What We Know: Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom cemented the survival horror genre with Resident Evil. While the series has seen its fair share of boulder punching duds that go from cheesy, but thrilling horror to becoming the Fast and Furious of horror video games, that does not take away from some of the hits like the second entry. Later this month both players of the original Resident Evil 2 and newcomers who missed out, like myself because I was too young, will get a chance to grab the remake that will modernize the iconic zombie title. Here is all that you need to know before spending the money on a new game.

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Is it a remake or remaster?

Original players might feel disheartened to find out about the many changes that will come with the remake. This will not be a remaster, but rebuilding from the ground up to comfort gamers and adapt to the modern gaming landscape.

Graphics have been beautifully enhanced because the old version might have looked gorgeous back in the day, it has not aged well. Credit goes to the same engine used from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which gives a stunning facelift to Leon and all of the horrific flesh-eaters.

Plenty of gameplay mechanics will have alterations ranging from the layout of the world to the fixed camera positions changing to a typical third-person perspective. Not every detail has been listed on what will be different, but the primary goal from the developers is to maintain a balance of retooling RE2 for a modern audience and to satisfy loyal fans who dealt with nightmares and joy from the original release.

Separate campaigns

In the initial version, a different story was set for Leon and Claire. Instead of choosing which character from the beginning then playing as the other person after completing the chosen narrative, Leon and Claire will have their individual campaigns to play on their own.

Image via Capcom

New gameplay mechanics

Knives will allow for an escape when grabbed by a zombie. The knife will stick in the walking corpse, so after killing the flesh-eater, pick the blade back up. Knives will break down over time, so keep an eye out for replacements.

Wooden boards can temporarily barricade windows and doors from imminent threats.

Puzzle solving has changed, like Ada’s segments. Her new tool allows discovering hidden mechanisms and secret paths as an easier task and the chance to survive to rise.

Crafting has become an essential aspect of Resident Evil, one of which will be gunpowder, allowing to create more ammunition.

Framerate and resolution for consoles

PC players rarely have to worry about balancing marvelous resolution and slick framerate, but Xbox One and PlayStation owners sometimes wonder how a game will look and run. An option for higher framerate and lower resolution will be available. Capcom made the game to run in 4K at 30 frames per second, but PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will go with toned down, while still beautiful, graphics to witness all of the gruesome violence engulfing Racoon City while playing at 60 frames per second.

Release date and platforms

Resident Evil 2 launches on Jan. 25 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One

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What We Know: Kingdom Hearts 3

Over ten years in the making, Kingdom Hearts 3 will kick off 2019. While I will pass on the highly anticipated title, I know millions of people have been waiting for over a decade to get their hands on the epic Final Fantasy and Disney crossover adventure. For those fans, this is all that we know so far before the release of one of this new year’s biggest games.

Release date and platforms

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on Jan. 25 in Japan then later on the 29 in North America. Gamers can play it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Do you have to play the other titles?

Going into a sequel for a game can be risky. Newcomers might be too lost to enjoy the experience. In an interview, director Tetsuya Nomura has been, “thinking very precisely about how to make sure both those who have been with the series for a long time and those for whom this will be the first KH title will be able to follow along.”

Hopefully, newcomers interested in diving into this unique world can enjoy themselves without playing every other main and side title in the series.

Image via Square Enix/Disney


The combat mixes a hack and slash style along with a party system seen in many RPGs. You can have up to five allies who will aid you in battle.

Abilities can be used to help traverse in the world for exploration. Parkour and roaming around will uncover plenty to see and experience when playing.

New additions to the gameplay will give a fresh feel to the latest entry. Under specific conditions during battle, attraction flow will be available, a new superpowered move that summons an iconic ride from one of Disney’s amusement parks to aid you in a fight. Keyblade transformation will have various changes for a unique look and attributes for the right situation. Various forms have been revealed like guard power, and second form, but the details have not been given to what these mean during gameplay.

Image via Square Enix/Disney


Plenty of worlds can be explored in Kingdom Hearts 3. Since the release of the second game in 2005, Disney has acquired a lot of companies and properties that will assist Square Enix in developing the world of this series. So far the following areas have been confirmed: Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, Olympus Coliseum from Hercules, Andy’s room from Toy Story, Monstropolis from Monsters Inc., Kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen, and Port Royal from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Despite a lot being hidden away until launch, plenty of information is out in the world about the upcoming entry into the Kingdom Hearts series. Only a few more weeks until gamers can get their hands on it. How do you feel about it? Are you excited? Comment your thoughts.

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What We Know: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The epic crossover event that beats out Infinity War is almost here. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will bring classic and obscure characters in gaming to fight to the (I assume) death. Nintendo hopes to blow fans away with its new additions and a large roster of characters. Before purchasing the new title, here is everything we know so far.


Every character from any iteration of the Super Smash Bros. series will make an appearance in the new title. Along with old favorites returning, 11 new fighters will be added such as Daisy and Dark Samus. That makes the roster count to be over 70 characters.



103 stages will be playable at launch. Each stage will include a Battlefield and Final Destination version. The additional forms make for over 300 stages to use as you battle it out in this epic crossover game.

A new map modifier called Stage Morph allows for a stage to turn into another during a battle.

While plenty of old favorites return for players to fight again on beloved stages, plenty of new additions will be made. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey will have their own inspired arenas.


Image via Nintendo


Gameplay Changes

Tweaks are being made for both hardcore players and casual newcomers. While the gameplay will have enhanced accessibility to controls and move sets, alterations for speed can help both new gamers to the series and old-school fans.

Spirits will be a collectible and equipment to make your preferred fighter more powerful. Primary spirits upgrade a character’s stats. Support will allow for additional abilities like healing. A rarity system will be in place from novice to legendary, the rarer, the better. The three power types will consist of red for an attack, green for grab, and blue for a shield.

Amiibo Use

Yes, the fun collectible item can be used. Also, Nintendo will bring out brand new figures for all of your hardcore collectors.


Five additional content packs will be released after launch. Each DLC will come with a new fighter, a stage to accompany the new character, and new music. Each DLC will cost $6, or $25 for the Fighter Pass, the game’s season pass.

Release Date and Platforms

December 7 on Nintendo Switch

With three weeks left, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be out in no time. You can pre-order the game below and check out the trailer:


Images and videos via Nintendo

What We Know: Fallout 76

Bethesda’s next entry into the Fallout franchise is almost here. The company has made a divisive decision by going entirely online rather than a singleplayer experience. With the game around the corner, not many details are known, and many gamers are confused about many aspects of the game, let’s go over everything we know so far about Fallout 76.

Timeline and Setting

Instead of going forward in time, Fallout 76 goes to where everything first started. Vault 76 was created to open up 20 years after the world ended by a nuclear holocaust. Set in West Virginia, players will have plenty of time to explore the early days of the apocalypse.

Players and NPCs

For the total player count, it is a little unclear. However, the total amount will be between 24 to 32. Players can team up in squads to make it easy to play with friends. If you die, you can be picked up or spawn on your teammates.

NPCs are mostly enemies. Monsters will be around to kill such as classic feral ghouls and new horrific creatures to blow to pieces. Robots and ghouls can be interacted with, but it is unclear what their purpose will be. Some robots can be vendors, but any other reason has not been confirmed.

If you see a human character, then that is a real person. The game will be mostly other players or monsters to fight.

PVP will be allowed, but systems are in place to prevent griefing. If you shoot someone, the damage will be minimal. If that player decides to shoot back, then the damage will be normal so everyone involved can fight. If you kill a player, they will only drop their junk.

Looting and Exploration

The map will be four times bigger than Fallout 4. Just like every other Fallout, players will be able to complete missions, loot buildings, and explore the massive world. West Virginia will be getting its first major look from the outside world, a state that many in real life tend to not think of, but millions of players will be walking around its streets.

Looting an item off a table takes that item away. Other players will not be able to get said item. If something is in a drawer or enemy, then the loot is for each individual. When fighting a creature, if everyone in your party manages to do some damage then everyone gets whatever drops. You might see one thing in a container or enemy, but your friend might find something different.


The survival mechanics will be light, but not much has been said. While you may need to eat, sleep, drink, worry about radiation, and keep your weapons in good condition, the extent of its importance is unclear.

Perk System

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perk system is revamped entirely. Each letter gets special cards that relate to that ability. Players will be able to level up these cards and build a set amount to create a class for any situation. If you go solo, then you can have a different build compared to when your friends come online.

Building and Crafting

Building and crafting from Fallout 4 is back. The main difference is that there are no limitations as to where you can build, at least that we are aware. If a threat of destruction to your home comes up, then you have a portable device to take it with you to build somewhere else.

Like previously said, if you die you lose your junk. You will want to track your junk back down because that will be useful when you need to craft items.


One big difference in gameplay will be the introduction of nuclear weapons. Nuclear codes can be found to unlock the destructive missiles. An area will be eviscerated and become irradiated for an unknown amount of time. Every player on the server will see on their map a red circle that will represent the bomb’s radius. Once the radiation dies down to a deadly, but tolerable level if you have the right gear, then the loot quality will be increased, perfect for people wanting to get the best possible weapons and armor.

Fast Travel

Players can fast travel to areas that they have discovered for a cost. Quickly getting to Vault 76 will always be free as a safe and an easy spot for players in trouble.


The aiming system that has been prominent in the last few entries will be different due to its online setting. Instead of stopping or slowing down time, V.A.T.S. will work in real-time and will only aim at the person or monster as a whole target. If you want to hit a specific part of their body, then specific perks will be required.


Bethesda has always been a major supporter of players modding their games. Modding will be a feature in Fallout 76, but not at launch. The developers need to get the game to be 100% before thinking about additions to the experience.

Post-launch Content

Any new updates with new content will all be free.


The dreaded microtransactions will be a feature in Fallout 76. Do not be scared; the microtransactions are only for cosmetic items only. Even then, everything can be unlocked in-game.

Release Date and Platforms

Fallout 76 releases on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Want to buy the game? Click either link below:

What We Know: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The third entry in Lara Croft’s adventure is about to start. So, why not have a quick rundown of everything we know? If you have been curious about the new Tomb Raider then here is everything we know about the upcoming game.

Release Date and Where to Play

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will release on September 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Season Pass 

The game will have a season pass which will give players seven new tombs to raid. One tomb will come out each month until everything has been released.

Hardest Entry Yet and Difficulty Options

That is right, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be harder than its two predecessors. How it is difficult has not been detailed, but expect smarter AI and challenging puzzles.

“This will be, I would say, the most difficult Tomb Raider of all the Tomb Raiders. That is important because this is a more experienced Lara. This is going to be bigger, it’s going to be harder, and that tomb shows the first ever puzzle you’ll solve, and it’s very difficult. The checkpoints are not far away from when you die, so having these gruesome deaths make you feel bad to fail, and do everything to stay alive,” Daniel Chayer-Bisson, creative director for the game, told Edge Magazine.

Most games throughout gaming history let you choose easy, medium, or hard difficulty. Sometimes there is some variation such as very hard or very easy. This time you get to decide what elements you want to be hard or easy. These settings include easy, medium, or hard for combat, puzzles, and exploration. The new system will allow players to get the most challenging aspects in what they feel confident in and go easier in others where they feel less confident.


Lara is finishing the fight with the Evil Trinity organization in South America. On top of this threat, the world is ending from what the Mayans predicted (yeah, 2012 all over again). Lara must race against the clock to defeat the organization along with stopping this apocalypse.

Gameplay Changes

If you haven’t played one of the other two games then what you need to know previously about the gameplay is simple. Lara utilizes her ax to climb and interact with objects. Climbing and using the environment has always been vital. Crafting has always been important to improve your ax, guns, or other skills. The light RPG elements in leveling up will reappear along with other features that players are familiar with.

What is different is the extent to the environment interactions. Lara can hide easier to sneak up on enemies by using the trees or bushes. While nature is on your side, it is your enemy. Instead of using the environment to help you during challenging puzzles, it will work against you in many ways.

Exploration will be more critical than ever. This has not been too detailed, but we can expect to find plenty of secrets that will either help Lara on her journey or get some trophies/achievements for the completionists out there.

We don’t have to wait too much longer for Lara’s third adventure. Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases next week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can pre-order the game below:

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What We Know: Spider-Man PS4

The world is just a few weeks away from one of the most anticipated games of the year, Spider-Man. Insomniac could not be more perfect to work on this project, and if you follow this blog then you know it is my number one anticipated game of 2018. With the game around the corner, why not go through everything we know so far?

Release Date and Consoles

The game will release on September 7 and be released as an exclusive for PlayStation 4.

MCU Connections?

The game is not in the MCU, but there is a Marvel world within this game’s universe. However, this is a focus on Peter Parker and his adventures as Spider-Man so we won’t see any Avengers. Easter eggs and references will be in the game to show that other heroes are around such as Stark Tower.


Spidey’s Experience as a Character

You are not playing an origin story. Once you get started in the game, you are in the shoes of a Peter Parker who has been swinging around New York and fighting crime for eight years. This experience will be a significant part of the storytelling and the gameplay.

Lots of Villains

From what we got out of E3 which was a trailer and a sample of gameplay, we saw major villains throughout. We already knew Mr. Negative, and Wilson Fisk would feature, but we got a look at the set up for the Sinister Six. Yes, we will fight Scorpion, Rhino, Shocker, Electro, Vulture, Doc Ock, and many more. There is a reference in the same video that sounds like we will be facing against Mysterio too, but that is unconfirmed as of writing. Just expect to encounter at least a dozen or so of Spider-Man’s biggest foes.

No Symbiotes

Rumors have it that the studio is just trying to steer us away from spoilers and to surprise us, but they have said there will not be any symbiotes. So, in this story, we will not fight Venom, Riot, Carnage, or any other symbiote. Maybe we will be surprised, but even with that, they don’t want to waste every villain in one game in case they make a sequel.

What to do?

As Spider-Man, you get to swing around New York in this open-world game. You get to fight various criminals who will randomly pop up, collectibles will be around the map like any other open-world title, unlock more of the map like in Far Cry, and other we can expect other fun activities even though those have not been detailed.

Crafting Suits

You can craft different suits and gadgets for yourself. Each costume comes with unique abilities. If you love the look of one outfit, but prefer the ability of another, you can customize this aspect of the game to have the look and skills you want. Collectibles and other activities will you give you material to unlock more suits. It looks like Insomniac is diving into some obscure costumes such as Spider-Punk, Iron Spider, Spider-Man Noire, and many more. It seems to be close to twenty or more suits will be in the game.

The Map is Huge

This New York is not exact to the real one to make it easier for Spider-Man to maneuver around the city. Compared to other games Insomniac have made, this is much larger to the already huge Sunset Overdrive. How much bigger you ask? This game will be six times bigger than Sunset’s massive map.

Life in the World

Civilians will go about their day just like any other open world game. Since everyone in New York knows about you, they can interact with you positively or negatively. If people see you, they might want a selfie, a high five, or they might yell at you. The people of New York have a variety of feelings towards the web swinger.

Also, there will not be a day/night cycle. The time of day changes for story reasons. Once you have beaten the game, you will be able to change the time of day whenever you feel like it.

Photo Mode

As Spider-Man, you can take selfies with your phone for hilarious and beautiful shots. Of course, there is a regular photo mode to fully capture the beauty of this world instead of being limited to Spidey’s phone camera.

Playable Characters

You will not be spending all of your story time in the suit. Moments in the game will have you play as MJ for specific missions and as Peter Parker. Sometimes Peter will need to do something that Spider-Man cannot.


The gameplay is focused on being as fluid as possible. Whether you are fighting criminals or swinging around the city for fun, you should not have issues being slowed down at all. With a wide variety of gadgets, melee combat, and interactive items in the world, you have a lot at your disposal to take down the bad guys. Insomniac are known for their fluid movement and crazy weapons, this staple will be featured heavily in Spider-Man.

That is everything we know so far about Insomniac’s Spider-Man. The game comes out on PS4 and PS4 Pro on September 7. You can pre-order the game below:

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What We Know: A Way Out

Joseph Fares’ new game is coming in just a few weeks. If you do not know him, he directed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons back in 2013. He is currently the director and writer for Hazelight studios, and their new game is A Way Out. The announcement caught the gaming industry by surprise by its unique premise and cooperative gameplay. Here I will give you a rundown of what you need to know for A Way Out.

Release Date and How to Play

The game is scheduled to be released March 23, 2018, and play it on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Story and Characters

Set in the 70s, two prisoners team up to escape prison. Leo and Vincent are the two playable characters who become friends during incarceration. They make a plan to escape, but their adventure does not stop there. Players will follow these characters as they are on the run from the police to find a place to be safe. As you go on the adventure, more information will be discovered about Leo and Vincent. Their characters will flesh out as you learn about their past, goals, and who they are as people.


Just like Brothers, the game will have a unique mechanic that will be the central core of the gameplay. The entire game is meant to be played cooperatively. Whether that is split-screen or online. One player will be Leo, and the other will be Vincent. Even in online you will be playing split-screen to see what the other player is doing. Each person will tackle situations by completing separate assignments. Options for how you go about these situations are up to you. The player as Leo might want to sneak away through a problem, but your friend playing as Vincent knocks out a guy to get through instead. Neither character is assigned a particular objective. The power is in the hands of the players. The gameplay and story are intertwined, so a player could be in a cut-scene while the other is completing an objective. A wide variety of situations from shooting, driving, sneaking, and interacting with characters will all be there to give players more expansive gameplay experience. The game is being clocked in to take 6-8 hours to complete.

Other Facts

The most unusual aspect of this game is that the second player does not need to purchase it. If your friend buys A Way Out, then there will be a way for you to play the game with him/her without spending your money. Players experiencing this narrative is more important to Joseph than making money, which earns a lot of respect from the gaming community. That could draw more respect towards EA who have had a terrible past year regarding how the public view them.

There is not a ton of information on the game, but this will be one experience to go in with being as blind as possible since the narrative is so important. Are you excited for A Way Out? Discuss your opinions about the game in the comments.

Image via EA

Here is the trailer:

Preorder here: