Song Impression: Parkway Drive – “Wishing Wells”

The Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive have enjoyed a great career over the years. With each album, the group grows more prominent in the metal scene than the previous record. With all that popularity and always hearing about them, I only started getting into the band last year. When I finally sat down to listen to their music, I became obsessed. They are easily one of the best metal bands in the previous decade. Their last album Ire was a step in a new direction. Having that same style, they have always had along with some new elements. Now, after a few videos teasing they are making new music, we finally have a new song off of the upcoming record.

The song starts off with some birds in the background and what sounds like wind. An acoustic guitar starts playing, and Winston starts talking. If you have never heard their music, he does not sing, but will usually mix screaming and talking. The beginning is somber and leads the listener into an area of uncertainty as to where the song is going. Then things go to the typical Parkway style with a powerful scream saying “Until I am done!”.

The song is still slow but has changed its tone to a more intense feeling that is ready to grab you by the throat. A harmony being played from one guitar and the other keeping up the intensity along with the drums and bass covering the rest of the ground. All of the music dies down for the first verse.

Heavy riffs and bounding drums lead into the first verse. The band has definitely been able to expand themselves into new directions instrumentally. Winston mixes his screaming and talking perfectly. The right words are being brutally screamed while some lyrics are being said with that classic aggression that Winston can apply without even screaming.

The chorus is a lot more melodic than the crushing verses. Some of the most unique sounds that have come out of their guitar work right here. While Winston goes for slow pacing but lowers his screams for that added heaviness. After the second chorus, the music dies down into the bridge.

The bridge leads the listener to a bass-heavy moment with the same guitar riff from the chorus. Drums are rapidly beating relentlessly. Winston takes a moment to talk directly with a dark and heavy tone. He leads out of the bridge and into the finally crushing seconds of the song with the words, “Face me!”.

With the last part being full of fast riffs that cut through with speedy and in a violent manner. With interjections from Winston’s intense screams that leads to the ending of the song. The song is relentless and emotional.

Regarding the lyrics Winston has this to say about the new tracks meaning, “‘Wishing Wells’ is the compression of grief into song, It’s attempting to place blame when there is none, seeking answers where there is only emptiness, and ultimately trying to find some kind of reason and meaning to justify the ultimate loss we will all be faced with in life. This is how this chapter begins and will end.” Which makes everything make sense both lyrically, instrumentally, and even the birds in the beginning. A feeling of a dark and cold place that feels isolated with pain.

The new song starts somber and ends brutally heavy. Parkway Drive is heading in a new direction again. Ire gave them the confidence to do what they want. The band has their own style and sound, but continuing to expand to be familiar while being new at the same time. If the rest of the new record is like this, then maybe Parkway Drive will have the best metal album of the year. Expect the new record to come out later this year. Hopefully, we can get more information soon. Check out the new song below:

In the meantime, check out the band’s merch:

Image via Epitaph Records


Movie Review: Annihilation

I will already call it here, that this one will be divisive. Movies that give the audience more questions than answers typically get a mixed response. You will either love how abstract it is and enjoy the film as an art form or hate that you did not get everything that you wanted to have. Neither is wrong because we have our own preferences for movies. Personally, I loved Annihilation, and it blew my expectations out of the water.

Alex Garland has quite the experience in writing films such as 28 Days Later. In 2015 he wrote and debuted himself in the director’s chair with the brilliant Ex Machina. Seriously, if you missed it then go watch it as soon as possible. If you have seen it, then you know what to expect from his latest film in many ways. He is new to directing still but has the natural skill at it. Like any director, he has his style. This goes to show that future films of his will be similar in a lot of ways if these first two films are an indicator of anything.

Annihilation is based on the Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer. I have never read or heard of these books, so I came into the film with no knowledge except for the fact this has Alex Garland directing and Natalie Portman is in it. Out of my research before the film, it is apparent that the source material is just as odd as the film.

The film takes place with a biologist named Lena (Natalie Portman) is grieving from her husband who never came back from a mission. One day he mysteriously appears but has some health issues. They are both taken on the way to hospital by a mysterious group of men who are suited up in a militarized gear. Lena wakes up and is told by Dr. Ventress (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who is a psychologist that there is something called The Shimmer. After getting briefed on everything, Lena joins up with the Dr. and a few other female scientists who all have different specialties go into The Shimmer. Their mission is to reach its origin and figure out what is going on before this thing grows and destroys the planet.

The mysterious gateway they call The Shimmer is interesting. The world around them is mutating. They are still on Earth, but it is changing rapidly. Not a lot of information is given to you in the film, especially the final act, but enough is provided to generate a general idea of what is happening. Not only that, but this film is beautiful. Once inside The Shimmer, the plant life is full of color. The CGI from the entrance of The Shimmer and other effects that it brings is stunning to look at, This is easily one of the prettiest movies of the year even if we are only in February.

The cast of characters is one of the significant issues. Not enough is given to flesh the characters out besides Lena. She is flawed but has a good heart and a brilliant mind. However, not much is given to her to make you care a whole lot. The other characters are even less fleshed out. Dr. Ventress is given no information until the last act of the film. Anya Thorensen (Gina Rodriguez), Cass Sheppard (Tuva Novotny), Josie Radek (Tessa Thompson) are all somewhat bland. There are some good moments between their interactions, but not enough is given to really care for them. A brief explanation of their background is given, but not much more. With how long the film is and drawn out, I feel like more could have been done. Then there is Kane (Oscar Isaac) who plays Lena’s husband. Flashbacks give a feeling about their relationship, but some pieces of that puzzle are missing. Some issues are brought up, but not entirely explained which ends up making their relationship more confusing and less meaningful. All of the actors do a good job, but not given enough to fully utilize their talents. It is an excellent idea for a main cast of females who are all very different in their careers, ethnicity, and even sexuality, but some things do not work. Seriously, it was odd to let a few scientists with assault rifles into The Shimmer where soldiers cannot make it out, but they are expected to potentially survive. Nothing that actually hurts the movie, but stuck out to me for being odd.

More mysterious things happen in the last act of the film where there is some explanation, but at the same time is kept vague that lets the audience decide depending on anyone’s own perception of what happened. Maybe a film will be made of the other two books to fully flesh this story out. I really hope so because I thought it was excellent despite its flaws.

Pacing, a few pointless flashbacks that did not go anywhere, and not entirely developed characters are the main issues to the film. Despite the flaws, it is beautiful to look at and has a fascinating premise. With more films that could be made then maybe this will make more sense and enjoyable to more people. Sadly, the film is bombing at the box office, so most likely we will never see a sequel. If you love mysterious movies and the sci-fi genre, then you might fall in love with this movie. Keep an open mind if you go see it. It is not for everyone. This will be one of those you hate it, or you love it kinds of movies.

Score: 8/10

Image via Paramount Pictures


Movie Review: Black Panther

Marvel fans have been in heaven for the past few years. The films have been getting better each year, and the universe is expanding to be more fleshed out. However, two significant problems have been pointed out for a long time. Villains often fall flat, and there is a lack of diversity in the MCU. Thankfully we have Black Panther that correctly addresses both of these significant issues that fans have been complaining about in the MCU.

There is a lot of hype behind this movie with its glowing reviews from both critics and audiences along with the records that have been broken by this film. Left and right this film is crushing the box office. The film had a high bar set from experts, but when it came out those expectations were blown away by how wildly successful Black Panther turned out to be. So, the big question is that whether this film is worth it or not, and the answer is yes!

The film is set after Captain America: Civil War in which Wakanda’s leader dies in an explosion. T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) comes home to take part in a ritual that will set him as the new leader of his home country, but make him the Black Panther. This role is not only a king but a warrior and much more. After getting some evidence that a long time villain to his country, especially his father, Klaue (Andy Serkis) who is making a deal in South Korea. After an attempt to get him, a new foe reveals himself. This introduces Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) who wants to become the new king of Wakanda. T’Challa must protect his people and defeat this new enemy. That is the gist of everything that you need to know before going in.

The world sees Wakanda as a third world country. However, the country is the primary source of vibranium. This powerful metal that came from a meteor should sound familiar. Ultron is made of this metal and same with Captain America’s shield. This stuff grants powerful weapons, clothing, and pretty much is everything to the people of Wakanda. The story heavily revolves around it and gives background to this country.

A significant part of the film is fleshing out the country of Wakanda. The country is one of the most incredible locations in the entire MCU, at least that is on Earth. A mix of African culture along with futuristic tech makes for an exciting place that gives a fresh feel to a Marvel film. The whole movie is full of culture to represent the people of Africa importantly. The music, accessories, clothing, and the way people communicate plays an essential role in the main cast of characters. People have wanted diversity, and this delivers perfectly. Not only do we see people of color given power, we see women having an enormous amount of power. Seriously, I need a movie that is with the female supporting cast as the leads because they are badass.

The film is full of exciting and loveable characters. Their dynamic with one another is excellent. The supporting cast is so great, that makes T’Challa looks less impressive. I think he is a great protagonist, but the other characters are that good. T’Challa has a good heart and a great sense of humor. Along with his skills in fighting which is an absolute joy to watch. What shines most are his friends and family who play a significant role in the film. First, we have Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) who is a spy for Wakanda. She travels the world to gather information then comes home to bring back anything important that she finds. She has wonderful action scenes and is a faithful friend to T’Challa. Okoye (Danai Gurira) is an excellent warrior who leads the Dora Milaje, who is Wakanda’s deadliest warriors. These ladies slaughter their foes, and it is the coolest thing ever. She may look familiar to some people because Danai is from The Walking Dead and can bring her skills into action scenes quite well. Shuri (Letitia Wright) provides Black Panther and many others in Wakanda their high valued technology. She can find ways to heal others while giving them powerful new weapons. Shuri is easily one of my personal favorites who brings a lot of lightheartedness to the film.  We see the return from Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) who had his first appearance in Civil War. Out of the main supporting cast, he is the weakest. I felt his role seemed a bit typical and brought nothing that unique or special to the film. He is a fine character, who felt unnecessary in some ways. Ramonda (Angela Bassett) is the former queen and mother of the king. She is a great supporting character who has a great dynamic with her children. There are many other characters, but this film is so packed with them the best thing to do was to look at a few key characters. It is always a joy to see some of the cast members who are now a part of the MCU.

Out of all the characters, it is time to look at the villains. The film has two major villains, Killmonger (I vote for possibly the most ridiculous name in the MCU) and Klaue. Klaue is not as a fully developed as some of the other characters. This issue makes him a bit weaker amongst the rest of the cast. That does not mean he isn’t enjoyable. His constant humor and mixed with his ruthlessness makes for a great side antagonist for Black Panther. Killmonger takes a more prominent part in the second half of the film. I wish he had been given attention throughout the film, but his primary focus is the second half. His motives are clear and understandable. This is why so many people love him. He has style and sound reasoning. His cause is not that bad, but his execution is where he goes into villain territory. Ignore his lust for blood and the name Killmonger to appreciate his plan that could be beneficial, but too bad he is a psychopath. Killmonger is easily one of the best villains in the MCU. There have been some good ones in recent MCU films, but he is one of the most exceptional since Loki.

Marvel continues to deliver a gripping story with loveable characters. Ryan Coogler did an excellent job of directing. He and his crew were able to provide the right film to give respect and power to their community. Like many MCU movies, you will get action, dramatic moments with beloved characters, and some hilarious moments. Besides some of the typical tropes that follow in almost every Marvel film, this takes a step in a different direction. Black Panther takes a stand in a political direction about third world countries and the racial issues across the world. Some Marvel movies have tackled severe problems before, but this does go a little bit stronger about it than the previous films. If you are not a fan of politics in your Marvel movies, the film does not go too strong with this. It says its ideas and then focuses back on superheroes going on an entertaining adventure.

The film has excellent time management and pacing that takes it time with its action but focuses on world building for Wakanda’s history and its characters. There is an outstanding balance between every aspect of the film. However, the first half is a bit slower. Some action is there, but for the most part, there is a substantial focus on T’Challa and his family. Killmonger does not get much attention until the second half, which is the best part of the film.

Black Panther is strongest with its cast of characters, exciting and beautiful location of Wakanda, and delivering the perfect amount of diversity for people of color and women. The film offers one of the best villains in the entire MCU that rivals right next to Loki’s greatness. This is a refreshing change for the MCU that is familiar, but different enough to stand on its own two feet. A few issues are there. I wish there were even distribution of attention to Killmonger. Giving him a bit more time early on would help flesh him out earlier rather than later. A few ordinary moments that we see in every MCU movie that can be a little annoying that help with the story to progress. Everything else is entirely on point. Watch it for yourself to see how you like it. Black Panther will return in the upcoming Avengers movie that comes out this May.

Score: 9/10

Image via Marvel Studios.


Quick News: Jessica Chastain in It 2? Duffer Brothers NOT Leaving Stranger Things. Black Panther Crushes Records. Plus More News.

It is the end of the week so let us get into a quick roundup of the news in entertainment. A lot has happened, so let’s get caught up on a few of the highlights.

  • The Punisher Season 2 is filming! Confirmation for the second season was announced in December of last year, but now the show is in the works. Since filming just started, we can expect the show to appear next year. There is not much information for now, but expect plenty of news on here when more light shines on season 2. Netflix will be giving us two shows to extend their Marvel series. Jessica Jones has her second season coming in a few weeks. Luke Cage is also getting a second season that we can expect to be released sometime this summer or fall. Be sure to check out the first season of The Punisher to see if you are interested in this upcoming second season. I do have a review for the first season if you need that extra push to go read that here: Punisher Review.
  • No sequel plans for Rainbow Six Siege? That is right, Ubisoft says there are no current plans. This does not mean the franchise will stick to Siege forever, but it will be a while before we get another entry. The company plans on supporting the game for a total of 10 years. Whether that will happen or not is up to them. It looks like it is possible since the game’s popularity continues to grow. Recently it was reported the game has reached 27 million total players. Sorry to anyone who wants a sequel already, but you will have to wait more than seven more years. The game is currently in year three with a lot of essential plans coming in the coming weeks such as a temporary game mode called Outbreak that will have two more operators to play with.
  •  Burnout Paradise is getting a 1080p remaster, that can also run at 4K. The cost will only be at $40 too. That is right racing fans, you are going to get one hell of a deal! Not only is the game going to look amazing, but the game will run even better. It is announced the game will run at 60 frames-per-second. “We’ve given Burnout Paradise a complete graphics overhaul, with high-resolution textures and a range of technical enhancements designed to deliver all the high-octane chaos with an almost irresponsible level of visual fidelity,” says EA. Check out the new trailer that was just released:
  • Experts were having their estimates about how much Black Panther was going to do at the box office. However, the new Marvel flick destroyed the already high expectations. The previous record holder for the largest grossing opening weekend in February was Deadpool. The film had a lot of publicity, excellent marketing, and had that Valentine’s Day weekend. However, Black Panther had the PG-13 rating along with all of its hype by representing the diversity that has been lacking in many Marvel films. Deadpool opened with $132 million in its weekend. Black Panther had earned $242 million. On top of that, as of writing the film has made $520 million worldwide. The other records that the film has broken consist of the biggest non-sequel opening weekend, biggest solo superhero launch, biggest Friday-Sunday opening weekend during a holiday, the biggest opening for a non-white director, the highest grossing film in North America for a black director, biggest pre-summer opening weekend, and biggest Monday gross. It is safe to say that this was a major success.
  • A rumor floated around recently that the Duffer brothers would be leaving Stranger Things after season three. Despite the brothers confirming the show being four seasons, it did worry people. Thankfully Netflix came in to crush the rumor with a tweet that said, “Don’t drop your Eggos. Rumors that the Duffer Bros are leaving Stranger Things after season 3 are false.” The brothers are currently writing the third season. We can expect the next season to be late this year or sometime next year.

  • Not a lot of information is out about the sequel to the highly successful IT film that came out last year. The cast has said their dream actors who will play as the grown-up versions in the sequel. Both Sophia Lillis who played Beverly wants to see Jessica Chastain play as adult Beverly, but even director Andy Muschietti has said so too. Rumor has it that Jessica Chastain is in negotiations to play as Beverly in the sequel. However, the film is in such early stages so let’s take this with a grain of salt because you never know what might happen. IT Chapter 2 starts filming this summer and has an expected release date that is aiming for September 6, 2019.

That is all for the news this week. A lot was covered, but not everything. So much happens in the world of entertainment in just a week. Be sure to keep coming back for more reviews, news, lists, and more. Comment on what exciting news has caught your attention this week.

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News: Westworld is Coming to Life?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have that same experience at the characters in Westworld? Just take away all of the problems that occur in the story, but an open world to live out fantasies in the Old West would be incredible. HBO has unveiled a brand new experience recently at SXSW.

HBO has announced that they will give people the chance to visit this world. The recreation of various locations from the show will be built outside of Austin, Texas. This recreation will try to give a unique experience to die-hard fans. Two acres of land has been rented out to build out the park. Fans will be able to eat western-themed food and beverages, hunt for clues as they go on adventures, interact with real horses, and interact with the hosts. The hosts will not be robots, they will be actors. Sorry to break it to you, the hosts in this experience will not have sex with you, unlike the show.

The event is only coming for a short period of time and to register for attendees is limited too. The experienced that is dubbed as “Live Without Limits Weekend” that will run through the weekend of March 9th to the 11th. Do you want to get in? Then there is a link to register:

UPDATE (2/23/18): Registration is sold out. Hopes to this event expanding in the future if it is successful.

A trailer is also here for you to check out:

Image via HBO

TV Show Review: The Grand Tour Season 2

It might be weird that I love The Grand Tour and Top Gear since I am not a car person at all. However, I cannot resist watching these shows because of the excellent hosts. When Jeremy got kicked off of Top Gear, the guys came together to create their new Amazon original, The Grand Tour. Season one was solid but had its flaws. The guys needed to find something to make this show unique and to make everything work. Some significant changes have happened this season. I love it, but there are its flaws that remain.

The format is generally the same. The guys will have something they filmed whether it is a crazy idea or just a general car review. After any car review which may come at the beginning or somewhere in the middle, their professional driver will race around their track to see how good of a time that car can achieve. Conversation Street is the same with a wacky intro that leads into a discussion about the latest cars. These conversations are some of the most consistently interesting portions of the show. If you have seen the first season or have seen Top Gear, then you know what to expect from Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. The show continues its spirit through them with hilarious moments and ridiculous moments that probably got them in trouble with other countries.

A lot of the show has changed. Their celebrity portion is entirely different. Instead of a spoof to make fun of the BBC not allowing their original idea for a celebrity portion of the show, they managed to make something work. Jeremy will interview two celebrities from different countries. Most of these people I did not personally know because they were mostly athletes. After the interview, a clip of both people will be played of them driving around the track. Similar to the celebrity segment from Top Gear except it is two celebrities racing against one another. I love this change. Everything feels more organic and interesting. The first season was hilarious to see how each famous figure would horrifically die, but there was not much substance to that.

The American driver from the first season was widely hated. Personally, I thought his stereotypical schtick that made fun of my country was hilarious. However, many people did not enjoy it. He is replaced by Abbie Eaton. If you are a gearhead, then you probably know her. She is an upcoming driver who has become quite popular. It is great to see a female in the show. Her driving is impressive, but there is not much commentary from her. This does not give much of a character to her. The Stig from Top Gear or The American had a schtick to distinguish themselves as a character in the show. Despite this issue, I do like her. I hope to see if there is an expansion to her in the next season or if the driver changes per season.

Crazy antics have always been an essential part of the new and previous shows that the trio of hosts worked on. Some of the events that happen this season range from crazy races, testing out SUVs in a hilarious way, making an aquatic car similar to the two episodes from Top Gear, and a lot more. Almost everything done is funny and interesting. Some of the most hilarious moments in the history of these three working together will happen this season.

Every show has drawbacks, especially one that is still figuring things out. Some of the celebrities did not make for compelling interviews. There were a few moments the guys would try to do something insane and entertaining that would fall flat. There was nothing too ghastly like some of the dull moments from the first season. Not everything this season is enjoyable. Each episode is packed with so much that some moments will fall flat and be downright dull. I do wish they gave Abbie some direction to give her more character on screen. Also, it is weird they never mention her by name. She is referred as “her” or “she.” That is not much of a problem, but just a weird part of the show to point out.

Overall, this is an excellent season. The first was good, and in some ways awesome. However, the first suffered from various issues to find its identity. The second season does show that Jeremy, James, and Richard have found this show’s identity to stand on its own away from their career at the BBC with Top Gear. When a third season is released, the show will only improve at this point.

Score: 9/10

To give a comparison to the first season, that score would have been a 7/10

Watch the latest season here:

10 Games that Need a Sequel

Game development takes years of hard work. Even when a game is announced the release date still could be years away. Every year there are dozens of great games that come out. If a game is an absolute high level of quality, it can sting when you do not get a sequel. Here we will be looking at 10 games that need a sequel. Some of these games are having sequels that are in the making or that we can assume that there will be another in the future. However, some of these games we may never get a sequel ever. Let’s look at some games and just hope that as many of these as possible can arrive one day.

10. LA Noire (Release date: May 17, 2011)

If Rockstar has its name on a game, then you will go on a gripping adventure in whatever game they are delivering. Even though it was Team Bondi who developed the game, the game felt like a typical Rockstar game. This 2011 police drama put the player in the shoes of a detective in L.A. in the late 1940s. Each significant chapter of the game sees the protagonist Cole Phelps rise through different departments within the police force. Excellent voice acting and writing with great gameplay. Since the game just received a remaster last year, maybe Rockstar will think about developing a sequel after a few years of supporting Red Dead Redemption 2.lanoire.jpg

9. Bioshock (Last entry: Bioshock Infinite. Released: March 26, 2013)

The first and third games in the Bioshock franchise are incredible despite being polar opposites. I don’t mention the second game because I personally never played and the game received a lukewarm response. However, the first game delivered a gripping story in a terrifying environment. The first game is legendary. The last entry in 2013, Bioshock Infinite was straight action instead of action-horror. Still, the characters were phenomenally written and acted. Along with an excellent story that ties itself to the other games. The possibilities are quite extensive on what the series could deliver if a fourth entry were to be made. With no signs of a sequel, all we can do is hope.246-bioshock_gamepage_bg

8. Borderlands (Last entry: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Released: October 14, 2014)

This wacky cartoon shooter is coming out with another game in the series. However, nobody knows when this will happen. Hints have been made by 2K Games, but there is not much information to go by. Maybe this E3 we will finally get a trailer, gameplay, or even a release date. With the announcement being made a few years ago at this point, a third game can come out any year at this point. Fingers crossed for a 2018 release date.Borderlands-the-pre-sequel

7. Left 4 Dead (Last entry: Left 4 Dead 2. Release date: November 17, 2009)

This one is a stretch about whether or not we will ever get another Left 4 Dead game. This is easily one of the most fun cooperative games out there. Playing against players or the AI. Either way, these games are phenomenal. The problem is that Valve is making so much money on Steam, there is no reason for them to make another game. The standard joke about the company not being able to count to three is accurate. There is no Half-Life 3, no Left 4 Dead 3, no Portal 3, and no Team Fortress 3. This one might forever live in our dreams and never be a reality.

6. Elder Scrolls (Last entry: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Release date: November 11, 2011)

Back to another guarantee is another game in the Elder Scrolls franchise. The last entry boosted its popularity through the roof. Skyrim was my entry into the franchise and I fell in love. The games have a brilliant universe with a vast open world full of exciting quests. Even nonRPG fans can get into the series because of its simplicity can let new comers in and please the most experienced of RPG plauers. Bethesda has said that they will work on the game. You have to respect the company for sticking to their creative guns. Expanding themselves to other franchises like the brutally excellent DOOM reboot and the great stealth oriented Dishonor games shows that the company needs to stretch themselves to other projects outside of their most popular franchises. Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines has even said, “Quite honestly, [Bethesda Studios] didn’t want to be the developer that was just Elder ScrollsFalloutElder ScrollsFallout for the rest of their development careers…and you’ve got a lot of people in that studio who have been there for a really long time. They wanted to be able to self-determine things they worked on next, whether it was existing stuff [or] whether it was new IP.” He has an excellent point. Another Elder Scrolls will be released. Fans need to give the company time, and we will be able to slay as many dragons as we want in no time.

5. Bully (Release date: October 17, 2006.)

Another excellent title by Rockstar. This open world game is like GTA without the murder and horrible crimes. Running around wrecking havoc around campus and the town is so much fun. Rockstar needs to dive into one of its older franchises after Red Dead Redemption 2, and this could be another excellent choice for the company. The amount of content they could add to a sequel would be excellent, especially with multiplayer. Imagine you and your friends in this game’s world as you ditch class and play pranks on unsuspecting students.bully.jpg

4. TimeSplitters (Last entry: TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. Release date: March 21, 2005)

Yes, I have written an entire article on this game before. No, I will not stop talking about how this game needs a new entry. TimeSplitters, especially its last entry, are some of the best FPS games ever. With the advances in gaming technology and how great online gaming is now, I can only imagine this game getting a modern look and feel to it. Even with just playing with friends and the AI back in the day, the games had a great campaign. The likelihood of another entry is dim, but never let go of hope. Especially if that hope allows for the possibility of a great game. timesplitters.png

3. Sunset Overdrive (Release date: October 28, 2014)

Many people are divided on this game. Many love it, but many do not. Even the people who did not like Sunset Overdrive would say that it is a great game, just not for everyone. Personally, this is the only exclusive on the Xbox One that I like. To me, it is the best Xbox exclusive and rivals any game ever made. This is easily one of my favorite games of all time. The game is beautifully stylized, hilariously written with excellent characters to drive the comedy further, insane gameplay, and great movement that is the entire base of the gameplay. Insomniac Games have said they would like to do a sequel, all they need is a publisher. Maybe after their upcoming Spider-Man game on the PS4, we can get a sequel if Sony makes a deal. sunsetoverdrive.jpg

2. Ratchet and Clank (Last entry: Ratchet & Clank. Release date: April 12, 2016)

Insomniac is one of my favorite companies. Their games often are beautifully stylized, brilliantly written, and excellent gameplay that is full of great weapons, gadgets, and fluid movement. No wonder they are making a Spider-Man game. One of their flagship franchises is Ratchet & Clank. This game is the definition of what I tend to think about when playing any game by Insomniac. The latest entry was a retelling of the first game in a way to tie in with the movie that came out around the same time back in 2016. I was able to refind my love for these games, and now I need another game as soon as possible. With the franchise being so popular among their catalog, it is possible to see another game in the future.ratchetandclank.jpg

1. Bloodborne (Release date: March 24, 2015)

From Software have knocked it out of the park with their last two games: Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. This game looks stunning and like the Dark Souls games manage to be punishing while maintaining how much fun it really is. With a few tweaks to gameplay to make itself unique along with interesting lore delivers an incredible journey. There have been rumors about a potential sequel, and we may find out this E3. Hopefully, there will be an announcement because this game deserves a sequel. bloodborne.png

Images via From Software, Insomniac Games, CryTek, Valve, Rockstar Games, 2K Games, and Gearbox Software.