, created by the minds who developed Divinity Original Sin 2, will launch for Stadia and PC along with an announcement for Ghost Recon: Breakout, an adventure game developed by Tequila Works called Gylt and a multiplayer cooking game called Get Packed by Moonshine Studios.

The relationship between internet speed and quality of gaming is shown here:



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The Reason Behind Thanos Not Doubling Resources and Instead Going for Genocide

Avengers: Infinity War is still taking the world by storm even months after its release. Since the film has come out on DVD and streaming services, fans have been able to discover a lot more secrets that nobody was able to catch the first time. A part of all of this discovery is the commentary which reveals a lot about the story and characters, especially the main antagonist Thanos.

Many people tended to ask when the film came out, “Why doesn’t Thanos increase resources rather than murder everyone?” It is the proper question to ask because it sounds so obvious. In the commentary, we get a new insight into his motivations which explains why the Mad Titan chose genocide over increasing resources. Here is the answer from Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of the film:

“People have asked us why Thanos didn’t just use the stones to double the resources in the universe since he clearly he has not. Well, he was told no to an idea that he felt was the only solution and then proved right to himself when that solution was not acted upon. So in his messianic complex, he is now committed to following through on the idea that he had made many many years ago.”

This explanation shows more about the mind of Thanos, but more would have actually been shown in the actual movie. Drafts of the script and scenes involving Thanos were either written off or deleted at various stages of production. Scenes were meant to make it in showing his life on Titan and different other scenes involving the Mad Titan to flesh his character out further.

With one last movie with Thanos has the main threat to the universe for the Avengers, we will probably get more information about his character then since both movies were filmed back to back. Ideas for Infinity War such as a further explanation behind his motivations or his life on Titan can be shown in the untitled Avengers 4. Until then we will just have to decipher everything we can from what we have now.

Image via Marvel Studios

DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions and Up to Date Information

The 2016 DOOM reboot was a highlight for so many people like myself. How could you hate on a beautiful, violent, fluid, heavy metal-induced FPS? The game was practically flawless with its stunning visuals, tight gameplay, creative enemies, and weapons, along with one of the best soundtracks I have heard in any video game. On top of its excellent single-player campaign, the multiplayer was a ton of fun with a ton of customization. Now we are getting the sequel that we have been waiting for.


This past E3 was pretty great, but Bethesda stole the show in many ways. We got to see a teaser trailer of the follow up to DOOM with the reveal of DOOM Eternal. It was a surprise to some, but I did write up my predictions, and I was right.

Just a few days ago we had Quakecon which revealed not only multiple gameplay videos, we got to see concept art and some information on what is new to come in DOOM Eternal. Everything we saw was impressive, and for a 25-minute presentation, we got a lot of information. Let’s break it down.


Let’s get to what we know so far about the upcoming sequel. The game will go more in-depth into the lore of DOOM. With new areas such as Hell on Earth (we see plenty of gameplay) and at Phobos, one of Mars’ moons that a station is set on. Some areas in the game will be entirely new to the DOOM franchise and others we have seen before. Along with places to go, we have enemies. Just like the 2016 predecessor, we get to look at classic demons from the series, reimagined classics, and brand new enemies too. Our protagonist, Doomguy aka Doom Slayer, is getting a brand new look also. His armor is more advanced along with his weapons. His double barrel shotgun has a grappling hook, a bayonet attached to his arm, and a cannon on his back which can fire explosives or be used as a flamethrower. While multiplayer was not mentioned, the only online mode we got to know is an invading mode. You can play your campaign then all of a sudden another player invades you, or you can invade others. Of course, players have the option to turn this off if they want a purely single-player experience.


The core to this series is the movement while brutally killing demons left and right. From the footage we got to see, Doomguy got to swing around the map with boosters, the double barrel shotgun grappling hook, his sheer speed, and jump boosters around the map. Everything was fluid as you can possibly be in an FPS. Transitions from combat and movement are perfect. We got to see a variety of old and new weapons. Everything got a variety of new features such as the double barrel shotgun that I mentioned, The Plasma Rifle now can electrocute enemies it hits, and many more coming in the game. Including in all of this action, the executions for injured demons are back and brutal than ever. I can’t count how many different executions I saw for each enemy. From bashing in heads, slicing demons in half, sticking body parts where they shouldn’t be, and my personal favorite is sticking the bayonet down a demon’s throat. If you want things to ramped up with the violence, trust me, you got it.


Along with those gameplay mechanics, something new was added to enhance combat and visuals. Enemies, especially harder ones to kill, will lose armor and body parts as you shoot them. Large, intimidating enemies are shown losing flesh and armor as Doomguy unloads with whatever weapon he has decided to slaughter them with. It looks not only brutally awesome, but it gives the player a hint at how damaged the demon is.


The game looks fantastic. We will be getting a more developed version of the 2016 title. A bigger, more violent DOOM that will involve new mechanics, more fluid movement, and double the types of demons to slaughter. Not much is known, but so far this is all that was said during Quakecon. With a listing on Amazon appearing as a placeholder and the well developed looking gameplay, hopefully, we can play this beast sooner rather than later.

DOOM Eternal will release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Full conference below via Gamespot:

Images via id Software/Bethesda Studios

20 Best Games of E3 2018

E3 2018 had many fantastic games to announce or to show games we already knew. Microsoft, Bethesda, and Sony, in particular, had the best conferences to me. Everyone had something interesting to show. Sure, there were bumps in the road. Some conferences had technical issues. Sony had some problems regarding their pacing which was awkward and boring at times. When they got to the games, it was terrific. In this list of the twenty best game of E3 2018, keep in mind this is my list. Nothing is in particular order, and these are games I am looking forward to. You may not see games that you are looking forward to, and that is okay. So, let’s not lift up pitchforks and civilly enjoy some amazing games.

#1: Anthem (Release date: 2019)

Bioware’s new game looks quite impressive. Players have these different suits that seem like you are Iron Man to fight off monsters. You can switch between suits for different tactical reasons. The game is supposed to be online in the same way that games like Destiny are set up. I am worried because of that. Games similar to Destiny and The Division I did not like. I felt that the online world did not work that well and overall, I did not have fun. Despite my worries, the game’s world looks interesting, beautiful, and dangerous. The gameplay shown looks tight with various ways to go about any scenario. The ambitious title could lean either way to greatness or a complete embarrassment. I hope for the best since Bioware’s last endeavor with the latest Mass Effect was not great, to say the least.


#2: Battlefield V (Release date: October 19, 2018)

The new Battlefield is taking place during World War 2. That should not be a surprise after the massive success of Battlefield 1. The game is taking destruction to a whole new level, which I feel like every game in the franchise says. I hope they are right about that since it has been a while for the games to show off the destruction in an exciting way. The gameplay was shown looks just as to expect from a Battlefield game. The visuals are stunning, and the gunplay is some of the best in modern FPSs. The storytelling from the last entry is making a return along with other modes for online. They say there are no loot boxes, microtransactions, or a season pass. People are skeptical because of these airlifts so we will see. It is hard for gamers to trust EA, especially after Battlefront II. I have high hopes, but I will try to keep them tempered in case something disappoints me.


#3: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Release date: 2019)

FromSoftware has announced what the mysterious trailer that had the infamous words “Shadows Die Twice” means. It is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. From the trailer, it appears to be their similar formula that fans of Dark Souls are familiar with. The spin on the formula is how much maneuverability is in the game, and the thematics are set in a samurai world styled world. The trailer was full of stunning visuals and ferocious gameplay. The fresh take with the formula that they have placed in some of their games is one of the best surprises to come out of E3. I am blown away by the game. I had guessed they would announce a new game in my predictions, but I did not see this coming. I cannot wait to dive into this new world and die a million times due to the extreme difficulty.


#4: Metro: Exodus (Release date: February 22, 2019)

Why is every game release in February, more specifically the 22nd? Either way, it adds onto a day full of fantastic games. The third installment of the Metro franchise has me excited. The first game was a solid effort. The sequel Metro: Last Light being a masterpiece. This next game continues the adventure in a new way. One of the prominent features is how open areas are. Not that the game is an open world, but each level is bigger with more freedom for the player to explore.  The little bit of gameplay and the trailers we have seen so far shows how beautiful the game looks. The gameplay expands from what we already know. New weapons and creatures are demonstrated fashionably. I feel confident that this will be the best game in the series yet.


#5: Days Gone (Release date: February 22, 2018)

I told you, a lot is coming on this day. There are more games than Days Gone and Metro, which is insane. Anyways, this open world, survival, zombie, biker game looks fantastic. I know the developers call them “freakers,” but let’s be honest that they are their version of a zombie. The game looks unique from all of the hundreds of other zombie games. The fresh take gives survival a whole new meaning. Weather, hostile humans, and freakers are all a threat to you. The huge hordes of enemies remind me of that terrible World War Z movie, but in a good way. If the open world has enough activities and variety along with a good story, then this will be another addition to PlayStation’s already massive catalog of incredible single player experiences.


#6: Dying Light 2 (Release date: TBA)

What a surprise this is. I liked the first Dying Light. A lot of improvements from Dead Island along with a fun parkour system. The game fell flat in many areas, but the gameplay was excellent. Crafting to make a machete into a fierce blade that will light zombies on fire or making a baseball bat with nails coming through. The open world gameplay was a ton of fun, but the story was a mess. The new game opens the doors to a big open world where consequences matter. Choices are made that will change up the world around you in either positive or negative ways. I love being given options in games; it is one of my favorite mechanics. Sadly, too many games give an illusion of choice. In reality, a lot of games are too set up where choices will not make a difference. I hope that is not the case here. Also, I hope cooperative play stays. Playing with friends in the first game was a ton of fun. I hope improvements from the first game are made to make this a great experience.


#7: Cyberpunk 2077 (Release date: TBA)

CD Projekt Red’s new game is quite ambitious. Nobody knows how so, but with their work in games such as The Witcher, we know it will be huge. They have been working on the game for years. Previously our only look was a teaser to show they were working on something. Now we got a fantastic trailer that shows snippets of gameplay. We see the world that they have built, and it looks unbelievable. The trailer might be the greatest trailer I have ever seen. The level of detail along with the stunning visuals is breathtaking. All that is needed to sell me on this game is to see gameplay. I am partially sold based on what we see of the world, but I need an in-depth look at the game. If CD Projekt Red nail their vision, then we might have one of the biggest and most innovative games that the world has ever seen.


#8: Doom Eternal (Release date: TBA)

I called it in my predictions. We are getting a sequel to 2016’s DOOM. The trailer is a short teaser that is everything to expect from the franchise. Nobody knows that much about the game, but it appears the story is set on Earth. Buildings are in ruins, and hell has taken over. If they can evolve some of their mechanics and introduce new ones, then it should be just as great as the first in their reboot. Give me graphic violence, heavy metal, and awesome weapons for my killing then I will be happy. More will be announced in August during Quake Con.


#9: Fallout 76 (Release date: November 14, 2018)

If I had to make a list of games I am most excited for that consisted of three games, then it would be The Last of Us Part 2Spider-Man, and Fallout 76. Out of major franchises, Fallout is my favorite. I love the world with all of its lore. The games are full of heart with its horror, sci-fi, and comedy. My dream was to have an online game set in this world. Now that dream has come true. All I have ever wanted is to play in the world of Fallout with my friends. Now we get to set up a home and kill other players set in West Virginia. I could not be more excited to play this game. Bethesda always knocks it out of the park with their games and this will be just like everything else they have done on a grander scale. Four times bigger than the already colossal Fallout 4 will give you and friends so many hours to explore this vast world. With a release date set this close, I could not be happier.


#10: Rage 2 (Release date: TBC Spring 2019)

I have never played the original Rage. After I saw the first trailer, and now the gameplay from E3, I am sold on this game. If you have not seen it, then imagine Mad MaxDOOM, and Borderlands coming together into one glorious game. The first game did okay with critics by getting 79% on Metacritic. What is surprising is that the game was so long ago, back in 2010. The big gap seems like this will be partially a sequel, but half of a reboot to let newcomers in. The gameplay is all about maneuverability, crazy weapons, and a lot of killing in this massive open world. It is unclear as of writing as to what you will be able to do in this open world besides kill and destroy. Either way, the gameplay looks fluid and satisfying with some gorgeous graphics. Id Software brought us games like DOOM, so I have high hopes for this one.


#11: Wolfenstein Youngblood (Release date: TBA 2019)

Wolfenstein Youngblood is a standalone taking place in 80’s after the events of the last Wolfenstein game. I have never been a fan of the series until these latest games. They are brutal with fluid gameplay. Also, how could I not play a game that is about brutally killing Nazis to take back America? The new standalone has you play as one of BJ’s twin daughters. A first to not be being as BJ in a Wolfenstein title. The game will be cooperative with each player playing as one of the daughters. I already knew I would play, but now I get to kill Nazis with a friend makes me want this game even more. With some added features along with the fluid gameplay and excellent gunplay then this will be a highlight in FPSs for 2019.


#12: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Release date: September 14, 2018)

I love the latest trilogy of Tomb Raider games. Now that we get to complete the trilogy this September has me ecstatic. The brutal take on Lara Croft’s adventures is fantastic. She is a brutal warrior who is quite sympathetic. Each game has insane obstacles that are satisfying to conquer. Along with upgrades that make you feel more powerful to take on new enemies gives the games a great sense of progression. The new game is expected to give bigger areas to explore and more tombs that will be deadlier. September is a stacked month already and with this release date for Lara, the month looks even better.


#13: Just Cause 4 (Release date: December 4, 2018)

The latest entry in the ridiculous sandbox that feels like Michael Bay’s dream game, Just Cause, is back for more explosions. The game is one of many on this list that was leaked by Walmart Canada. Then Steam leaked the game a few days ago which made it all seem true. The game follows our protagonist Rico on a new adventure. Just like all of the games, the story is fairly similar. A powerful group has taken over a country or region and you must stop them. This time Rico is facing a female antagonist who runs a militia group. The two new features shown at E3 were the new grappling hook and weather system. The grappling hook has new features to give the player more freedom to play around. They also made it so the grappling hook is more intuitive for new players. The weather is deadly from sandstorms to giant tornados. From what we can see in the video presentation, the game looks just as absurd as ever in the best possible way. If you are a fan of open world sandboxes then this is the game just for you. I hope the game does not suffer from the same issues as Just Cause 3.


#14: Marvel’s Spider-Man (Release date: September 7, 2018)

Like I said before, this is one of my top games. While The Last of Us 2 is my number one game I am waiting for in general, out of games coming in 2018, Spider-Man is my number one. The fact that Insomniac is making this game is perfect. The company is known for the animations, beautifully stylized graphics, fluid gameplay, and all of their crazy weapons. If you have played Ratchet and Clank or Sunset Overdrive, then you know that there is not a single company better than Insomniac to make a game based on one of the best superheroes around. The open world game will take you on both a Spider-Man and Peter Parker adventure. With the latest E3 presentation we got to see gameplay of the open world along with a story mission which reveals several villains. It appears that they are taking a Sinister Six approach, which beats the movies to it since Sony attempted this before. The game is stunning along with what we see in the gameplay, it looks like it has fluid movement all around. I have been waiting for a game like this to come along with Spider-Man 2. Now that it is almost here, I just have to wait a few more months.


#15: The Last of Us Part II (Release date: TBA)

After all this time, we finally got to see some gameplay at E3. Along with incredibly realistic animations, beautiful graphics, and gruesome gameplay, The Last of Us Part II looks like a technological achievement in gaming. Especially the animations, the work on that is to a quality never before seen in video games. A kiss looks like a real kiss. Kills look on a different level of brutality and realism. The game has some UI changes that make that game look better. The way you aim with a bow is more of a traditional cursor which is easier to aim and see. Crafting is back which looks about the same for the most part, just easier to navigate. The stealth is improved greatly when it was already excellent. We did not see any zombie killing action, but Ellie taking down cultists was good enough. I have high hopes that this will be better than the first game. The Last of Us is my favorite game, so if this is better than it will be a dream come true.


#16: Ghost of Tsushima (Release date: TBA)

Sucker Punch, the minds behind Infamous and Sly Cooper are coming out with an alternative take on the Mongolian era. This open world game looks beautiful and seems to have wonderful combat. We see various sword fights along with various ways to traverse the area such as horseback and climbing. Out of every surprise, there was in terms of gameplay demos, Ghost of Tsushima takes the cake. PlayStation’s big four games they are pushing are The Last of Us Part IISpider-ManDays Gone, and Ghost of Tsushima. Not much else is known about the game though. Sucker Punch has a great catalog of games so we can expect a certain level of quality. The company knows how to make an open world game with excellent maneuverability from Infamous, so their new title is in good hands.


#17: Resident Evil 2 (Release date: January 25, 2019)

Yes, I am putting a remake on this list. From the trailer, we can see the game looks stunning. This is not just a remaster, but a remake from the ground up. As someone who has never touched the older Resident Evil games, I am quite excited. The trailer shows off zombies tearing people apart, Raccoon City is in ruins, and Leon looks young in beautiful new animations. Some more zombie killing might be too much more most people since all I hear are complaints about the abundance of zombie games. I am excited and will take all of the zombie games in the world if they are good. Starting off the year with Resident Evil will be perfect.


#18: Jump Force (Release date: TBA 2019)

Bandai Namco’s new fighting game looks like an anime epic. Having characters from NarutoOne PieceDragon Ball Z and more fighting one another. The cinematic trailer looks chaotic and beautiful with these iconic anime characters fighting. Not much is known about the game yet since all we have seen is an announcement trailer to show off an explosive cinematic. Hopefully, we see more soon.


#19: Death Stranding (Release date: TBA)

Kojima’s new collaboration with Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus, and Guillermo Del Toro looks weird, to say the least. The latest trailer shows some gameplay, that is almost all walking around. The cinematics is beautiful and give no hint as to what the game is about. Mads has even said that the story has been explained to him many times and he is still confused. This is to be expected from Kojima, but we can expect that the game will be to a certain standard of quality. Elements of the game have been described, but those are also cryptic to a degree. We won’t know what we are getting until we play the game somewhere in the future.


#20: Beyond Good and Evil 2 (Release date: TBA)

I have never played the first game, so I am worried. It appears the that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will heavily follow the first game to a degree. Despite not understanding anything I am seeing, I am blown away by the trailers that we keep seeing. The latest trailer at E3 is phenomenal. Alongside the cinematic trailer for CyberpunkBeyond Good and Evil 2 showed off the next best trailer. These two games might have the best trailers in video game history. My big worry is that the game will have too much involved with the first game that will make the story too confusing for me. I might have to find where I can play the first…


That is my list of my favorite games that we got to see at E3 2018. I know there are some major games missing, but there are some that I am not looking forward to. That is okay because you might be. Be sure to comment below what you liked the most at this E3!

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The Last of Us 2: 2017 Update and What We Know

My favorite video game ever is The Last of Us. No game has ever brought me such emotion while playing. Everything from the story to gameplay is nearly perfect. When The Last of Us Part 2 was announced, I was beyond excited. This and the new Spider-Man are my top games I am looking forward to. E3 2018 is when we will see more footage and information on this upcoming sequel. Just this weekend was PSX, Playstation’s big conference that shows off new games or information on games we know are already coming such as The Last of Us Part 2 and God of War 4. Internet personality Hannah Hart was honored to host The Last of Us Part 2 panel that had the cast and writers of the game discuss this experience and give some new information. Like any promotional Q&A, most of the questions could not be answered. Luckily, we got some information.

First off, let’s knock out what we knew before PSX. The game takes place five years later. Ellie is now 19 years old. The story will continue to be about Joel and Ellie since to Neil Druckmann, the creative director and lead writer for the game, explained that these games are not about the world or infected, it is about Joel and Ellie. The player will be playing as Ellie. The overall theme will be different as explained, “If the theme of the first game was about the love between these two characters… then this story is the counter to that: it’s about hate,” says Neil Druckmann. Nobody knows why Ellie is angry and is out to kill some people, but it is safe to assume that it can be about this mystery cult who were shown in the latest trailer for a couple of months ago. Gustavo Santaolalla will be returning to compose the sequel’s soundtrack. He did an amazing job to find the right music to fit this brutal world that these two characters are living in. Graphically and technically the game will be the most advanced game to his the PS4. Neil discussed a while back that Horizon Zero Dawn is considered to be so beautiful that he is aiming for The Last of Us Part 2 to outshine Horizon. The character models will be so advanced unlike anything before. Every couple of years a game managed to break new boundaries with character models and face recognition technology, but Naughty Dog might have everyone beat in their upcoming game. The variety of facial expressions will show the complexity of the human face. Druckmann says. “Just the way the flesh can move over the bone… we could never cut to a close-up of eyes before because we could never get the fidelity. Now we can.” As we have seen from the two trailers so far, he is right about all of that. Below is Ashley Johnson who plays as Ellie, making faces to capture a variety for the camera. You can view a whole video of this here:

Let us move onto the new information we received during PSX and the last couple of months. The panel as mentioned earlier was hosted by Hannah Hart. Along with her was Troy Baker (Joel), Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Ian Alexander (Lev), Victoria Grace (Yara), Laura Bailey (mystery women), creative director and writer Niel Druckmann, and co-writer Halley Gross, known from being a writer from the HBO show Westworld.  The show started with Troy and Ashley singing a song that had some lyrics that hint as possibilities in the story. The song they play can be viewed here:

Many theories have emerged over the last few months since the last trailer. The mystery women are assumed to being Anna, Ellie’s mom who we all assumed was dead. This would make sense for many reasons. She does look a bit like Ellie. One of the cultists does bring a knife to her stomach. This could be threatening to brutally disembowel mystery woman, or the cult knows of her pregnancy, so this is meant to be a threat to rip out her stomach. Not only killing mystery woman, but the small cell growing to become her daughter. In the song mentioned above, a mother is referenced several times. Neil was asked whether this was literal or not and gave a vague answer. It could be safe to assume this is her mother at a flashback because Neil reluctantly gave in to some vague, but important information on the influence that Halley has had. He says, “After the first day, Halley goes home and talks to her husband, and she’s like, ‘I think I got someone pregnant.’ And you’ll see what that means.” Since Ellie is a lesbian, it is safe to say that whoever gets pregnant will be heterosexual. Unless they want to go full Game of Thrones and have a character get raped, then that is possible too. Speaking of that, Niel discusses the stakes. The stakes have been raised in which he teases: “No one is safe, not even [Joel and Ellie].” He said, “like Uncharted 4, they wanted to raise the stakes for The Last of Us, Part II, but unlike Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, The Last of Us is far less lighthearted.” There will be some lighthearted moments like the first game, but the darker moments will be the primary focus. Another theory was picked up from the first trailer and got more popular after the second trailer, that the game takes place in Seattle. People picked this out based on the look of the area and more importantly, the signs in the area. How anyone managed that is beyond me, but they were right, so that is all that matters. Neil confirms that a significant portion will take place in Seattle. He was reluctant to mention any other place that might be visited in the game.

As far as characters, we have three new characters. Mystery women played by Laura Bailey was given no additional information, but the other two were given some background. Yara (Victoria Grace) and Lev (Ian Alexander) are two siblings in this apocalypse. It appears that they will be fighting alongside mystery women. It is safe to say that these three will cross paths with Joel and Ellie at some point. Fighting off the cult and infected together, it should be okay to assume they will be on the same side as Joel and Ellie when they all meet. The fireflies will make a return as Neil hinted and the symbol was found in the first trailer. It appears the main villains will be this mysterious cult, but there will be plenty of other people in the way who will be a threat to the protagonists.

Not much is known overall, but hopefully, we get a lot more next year at E3. Neil mentioned that the game is about halfway done, but at this point, the game will probably come out 2019. The game has no release date yet, but it is likely to be another year or two before the game is released. The Last of Us Part 2 will be out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. You can view the latest trailer here:


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