What We Know: Rage 2

A sequel to Rage is an odd thing for id Software to develop, but from what has been shown on the unexpected sequel looks nothing like the original. The mix of id’s experience with insane first-person shooters and Avalanche Studios’ experience with making over the top open world titles like Just Cause should make for a beautifully chaotic collaboration. The game is coming soon, so this is all that is known so far.


Set 50 years after the previous Rage, the year is now 2185. You play as the last Ranger named Walker. You battle against the remaining rulers from the first title. The world has moved on and developed while still having that Mad Max-like apocalypse that the developers have termed “post-post-apocalyptic.”


Imagine if you took the 2016 DOOMJust Cause, and Avalanche’s Mad Max into one insane FPS. It has the insane weapons from DOOM and Just Cause while having many vehicles that have been a staple in both of the Mad Max games and movies. The fast movement from DOOM is another aspect that will embed itself into the DNA of Rage 2.

Many abilities will be unlockable to upgrade Walker. Overdrive grants extra damage, replenish health, and a greater chance for loot from enemies.  Shatter is a kinetic blast that breaks down armor and knocks down enemies. Those are just two of the many attributes that will give you the extra edge in this hostile, desolate world.


The world of Rage has developed further after 50 years so the landscape will be a lot more diverse. Each area differs in environment and factions of enemies that inhabit each region.

The Wild is a jungle that both enemies and allies will use the vegetation to gain an advantage during combat.

Sekreto Wetlands takes Walker into a swamp and the remnants of the Old World. These swamps will be infested with a faction called the River Hogs.

Torn Plains is full of remaining plots of civilization and valleys.

Dune Sea is what people who played the first Rage would expect due to its giant desert that will have plenty of merchants and bandits.

Side Activities

Races, convoys headed by a leader followed by a group of goons, arks to find for additional gear, and possibly more that have not been shown.


The Wasteland Wizard grants you cheat to enhance the gameplay. Rage 2 is bringing back a mechanic that was once thought deceased. Cheats in games was a staple for any release, so this is a nice throwback.

Pre-Order Bonuses and Editions

Standard: Exclusive mission “Cult of the Death God,” Settler’s Pistol, Nicolas Raine Armor, and a monster truck.

Digital Deluxe Edition: The Rise of the Ghost expansion, DOOM‘s BFG, cheat codes, progress boosts, and everything listed in the standard edition.


Collector’s Edition: Everything from the previous edition except for the progress boost. Alongside that, the Collector’s edition includes: Ruckus the Crusher talking head, steel book, and a poster.


Release Date and Platforms:

Rage 2 releases on May 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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What We Know: Days Gone

PlayStation has reinvented themselves this generation with a focus on high-quality singleplayer games. The only heavy hitter that has an official release date for 2019 is Days Gone. The apocalyptic biker title arrives in two weeks, so let’s build up the hype more by diving into all of its details.


Deacon St. John, a member of a biker gang located in the Pacific Northwest, has been surviving with his group for the past two years against a freaker (the game’s term for zombies) outbreak. While not much is known about Deacon’s journey, the story will be centered around both survival and personal issues with the protagonist.

Open World

The world of Days Gone has plenty to offer. SIE Bend Studio aims to give every player a unique experience by random weather generating, enemies appearances, and items found in the world. The dynamic weather will change how characters, especially freakers and bandits, will behave.

Going around the world is centered around the bike called the drifter. This is not some vehicle to take you from point A to B. The motorcycle acts as its own character that you need to take care of with refueling it with gas, repairing damages, and upgrading to enhance its abilities like speed and bag sizes.

Like many open world games, you can expect side missions and activities. These have not been detailed too much. Bandit camps have been shown and exploring areas for new items will be a significant aspect. Helping members of your crew will also be expected.


This is a third-person shooter with a heavy emphasis on letting people play the way they want. Plenty of items and weapons from assault rifles, silenced pistols, and Molotov cocktails allow for plenty of options to deal with potential threats in the wild.

Finding materials will help with crafting. Upgrades for weapons and the Drifter will improve your chances of survival in this hostile environment.

Enemies will have a variety of different behaviors depending on weather, time of day, and their character type. Humans will act a different way from freakers and freakers will have their own various reactions from the several different types that will be found. Their movement is reminiscent of the 2013 adaption of World War Z. A giant swarm of undead creatures that move like a fluid, except here it is more grounded and less ridiculous than Brad Pitt’s zombie adventure.


Pre-ordering gets complicated with the many variations that company’s offer.

#1: Standard: A crossbow, several upgrades to your bike’s gas tank, nitrous, and shroud. Pre-ordering on the PlayStation store also gives a theme.

#2: Digital Deluxe: Featuring everything listed above plus an artbook, soundtrack, three skins the Drifter, and unlocking the Monkey Wrench skill early on for Deacon.

#3: Physical Collector: Everything above along with a statue of Deacon and the Drifter, six pins, four decals, steel book case, physical and digital soundtrack, and artbook.


Days Gone launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on April 26

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Google Announces Stadia: What We Know (So Far)

The longest time gamers only had Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC to choose from when deciding on what platform to play their games. Google has been talking about getting in the game, and now they have shown the world how they are doing so with Stadia. Here is a rundown of everything known as of now.

What is it? How does it work?

Unlike any of the previous choices for gamers, Stadia will be a less expensive option, allowing people to stream games quickly without having to buy expensive hardware without having to download the game. Yes, streaming a game instantly in 4K and 60 FPS. Eventually, Google wants the bar to be set even higher with players getting 8K resolution and over 120 frames. As long as the developer of the title allows it to be on Google’s service.

You do need a PC, but don’t worry about needing high-end specs to play. Google’s servers take care of all of that for players to enjoy their experience with a high framerate and beautiful graphics. Discussions about streaming games have been going on for years, and this is what it will look like.

When you have the service, you simply hop onto Google Chrome and open up the Stadia tab then select what you want to play. The game will load up in seconds and go full screen, then you are good to start shooting aliens or owning noobs on Fortnite.

What else can you play it on instead of a PC?

PC is not your only option with Stadia. Phones, laptops, and tablets can all be used for the gaming service. If you have Chromecast, then you can stream right from your TV.

Internet Requirements

A strong, stable internet connection is needed. Google requires that you have a streaming rate of 15Mbps, latency below 40ms, and data loss below 5%.

Controller or mouse and keyboard?

Both can be used. For a controller, Google created its own to go with Stadia. The Stadia gamepad will connect itself to Google’s cloud then you have control over what you are playing.

Playing on PC allows for any controller you prefer to use, but playing on Chromecast on your TV must use the Stadia gamepad.


Games offered?

Nothing is revealed yet, but the demo did display Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey along with confirmation that exclusives will be developed for Stadia. Expect plenty of AAA and indie titles ranging from third party to first party developers.


No price has been listed.


TBA 2019

More information will be released in the summer. Most likely this sounds like E3 season when Google will provide more details.

What do you think of Stadia? Is it the future of gaming? Is Google going for another ambitious gimmick that turns into Google Glass or is this something substantial? Tell me all your thoughts in the comments.

Image via Google

What We Know: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The evil geniuses behind the infuriating Dark Souls trilogy and its gothic sibling Bloodborne, FromSoftware, are ready to unleash a Samurai inspired project in the same vein called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Before you jump in to die thousands of times against epic bosses, I will try to dissect everything that needs to be known before playing, at least what has been identified due to FromSoftware being always cryptic when promoting any new title.


Set in Japan’s Sengoku Era, a deceased warrior comes back for revenge after his death and the kidnapping of the Young Lord, a child he must protect. A story of revenge and seeking to complete the ultimate task of defending a child.

Knowing their previous work, expect an ambiguous narrative that will take a magnifying glass, tons of exploration, and plenty of reading to understand every detail.



One distinct difference from previous games by FromSoftware is the mobility, and how death plays a role in gameplay, yes death will be a core mechanic like always from these developers.

First, mobility gives more freedom when traversing levels and defeating enemies. You are equipped with a grappling hook to get higher ground. Any restrictions on the mechanic are unknown as of now.

Death’s meaning is hard to decipher, but elements are known. A reviving mechanic allows the warrior to stand right back up after death for a limited amount of times. Resurrection gives an opportunity to kill the foe who took your life since they will leave your body thinking they are victorious. Once those limited revives are out, then you will respawn at the last checkpoint.

The protagonist’s left arm is a mechanical arm that offers itself as both an ax to break down shields or to transform into a shield. The perfect blend of an offensive and defensive tool that will surely be needed in this hostile landscape.


The katana will be the only primary weapon, which loses a lot of the customization of playstyles, but the prosthetic will have plenty of tools and options to alter strategies, giving that freedom during gameplay.

Stealth allows for a new way to play for fans to master. Listening in on conversations will reveal plenty of hints about the world around you to help on the adventure. Sneaking around allows for a refreshing take on combat to assassinate unsuspecting foes.

The world opens itself up more than previous titles from the Japanese developer. Settlements to meet NPCs in and plenty of room for exploration to seek out new gear.


Progressing as a warrior differs greatly from the Souls series by focusing less on stats and more in a different direction to give more power to your style.

Defeating enemies drops gold and experience points. Once a skill point unlocks and find a specific item in the map, go to the Sculptor’s Idols, essentially a bonfire from Dark Souls, to upgrade.

Three skill trees lend themselves for new abilities. They are listed by the following: stealth, combat, and the prosthetic arm. Passive abilities and special “combat arts” moves come together with these skills to provide many different styles to tackle this Samurai based journey.

The point Miyazaki wants players to understand is that this is their adventure. People will discover upgrades along the way and figure out how they want to build their warrior as they slash through hostiles that get in their way.



Sekiro‘s family of brutally difficult games ease themselves up to allow other players to join for PvP or cooperative play. Here there will be no multiplayer in any form.

PC Specs

Minimum PC System Specs

OS: Windows 7 64-bit | Windows 8 64-bit | Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 | AMD FX-6300
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 | AMD Radeon HD 7950
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 25 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 11 Compatible

Recommended PC System Specs

OS: Windows 7 64-bit | Windows 8 64-bit | Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K | AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 570
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 25 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 11 Compatible


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice releases March 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Video via PlayStation

What We Know: Anthem

Bioware had their flop with the disastrous launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda but now the company goes all in on its latest project, Anthem.  A lot of hype and skepticism rides on this game’s shoulders, so before anyone spends their money, this is what needs to be known about this sci-fi adventure.


Besides the obsession with battle royal games, the other dominant genre that has risen are multiplayer “MMO-light” styled games like Destiny and The Division. A shared-world that can be played alone, with friends, or strangers, that focuses on significant loot findings, shooting giant monsters, completing quests, and completing other side activities like events.

A hub world called Fort Tarsis allows for players to accept missions and interact with both NPCs and other players in a safe zone away from all of the dangerous creatures.

Customization will ride in the front seat for Anthem. Everything about your character will have options to alter for your liking. Javelins, robotic suits similar to Iron Man, get piloted for traversal and combat. Each class has been designed to suit different play styles and strategies.

Combat will be solely PvE, battling against various creatures found in the world. As of launch, PvP will not be a feature. The main focus of the game is all about teamwork to complete raids and other activities.


Javelin Classes

Ranger: Players wanting a smooth transition into this new experience might go with the Ranger. A balanced class that focuses on every aspect of a Javelin from far and close range combat to traversal.

Colossus: The tank of the group, meet the Colossus. A heavy duty exosuit that holds heavy weaponry and a shield to plow through enemies. Players who don’t mind slower movement and want to deal as much damage as possible will fall in love with this one.

Interceptor: Interceptor focuses on support, agility, and close combat. A faster-moving suit that will damage enemies while providing support and balance to the heavier classes.

Storm: A piece of gear that might be more susceptible to damage, but has a card up its sleeve. Elemental damage defines Storm, hence the name. Burning, electrifying, and other brutal ways to tear through enemies will leave this exosuit perfect for players looking for a challenge.



Loot can make games like Anthem thrive or die an excruciating death. Thankfully the game appears to have systems in place to prepare for a user-friendly system. All gear earned maintains at your level, so no worry for getting a weapon that you have to carry around for 40 levels until you can use it. No matter what level the other three people in your party are at, they will not mess up your chance to get better equipment.

Another worry from plenty of games in the genre tends to stem from whether or not other players can steal loot, therefore everything is instanced.

The rarity of items ranges from common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and masterwork.


Similar to Destiny, completing the main story and hitting the level 30 cap does not mean the end of the game. Bioware plans to support Anthem for a decade, so they have plans for players in the endgame.

Not much has been announced, but typical activities such as dungeons (Strongholds) and contracts allow for challenging things to do once finishing the base game.


While no loot boxes will be present, but cosmetic microtransactions will be available. Hard to know how the prices will look, but a $20 option was seen, but Bioware affirms players the prices will adjust at launch.



Anthem launches on Feb. 22 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

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What We Know: Jump Force

If you love anime and fighting games, then look forward to next week when Jump Force comes in with its diverse superpowered roster of characters to be the perfect dream come true to hardcore fans of the genre.

What is it?

Jump Force is a celebration of anime and Weekly Shonen Jump, a manga magazine that is shy of 51 years old. To honor the magazine and beloved genre, players will have a chance to play a variety of characters from new and old manga series with a fighting game twist.

The opportunity will arrive for people to pit their favorite characters against one another. If you had an argument about who will win in a fight, now you can show to your friend who is the most powerful.

Release date and platforms

Jump Force will launch on Feb. 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Imagine Dragon Ball Fighter Z fusing together with Marvel vs. Capcom to make for an epic crossover battle. Three fighters on each side of the arena to fight it out to see who can make it on top.

Similar to later titles from Netherrealm Studios like the latest Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2, the stages will have interactable objects and transitions to vary up the map and gameplay.

The arenas will take set in real places like the famous Times Square in New York City and freezing cold mountains of the Alps. Like Dragon Ball Fighter Z, the action around these iconic locations will be set in 3D, so instead of a Mortal Combat style, players will have the ability to roam around for a rounded experience that gives more variety and strategy to combat.

Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment


One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Blackbeard, Roronoa Zoro, Sabo, and Boa Hancock.

My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya.

Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.

Yu Yu HakushoYusuke Urameshi and Younger Toguro.

Hunter x HunterGon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika, and Hisoka Morow.

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Sosuke Aizen, and Renji Abarai.

Saint SeiyaPegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu.

Yu-Gi-OhYugi Moto (With the Duel Monsters Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and Slifer the Sky Dragon).

Dragon BallGoku, Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, Cell, and Trunks.

Fist of the North StarKenshiro.

City HunterRyo Saeba.

Rurouni KenshinHimura Kenshin and Shishio Makoto.

Black CloverAsta.

Original creations for the game: Galena, Glover, Kane, and Navigator.

After a short time between its announcement last year at E3, it has raced to its launch date around the corner. Be sure to pre-order the game below:

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What We Know: Metro: Exodus

The third installment in the Metro series comes this month, so before you go buy the game, here is everything you need to know.


Artyom’s next adventure takes place after the last entry, Metro: Last Light. The protagonist and his fellow survivors will travel East out of Moscow to find somewhere safer and to better their lives.


Partial Open World

The series has always been linear with enough open areas to gather supplies and collectibles, but nothing too open, just what you expect from an FPS narrative-driven game.

The levels will open up enough for more exploration to find side quests while still telling the main story. A balance between the Metro level design that fans know while stretching the maps into something larger for a fresh experience to enhance the storytelling and gameplay.

The map will include plenty of diversity in its scenery. Claustrophobic tunnels stay as a series staple along with beautiful landscapes, and dilapidated cities will change up not only the surrounding aesthetic but make players think twice about their strategies when going into a new area.


New Threats

Not a surprise, but new enemies will get introduced ranging from humans, animals, and the series iconic mutated monsters.

The new enemy factions include the Hanza faction, the Bandits, and the Fanatics. The Hanza will act as a primary threat now that the Fascists and Communists have taken each other out of the picture. The other two seem like typical bandit type groups who take and kill whoever they spot for resources. Knowing the series, a bigger story always is around the corner, especially for these advanced gangs.

Weapon System

While many of the features remain in the shadows as a surprise once players get their hands on Exodus, we do know a few things about the weapons.

Customization gets pushed to a significant aspect of the game. To survive Artyom needs to use his resources, so modifying weapons with other parts or types of ammunition will benefit when facing certain types of enemies.


Controversy circles the game as it nears release due to a decision from Deep Silver and Koch Media to have the PC version exclusive to Epic Games’ store, taking away from Steam.

4A Games have made a statement that this decision was entirely on Deep Silver and Koch Media.

Distribution will continue as normal for PlayStation and Xbox users. Players on PC will have to buy through Epic, but anyone who pre-ordered through Steam keeps their order.


Metro: Exodus launches Feb. 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can catch my review right on my site, so keep an eye out for that.

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