10 Best Scenes in Already Excellent Movies

It is one thing to pick out some great movies, but it is another to pick out your favorite scene. If you have loved a movie so much that if someone wanted you to choose the best scene, it would take some time. While some films will be easy, others may not be. These are scenes that stand out more than any other moment. It might be the protagonist having their pinnacle moment, the climax, or just a great action scene. No matter what the tone is these are scenes that make the best films even more memorable. When you discuss with your friends about the movie, you can point out that one scene that will make everyone smile as they go through the scene in their heads. With that said, here are ten best scenes in already excellent movies.

#10: American Psycho – Hip to be Square

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Lionsgate Films)

My favorite scene in American Psycho is when Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) lures a business associate Paul Allen (Jared Leto) into his apartment. He makes sure Paul is drunk, so he does not pay attention as Patrick prepares to murder Paul. Patrick is dancing around the apartment giving facts about the music he is playing with such charisma. His unexpecting victim just sits there listening along to him ramble on about each track. Paul has some suspicion as he sees Patrick put on a raincoat. Once his guard is down again after a new song is put on, Bateman gets Paul’s attention right before butchering him with an ax. Bateman turns friendly host to a screaming lunatic. Bale’s performance from charismatic host to a psychotic killer to casually smoking to relax is incredible. We see many sides to his character and we get to learn about his favorite tunes. Remember, it is hip to be square.

#9: Shaun of the Dead – Girl in the Garden

(Scene via Fandango MovieClips/Universal Pictures)

One of my favorite movies and the movie I have seen the most out of anything is Shaun of the Dead. A hilarious zom-rom-com that is full of excellent scenes, but there is one in particular that is truly excellent. When Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) confront a girl in the garden whom they think is drunk. The scene is full of great moments from Ed grabbing a camera to take a photo of the girl trying to eat Shaun’s face or the climatic impalement, this scene is golden.

#8: Let Me In/Let the Right One In – Pool Climax

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Magnolia Pictures)

I am aware that this is two movies. However, both have the exact same scene in the final act. As the bullies try to kill Owen/Oskar (Kodi Smit-McPhee/Kare Hedebrant) in the school pool, his vampire friend Abby/Eli (Chloe Grace Moretz/Lina Leandersson). The scene is brutal and tense. Watching the scene, you are eager for Owen/Oskar (depending which adaption you are watching) to be saved by Abby/Eli. The main difference is the Swedish version is more violent. You see a severed head and arm while you only see some blood in the American version. Either way, it is an excellent conclusion to a compelling drama about these two characters as they develop their relationship. Yes, it is a much better love story than Twilight.

#7: Get Out – Betrayal

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Universal Pictures)

Everything feels off throughout Get Out. You don’t quite know what to expect, but Rose’s (Allison Williams) family is no good. However, the film lends you to believe that she has to be on the same side as her boyfriend Chris (Daniel Kaluuya). We get the signal by her phone call his Chris’s friend Rod (Lil Rel Howery). Rose is cold and calculated with her words as she tries to throw off Rod. Allison’s acting in this scene is phenomenal. Her voice evokes so much emotion, but her face is as blank as can be. This shows how she is just as crazy as the rest of her family. Towards the end of their call, we see the rest of her family sitting by watching the call take place. The haunting twist just goes to show how unsafe the entirety of the film really is.

#6: Alien – Chestburster

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/20th Century Fox)

If you read the 10 Shocking and Brutal Movie Moments list I wrote a few weeks ago then you know that I love this iconic scene. Not only that we see the aftermath of the facehugger that was attached to Kane (John Hurt), but we see the genuine horror on the cast’s faces. Yes, that is right, the cast was truly horrified at what they experienced. Ridley Scott did not tell them what was going to happen. There were some hints to guide the cast on how to act out the scene, but the chestburster was placed as a surprise. Horror movies should scare the audience, but if they scare the cast too then, that is an added bonus along with saying a lot about the film itself.

#5: No Country for Old Men – Coin Flip

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Miramax Films)

Believe it or not, I recently saw No Country for Old Men. One scene that struck me despite nothing happened, and you might say it is a bit of a throwaway. However, there is a lot of power behind it. Yes, that is the gas station scene in which we see Anton (Javier Bardem) talking to the gas station attendant (Gene Jones). The conversation is full of tension and shows the audience how menacing and odd Anton is as an antagonist. He tries getting the gas station attendant to call the coin flip, whether it is heads or tails. Just a simple conversation about a coin flip makes for one of the most powerful scenes in the entire movie, and one of my favorites of all time. The dialog is brilliantly written along with Gene and Javier’s performances. This is a classic scene and shows how much Javier Bardem owns this film. So, would you call it?

#4: 10 Cloverfield Lane – Dinner Time

(Scene via FandangoNOW Extras/Paramount Pictures)

This has to be one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. The first time seeing the second film in this sci-fi anthology series had me on the edge of my seat and sweating the entire time. As Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.) have a cautious dinner with their eccentric host, Howard (John Goodman), things turn dangerous. The whole scene is quiet, awkward, and tense. Emmett tries his best to lift the mood before Howard shutting him down. There is a growing tension during dinner. Michelle is not here willingly and finds this to be the perfect moment to make for an aggressive move to escape. The scene is methodically paced with an immense build-up to one of the several attempts Michelle makes to escape from Howard’s bunker.

#3: Saving Private Ryan – D Day

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/Dreamworks)

A debate can be had for the best war movie of all time, but no matter who you talk to, they will mention Saving Private Ryan. The audience gets one of the most realistic looks what how brutal, and awful war truly is. Right at the start of the film, you see the invasion of Normandy. Regarding film, this is one of the greatest battle scenes of all time. Due to the real history, this makes for a depressing realization at the same time as you enjoy the wonderfully choreographed battle that is extremely gory. People lose their limbs, set on fire, get exploded, and so many more gruesome deaths are compacted into one major battle. You get a sense of tone for the film by the realism and know what you are getting into right away.

#2: Silver Linings Playbook – Diner Date

(Scene via Fandango Movieclips/The Weinstein Company)

While Silver Linings Playbook is fantastic, there is not a scene better than Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawerence) at the diner. The two start to have a calm conversation, but their personalities crash into a heated argument. Tiffany explodes after a comment made by Pat that makes things go from bad to explosive. The writing and acting in this scene is superb as these two mentally ill people clash against one another. While Bradley is phenomenal here, we get one of the best performances in Jennifer’s career.

#1: Pulp Fiction – Tasty Burger

(Scene via Miramax Films)

Tarantino is one of my favorite filmmakers, but Pulp Fiction is his best, I will fight anyone on that, even though most would not argue. Every scene with Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) is absolutely gold. While picking either their car ride conversation involving McDonald’s or everything that goes down in the apartment that they must retrieve the briefcase from is difficult, I had to go with the apartment. With Samuel L.’s memorable monologue, the bullets being shot at Vincent and Jules somehow missing, and Samuel L. having that tasty burger, how can anyone complain about this part of this Tarantino classic? All I want is to try that burger that Jules loved so much.

Each movie here I love to death along with these scenes. Ranging from the dramatic, brutal, comedic, or just flat out explosive, these are arguably some of the greatest scenes in cinema history. With that history, there are thousands of terrific movies with some excellent moments in them. Comment below some of your favorite scenes from movies you love.

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News: Kraven the Hunter Standalone Film Moving Forward

Sony is about to kick off their start to their own Spider-Man universe with VenomThe Hollywood Reporter broke the news about this universe and that there are some movies lined up in the future after Venom. Some have been taken off the schedule such as Silver & Black, a would have been team up between Silver Sable and Black Cat. Even though it may seem that this universe is up in the air, just recently a report came that one of Spidey’s most notorious villains is getting is a standalone movie, Kraven the Hunter.

The film is moving forward, but not much is known. Just recently Collider reported that Richard Wenk from The Equalizer 2 will be writing the script for the project. Hot off of the success of this sequel, earning an opening weekend of $36 million, which is $2 million more than the first film back in 2014.

Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter, is a literal hunter whose Moby Dick is our web-swinging hero, Spider-Man. He has been featured across comics, video games, and the animated series. For fans of the comics and other properties, he has made an appearance in should know him best. He is one of the most well known and beloved villains across the many excellent villains that Spidey has faced.

The main issue is Venom. The trailers keep getting some mixed reactions from fans and people in the industry. Nobody knows how the overall quality will go down. The film is set to release this October, but not even a rating has been given to the film. A PG-13 rating would be the safe bet to get in as many seats as possible, however, rumors have been going around for over a year about an R rating. The adult rating could pay off since people have been aroused by that idea, plus it has worked for Fox with Deadpool and Logan. If Sony goes in a darker route, then they would be taking a bigger risk, but nothing is certain about the possibility of failure or success until films are released, and we see the box office numbers plus the review scores. Until then, we will have to keep our eyes peeled for any updates from Sony.

While all the weight in the world for this possible universe is on Venom, anything can happen if it is a success. Comment below of what you think. Do you think this universe that Sony has built up is a good thing? How do you feel about the possibility of Kraven getting his own film? Also, what do you think of the upcoming Venom? Discuss whatever you want about this universe and this news below.

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Song Impression: Behemoth – God=Dog

The Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth has been riding high years. Since the last record, The Satanist, which came out in 2014, fans wondered when we will be getting the new record. After all, critics and fans alike loved The Satanist, the band’s tenth album. Not many bands get to a point where arguably their best album is something that comes out so late in their career. Now the band has released the title of the new album, I Loved You at Your Darkest along with the first single, God=Dog.

The track has a rhythmic and groovy sound to start off. It gave me a false sense of safety before the traditional Satanic brutality that is Behemoth. The speed quickly picks up with faster, but still maintaining a nice rhythm with the guitars and bass, while the drums are firing like a machine gun. This makes for an intense instrumental intro that gives a dominant start to the song before the first verse.

As the speed continues, we get Nergal guides us into the first verse. His screams are brutal and in moments he starts talking in a haunting tone. During those moments of speaking, an operatic voice can be heard adding to some atmosphere to these words, “The holy river Ganga flowing through my muddled hair. In the ancient times before I learned ov who I am.” His voice just adds to the level of power and horror to his words. With lyrics such as, “There’s serpent coiling around my neck,” and “If I am a missing link between the pig and the divine. I shall cast the pearls before the swine,” Nergal shows he has not lost a beat in writing excellent lyrics to continue his statement about religion.

Halfway in the song, you get to catch your breath after the first verse. Short bursts of the guitar as the drums halt to slower pacing lends itself to some contrast from the relentless verse. Now that you caught a few breaths of air, it is time for the band to grab you by the throat through the rest of the song.

The second verse starts with the same horrific voice and singing in the background as he says, “I am no good shepherd on an ox. But a solitude ov the loneliest star,” before going back to gruesome screaming.

The most disturbing aspect comes in the last verses. As Nergal screams one sentence, children repeat after him. Having a choir of children to stand by him as they say things such as, “Is a God to live in a dog? No!,” and “Jesus Christ, I forgive thee not!”

Before the last verse, we get an excellent solo with added chaos from the other instruments. This is a nice break that shows more contrast to the chaotic track. There is some peace with the destruction that adds a level of complexity to the song.

God=Dog is an excellent way to introduce fans to the new record. We don’t hear a ton that is too new for the group, but we get hints of their further evolution here and there. The song is evil and relentless throughout. During slower moments of the song, you never feel safe as you should feel during a Behemoth track. Fans of Behemoth will get everything and more with the new track that came along with a brutal music video full of nudity, violence, and evil religious symbolism that make Behemoth’s message still stand strong.

Comment below on what you thought of the new track and if you are excited about the new album. I Loved You at Your Darkest comes out on October 5. You can listen to the new track and pre-order the new record below:

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10 Brilliant Psychological Movies That Will Ruin Your Day

With film, the audience can go through a series of emotions. Horror will scare you, comedies will make you laugh, a thriller will get your adrenaline pumping, but it can be so much more. A filmmaker can set their eyes for a genre for their film and make it so much more. With giving the audience twists, ambiguity, or an elaborate plot to follow, they can make a movie that will mess with the minds of their audience. These feelings can give a film another level that opens up for discussion as the moviegoers leave the theater to talk amongst themselves about their experience. You might feel confused, shocked, or unsure of what to think after watching a movie that took you on a psychological trip. Out of the many films that will ruin your day by how much your mind will be messed with, here are just ten movies that will make you think and struggle with what you experienced.


#10: Mother! 

Darren Aronofsky is known for making some unusual movies that will confuse the audience. His latest film from last year was one of the most divisive films of 2017. A young couple gets visited by some strangers then more people come to their home who are fans of the husband (Javier Bardem). His wife (Jennifer Lawrence) and his lives are disrupted by hundreds of more people flocking to their home. By the end, I had to google the meaning behind the movie as you go through a chaotic and confusing journey. Once I found the answer, it all made sense and goes along with the themes in Aronofsky’s other work perfectly.


Image via Paramount Pictures

#9: Gone Girl

David Fincher’s adaption from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is excellent. Nick Dunne’s (Ben Affleck) wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) goes missing one day. The police investigate and start to suspect Nick of killing her and disposing of her body. However, what really happens is far darker than imaginable. Amy faked her death to get her husband to be put on death row. Nick lawyers up and tries to battle it out. This all-out war between two sociopaths who were in love and now want the worst for one another is an incredible psychological journey. As the audience learns about Amy and Nick, you see a side of psychopathy that you don’t usually see in a film. Both of them are awful people destined to be together. As you learn about their characters, you will get to see evidence that shows which one is the real monster. Full of some dark twists and powerful moments, this is a must watch. Maybe don’t watch this with your significant other.


Image via 20th Century Fox

#8: American Psycho

I would say that this is Christian Bale’s best work ever. Patrick Bateman is a full-on psychopathic serial killer while maintaining his job as a successful investment banking executive. You are viewing the entire film through his eyes which will make you question reality. His words and actions are sometimes ambiguous, but other times direct to the people around him. As everything you witness is not quite right as you see the truth behind his psychosis. With the reveal that all of the murders were inside his head, the twist is one of the best in cinematic history. For decades after the book and even the movie, fans wanted answers. Did he ever kill anyone? Is he really a psychopath? Those I will leave to you to go explore for yourself.


Image via Lionsgate Films

#7: Prisoners

Dennis Villeneuve is on a roll with hits such as Sicario and Arrival. Right before those came out, he released Prisoners, an underrated drama involving two families whose youngest daughters go missing. Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) must find the girls while trying to keep the families as calm as possible. His main worry is the father of one of the families, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) who is on the brink of insanity for his missing daughter. He kidnaps whom he thinks took his child, Alex Jones (Paul Dano) and brutally tortures him for days. All the while, the real kidnapper is loose. This reveal of who really did it is excellent, but not the final punch to the audience with its ambiguous ending that leaves Keller’s fate up in the air. Prisoners is a brutal, slow-paced, and emotionally draining film. If you love Villeneuve’s style then you must watch this film, it is easily his best work yet.


Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

#6: Shutter Island

While many tend to dismiss Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, I love it. This is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movies, and it will scramble your brains. As Teddy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) search for a missing patient at a mental asylum on an island. The reveal of Teddy being a patient the whole time had my friend and I jump out of his couch as we scream at the TV. The hospital tried an experiment to help Teddy get better by having him live as this detective. With the ambiguous ending and subtle clues as to Teddy’s psychological issues makes for an excellent film that many did not like. Shutter Island will be divisive amongst readers, but for those of you that loved this movie, this was for you.


Images via Paramount Pictures

#5: Ex Machina

While the story of AI getting so advanced that it creates evil robots is not original at all. In storytelling, it does not require to be completely original. Alex Garland’s directorial debut and adaption of the graphic novel of the same name as the film is an excellent debut to the director’s chair. With being the writer and director, he has been able to craft a chilling narrative of a young programmer, Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) who gets to come to the CEO of his company’s home. When he meets Nathan (Oscar Isaac) things seem normal until he starts talking to Ava (Alica Vikander). The film’s ending is no huge surprise, while still delivering on an impactful conclusion. What makes this film most impactful is the ominous feeling with Nathan. Things feel wrong at all time. While any actual action or suspense comes from the last fifteen or so minutes, you feel uneasy about the entire movie. The setting of isolation and the eccentric CEO makes Caleb uncomfortable until he finds out the truth, which is more horrifying than he thought resulting in an utter disaster.


Image via Universal Pictures

#4: Inception

One of Christopher Nolan’s most beloved and well-known films is Inception. In the dream world, just about anything is possible. Seeing buildings fold in on themselves and rooms spinning as people fight, this movie is a trip to watch. The ending has caused people to debate, unlike any other film I can think of. To this day I hear people discuss whether the conclusion was a dream or not. Of course, answers can be found online, but it is always a lot of fun to discuss what happened in a movie when everyone’s perception is entirely different.


Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

#3: Arrival

Dennis Villeneuve is on this list again for his next best film, Arrival. A beautiful and thought-provoking film that delivers something different for the alien invasion subgenre. Humans around the world are reacting differently. Some countries are aiming their tanks to fire at the alien ships, while others try to communicate with them. The film has a typical Villeneuve ambiguous ending as he hones in on his style as a director. Most movies with a message tend to be too direct, but Arrival will have you thinking for a while as you digest the conclusion. If you are looking for an intelligent sci-fi flick, this should be your number one choice.


Image via Paramount Pictures

#2: Annihilation

Alex Garland’s second film that he has directed came out earlier this year. Annihilation is adapted from the first novel in the Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer. When promoting the movie, Alex says he is “adapting from the unadaptable” which makes sense based on the ambiguous ending. I can only imagine reading this whole trilogy and trying to figure out what happens. While Annihilation can be followed along, the last twenty minutes or so will lose you. Sadly, the internet is all I have to understand this film since the box office performance was weak, so don’t expect the whole trilogy to be made. If you read my review, then you would know how much I loved this gorgeous sci-fi flick.


Image via Paramount Pictures

#1: The Shining

While Stephen King may hate the film adaption of his classic novel, many including myself see The Shining as one of Kubrick’s best movies. The film is a slow grind to see Jack (Jack Nicholson) spiral down to madness, while his wife Shelly (Wendy Duvall) and his son Danny (Danny Lloyd) must suffer. Full of weird imagery such as people in animal costumes having sex and elevators spewing out blood, this might be the most mind-boggling classic ever made, at least it is up there. On top of the constant confusion, the ending which shows a picture of Jack from an old photo gives the audience one last image to make them rethink everything that they just saw. Try deciphering this one, it will be a challenge.


Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Those were just ten of the many confusing movies out there. What did you think of my list? Also, be sure to comment what you find to be movies that will scramble your brain and make you think long after you have finished the film.

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10 Shocking and Brutal Movie Moments

Throughout the history of cinema, there have been loads of gruesome scenes that have shocked audiences around the world. From horrible chainsaw massacres to zombies ripping into someone’s guts to hard to watch torture scenes, the list goes on and on. While many of these films try to go for violence and the shock factor, some forget that quality matters. While looking over this list, I will not only focus on shocking and/or brutal scenes in movies, I am looking at good movies. Sure, I can see Cannibal Holocaust or Human Centipede, but why watch through trash? Some people enjoy watching some bad movies, but I want some substance to the film while I watch people being butchered. Well, some of these movies can universally be agreed upon being good or even excellent. I will admit that I have a love for the Saw franchise which does go downhill, so leave your judgment to yourselves since I have already called myself out. With that said, here are ten shocking and brutal movie moments.

SPOILER WARNING: One last note before the list, some of these films will have spoilers, so be warned!

#10: Baby Driver (2017) (clip via Sony Pictures)

Edgar Wright is one of my favorite filmmakers of all time. From his hilarious Cornetto Trilogy to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I have loved every movie I have seen from the man. He has never been known to shy away from extreme violence despite the style of humor. In his latest masterpiece, Baby Driver, we see one of the best death scenes from any Edgar Wright film to date. In the film we see our protagonist Baby (Ansel Elgort) take a stand against the criminals he is working for. All has been going downhill, and he wants to escape with his new girlfriend, Deborah (Lily James). During the final heist, Baby drives right for a steel beam that is hanging from the back of a truck, causing Bats (Jamie Foxx) to be impaled. While the events of the movie before this scene are not the level of brutality of Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead, audiences were left to feel this would be tamer in comparison when it comes to the violence. Instead, we are left shocked as Baby makes a drastic decision to brutally wipe out one of his partners.



#9: Hot Fuzz (2007) (clip via Universal Pictures/Rogue Pictures)

Yes, another Edgar Wright classic. The second film in the Cornetto Trilogy parodies that British police force and other British stereotypes that an American like myself do not entirely understand. A more story focuses film in comparison to Shaun of the Dead, Wright gives a hilarious and interesting mystery of this small town. Not a single crime has been committed in years, but a string of mysterious deaths leads Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) to get his partner Danny Butterman (Nick Frost) to discover what is really going on behind the scenes of this odd little town. One of the most memorable scenes involves a piece of a church being pushed off which crushes Tim Messenger’s head. Before his untimely demise, a meeting was set with Tim and Nicholas. Right when Nicholas rushes over to Tim, his head his caved in. Blood, skull, and brain splatter everywhere in glorious fashion. If I could replay one death scene from any movie over and over again, this would be that scene. Seriously, watch this clip and tell me it is not fantastic.



#8: The Thing (1982) (clip via Universal Pictures)

Many of these movies on the list will be horror films, so how can I not mention my favorite horror film of all time? John Carpenter’s The Thing is a tense and brutal masterpiece. With practical effects that hold up to this day, anyone studying film will have to look at the 1982 horror classic. When Dr. Copper (Richard Dysart) attempts to save Norris (Charles Hallahan) by using a defibrillator, everything goes horribly wrong. Norris is the alien’s host and opens up his stomach to bite off the Dr.’s arms. After this already horrific act, Norris turns into a monstrosity that is terrifyingly crafted as one of the most memorable monsters in any horror film to date. Once watching the clip below, you will never get these images out of your head.



#7: Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) (clip via New Line Cinema)

Some may forget that Johnny Depp’s first role was in the original Nightmare on Elm Street. The franchise has been known for creative deaths that leave teens in a bloody mess. With that said, Johnny Depp’s character Glen has a literal bloody mess. While on the phone in his bed, he ends up falling asleep, leaving himself exposed to Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund). Glen is then sucked into his own bed then a geyser of blood shoots out, which covers his ceiling and most of his bedroom. Seeing the bloody surprise for the young actor is a classic horror movie death for an already classic movie. Is there a better way to kickstart an acting career than that?



#6: Saw II (2005) (clip via Lionsgate Films)

The Saw franchise has built an incredible amount of ways for people to be butchered. From machines that will crush you to death to merely make people saw off their own feet. Picking one gruesome death in the high body count that this franchise leaves behind is difficult. When going through some of the most memorable deaths, I decided to go with the venus fly trap from the second film. Michael (Noam Jenkins) finds himself in one of Jigsaw’s (Tobin Bell) traps. The device is on a timer which will close causing his skull to be crushed and punctured with the spikes that are inside the mask. He must cut into his own eye to obtain the key to free himself. With self-mutilation alongside a gruesome death from the sadistic contraption, this scene is an excellent representation of this brutal franchise.



#5: The Hateful Eight (2015) (Weinstein Company)

While not one of Tarantino’s best films, just about all of his work is still better than most filmmakers in Hollywood. In his last film, The Hateful Eight, there is one scene in particular that is bloody and hilarious. To me, the poisoned coffee is one of the funniest scenes in any film that Tarantino is done. With multiple characters being killed off by some poisoned coffee which causes them to vomit blood until they finally die. The scene is brutal and has the perfect dark humor that any fan of Tarantino would be looking forward to when going into the theater. Right before Sheriff Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins) takes a sip of the steaming hot coffee, we see John Ruth (Kurt Russel) vomit blood all over the table that he is sitting at. Everyone stops to look with confusion and horror as John continues to vomit more blood. O.B. (James Parks) also vomits blood then falling to the floor. John realizes that Daisy (Jennifer Jason Leigh) poisoned the coffee. John savagely beats Daisy and vomits blood all over her face, my favorite part of the whole scene. Even though the film may not be in my top favorites of Tarantino films, this scene is easily one of my favorites.



#4: Mother! (2017) (clip via Paramount Pictures)

One of the most divisive movies of 2016 was Mother!. The film is a psychological thriller that will leave audiences amazed or be wishing that they got a refund. A lot of publicity surrounded around a controversial scene in which a baby is brutally torn apart. The mother (Jennifer Lawrence) is beaten then has her baby taken away by the fanatic crowd who are obsessed with her child and husband (Javier Bardem). As she tries to fight through the crowd, she sees her baby die. The scene is quick, so it is hard to see in detail the death of the child. What you do see is when the mother gets to the front of the crowd to find the remains of her baby. Ripped entirely apart and not much left of her child. Out of movies that came out last year, this film is one of the most divisive due to its ambiguously told story along with this gruesome scene.



#3: Green Room (2015) (clip via A24)

With a premise that sounds a bit ridiculous and silly, Green Room is an intense and brutal movie that horror and thriller fans would love to go see. If you love a great build-up of intensity and extreme violence, then this movie is for you. A rock band goes to a venue in which they discover is run by Neo-Nazis. As the band attempt to leave they uncover a murder that has taken place in the green room. The band gets trapped in there and has a standoff against the Neo-Nazis. In one scene, Pat’s (Anton Yelchin) hand almost gets cut off when he puts it through the door where the Nazi leader Darcy (Patrick Stewart) and his men are standing. Pat’s hand is barely hanging on to him, and the pain is felt through Anton’s fantastic performance. It is difficult to even look at the insane detail in this low budget thriller has to offer. While the work on the violence is excellently done, it is too good to look at because everything is so brutal throughout the entire movie.



#2: Sicario (2015) (clip via Columbia Pictures)

Sicario gives a grim look at the drug cartels, more specifically the ones that infest Mexico. In the first scene, we see Kate (Emily Blunt) and her team storm a house in Arizona. When all of the suspects are killed or arrested, they discover something horrific. When initially hoping to save hostages, they find dozens of bodies wrapped in plastic inside of the walls. Every room and hallway has dozens of dead bodies stuffed inside of the walls. While this is the least bloody and gory entry on this list, it still is a shocking and terrifying scene that sets the stage for the rest of the film. If only the sequel Sicario: Day of the Saldado was able to make the same intelligent and brutal impact that the first film was able to accomplish.



#1: Alien (1979) (clip via 20th Century Fox)

One of the best and classic horror sci-fi movies of all time is Alien. The scene that we all know and love is the infamous chestburster. Kane (John Hurt) sits down with his crew after having an alien creature wrapped around his face, and all seems perfectly normal since that incident. In a horrific turn of events, he starts to feel some pain. After struggling and convulsing on the table, his crew tries to hold him down and help. Then the alien’s next form bursts out of his chest. The team his splattered with blood and the creature manages to escape to finally grow into the iconic Xenomorph. Some trivia to put out there which makes this scene even better is that the cast had no idea what would happen. The terror on everyone’s facing, and the ear-piercing screams are all genuine. Ridley Scott truly terrified his cast just like he did to his audience back in 1979. Now we can look back on one of the best horror films of all time along with this iconic scene that is one of the greatest scenes in cinema history.



Now, how about that brutal list for you sadists out there? I hope some of these films are new to you or you never managed to go see them. Get out there and check out anything on this list that you have never seen before, there is bound to be something. What did you think of my selection? Do you have any favorite shocking or violent scenes from your favorite movies? Be sure to comment down below anything that comes to your mind.

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Song Impressions: Beartooth – Disease

Caleb Shomo’s band Beartooth has not only released one single off of their upcoming album titled Disease, but they have put out two songs, Bad Listener and DiseaseBad Listener is a heavy, fun, and powerful tune that is all about succeeding in the music business. The title track is what I will be looking at instead due to both other plans for articles, but also it is a song that will better represent the overall themes of the record which is depression.

Lyrically, the song sticks to the same theme as the other albums which is Caleb’s struggle with his mental health. Here we get one of the most powerful songs in Beartooth’s catalog along with a single that sets the stage for what’s to come in the rest of the album. The first verse starts the song off with a compelling line, “If I fall again, will it be the end?” which gives the song a melodic and somber start before going into the more energetic verses and choruses. The second verse continues with, “Stuck at the surface, not making progress.” which gets to the best part of the song which is the chorus. Beartooth has always had memorable choruses due to their melody and being able to be catchy in a way that will be stuck in your head for weeks. Disease is a prime example of how Caleb will get in your head with, “I still feed my insecurity when I know the cost,” and “Will it bury me? Or will clarity be the cure for my disease?” Caleb has extensively talked about this being the hardest album to make both physically and emotionally throughout his Twitter and recent interviews. You can feel his emotion and know precisely why this might be the band’s most powerful statement musically and with their message about the struggle with mental health.

Vocally Caleb demonstrates his range as always here. With the melodic first verse, to the somber pre-chorus, and to the energetic chorus. He has been one of my favorite vocalists ever since I got introduced to Beartooth within the last year or two. There is a particular style that comes to a Beartooth song both vocally and instrumentally, but there is something slightly different here in Caleb’s approach. Of course, there is a lot of emotion in the vocals, but the melody has a different feel than any other song in the band’s previous material. With powerful lyrics, he must get it inside of his fans’ heads and with this vocal approach, he has executed this flawlessly.

Instrumentally the band has always been simplistic that gets the job done. Nothing is quite crazy regarding complex riffs or intricate drumming. The first verse starts with light guitar work in the background as Caleb sings. Then everything comes together in fast and heavy. The second verse has exciting dynamics between each instrument. Heavy bass riffs and powerful drumming as the singing continues with some rapid-fire guitar riffs coming in every so often. The pre-chorus goes almost silent as the guitar quietly plays and some drum cymbals are hit as the song is about to dive into the chorus. While the instrumentation is not doing anything spectacular, what works is how everything comes together and their dynamics.

Beartooth has made two excellent albums, and now they are on their way to make another excellent and emotion provoking album. With each record taking a new stance towards Caleb’s issues, this might be the biggest statement yet. While mental health is often tackled in music, especially this scene of music, Beartooth has been able to do it, unlike most other bands. If the rest of the album is up to this caliber, then we might have the most compelling Beartooth record to date.

Disease comes out September 28. You can watch the music video for Disease and pre-order the album below:

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Song Impressions: Toronto Blessings – Give Nothing

Toronto Blessings is an alternative rock band from England. Back in May, the band released their single Give Nothing. A classic rock vibe with an injection of synth to make for a groovy rock and roll track that fits in the modern era of rock. For such a small band, they managed to get some solid production for a professional sound.

The song starts with some synthesizer with some quick, explosive drumming thrown in along with a steady bass keeping up with the rhythm. When the vocals come in, they are a bit distant, just under the surface of the instrumentation. The chorus brings everything together when the guitar kicks in with some heavy riffs and the vocals become clearer.

The verses are much more interesting with the distant vocals and synthesizer. The sound is much more unique and distinguished. The choruses are a more typical rock sound that feels less fresh and unique. The song turns hard driving with the instrumentation while the vocals are not doing much different besides the production making them sound clearer.

The lyrics are not the strongest but are the best component of the song. With lyrics like, “And who picks up the pieces of a broken mirror of rage,” and “We all live in the same old shit, we all should be ashamed,” the song is able to bring out some emotion. The lyrics are not complimented well with the vocals which are nothing special and not much is done regarding range or melody.

The instrumentation has a right blend of how the synth, bass, and drums come together. An enjoyable rhythm that feels more original. However, everything is very simplistic. The guitar riffs are just fast to make for a hard-driving and energetic chorus for a crowd to enjoy, without much substance.

Give Nothing is not the strongest rock track, but it gives room for the band to grow. With a particular sound that can be developed, Toronto Blessings could have a bright future ahead of them. Every band needs time to define themselves, and they certainly need that time. The track is nothing surprising, but not bad either. Overall, this is an average rock song for someone to listen to casually.