What We Know: Kingdom Hearts 3

Over ten years in the making, Kingdom Hearts 3 will kick off 2019. While I will pass on the highly anticipated title, I know millions of people have been waiting for over a decade to get their hands on the epic Final Fantasy and Disney crossover adventure. For those fans, this is all that we know so far before the release of one of this new year’s biggest games.

Release date and platforms

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on Jan. 25 in Japan then later on the 29 in North America. Gamers can play it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Do you have to play the other titles?

Going into a sequel for a game can be risky. Newcomers might be too lost to enjoy the experience. In an interview, director Tetsuya Nomura has been, “thinking very precisely about how to make sure both those who have been with the series for a long time and those for whom this will be the first KH title will be able to follow along.”

Hopefully, newcomers interested in diving into this unique world can enjoy themselves without playing every other main and side title in the series.

Image via Square Enix/Disney


The combat mixes a hack and slash style along with a party system seen in many RPGs. You can have up to five allies who will aid you in battle.

Abilities can be used to help traverse in the world for exploration. Parkour and roaming around will uncover plenty to see and experience when playing.

New additions to the gameplay will give a fresh feel to the latest entry. Under specific conditions during battle, attraction flow will be available, a new superpowered move that summons an iconic ride from one of Disney’s amusement parks to aid you in a fight. Keyblade transformation will have various changes for a unique look and attributes for the right situation. Various forms have been revealed like guard power, and second form, but the details have not been given to what these mean during gameplay.

Image via Square Enix/Disney


Plenty of worlds can be explored in Kingdom Hearts 3. Since the release of the second game in 2005, Disney has acquired a lot of companies and properties that will assist Square Enix in developing the world of this series. So far the following areas have been confirmed: Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, Olympus Coliseum from Hercules, Andy’s room from Toy Story, Monstropolis from Monsters Inc., Kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen, and Port Royal from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Despite a lot being hidden away until launch, plenty of information is out in the world about the upcoming entry into the Kingdom Hearts series. Only a few more weeks until gamers can get their hands on it. How do you feel about it? Are you excited? Comment your thoughts.

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Top 7 Movies of 2018

While this year had plenty of quality films to watch, I sadly missed too many to catch up on. With that said, the ones I have caught either blew me away with their original ideas and beautiful execution or disappointed me greatly. Let’s give praise to the best of the best from 2018 to see who reigns victorious.

Stick to the end for honorable mentions of films that are fun, but not top movie quality.

#7: A Quiet Place

Before praising this original horror flick, I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed. The hype got to me since I saw A Quiet Place two months ago. With the hype and glaring plot holes, John Krasinski delivers a surprising film that shows he has plenty of range in his acting and talents as a filmmaker.

I was already sold due to the incredible concept for this story and Emily Blunt who always puts on a fantastic show. Due to her real-life relationship with Krasinski, their chemistry works beautifully and feels as real as their love they have for each other off camera.

A genius idea that executes its premise well along with some superb performances and horrific monster designs. Horror fans need to see this film because not enough good ideas in the genre are done well enough unlike Krasinski’s heart pumping thriller.

Buy: A Quiet Place

#6: Annihilation

Alex Garland’s second directed film, Annihilation, further proves his talent to write and direct excellent, stunning works of art. An adaption from the first novel in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, a brilliant, but complex sci-fi narrative that is full of beauty, brutality, and will make you have to think hard.

Sadly, the film did quite poorly at the box office, so the story will most likely not get completed. With some luck due to a niche fan base, Garland can adapt the other two novels.

Buy: Annihilation

#5: A Star Is Born

I love Bradley Cooper, the man can always surprise audiences with his transformative performances, but now he can show he can sing, play instruments, and direct one of the best movies of the year, despite being one of many remakes.

Lady Gaga and Cooper have a fantastic chemistry that shines through while the story shows the darker sides of the music industry and stardom. The multidimensional outlook on entertainment is full of success, joy, and plenty of demons lurking in the shadows.

Surprisingly, the music did not hinder the Cooper’s take on A Star Is Born. His and Gaga’s sheer talent remained impressive every second throughout. It is almost unfair by how much talent these two people hold.

Buy: A Star Is Born

#4: Hereditary

The year’s best horror film, and one of the greatest of all time, Hereditary goes beyond the oversaturated supernatural genre by telling a compelling story about loss, grief, and mental illness.

While the horror elements were more on the creep factor and to psychologically dismantle the audience, the meat of the film comes from the family drama as these people try their best to cope with the loss of a beloved family member.

Everyone’s performance was excellent; however, Toni Collette deserves an Academy Award for her gripping acting. Mixed with excellent writing from director Ari Aster along with Collette’stunning portrayal of a grieving wife and mother shook me to my core.

Horror has plenty of success recently, but Hereditary is truly groundbreaking even with the overabundance of ghost and possession movies.

Buy: Hereditary

#3: Eighth Grade

Apparently going into this masterpiece, I felt I was the only one to not know who Bo Burnham was, but now I see why so many people adore his work.

Burnham’s directorial debut has more heart than almost anything I have ever seen. Full of awkwardness that made me squirm in my seat, comedy that made me laugh to the point of tears, and resonating drama that brought those tears out again for an entirely different reason. Whether someone is a Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial, everyone can relate on some capacity because middle school is the worst.

Out of every Oscar contender from the year, I will be furious if Eighth Grade gets ditched for the popular kids. Elsie Fisher’s performance as Kayla rivals Collette by how moving she is in every moment. A truly talented young actress who has a bright future ahead of her.

The most important film to watch from 2018. Parents can learn how to figure out their troubled teen, teens can figure out how to survive their parents and obnoxious students at school, and twenty-somethings can gain perspective on those times that they may have missed when they were experiencing those moments during their teenage years.

Buy: Eighth Grade

#2: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The year’s best-looking film, right next to Annihilation, has more to offer besides stunning visuals and a heroic story from one of the most iconic superheroes. A resonating message for all ages. Whether someone is a casual moviegoer or a hardcore comic book reader, Spider-Verse opens itself to anyone with its rich lore, golden sense of humor, and dramatic beats that blend well with the contrasting tones.

Buy: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

#1: Avengers: Infinity War

Of course, I am ranking Infinity War at number one. I wrote so many articles on this film and the MCU as a whole. A long ride that goes by quick due to its perfect pacing by mixing excellent storytelling, phenomenal character dynamics, and astounding battle scenes. Ten years in the making and Marvel hit their biggest hit yet.

All I need is the conclusion from Endgame which I cannot wait for.

Buy: Avengers: Infinity War

Honorable Mentions:

Deadpool 2

Black Panther

Ant-Man and the Wasp


Blood Fest

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9 Best Rock and Metal Albums of 2018

Rock is not dead, especially with these heavy bangers throughout the year. So much came out, listing all of the best would take hours or days to discuss. Satanic metal, apocalyptic themes, and soothing acoustic tracks, 2018 has it all to satisfy any mood you feel.

#9: Carnifex – Bury Me in Blasphemy 

While Carnifex’s superb EP came out of nowhere, the lack of songs, especially original pieces, marks it low on the roster but does not disqualify how strong track stands. The original song Bury Me in Blasphemy contains the black metal inspired atmosphere and their continued stance to deliver some of the most emotional, dark music in modern extreme metal. The two covers, Nine Inch Nails’ Head Like a Hole and Slipknot’s Heretic Anthem bludgeon listeners with an excellent homage to the two iconic bands while making something so classic their own piece of art.

Buy: Bury Me in Blasphemy

#8: Fit for a King – Dark Skies

While I have issues with Fit for a King, their music always resonates with me, especially with their new record. Dark Skies shows the metalcore outfit has grown in every way while still displaying there is always room for improvement. Catchy choruses, brutal breakdowns, and lyrics that will pull your heartstrings until you cry. Whether or not you are a fan of them, they deserve anyone to listen to their new album to give it a try.

Buy: Dark Skies

#7: Ledger – Ledger

Jenn Ledger from Skillet unleashed her new EP, a side project that shows how much range she has as a musician. Catchy songs and some impressive vocal variety give her an edge over almost every other rock album to come out this year. While I love her in Skillet, I want more Ledger as soon as possible.

Buy: Ledger EP

#6: You Me at Six – VI

Members of You Me at Six, their fans, and critics disapprove of the last record, Night People, which I personally love, but compared to the other albums, it felt weaker. A year album they hit hard with a funky, experimental album. Their classic sound resonates throughout along with plenty of new sounds that the British outfit has never touched before.

Not only has You Me at Six released a great rock record, but they get the award for the worst title. Seriously, VI sucks, we get it, it is the sixth album.

Buy: VI

#5: Breaking Benjamin – Ember 

Breaking Benjamin never fails despite having a formula for their work. Ember shows the same side to the band the world has always seen, but with a heavier and darker twist. The latest release from the rockers provides the heaviest we have seen that does not stop. Once the first song starts, there is no going back.

Buy: Ember

#4: Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Scream

Easily the best metalcore album of the year. Ice Nine Kills gives storytelling in music another meaning with this horror-themed record with each track taking on another iconic scary movie. Full of haunting atmospheres, gruesome breakdowns, and detailed, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are lifted up even further by Spencer Charnas’ beautiful, yet terrifying voice.

Buy: The Silver Scream

#3: Disturbed – Evolution

Disturbed have a formula, but they will always be my favorite band. They outdid themselves by dividing their latest release with half typical Disturbed-esque songs along with the other half consisting of ballads. While I had a few gripes with the approach, plenty of surprises and powerful songs make up for a few minor flaws in an otherwise excellent album from one of the top hard rock bands.

Buy: Evolution

#2: Behemoth – I Loved You at Your Darkest

Clutch onto a cross because Behemoth released another evil record that builds upon their phenomenal last release, The Satanist. The Polish blackened-death metal band had quite the task to top their tenth album, but I Loved You at Your Darkest continues to show how much they have developed and how they will still stand against all that is holy and stand beside all that is wicked.

Buy: I Loved You At Your Darkest

#1: Ghost – Prequelle 

Papa Emeritus is dead, now a new character claims the throne in Ghost’s story arc.

The Swedish Satanic rock group takes the number one spot for best album of the year. Besides their creative storyline that hides behind the music, the record shows their creative juices flow with an immense amount of strength. Disco rock songs to saxophone solos, Ghost has surprises around every corner for the perfect amount of contrast to create one of the best albums in recent years, which says a lot because the band’s last release, Meliora was hard to beat, apparently not.

Buy: Prequelle

What are your favorite albums of 2018? What do you think of my list? Comment them below.

Image via Underdog Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Metalblade Records

Movie Review: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Something to admit before the review, I have not seen a family movie, let alone an animated one, in close to 10 years, seriously, nothing below PG-13. Mostly because of my more mature taste, but also because nothing has grabbed my attention until I saw the trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I am too much of a fan to pass this one up, despite Sony’s past failures with the wall-crawler, and I am glad I did not pass up one of the most stunning and impactful movies of the year.

Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) goes around his days like any other teenager, dealing with parents and school while wanting to figure out who he wants to become. After getting infected from the iconic spider to gain his powers then witnessing Spider-Man (Chris Pine) fight off a few baddies, he lands himself into the superhero lifestyle, whether he likes it or not. Kingpin’s (Liev Schreiber) diabolical plan goes wrong, creating a hole in several dimensions, bringing in multiple Spider-People/Animal to a world that they do not belong. The Spider-People/Animal comes together for an exciting adventure with Miles to get everyone home and stop a group of iconic villains from destroying New York.

Spider-Man’s spidey senses are tingling (Image via Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The heart of the film is the wide variety of characters from the most obscure heroes and villains to classics that anyone from mainstream audiences to comic books fiends will recognize. Everyone good and evil has their motivations, flaws, and so much more to bring them to life. Everyone from Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld) to Kingpin have glowing personalities that brighten the most comedic, heroic, and dramatic beats.

The pacing flows together weaving in action, comedy, and emotional moments in an organic manner. While some of the jokes fall flat, plenty hit hard for a good laugh. The story keeps on moving while throwing different emotions for a beautiful contrast of tone. I laughed, I cried (more than I thought), and I was in awe by the many shocking surprises.

Usually, if a film is beautiful, I appreciate and even adore what I see, but it wears off after two hours. Spider-Verse delivers one of the most stunning and unique aesthetics, blending a classic comic book style with a vibrant color pallet and uniquely rendered characters to make everyone’s appearance as distinctive as their personalities. Up until the last second of the after-credit scene, I could not resist having my mind blown by the effects. The animation team along with the directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsay, and Rodney Rothman deserve the highest award possible for this accomplishment, I am looking at you Academy Awards.

Spider-Verse delivers a fun movie for the whole family while hitting tear-jerking moments and a highly resonating message. Something about the movement took me a long time to get over, the animation for characters threw me off when people were moving, but after a while, I got to fully embrace the visual style without that distraction. Casual and hardcore fans, I am telling you this is the ultimate Spidey story that blends the most mainstream and odd stories from Spider-Man’s rich comic book history. One of the greatest Spider-Man movies that rival the brilliant Homecoming and easily makes for one of the most beautiful films ever made.

Score: 9/10

Header image via Sony Pictures Entertainment

18 Anticipated Movies for 2019

Superheroes, alcoholic musicians, and awkward teenagers filled 2018. The year had plenty of outstanding movies across every genre, now it is time to put those films behind us as we enter 2019. The new year has plenty of the usual comic book adaptions and remakes along with some original ideas sprinkled throughout. These are what I am looking forward to the most in the coming months.

#18: The New Mutants (Aug. 2)

While the X-Men universe continues to be a mess, Josh Boone’s (The Fault in Our Stars) spin on the iconic team of heroes could make for a refreshing taste for audiences. A horror twist with an all-star cast ranging from Anya Taylor-Joy (Split), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), and Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) then this could be the comic book flick that fans need in their life.

#17: You Are My Friend (Oct. 18)

Tom Hanks dives into the shoes of another iconic public figure with his portrayal of Fred Rogers. Not much is known as of now, but the film will center around Rogers’ iconic children’s show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

If the film sucks, at least we can all (hopefully) agree that Hanks will put on an incredible performance.

#16: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (May 31)

2014’s Godzilla had some positives, but overall the monster flick suffered from unsympathetic characters, a waste of a solid cast, and a plethora of plot holes. However, after San Diego Comic-Con‘s debut trailer for the sequel, my expectations were roasted from the kaiju’s fire. With another strong cast of actors (do not waste their talent, please) and a new director, Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat), then maybe we can finally have a good movie with one of cinema’s most iconic monster.

#15: Brightburn (May 24)

What if Superman was not such a nice guy? James Gunn is producing a scenario where the iconic superhero comes to Earth as a sinister entity and not the man who saves the planet. A horror movie spin on one of DC’s biggest characters, this will either go down as one of the best films of the year or an utter dud.

#14: Hellboy (April 12)

David Harbour (Stranger Things, End of Watch) buffs up to fight some mythical creatures and demons.

I have never seen the other films, so I have zero expectations set, but I love Harbour’s work, so how bad can it be?

#13: Shazam! (April 5)

Zachary Levi (Chuck) has the charm to make the goofy looking DC project work, but with DC’s track record, the odds are not in their favor. With a fun, light-hearted tone and restructuring the current universe, Shazam! could save the rest of DC or dig the grave even deeper.

#12: Pokemon Detective Pikachu (May 10)

The quality of the upcoming Pokemon movie will be a toss-up. Either we get a fun and innovative flick for the franchise or some moronic pile of trash that has one saving grace, and that is Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool).

#11: Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5)

While the final act of Wonder Woman felt flat in some ways with atrocious CGI and some flaws in storytelling, the film was a blast that lifted the spirits of DC fans around the globe. Now, they have to do it all over again and not mess it up. Being in the DC universe, every step can be your last.

#10: Star Wars: Episode IX (Dec. 20)

The new entry in the latest trilogy of Star Wars closes its current story arc. The pinnacle moment will unfold the fate of characters like Kylo Renn (Adam Driver), Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), and Poe (Oscar Isaac).

#9: Pet Sematary (April 5)

The original adaption of Stephen King’s classic novel has not aged too well. Now with King adaptions on the rise yet again, hopefully, fans will have another horror flick to enjoy.

I have the odd mix of a huge fan and skeptic when it comes to horror. The genre tends to suffer from the generic to some having genius ideas but manage to come out like a monstrosity that nobody wants. With John Lithgow ( and a hauntingly effective trailer, maybe we can get another golden scary movie based on one of horror’s most prolific authors.

#8: Joker (Oct. 4)

The base level of Joker means for a possibly incredible supervillain movie. A grounded origin story on one of the most infamous baddies in the comic book world, The Joker. Joaquin Phoenix (Her, Gladiator, Walk the Line) as the iconic clown with makeup could mean for a performance unlike anything achieved before with the character.

My one worry stems from the director and writer, Todd Phillips. He may seem familiar due to his work in comedies. While I love The Hangover, I even like the second and third, yes the third Hangover. Maybe I am too cynical about DC films because of co-writer Scott Silver (8 Mile, The Fighter) could help hold everything together to prevent Joker from turning into a mess.

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#7: Zombieland 2 (Oct. 11)

10 year anniversary of Zombieland lands on Oct. 2019. After years of rumors about a sequel, we will finally get the cast and minds behind the film to reunite to deliver a gory ride that will hopefully have twinkies.

At the time, director Ruben Fleischer and writers Dave Callaham, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick may not pop up on anyone’s radar. Since then Fleischer has directed Venom, Wernick and Reese wrote both Deadpool movies and Callaham wrote Godzilla in 2014, and currently in the works for Wonder Woman 1984. With new experiences, the trio could outdo their original flesh-eating creation.

#6: Captain Marvel (March 8)

A new entry in the MCU and the first female lead in the universe? Count me in.

A prequel that will introduce Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) who will become the most powerful Avenger seen on the big screen so far. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) appears to further the connection, and he has hair and both eyes. We might see a superpowered female character, but what is most important, how does Nick lose his eye?

The current track record for giant Marvel monster has crushed everything in its path. Nothing will slow it down, especially when we see the connection to Avengers 4. 

#5: John Wick: Chapter 3 (May 17)

The John Wick series beats out any other action movie in history. I will fight anyone who disagrees.

The first came out, and like most, I thought a man avenging his dog’s death sounded horrendously stupid. Then I saw how smart the writing was along with the best fight choreography I have ever seen.

By the time the sequel rolled around, I had thought lightning could not strike twice, but it did. No way they will do a third, until the announcement.

The final film has me in the palm of its hand. After two incredibly explosive films, a third entry cannot fail.

#4: IT: Chapter 2 (Sept. 6)

Despite my skepticism, the first IT blew my expectations away. While the horror lacked, the tension, incredible acting, and loveable cast of personalities, the film grabbed me the throughout its entirety. The second the title came up for the sequel, I was sold without leaving the theater.

#3: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Aug. 9)

Tarantino’s mind always comes up with some of the best films in cinema history. While the quality does not always match up, Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece that stands above most movies, his work defeats most releases in the year.

His next project will be a Pulp Fiction style surrounding the Charles Manson killings in the late 60s. The tone, pacing, and cast will not surprise anyone of a Tarantino film. He has his own way of doing things with the biggest, and best stars in entertainment. Expect excellent dialog, extreme violence, and memorable characters.

Sony Pictures

#2: Spider-Man: Far From Home (July 5)

Slight spoilers from Infinity War due to what happens to Spidey by the end of that film.

My favorite superhero gets another film after his already phenomenal standalone, Spider-Man: Homecoming, you bet I am excited.

Taking place minutes after the events of Avengers 4, Spidey will have to face new foes and deal with the aftermath of Thanos’ destruction.

Based on a trailer only shown at Brazil Comic-Con an idea about the story for Far From Home. Plenty of surprises will happen which makes me realize why Marvel said the next phase will get more experimental.

My only question and slight worry stem from the marketing. How can you market a new movie about a character who is dead from Infinity War? With a release date set two months after the untitled Avengers sequel, I wonder how Marvel will pull this off without ruining any surprises for both films. I hope Marvel can juggle well.

#1: Avengers: End Game (April 26)

The epic conclusion that killed fan favorites and plenty more will comes this April. The team might feel down, but they are going to get up to kill Thanos.

Any MCU fan will buy tickets once available to catch the second part to one of the most epic superhero films ever created.

Header Image via Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures

7 Avengers: Endgame Theories

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have a lot to tackle to defeat Thanos, salvage the universe after the snap, and the aftermath from Infinity War and beyond. Of course, curiosity floods the internet once a major trailer releases, so let’s take a look at some of the biggest theories floating around.


#7: Spider-Man plays a big role

Okay, I know he is dead at the end of Infinity War, but Spider-Man could have a significant impact by the end.

The significance of Endgame is unlike anything that has been ever shown in the MCU. One reason for this is how the future films will look after Thanos loses his quest for “saving” the universe. In this mission to stop the Mad Titan, plenty more lives will be lost. Once characters like Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor are gone forever, fresher faces need to carry the torch, one of which is Spidey.

The wall-crawler has already been confirmed to move the future forward, which is a brilliant idea to have the most popular hero play that part. With Far From Home taking place moments after Endgame, some transition will take place within this next movie that will showcase the passing of the torch.

Any presence of Spider-Man will possibly happen during the last act, the perfect time for him to step up into the shoes of his mentors.

Marvel Studios

#6: Destroy the Infinity Stones

Thanos gets killed, then what? The protagonists will have to worry for the rest of their lives about some other evil entity getting ahold of the most powerful items in the universe. The comics dealt with the issue by having guardians look after the stones, but that could leave for someone strong enough to become another Thanos-like enemy.

Destroying the valuable stones would eliminate anyone getting their hands on them ever again. Some of the heroes are powerful enough to complete this task. Captain Marvel’s strength could be enough, but other heroes have the power too. Wanda/Scarlet Witch destroys the Mind Stone before Thanos rewinds time to undo her damage. Due to her powers stemming from the stone, she is more than capable to wipe out these objects from existence, if she gets brought back to life.

Marvel Studios

#5: Captain Marvel saves Tony Stark and Nebula

Nebula and Tony seem stuck in their current dire situation. Since the new hero who will lead the Avengers to victory over Thanos has a long journey to get to Earth, maybe she will stumble upon our two starving protagonists.

Captain Marvel will return Tony and Nebula to Earth, reunite with the surviving powered beings, then take down the Mad Titan.

#4: Hawkeye’s family is dead

Hawkeye has turned to the dark side as his more morbid alter ego, Ronin. Something traumatic has to happen to make him turn to the sword, so his family turning to dust makes sense. Nothing else could make a man who sat out Infinity War walk down this road other than his only reason for standing back gets wiped off this Earth.

Hopefully, this means for a more exciting future for the character due to a lack of development for him compared to the rest of the giant roster of powerful personalities.

Marvel Studios

#3: Tony Stark makes a suit to match Thanos

Tony always has a plan. If Hulk went on an unstoppable rampage, he has the Hulkbuster armor, so why not something for Thanos? He needs to get back to his home planet and get enough supplies, and maybe some help, to build a new suit that can take on an all-powerful being with all of the infinity stones.

Marvel Studios

#2: More characters join the fight

With their numbers down, the Avengers need more help other than Captain Marvel. Although the new heroine will make a major difference, mostly because she is the most powerful character introduced into the universe, but more people need to step in. With almost every significant film in the MCU brings in several characters like Civil War and the first two Avengers, new heroes can be brought in to replace some of the lives that will be lost by the end of Endgame.

Besides introducing new faces, old faces can pop up. Even villains might join to defeat Thanos because even the most evil of beings still need people in their life to take over the world or to care about.

#1: Ant-Man is the key to defeating Thanos

Ant-Man has an understanding of the quantum realm unlike anyone else. Maybe killing Thanos will be too difficult so there might be an alternative. Tricking and then trapping the purple giant could lead to being the perfect prison.

The Infinity Stones did not turn Ant-Mant to dust, which leaves some speculation that the gauntlet will not give Thanos the power to free himself. If the stones cannot use their power then there will never be a worry about any Mad Titan breakout in the future.

With that said, what are some of your theories for Avengers: Endgame? What did you think of these theories?

Avengers: Endgame releases April 26, 2019

Header image via Marvel Studios

14 Most Anticipated Games for 2019

2019 is one month away, so why not get hyped for upcoming games? Plenty of excellent new titles are on the way in January and February. Right after that first onslaught, more will come. Some of these do not have a release date, but let us have some optimism that everything that looks incredible will be out as soon as possible.

The list will comprise of games I am excited about. Sorry, but that means no Kingdom Hearts III here.

#14: Resident Evil 2 (Capcom) Release Date: January 25

I only played a handful of the Resident Evil games. I cannot wait to dive into the remaster/reimagined Resident Evil 2. While most of the game is the same, the camera is fixed as a third person shooter, and some other tweaks have been made for a modern audience. The game looks beautiful in the most horrific way. 2019 will start off with some blood, guts, and scares.

#13: Metro: Exodus (4A Games/Deep Silver) Release Date: February 15

I am a huge fan of the Metro series, but I am conflicted about wanting to play Anthem too due to Exodus coming out a week earlier than Anthem. Exodus has a lot to accomplish if it wants to beat its excellent predecessor, the second game Metro: Last Light.

Going for more open, larger levels while maintaining the linear story, Exodus continues from the last game. This time the world will be harsher than ever with an extra emphasis on survival.

#12: Anthem (Bioware/EA) Release Date: February 22

What looks like the ability to play as Iron Man in Bioware’s upcoming sci-fi title is all that I need to be sold. Everything shown so far from E3 looks fantastic. Flying around and shooting monstrous creatures with friends will be a blast.

I have my doubts. Games like Destiny and The Division have the same service style that Anthem will go for, which makes me worried because I hate Destiny and The Division. Bioware, do the games as a service genre some much-needed justice.

#11: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (From Software/Bandai Namco) Release Date: March 22

I am dreading Sekiro because, with no cooperative mode, I have my doubts about finishing this one. Despite my lack of skill, I am impressed with the new direction From Software is taking. A sharp turn away from Dark Souls while still keeping the extreme difficulty and cryptic storytelling that fans love.

#10: Days Gone (SIE Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment) Release Date: April 22

PlayStation has slaughtered the competition with its exclusives. The next big one is the biker, open-world, post-apocalyptic game titled Days Gone. A brutal survival experience that puts players in the shoes of a biker. A game about this dysfunctional family trying to fight against freakers, the Bend Studio’s version of a zombie.

I know they want us to call them freakers, but let’s all be honest, they are zombies.

I see naysayers on this one, but with Sony’s track record, I am confident this will be another excellent experience.

#9: Mortal Kombat 11 ((Netherrealm) Release Date: April 22

The most surprising part of the Video Game Awards came from Netherrealm who unleashed the trailer for the next Mortal Kombat. Expect plenty of excellent action, gruesome violence, and plenty of old and new characters to play. While the games are predictable, the studio always knows how to create a quality product.

#8: Rage 2 (id Software, Avalanche Studios/Bethesda Softworks) Release Date: May 14

I never played the first Rage, but I never heard anything that good. The lackluster response makes it all the more surprising to see a sequel after all these years.

What makes me excited, besides the bombastic trailers, is that id Software is teaming up with the minds behind Just Cause. The best developers of FPSs and the developers of one of the most untamed open-world series coming together to make an open-world FPS? Count me in.

#7: Code Vein (Bandai Namco Studios/Bandai Namco Entertainment) Release Date: TBC 2019

Instead of From Software developing a difficult soul-crushing title, their family at Bandai Namco are making their own game that will make players sweat with intense battles. What many have donned as an anime Dark Souls, not a lot is known about Code Vein.

#6: Dying Light 2 (Techland/Techland Publishing) Release Date: TBC 2019

The first Dying Light felt like an apology for the disappointing Dead Island titles mixed with some parkour. Despite some flaws, the game was a ton of fun, especially with friends.

The sequel will focus on choices and the consequences that come from your actions. The world will alter depending on what you do, which the industry as a whole has a hard-on for. I am all about impactful choices, but sadly most games flop in this mechanic.

#5: Wolfenstein: Youngblood (MachineGames/Bethesda Softworks) Release Date: TBC 2019

The new Wolfenstein series sticks out for being one of the most fun, bombastic shooters in years. Full of ridiculous characters, insane violence, and plenty of dead Nazis.

This time players can play with a friend since you will play as the twin daughters of protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz. Instead of having one awesome Jewish protagonist, you get two. Plus you can never have too many dead Nazis.

#4: DOOM Eternal (id Software/Bethesda Softworks) Release Date: TBC 2019

Will the TBC selections on the list are probably not going to make 2019, I feel confident in id Software and Bethesda to get DOOM Eternal out soon.

The 2016 reboot oozes with guts, heavy metal, and excellent gunplay. I love the game, and I can’t wait to see how id Software enhances the experience. Id makes the best first-person shooters games in the industry, and they cannot be stopped.

#3: Control (Remedy Entertainment/505 Games) Release Date: TBC 2019

While not much is known about Remedy’s upcoming project, I am too curious by the E3 presentation.

#2: Ghost of Tsushima (Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment) Release Date: TBA

The Samurai genre never gets love, until now. Sucker Punch aims to deliver a mostly realistic look at the Mongolian invasion of Japan that happened hundreds of years ago. While rooting itself in history, the game will be a work of fiction to make sure gamers have a fun time in this ancient world.

#1: The Last of Us 2 (Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment) Release Date: TBA

I need this game to come out in 2019. Nothing has hit me emotionally like The Last of Us.

The gameplay reveal showed off the impressive animations, and gruesome combat blew my expectations away. Naughty Dog will blow the industry out of the water with their storytelling and details in this grisly sequel.

That is what I am looking forward to for 2019. The year starts off strong and will continue to do so throughout the entire year. What are you looking forward to the most?

Header image via SIE Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment, FromSoftware/Bandai Namco, Bioware/EA