What We Know: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The third entry in Lara Croft’s adventure is about to start. So, why not have a quick rundown of everything we know? If you have been curious about the new Tomb Raider then here is everything we know about the upcoming game.

Release Date and Where to Play

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will release on September 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Season Pass 

The game will have a season pass which will give players seven new tombs to raid. One tomb will come out each month until everything has been released.

Hardest Entry Yet and Difficulty Options

That is right, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be harder than its two predecessors. How it is difficult has not been detailed, but expect smarter AI and challenging puzzles.

“This will be, I would say, the most difficult Tomb Raider of all the Tomb Raiders. That is important because this is a more experienced Lara. This is going to be bigger, it’s going to be harder, and that tomb shows the first ever puzzle you’ll solve, and it’s very difficult. The checkpoints are not far away from when you die, so having these gruesome deaths make you feel bad to fail, and do everything to stay alive,” Daniel Chayer-Bisson, creative director for the game, told Edge Magazine.

Most games throughout gaming history let you choose easy, medium, or hard difficulty. Sometimes there is some variation such as very hard or very easy. This time you get to decide what elements you want to be hard or easy. These settings include easy, medium, or hard for combat, puzzles, and exploration. The new system will allow players to get the most challenging aspects in what they feel confident in and go easier in others where they feel less confident.


Lara is finishing the fight with the Evil Trinity organization in South America. On top of this threat, the world is ending from what the Mayans predicted (yeah, 2012 all over again). Lara must race against the clock to defeat the organization along with stopping this apocalypse.

Gameplay Changes

If you haven’t played one of the other two games then what you need to know previously about the gameplay is simple. Lara utilizes her ax to climb and interact with objects. Climbing and using the environment has always been vital. Crafting has always been important to improve your ax, guns, or other skills. The light RPG elements in leveling up will reappear along with other features that players are familiar with.

What is different is the extent to the environment interactions. Lara can hide easier to sneak up on enemies by using the trees or bushes. While nature is on your side, it is your enemy. Instead of using the environment to help you during challenging puzzles, it will work against you in many ways.

Exploration will be more critical than ever. This has not been too detailed, but we can expect to find plenty of secrets that will either help Lara on her journey or get some trophies/achievements for the completionists out there.

We don’t have to wait too much longer for Lara’s third adventure. Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases next week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can pre-order the game below:

Image via Square Enix



5 Books Every Metalhead Needs to Read

Being a dedicated fan of heavy metal means more than just listening to the music. Fans go from buying merchandise, making battle vests, decorating their rooms with posters, and getting tattoos dedicated to their favorite bands. On top of this, a die-hard fan of a band should want to get to know the artist or the industry. Many artists and industry leads who have developed this scene of music into what it is today have done a lot of work to get us to this point in heavy metal. Many have detailed their journey and passion in interviews, their music, and writing books. Yes, you will have to do some reading, but it will be worth it for the biggest headbangers. Here are five books that every metalhead needs to read.

Clicking the images of any of the books will take you to Amazon to purchase. You can click one link then shop away without having to keep going to separate links.

#5: Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore (Extended) by Adrian Mudrian

Ever wonder how death metal came to be? The answer is right here in this extensive read that gives you insight to teenagers with the love of heavy music would create extreme genres such as death metal and grindcore. The book is full of interviews with members of legendary acts such as Carcass, Napalm Death, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, and many more. You get an in-depth look inside of the minds who create such iconic extreme music along with the people on the business side who will end up signing these bands to spread their horrific music to the masses.

#4: Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And The Profane: Behemoth And Beyond by Adam Nergal Darski

The Polish blackened-death metal band Behemoth is one of the most popular extreme bands out there in modern metal. Their vocalist, Adam Nergal Darski, came out with a book that is a series of interviews with him that gives fans an in-depth look into his complex mind. Readers will learn about his extreme religious views, his childhood, musical journey, battle with cancer, and much more. Even if someone is not a fan, this is a must read due to his compelling story and thought-provoking ideas. Seeing an essential figure in the heavy metal world survive against leukemia should be more than enough reasons for the biggest metalheads to dive into Nergal’s life.

#3: Dark Days: A Memoir by Randy Blythe

Anyone who pays attention to what happens in the metal world will remember Randy Blythe of Lamb of God getting arrested in the Czech Republic. In his memoir, he details the entire process, how he survived a month in a foreign prison, and some other details in his life such as the loss of his child. This memoir is full of heart with Randy’s sense of humor shining, and his darkest emotions bleed onto the page. Just like an excellent movie, you will laugh, cry, and so much more. You will feel a swirl of emotions. Randy has a compelling story and is one excellent writer. For Lamb of God fans and people who never got into the band, this is one powerful story you cannot miss.

#2: Seven Deadly Sins: Settling the Argument Between Born Bad and Damaged Good by Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor is full of surprises from his talent to rap, scream, sing, play guitar, and even write incredibly funny and thought-provoking books. The man has written four exciting reads, but his first is not only his most controversial, but his most important. Though many will turn their noses up at Corey dismissing and bashing the seven deadly sins, the importance comes from his stories about his own life. If you never understood the emotions from either Stone Sour or Slipknot, then this will give you that needed insight. Corey delves into his personal demons that lends inspiration to those also struggling. Besides that, the man can set up arguments with precision and education. Whether you agree with him or not, he knows how to back up what he says. With a conversational style, all of his books are easy reads for the most part and will make you think and laugh with every page.

#1: For the Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records by Brian Slagel

Would it be too extreme to say Brian is the most critical person in the heavy metal world who isn’t an artist? Not at all, the man behind Metal Blade Records has signed some significant bands along with some influences you would never have guessed. His short autobiography details his journey of making compilation albums of local heavy metal bands in LA to being the CEO of one of the most prominent heavy metal record labels. You see the story behind classic headbangers such as Slayer and Metallica to more extreme artists like Amon Amarth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, and Cannibal Corpse. For those of you who want an insight to the business then this should be number one on your list.

While there are many more books to read to learn about this scene and your favorite bands, these are just some of the many fine selections out there. Go read a book and learn about this scene of music if you are as die-hard of a fan as I am. Comment below some of your favorite reads about heavy metal along with any thoughts on these books I have listed.

Image via BMG/Metal Blade Records

Interview: Weesp

1. How did the band come together?
At the start of 21th century(2000-2002) Lex(Vocal) came up with idea to create a band.
His school friend Mike(Guitar) really liked this idea, even despite the fact that both of them couldn’t play any instrument or sing.
Then a little bit later guys decided to look for a bass player through local newspaper. And Mi (Bass) was found there.
In the beginning, Weesp (in fact there were no Weesp yet) had bad luck with drummers, changed a lot them, but after another casting Gul (Drummer) became a perfect addition to the team in 2010.
Also, Guys decided to improve their sound by adding some synth and that is why a twin brother of Mi – Stak(Synth) have joined the band in 2010. Gul and Stak have changed few bands before they became Weesp.
2. What are some of your most memorable moments with the band?
Definitely those days when we recorded our albums at Hertz’s studio.
For the first and second album – we lived right in the studio for several weeks and spent all our time there. Constantly there happened various interesting events, and we were friendly and never have been closer. Also I can of course highlight participation in big music festivals, especially the first few times – it was absolutely an amazing experience!
3. When going to one of your concerts, what should people expect?
We sound loud! Weesp is known for their live shows. Always electric, always powerful, always sincere.
People often say that it is really different. We have really awesome shows, and it different every time.
4. Out of every band you have seen live, who are some of your favorites?
Machine head, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein – ultimately awesome stages, shows and everything else, but firstly music of course
5. What are some of your biggest influences that have shaped your music?
We put a lot of feelings, energy and emotions in our music, important and influential events in life: losses of a loved ones, inner depressions of self-realization,
a reasoning about love and people around it, stimulation of taking more and more from our lives. All these thoughts are crucial in formation of our whole style of music.
But as for Most Inspiring Musicians for Weesp band – I’m thinking about Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Joy Division, Prodigy, Baroness, Radiohead,
Neurosis, Paradise Lost and many more. Of course, we discover new bands all the time.
There are so many music we love. It’s inexhaustible source of inspiration.
6. Have you met any of your favorite musicians and what were those experiences like? If you have not met anyone, then who do you want to meet the most?
Of course, we all met our idols, visiting their shows.
There were musicians from Rammstein, P.O.D, Korn, Agnostic Front, Machine Head and a lot of other great bands. I can’t list all of them, because we trying to visit a lot of shows.
Speaking about playing with someone famous – we played shows with NoizeMc, Jane Air, Stigmata – they all are famous Russian bands. Then we played a bunch of festivals with huge stars, but, of course, I will not list all the line.


7. What are some long-term goals you have for the band?

To have a world tour can be considered a goal for us at the moment.
Also one of our main goals is to get to some of top festivals to perform there.
Well, it’s all about being heard, and to be closer to our listeners. This is the most important goal.
8. What is the biggest accomplishment you have had so far?
We’ve released our second LP ‘Black Sails’ on 5th April 2018. And 4 music videos in support! We receive thousands of positive reviews about LP and new videos.
We played hundreds shows across the world. And we’re not going to stop doing that!
9. What plans do you have for the rest of the year?
We are already at the final stage of preparing acoustic versions of some of our tracks.
Of course we will make a studio live session and write everything down to show to our listeners. Then we start writing some new singles to film new videos for you, guys! And on top of it – a lot of live shows!
You can check out the band’s music below, their latest album Black Sails linked:


Image via Zeppelin Records

10 Villains Who Should Feature in Matt Reeves’ Batman Movie

Matt Reeves is still in the process of his standalone movie of the Dark Knight. The film has had plenty of issues with Ben Affleck initially directing, writing, and starring as the beloved hero. Now it is questionable whether he is in the film at all. With Reeves riding high after his Planet of the Apes trilogy and starting to do some work with the project, the future looks bright for Batman. All that we know is this will be a grounded noir styled film, so we can already make some guesses on who could be the villain. Some of these baddies on the list will be some of Batman’s more grounded villains who could be real criminals and possibly land a role in the upcoming film. However, some of these adversaries are being put on here because they have not appeared in a Batman movie or they were not done justice with their portrayal (I am looking at you Batman & Robin for that terrible Mr. Freeze and everything else about you). Some of these characters are Batman’s most iconic villains, but some will be a bit more obscure. Also, no, Joker will not be on this list since let’s all try to be more creative outside of having Joker as the main villain of every movie.

#10: Catwoman

The relationship between the Cape Crusader and Catwoman are a bit complicated. In many storylines, the two have fallen in love or merely have had sex. Instead of being a full-on antagonist, there is some sexual tension between the two. The relationship along with Catwoman’s skills and gadgets, she would be quite perfect to make for a challenging foe. Seeing a relationship like this with a central villain would make for a unique battle between the sexes. Along with her being one of the most realistic villains in Batman’s catalog of baddies, Catwoman’s chance of being in the next movie is quite high.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#9: Court of Owls

The secret crime organization Court of Owls would make for a challenging foe for Batman by their secrecy and large numbers. Our hero will not be fighting one bad guy, but a whole organization that is set out on destroying him. Besides the Court of Owls themselves, they have some deadly assassins called The Talons who are loyal enough to attempt to kill Batman. If Matt Reeves wants to shine Batman’s detective skills, this would be the perfect villain to do so.


Image via DC Comics

#8: Carmine Falcone

Maybe he is not compelling enough to me since I don’t see Carmine being the main villain of the next film; however, I do think it is plausible. The crime boss is a classic gangster in the Batman universe who would make sense for the type of story that will be told. Seeing the Dark Knight against any gangster would fit perfectly, and Carmine Falcone is high on that list.


Image via Telltale Games

#7: Hugo Strange

A brilliant scientist and crime lord who knows Batman’s identity, what could be better? Hugo Strange is a mastermind who can take down Batman in many ways. Even if he is defeated, Hugo can easily go public about who is under the mask of Gotham’s hero. With his experience as a psychologist and his chemical knowledge, he was plenty of ways to fight off his adversary and pose as a problematic villain in the untitled Batman movie.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#6: Professor Pyg

With the rumors of an R rating, Professor Pyg would be perfect. A deranged and brilliant man who wants to make people “perfect” by subjecting them to brutal surgery and chemicals that will alter their body. Out of the many psychotic villains out there, he is one of the most sadistic. Outside of his brutal plans, he is the leader of a crime organization called Circus of Strange. The added element of Batman taking down not just one psychopath, but his whole organization would be an additional challenge for the hero.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#5: Two-Face

While it might be hard to have a better Two-Face than Aaron Eckhart from the Dark Knight, this is a classic villain that could easily make an appearance. The beloved District Attorney turned crime boss is ruthless but has a code he follows. Two-Face flipping the coin to determine someone’s fate is one of the most iconic features from any supervillain. His brilliant mind and ruthless strategy along with being one of the most popular villains in Batman’s massive onslaught of adversaries, I will bet money on this one being in either this upcoming movie or a possible sequel.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#4: Mr. Freeze

Maybe it is pushing it due to his technology and abilities, but Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s best villains. While many are psychopaths, Mr. Freeze is a sympathetic character. He is a man who wants to find the cure for his wife but must commit crimes to fund his research. If he is done right, and nothing like Arnold’s version, then we can see the most sympathetic antagonist in a Batman movie. Sympathy aside, he is a brilliant and powerful foe with deadly technology that can freeze anyone in his path. Not only will the audience want the best for the iconic supervillain, but to worry for the life of Batman since he will be risking his life to defeat this one.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#3: Poison Ivy

Another unlikely appearance, but seeing Poison Ivy done right on the big screen would be a treat for the biggest fans of the Dark Knight. She has some incredible power due to her plants along with her skills in seduction. The toxins in her blood make her extra deadly along with immunity to many elements such as poisons and viruses. With her pheromones, Ivy is able to control men and women alike. With these abilities to control plants and people, along with her immunities, Batman will have to think hard on how to defeat this deadly foe.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#2: Penguin

If a crime boss is going to be the central villain in this noir Batman story, then who is better than this iconic criminal. Penguin has been featured across video games, movies, comics, and more. This is because Penguin is one of Batman’s most well-known and beloved villains. Just like Two-Face and Falcone, Penguin is one of the easier villains to put into a film adaptation for being one of the more grounded characters. He is a genius in the criminal world on how to manage his organization from both a business standpoint and a ruthless leader. Rumors have already been going around that he is the villain for the upcoming movie that Reeves is directing, so we just need to wait for a reveal to uncover the truth.


Image via Rocksteady Studios

#1: Prometheus

Prometheus is the opposite of Bruce Wayne. He is a man whose family were criminals and ended up being killed by the police. Ever since that day he has sworn to destroy the law. What makes him a suitable enemy in a movie is his lack of screen time, but also his power over Batman. He has defeated the Dark Knight twice, something many have failed to do even once. Just like Batman, he is a man with strength, intelligence, gadgets, weapons, and other qualities similar enough to make him able to stand his ground against the Caped Crusader. Anti-Batman is what Prometheus is known as which can create a unique confrontation between our hero and his rival.


Image via DC Comics

Out of the many excellent villains Batman has, these were just some guesses (some of which were somewhat improbable) on who the antagonist will be in the movie that Matt Reeves is directing. The film does not have much information as of yet, so hopefully, something comes out soon. Who are some of your dream villains for this noir-styled Batman flick? Whether it is probable or improbable, there is always a chance.

Header Image via DC Comics













Interview: Crypitus

1. How did the band come together?
Zach: I was desperately searching the internet for musicians to jam with and Pete was the first to respond, with Doug in tow. I didn’t really want to play heavy metal. There was
just no-one else to jam with.
Joe: I joined after a friend introduced me when they were looking for a bassist.
Pete: Doug and I used to jam to some of his songs. We needed a drummer and Zach showed up on my Facebook. The rest is history.
Doug: I used to live with Pete, and I would go downstairs and jam on a few songs I had wrote. Pete picked them up relatively fast, so we said fuck it lets find a drummer and here we are.
2. What are some of your most memorable moments with the band?
Zach: We got to play with Psychostick once cause Doug dressed up as a bacon taco. We also had an unforgettable first tour.
Joe: We toured from Canada down to Virginia. Was really fun.
Pete: I broke my leg at one of our hometown shows. Don’t mosh with just Doug in the pit.
Doug: Our first time playing in Maine was probably the most memorable night for me.
3. When going to one of your concerts, what should people expect?
Zach: Shenanigans. Clowns. Hunyaks. Really cool thrash metal.
Joe: High energy, moshing and super cool music.
Pete: Moshing, headbanging, lots of energy
Doug: Thrashing, moshing and a great time!
4. Out of every band you have seen live, who are some of your favorites?
Zach: Epicenter, Graviton, She Walks Without Legs… There’s a lot of them.
Joe: An Unction in Braille, Black Absence, and Ice Giant.
Pete: Exmortus was incredible live.
Doug: Holy Grail, Marty Friedman, Epicenter, The Beast of Nod…
5. What are some of your biggest influences that have shaped your music?
Zach: For me, it was Between the Buried and Me mostly. A lot of Frank Zappa too and the Liquid Tension Experiment.
Joe: Old Metallica and Primus.
Pete: Frank Zappa continues to influence me.
Doug: The two bands that influenced me the most are Death, and Megadeth.
6. Have you met any of your favorite musicians and what were those experiences like? If you have not met anyone, then who do you want to meet the most?
Zach: I’d love to meet Blake Richardson. I actually had a dream last night that we hosted BTBAM and I was the guy responsible for setting up drums…. In my living room
Joe: Not sure, Les Claypool maybe.
Pete: Well Zappa’s dead so I guess Paul Wagoner from Between the Buried and Me.
Doug: I got the chance to meet Vinnie Paul when I was young, it was a short interaction but I’ll never forget.
7. What are some long-term goals you have for the band?
Zach: Nothing special, just maybe world domination.
Joe: World Domination.
Pete: I wanna play some more states I’ve never been to.
Doug: More Canada shows!
8. What is the biggest accomplishment you have had so far?
Zach: Making it home alive after tour… We’ll be really proud of our first full-length album when it’s done too.
Joe: Touring out of country.
Pete: Our first tour was a pretty awesome milestone
Doug: They already said it!
9. What plans do you have for the rest of the year?
Zach: Random shows and getting our album recorded.
Joe: Some shows and we record our first album soon.
Pete: Recording the next couple months for our first full-length album.
Doug: And you can follow all of this at Crypitus.com!
Check out the band’s music:
Header image via Voodoo Media


Ranking Every Parkway Drive Album from Worst to Best

Parkway Drive has taken the world by storm in the last few years. The band has risen significantly in popularity within the metal scene with every album they have released. These Australians seem pretty unstoppable, and it makes sense since the group has been putting out heavy metalcore with heavy duty melodies since 2005. Now, let’s go over each record and see how they each compare to see which are their worst and best albums in the past thirteen years.

#6: Reverence (2018)

If you read my review of the band’s latest release from earlier this year, then you know how disappointed I was. While I did not like the record, it was not atrocious, but not what I was hoping for. With a powerful first single, Wishing Wells, every other song felt significantly weaker in its emotional weight and musical style. The Void had an old school metal vibe along with Parkway’s traditional sound. The song was a weaker, but satisfying the second single. Sadly, many of the other songs were weaker especially with the first red flag being the third single, Prey. With Winston either talking too much instead of brutal screams or his attempt to cleansing in a few tracks was not fitting. While there is worst metal out there, this is not a highlight in Parkway Drive’s catalog.

Image via Epitaph Records

#5: Killing with a Smile (2005)

The band’s debut record is a heavy hitter. Out of every Parkway album, this might be one of their heaviest and least melodic. In many ways, it is what I usually think of as metalcore regarding their instrumentation. A simple, but a heavy delight for any metalhead wanting to bang their heads. Romance is Dead is a classic song from the band’s oldest material that helped launch the group into the metal scene.

Image via Epitaph Records

#4: Deep Blue (2010)

The band is now riding high with this third release that continues to solidify their sound that will be recognizable within the crowded metalcore scene. With a greater focus on melody rather than heavy breakdowns, this album still maintains the proper aggression. The album eases itself in with the somber instrumental portion of its first track, Samsara, with ending off with guttural screams and a slow breakdown to set the stage for what’s to come in this record. Deep Blue shows the band branching out by collaborating with Marshall Lichtenwaldt of The Warriors and label owner, and Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz makes appearances on the record. Whether it is the rapid-fire that shoots out from Unrest to the fan favorite Karma, the record is full of major bangers for any Parkway fan to listen to full blast.

Image via Epitaph Records

#3: Horizons (2007)

If you were to go up to any fan of Parkway Drive, then many would say that Horizons is their best record, and it is up there. The band’s second outing hit the world strong with one of their best albums to date. The record has a slow, but explosive beginning with the transition of its two first tracks Begin and The Siren’s Song. Popular tracks such as the fan favorite Carrion and Idols and Anchors are staples in any Parkway concert.



Image via Epitaph Records

#2: Atlas (2012)

The band continues to open the gates of straying away from typical instrumental styles that most metalcore bands implement with this 2012 release. The album has the best intro of their catalog with Sparks which features a somber beginning that builds up to an epic final act before going into the rest of the album. Nothing like Parkway having a melodic, but brutal track to start things off. Dark Days being a thought-provoking track about the world’s environmental issues. A major fan favorite being Wild Eyes which not only has a classic intro for a whole crowd of thousands of Parkway fans to sing along to but an easily recognizable ring that leads right into Dark Days. The guttural and bouncing Old Ghosts/New Regrets makes for one of the heaviest songs off of the record. While many say Horizons is their best album, but many tend to forget about this gem.



Image via Epitaph Records

#1: Ire (2015)

This might be controversial, but I absolutely love the band’s change in sound from their 2015 release. Ire takes that traditional sound that these Australian metalheads have developed and given it a facelift with Rage Against the Machine inspired rhythms and experimenting with new sounds altogether. The album starts off in a way to show fans they are in for a relentlessly furious record with Destroyer. With the heaviness not stopping with the bouncing chorus of Dying to Believe. The album does not let down on the gas but gives a more uplifting track with Vice Grip, a track that is perfect for fans to sing along to during the chorus. The album does not let up with my favorite track being Crushed, the closest to Rage Against the Machine we get with the Parkway twist which makes for one of the most ruthless tracks on the record. The band experiments with one heavy track, in particular, Bottom Feeder, a relentlessly heavy song that features a bridge in which Winston raps, and it is surprisingly excellent. The album knows when to let things settle down with Writings on the Wall while still ending strong with A Deathless Song. Front to back, this is easily the band’s best album.


Image via Epitaph Records

Those are my rankings of the current catalog of Parkway Drive albums. The band has had an overall strong career, despite my disliking of their latest release. No matter how you feel about them, at least they break the mold from the metalcore scene to create their own sound. What are your rankings of Parkway Drive’s music? Comment below on how you would rank their albums.

Header image via Epitaph Records







Interview: Tarah Who? Part 2

For starters, what bands were you guys a part of prior to (insert band/artist name here)? How long has the band been around?
Coralie Herve (CH): I played with friends of mine back in France for 8 years. Our name was Black Diamonds and we were just playing for fun. When I arrived here, 2 years ago, I started in Charly&Faust. I joined Tarah Who? a year ago. Recently I accompanied a singer, Mel, for a few months.
Joey Southern (JS): Various past bands included many genres. I joined Tarah Who? in March 2018, several months ago to date.
TGC: I was playing the bass for about two years in a band called So Was The Sun, back in France. I still play the drums for Jane Gray Black Orphan which is a post Rock project that Ash Orphan and I  started in 2011? or somewhere around that year? I also play the drums for Angie Joseph’s solo project called October Rain.
I started Tarah Who? in 2006. I started gigging with my songs as a solo acoustic act in Los Angeles. I worked with a couple producers and made my first demo album.
Then I looked for musicians to make a band, but that did not really work out until I had full control and confidence in the project.
What’s the origin of that name and have you changed the band’s name before?
Tarah G. Carptener (TGC): Yes I have had to change the band name once. My first name is also the first name of a French rap artist who was getting really popular at the time. When I booked shows, people thought that I was her so sometimes we got rejected because they did not understand why I was reaching out to punk rock dive bars.. but also we were getting booked because other promoters thought that I was her and were soon disappointed to hear that none of the songs were French rap…She does not use her image to promote so no one really knows how she looks like and she happens to be French-Vietnamese as well.. so everyone believed I was her.
I changed my name and then the band name. I sent an email to my bandmates at the time explaining why I chose my artist name Tarah. The subject of the email was “TARAH WHO????”. In that email, I had also listed a bunch of ideas of band names that were HORRIBLE, all of my band names responded: “I actually like Tarah Who?”! We had a bunch of gigs lined up and the promoters needed to add us on the bill so .. we went for Tarah Who? and it has not been changed since!
Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and do you think these topics will change over time?
TGC: I write the songs (music and lyrics). I started writing when I was back in France, playing bass and drums in other bands. I love to write. I never shared anything because I was embarrassed. I am a very open person, but sometimes, I need to write it down. I think because I want more than one person to know that I was hurt, or how I have been hurt. Maybe someone can relate. Sometimes, I just write about the news I have heard that I can’t stop thinking about, and I need to let it out. Telling one person once is not enough.
The topics are very personal, they are my thoughts, life, experiences and emotions. I like to let people feel those emotions, and anyone should be able to relate or put themselves in those shoes.
“In my mind” is one of the oldest songs that we still play today. It is definitely on the “poppier” side but I think that it could still be accurate for some people today. I use to tell people that “In my mind” was about materialism because I did not assume saying ” In my mind” is about realizing that you have everything and you are still not happy because you don’t dare to be yourself. For me, it was about hiding that I was gay, but this could be for anyone, hiding who they truly are.
The songs that I write today, are a little deeper, because I have met other people, I have grown and I have experienced different things. Our world has changed too… Our upcoming single is called “Numb Killer” . It is about the (first) London attacks at Ariana Grande’s concert. Shocked about the event, I wonder if the terrorist felt any guilt or doubt before acting.
JS: Yes I do think the topics will change over time as we grow and the world keeps on around us.
What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?
CH: The three of us have different musical inspirations. For me it’s more oriented symphonic metal, my favorite band is Nightwish, and it’s the combination of these different styles that we have, which makes the Tarah Who?’s sound.
JS: Recently I’ve been rediscovering music I listened to in my youth and hearing it with a different perspective. Finding that punk rock in particular has a lot to do with attitude has inspired me to be true to myself and just be myself. We are not trying to be the next anything that was. Just us, Tarah Who?
TGC: I listened to a lot of Alanis Morissette growing up and I think that it was influenced my writing. Then I listened to Pantera, Distillers, Motorhead etc.. anything that was fast-paced, loud and raw. I am sure that I have some influences especially since a few people now have said: ” You sound like if Motorhead was fronted by Alanis Morissette!” TOU-CHé!! We have also been compared to Nirvana, which is really interesting because I have actually never listened to Nirvana and I only know the songs from the radio… But like Joey said, we are not trying to sound like anyone. I write songs that feel like the emotion I feel at the time. I have a clear picture of how they should sound like” I like to play fast, I like to intensity and the energy. Mainly, I want the feelings to be raw and authentic. I don’t write to be mainstream or to be commercial.
Was there a particular band/artist or concert that inspired you to start a band?
JS: I was early teens and went to see 311 with my older brother and cousin. I remember watching from the crowd and thinking to myself, “I would much rather be onstage looking out than where I was standing.” It was that simple for me. At that time I could hardly even play bass haha. Just my luck a guitarist approached me at school and said: “You like 311, wanna jam?” (I was wearing the blue album t-shirt). With my little brother on drums we formed our first band.
TGC: I don’t really have one. I wanted to play the drums and bass. I have always loved those instruments. I can’t explain! I have a real passion for the drums, I think drums are beautiful and I love playing the drums. Bass too, It is less a passion, for me playing bass, it is very relaxing ( even if I play punk rock or any heavy metal music) I just love the bass sounds, the growling, and when I play bass it is just a lot of fun for me. In that sense I feel that it is more relaxing. So when I started playing.. I just wanted to play non stop. It was not a particular band who inspired me. It was the bands I was playing in and the people I was playing with who made me want to do this more and more. Going to shows, made me want to be up there and do it myself 😉
What do you do to prepare for a show? Any flexing, exercises, eat …
CH: I’m warming up with some exercise on the pad, drink a lot of water and do some physical exercise to be loose on stage and not tense.
JS: Stretching is by far the most important. Getting blood moving and remaining loose is essential to a great performance.
TGC: I need a couple Jameson and cokes, and quiet time to concentrate. I don’t like to talk to anyone but Coralie and Joey. They are the only people I can be around. I stretch and warm up, neck, legs, arms, back, hands, fingers etc..and a quick makeup.
What has been the biggest highlight of the band’s career so far?
CH: I toured for the first time with Tarah Who? and it was really amazing, I also had the chance to record the drums with the master Thomas Lang, it was so amazing! He is just incredible and so nice, really really great experience.
JS: For me personally was this past summer 2018 tour on the west and east coast of the states. Being new to the band this was a special time to get to know each other and bond.
TGC: The biggest highlight of the band’s career… for me personally it is working with Thomas Lang and Jason Orme. Thomas.. well.. because THOMAS LANG! and Jason Orme, because we have known each other for a little over 10 years because of Alanis and now we record together! I recorded with vintage guitars that he uses on stage with Alanis, and I got to know Jason better. He is such an amazing human being and talented musician and now producer!!
Another HUGE highlight for Tarah Who? is having Coralie and Joey join the band. I have worked with SO MANY musicians worldwide and I feel so lucky to have met these two. They are SO supportive, kind, talented, on the ball! We are like a family together, we can count on each other on and off stage. Despite her young age, Coralie is super mature, VERY professional, I don’t have to deal with egos from either one of them. We are all at the service of the music and it is really rare to find! TRUST me!
It took me 12 years!
If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why? 
JS: It would be great to tour with Motorhead because everything is louder than everything else.
TGC: Ditto! Lemmy! I would have LOVED to play a show with Motorhead and Pantera…
Is there anything else you would like to add?
CH: Thank you for the interview, hope to see some of you guys on the road !!!
JS: Don’t be shy come see us live and let go, be yourself, love yourself and someone else!

TGC: Thanks so much for having us again! Please follow our silly adventures on Instagram, and bands in town for all of our latest shows. We will be in your area soon probably, drop us a message or comment, we love your love!