15 Horror Movies You Need to Watch During Halloween Season

October has an important holiday for fans of everything spooky, Halloween. Arguably the best way to celebrate is by watching the scariest and sometimes most gruesome movies from cult classics made decades ago to newer films coming out throughout the month. Here are 15 horror movies that you have to see by the time Halloween comes around.

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#15: Halloween (1978)

By the time this comes out, the reboot/sequel will not be out yet. While I am excited about the new movie, I can’t wholly recommend it right now.

Until then we have the original, which I just saw for my first time recently. Michael Myers remained to be creepy and a relentless force that kept the movie together. While the classic slasher is dated by some of the more intense scenes, plenty of elements hold up wonderfully, or in this case, terrifyingly. Subtle moments such as Michael watching Laurie then disappearing were disturbing. He is just a man but manages to be so much more.

#14: 28 Weeks Later

While the first film, 28 Days Later, should be seen, I prefer the sequel. I know that is an unpopular opinion, but I feel the story is more compelling with more excitement than the first film. A family is trying to survive as the military is doing their best to contain the rage virus, all hell breaks loose. Along with the brutality and intensity, the theme song to the series is one of the best in horror history. Once the tune starts, you know trouble is coming.

#13: Saw

Many fans of the genre are divided on the Saw franchise. I love the first few films, and I will still watch the later trashy entries. The first is full of the best twists along with enough simplicity that makes it perfect. The others go overboard with their stories and traps. Here you get a concise story that has its surprises and enough violence to satisfy bloodthirsty fans.

#12: Dawn of the Dead (2004)

I said it before in another list, and I will repeat it, the remake of Dawn of the Dead is so much better. Better pacing and overall better ending help to outshine the George A. Romero classic. The film has the best opening credits of all time easily with the world collapsing and Johnny Cash’s When the Man Comes Around as its soundtrack. While there are glaring flaws with Zach Snyder’s take on the iconic zombie flick, he nails so much right.

#11: The Thing 

John Carpenter’s classic is my favorite horror movie of all time. While there are plenty of great vintage films out there, many tend to feel out of date in some areas. The Thing is a masterpiece that holds up with its incredible practical effects and acting. Full of suspension as you wonder which form the alien has taken as the crew is driven to madness. Paranoia stricken scientists are at each other’s throats in fear that their colleagues are a creature that will rip them apart. The film is a classic that will satisfy fans who want suspense or extreme violence. Carpenter delivers everything you could want.

#10: Green Room

Some of these movies may not scare you, but that does not take away from their quality or level of horror. Green Room may lean towards a crime thriller in many aspects, but from the terrifying performance by Patrick Stewart and one of the final performances from the late Anton Yelchin, you get some phenomenal acting in this low budget film.

A punk band stuck in their green room after discovering a murder. The venue is a front for a group of Neo-Nazis who need to take care of the band who witnessed the killing. The story is full of relentless intensity and some of the hardest to watch brutality you will ever see. A physical and emotional rollercoaster that will rip you limb from limb, it is impossible to resist Green Room once you start.

#9: Let Me In

Here is another divisive entry. I could have listed the Swedish film, but I did not see that one, I saw the American version directed by Matt Reeves who is a brilliant director. The other controversy with choosing Let Me In is that in many aspects it is not necessarily a horror movie. At least you can debate it, but the film is staying on the list.

The most moving entry on the list by far. The real horror of the film is not the vampire, but the trauma that can be inflicted upon such a young boy by his wretched home life and ruthless bullies. The troubled boy befriends a strange girl, who turns out to be a vampire. For those who have never seen or heard of Let Me In or the original film based on the novel of the same name, Let the Right One In, you may wonder how this is any good. Watch for the emotional story, and you will see. Along with some fantastic development of characters and their relationships, there is plenty of violence to make people happy who want to see some death.

#8: The Shining

While the film and novel by Stephen King are entirely different, the film manages to be a beloved classic. Despite Stephen King hating it, many fans and critics will say how much they adore the film. Jack Nicholson delivers his best performance to date, partially due to Stanley Kubrick being too much of a perfectionist. The film had its issues due to Kubrick being incredibly difficult to work with, especially for Shelley Duvall (you can look up the trauma she had to endure on YouTube). What Kubrick managed to deliver is a psychological trip full of physical and emotional violence. To fully explain the events during the film’s final act would be too difficult, but the confusion adds to the insidious masterpiece that manages to shine just as bright despite being 38 years old.

#7: The Cabin in the Woods

A mix of horror and comedy, The Cabin in the Woods is the modern equivalent of Evil Dead. The two tones of comedy and horror have an impeccable balance. Fans get goofy characters that are meant to be stereotypical along with plenty of jabs at classic horror movie tropes. The scary side unleashes every killer and monster idea imaginable along with being a complete bloodbath in the most literal sense. If you need to catch your breath with something fun, there is not a better choice than Drew Goddard’s brilliant horror-comedy.

#6: Alien

Another older film that holds up well. A few moments while watching don’t hold up as well, but 99% works just as well 39 years later. The audience not seeing the alien in its entirety for over an hour is a genius move that creates mystery and horror about the creature. Alien and Jaws set something that many modern movies fail to do. Having a balance with pacing tends to be the problem, but Ridley Scott makes every minute valuable. Along with its pacing, the film manages you to rarely feel safe. Once the chestburster is loose and starts to grow into the Xenomorph, you will be on the edge of your seat.

Sadly, after the first two films, the rest of the franchise goes down in quality. Maybe we will get a sequel that is just as good as Alien or Aliens.

#5: Get Out

Jordan Peele’s debut with Get Out blew me away. The film is one of the best from 2017. A genius thriller that perfectly balances many tones on one plate. Peele delivers horror, violence, psychological trips, comedy, and a rarely discussed side of racism. The movie even does something we never see, it puts the TSA in a positive light.

#4: IT (2017)

While I thought the horror aspects could have been stronger, IT delivers a great adaption from Stephen King’s classic book and a facelift to the beloved tv series (that is beyond out of date). The strength is found in its characters and acting. Bill Skarsgard as the evil clown was disturbing and phenomenal. All of the kids in the Losers’ Club are fantastic. Child actors get some flak, but the casting choices with Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, and Jaeden Lieberher are perfect. With a sequel on its way next year, I am beyond excited.

#3: Train to Busan

A South Korean zombie film that takes place on a speeding train is the premise of Yeon Sang-ho’s gory flick. The zombie genre has had its ups and downs, and Train to Busan manages to be a shining star in the genre. A man is trying to protect his daughter during a zombie outbreak when a trip to Busan turns into a nightmare. Imagine 28 Days Later styled zombies with the cultural significance from South Korea. The film is full of constant intensity and some social commentary to rise above the rest of the million other undead films out there.

#2: REC

A Spanish found footage zombie movie, that is precisely what you are getting with REC. America made their adaptions with the two Quarantine films, but the Spanish original is excellent. The film is easily the best found footage movie I have ever seen. The genre of the shaky camera and the distorted sound is not for everyone, but if you can handle it, then you won’t want to miss out.

A reporter and her cameraman follow along a team of firefighters for a special about their careers. Once they get a call to a distressed woman at an apartment building, the cheery tv special goes down a dark road. A zombie outbreak occurs, and everyone is trapped inside the building with the flesh-eating monsters.

I rarely find zombie films scary, but the mix of the POV and a twist on how zombies react, REC manages to be a horrifying movie. Maybe leaning on a more uncomfortable and disturbing side of scary, but is easily one of the most terrifying films on this list.

#1: It Follows

An admittedly silly premise, It Follows executes its idea excellently. A creature that slowly follows until it kills its target unless you have sex with someone. Yes, having sex will save you in this movie. However, the film is not full of sex and violence. The focus is more on the characters, a group of teenagers and leaving the audience in suspense as you get teased about where the threat is located. The monster has its own rules like many classic horror movie monsters tend to have. The film handles giving the audience questions and answers in a way to lead through the bizarre story.

Hundreds of amazingly terrifying horror movies are out there over the years. I only managed to scratch the surface with 15 choices. What are some of your favorite scary movies to watch during the Halloween season? Are you going to watch anything from this list, if so then which ones?

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Trailer Impressions: Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Part 2

Rockstar has put out their second gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. The company continues to have unconventional marketing strategies by releasing the only gameplay trailers a few weeks away from release. Usually, studios would have shown us something years ago, but Rockstar is exclusive in the industry. The new trailer showcases the dead eye mechanic, the danger that seamlessly will enter your experience, and some activities such as robbing trains and much more.

Arthur and his gang join together for a variety of illegal activities. Large-scale bank or train heists can be executed. Intimate robberies such as stealing from people’s homes or robbing stores are options for smaller reward with less risk and excitement. Outside of theft, you can go loan sharking. Each activity had brief clips from knocking someone around on a loan shark missions. Every clip was straightforward, but the bank heists looked the most intriguing. A giant explosion to open the vault showed how aggressive you can be during these heists. Arthur is also demonstrated with his gang taking people hostage and making them open cabinets for their goods.

Of course, in an open world game, you can do anything you want alone. The game wants to emphasize the dangers that are out in the world. The Van der Linde Gang, the gang our protagonist is in, are not the only criminal group out in the Wild West. Rival gangs might see you and attack. Their crimes can be observed as they beat civilians or take hostages. Each gang faction will be unique but remain dangerous. We see some different outlaws, but nothing explains how each group will differentiate.

As you commit crimes, the lawmen will come after you. These men are shown not only hunting for criminals but investigating crime scenes. Usually, in past games we see police come up to hunt and shoot the suspect. To make the experience as immersive as possible, we see real investigating to find the person who committed the crime. Just like in the previous Red Dead, a bounty on your head for how much damage you have caused will return. Bounty hunters will come out to get the reward for killing Arthur. Adding another layer to the many dangers in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Even as a hardened criminal, you can do things for fun that won’t get someone shooting at you. Fishing and hunting are not only fun options, but hold a reason to help feed your gang. If you don’t want to go through all of that hard work, then take a seat to play some games. Poker and other games help take the stress away after stealing hundreds of dollars from a bank. Shows are available such as plays or dancers. Getting your hands dirty is just as fun with herding cattle or hunting down bounties. Dueling is back but looks like just about what it was back in 2010, we don’t know as of yet. The activities are full of enough variety for any type of person. Relaxed players can spend their time gambling, or you can go out on a murder frenzy.

The dead eye system is back, a staple in the Red Dead games. Just like the previous 2010, dead eye will come in stages. Each level of the mechanic will change how it is used. Time can be manipulated into slow motion, targets can get painted to quickly kill several threats, and show weak spots on enemies. The slowing down or painting targets sound the most practical. Weak spots do not seem too helpful when it is obvious to shoot someone in the head. The Wild West was not known for heavily armored enemies, but we might see a reason later down the road to warrant seeing weaknesses.

During the dead eye segment, we see more gunplay. Rifles, shotguns, and pistols are used throughout the entire trailer. What makes this specific part interesting is the dual wielding. Arthur can use two revolvers at once or a sawed-off shotgun in one hand while using a pistol. Whether we will see other weapons that can be used for dual wielding is up in the air, but the option will make for intense battles.

Choices will mean everything to the adventure of playing Red Dead. The basics are present such as choose clothing, haircuts, eat, and what to ride. The basics of customization are more in-depth than ever. Getting haircuts is not a menu to choose from. If you cut your hair or shave your beard, time will slowly grow that hair back. Therefore, if you chop a big bushy beard off, you will wait to grow some more facial hair to grow that mustache you want. No more selecting in a menu to magically have longer hair. The way you smell and look will change how people view you. If you walk into town covered in blood or mud, people will react different compared to walking in clean with fancy clothes. The way you interact with people and the world will change an individual’s experience while playing. People will remember you, so choose wisely whether you want to be kind or hurtful. Arthur is not entirely set on who he is as a character. The player will have plenty of choices to create the man they want to play as.

The world Rockstar is presenting is meant to be alive, so you will find things that you won’t expect. Secret passages in buildings might lead you to a hidden room with valuables. People will randomly be fighting or attack you. Many encounters have their own stories, just like meeting random people on the streets in real life. Everyone has a story and a personality that might react differently.

Different camera angles can be used for a different experience. GTA V had patched itself to be played in first-person, this is not the case since Rockstar built the perspective into the game. We see a variety of clips showing off the first person. You don’t get a shaky camera, or a tacked on feeling that GTA had. While GTA has a decent first-person mode, it is not perfect. Here we see horseback riding and combat in first-person. Riding and shooting looked as smooth as can be. Rockstar has confirmed you can turn off the head bobbing while riding a horse in first-person to avoid anyone feeling sick.

For a more cinematic view, the camera can be placed in different positions to get a look at the beauty of the game. Perfect for a nice screenshot to see Arthur walking across a mountain with his horse companion.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a seamless experience full of surprises to make for an organic world that feels alive. Interacting with people and the environment is in the hands of the player. Their choices will change the gameplay and how characters will perceive them. Games, heists, and other activities will be available to meet anyone’s specific playstyle.

Red Dead Redemption 2 releases on October 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The multiplayer will come out a few weeks later, no exact date has been confirmed. Pre-order the game below:

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Album Review: Beartooth – Disease

Beartooth has increased tremendously in popularity within the rock/metal world. The band mixes a hardcore/metalcore style along with some classic hard rock thrown into the mix. The new album Disease continues their statement with their sound and Caleb Shomo’s brutally honest lyrics as he goes further into his struggle with depression.

The album starts off quite strong and intriguing with an acoustic introduction in Greatness or Death. The song quickly explodes into a relentlessly heavy track. A strong start that lends itself into the rest of the hard-driving album.

The previous material has always taken a different focus on Shomo’s struggle with depression. Disease, Infection, Clever, Afterall, Believe, and Used and Abused are the staples in Beartooth’s themes. Tackling insecurities, self-destructive behavior, and mistreatment from other people. Shomo has unleashed some of his most honest lyrics that we have heard from the band. Disease‘s heartfelt chorus, “I still feed my insecurities when I know the cost,” always guts me every time. The band always ends on their most emotional track, this time we get Clever in which Shomo gives a more somber track compared to the rest of the album. The song has its driving riffs and trembling drums but manages to stand out more. The lyrics in the ending track are some of the most candid, “Another day I’m conscious is another day I bleed.”

The heavier side of the album features Enemy and Bad ListenerEnemy has its heavy bass and speedy riffs that make it perfect to headbang while listening. Bad Listener might be one of the heaviest songs Beartooth have ever delivered. An anthem for the heavy metal fans and a statement about Shomo’s career as he belts out, “There’s an anger or passion empowering me / I’ll be bangin’ my head ’til my brain rots.” While these are some of the heavier tracks, the album generally goes for a hard-driving rock style that mostly shies away from their metal sound.

Every song is fun to listen to, but some inconsistencies are here and there. You Never Know feels the most generic from other rock songs. Switching between the distorted verses to loud and proud choruses. The other songs are much stronger, but a lot of the instrumentation blends together. Some moments in songs like Fire and Greatness or Death sound straight out of one of the band’s previous albums.

Disease continues Caleb Shomo’s battle with depression with unapologetically honest lyrics. His voice carries out so well throughout the album. He makes his already great words shine even brighter. Most of the album feels the same sadly. A lot of songs sound similar to one another or sound compared to previous albums. While the record is fun to listen to and is a solid piece of music, a lot is missing to show some growth in the Columbus based metallers.

Score: 7/10

Buy the album below:

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Song Impressions: Fight the Fury – My Demons

John Cooper and Seth Morrison from Skillet have released the first song off of their new side project, Fight the Fury. The two have started the new band to explore their heavy metal roots to deliver fans heavier music than what Skillet can provide. Now they have given the world the first taste with My Demons.

The distortion is turned up to the maximum with a speed boost. With Cooper’s vocals in moments having a distortion along with the guitars gives a heavier sound than Skillet fans are used to from the two members of the Christian rock band. Alongside the new sound, the speed is faster than a typical Skillet song. Other than that, nothing here is too different.

The song starts with a distant voice from Cooper leading into the song building up into a heavy instrumental introduction. Seth’s guitar work is some of his most entertaining in his career. While we hear something different from the guitarist, the riffs are all simplistic along with the steady drums and bass.

The instrumentation varies plenty of times from the distorted introduction to the rhythmic chorus. Nothing is too impressive with a lot of basic playing from each member. The song mostly feels like the heavier side of Skillet that has been established from previous material, especially when the chorus hits. The verses the track can get away with feeling like a different band, but not by much.

Lyrically Cooper delivers an emotionally gripping track which remains his strongest ability as a musician. “I go to sleep with my demons / Creep in my head every night / They come to shred all my dreams,” is just a sample of Cooper going over the battle with his own personal demons. He has always had a straightforward style that gets to the point quickly. Sometimes being too blunt in lyrics or too metaphorical can come off as cheesy. With his vocal delivery and skills at writing, the song keeps its momentum to bring in a powerful punch.

Cooper has never been the best vocalist on the planet with his raspy voice. While I feel him singing softer showcases the flaws in his singing, the heavier sounds he can belt out work perfectly for his sound. The mix of raspy and aggressive is easy to distinguish who you are listening to, it is hard not to recognize his vocal cords screaming at you. The level of his power that he pushes out is something Panheads rarely hear from the frontman, especially in recent years.

I am not blown away by My Demons. The track could pass as something other than Skillet, but maybe it is Cooper’s voice that I am stuck on and comparing the two so much. Maybe with other tracks, we will hear a more unique sound that will distinguish the two bands. For now, Fight the Fury sounds like an enjoyable hard rock/metal band that is fun to hear, but nothing all that impressive.

The EP, Still Breathing releases on October 26. You can pre-order the album below:

Image via Atlantic Records

Interview: Molly Grue

#1: How did the project come to be?

It’s a side project that I began in order to release soft rock material under. My last EP was a release dedicated to the punky ska material I’d written, so I’ve basically been dividing up all of my songs, new and old, and separating them into projects according to genre/style.

#2: What are some of your most memorable moments with the band?

I don’t really have an official band; all of the musicians I have credited on the EPs are session musicians. I’m just working on a string of studio projects right now.

#3: When going to one of your concerts, what should people expect?

The last time I performed, with my Krista D project, I was having such a
hard time finding live musicians to back me that I just brought mannequins to the venue. I made band shirts for them, hung instruments on them and then I performed karaoke style. It was a weird and wonderful time. I introduced all the mannequins as “Miranda” and where I didn’t give them any pants I just advertised the show as ‘Krista D and the Pantsless Mirandas’. So I guess, all that to say, people should expect some form of nonsense at my live performances.

#4: Out of every band you have seen live, who are some of your favorites?

I liked seeing The Real Mckenzies, The Creepshow and The Mahones.

#5: What are some of your biggest influences that have shaped your music?

I’m all over the board…so I’m not even sure who my biggest influences
would be. I mostly just say that mood and experience are the biggest
influences on my songwriting. Happy sounding material is released under Krista D (punky/ska) I’ll be releasing sadder, more introspective,
material under Molly Grue (soft rock) and then, the harder rock tracks-
most of which will be fairly angry, are going to be released under Hooha and the Peter Guns.

#6: Have you met any of your favorite musicians and what were those experiences like? If you have not met anyone, then who do you want to meet most?

I have no favorites, or heroes, really. I realize that’s a pretty boring answer… I should really start looking for someone to idolize. And now I have ‘I need a hero’ by Bonnie Tyler stuck in my head…

#7: What are some long-term goals you have for the project?

The only true goal I have is to record all of my unreleased written
material; essentially for closure and for the personal achievement. I wanted to finish what I’d started years ago before I had to leave music due to a series of unfortunate events. I’m mainly a visual artist now, and at this point of my life I’m just using words and music as another medium in order to vent my emotions and experiences.

#8: What is the biggest accomplishment you have had so far?

The response on the single Land Mine, from the Krista D release. It had
over 719,000 streams, in a month, on Pandora Internet radio.

#9: What plans do you have for the rest of the year?

For the Molly Grue project: I plan to wrap up the EP, as well as finish
the stop motion video I’d started for the single ‘Anyway’.

I’ll post the video, on my ‘Loose Lamb Records’ Youtube channel, once I
finally complete it.

As of now, ‘Molly Grue’ is still very much a small, unknown, DIY project
that is starting from zero.

10 Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac has been able to dump dozens of Easter eggs from Marvel and other hidden gems for players to discover. Marvel’s rich history with its comics and movies make plenty of appearances, but not everything is Marvel related.  A lot of these are easy to catch, but some of will take time to find in the massive city. Here are 10 out of the many Easter eggs found in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

#10: Uncle Ben’s Grave

Going to the upper west side of the map into Harlem, Peter’s beloved Uncle Ben’s grave can be found here. The game makes a few references to Ben’s death, but for the most part, keeps everything tight-lipped. Just like the choice in Spider-Man: Homecoming, everyone knows Ben dies, so why have to show it for the hundredth time to audiences? Insomniac went with a more creative approach which still kept the impact of Ben’s murder. Finding his grave will also give you a trophy, just FYI for the people wanting to get 100 percent in the game.


Image via Insomniac Games


#9: Sanctum Sanctorum

Doctor Strange and his legion have multiple locations in which they can help protect the Earth. Where the Doctor resides at is the New York location in which is one of the many sites that can be photographed in the landmark collectibles. The building stands out for anyone who has read the comics or has seen Doctor Strange or Infinity War.


Image via WhatCulture/Insomniac Games


#8: Fisk’s Cello’s Name

You might find a variety of instruments, art, and other valuables from Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. Fans who have read the comics or Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix would know the man is head over heels for his wife, Vanessa. If you spot his cello, then you will see that Fisk has named the instrument after her. While Mrs. Fisk does not make an appearance in the game, this little-hidden detail shows that she is in this universe. Maybe if Fisk returns in a sequel, we might get to see his wife.


Image via Insomniac Games


#7: Wakanda Embassy

Black Panther took the world over for months leading into Infinity War. Of course, there should be an Easter egg giving the nod to the king of Wakanda. One of the landmarks to take a photo of is the Wakanda Embassy. Spidey makes a remark about him getting bit by a radioactive spider and questioning if T’Challa was bitten by a radioactive panther.


Image via Screen Rant/Insomniac Games


#6: Morbius

Dr. Morgan Michaels has some significance to the main story in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Casual players might miss why his name is such a big deal, but hardcore fans have been discussing his future in a sequel if it were to ever be made. In the comics, Michaels is Morbius, a vampire villain who gives Spider-Man a hard time. Remember, if someone has a name in a comic book then they might have a supervillain or hero alter ego in some universe. Apparently, everyone becomes Spider-Man, a vampire, or some masked psychopath.


Image via Marvel Comics

#5: Jessica Jones’ Alias Investigations

Jessica Jones has a sign for her makeshift office for her P.I. Business, Alias Investigations. I was full of joy when discovering she exists in this universe. She is incredibly powerful with her super strength. Her attitude is not the easiest to get along with, which makes her that much tougher when dealing with anyone giving her bad attitude. If she ever makes an appearance in a future Spidey game, we better get Kristen Ritter who portrays Jones in the Netflix series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones because she is perfect.


Image via Reddit

#4: Maddie Proposal

The story behind the “Maddie, Will You Marry Me?” title on a movie theater is depressing A fan asked Insomniac to put up the sign to make for a unique way to propose to his girlfriend. He then came out to thank Insomniac and inform everyone that the relationship did not work out. Reports came out that she had left him for his half-brother, but in an interview with Kotaku, she had clarified that she was not in a relationship with his half-brother. While the story is not as horrible as initial reports, it is still sad, but makes for one of the most unique Easter eggs in video game history.


Image via Insomniac Games

#3: Avenger’s Tower

While in the MCU, the Avengers have a new base, in the universe Insomniac built they are sticking to the iconic tower. The tallest building in the game that acts as both a landmark to take a picture of, it establishes Earth’s mightiest heroes are active in this world. While Insomniac wanted to maintain a Peter/Spider-Man story, maybe in the future we can get more crossover between the web-swinger and other heroes.


Image via ComicBookMovie.com/Insomniac Games

#2: Stan Lee

The developers worked hard with Marvel to make a game that felt like a unique Spider-Man story with elements from the Marvel movies we know today. From the music to a Stan Lee cameo, Insomniac has made a game that could easily fit into the MCU. Stan Lee’s cameo comes in a story cutscene, so just like the movies, you can’t miss him.


Image via Insomniac Games

#1: Nelson and Murdock Backpack Easter Egg

The backpacks might be the best collectibles in years. Each bag over Spider-Man’s eight-year career holds something significant to his history or some minor occurrence. Out of every Easter Egg found, the Nelson and Murdock business card made me lose my mind. I am a huge fan of the Netflix adaption of Daredevil (season three comes October 19, so get hyped). Spidey makes a quip about a blind lawyer coming up to him and giving him the card. Another Easter Egg can be found by finding Nelson and Murdocks building where they work hard defending people in need. While some of the other secrets in the game might be more significant, I just love that Insomniac put this in the game.


Image via Insomniac Games

Going over the 10 Easter eggs do not scratch the surface of how many secrets Insomniac have hidden away in this massive city. Comment below some of your favorites and go swing around to find some secrets that nobody else has seen.







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Ranking Every Fit for a King Album from Worst to Best

Fit for a King has just released their fifth album called Dark Skies. Over the years the band has gone through changes with its members and style to find their identity in the metalcore scene. Now the band has mixed deathcore, hardcore, and metalcore to deliver a mix of flavors that can be found in heavy music. Let’s go over the band catalog to see which are their best and worst albums.

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#5: Descendants (2011)

Not the best debut for a band. While the album manages to have strong hooks, heavy breakdowns, and powerful lyrics, a lot is missing to make this album that much distinguishable from a lot of other metalcore. The album has Matty Mullins from Memphis May Fire featuring in The Architect and Jeremy Gray of Ivoryline in Parallels which is impressive to see a band debut with respectable guests.


#4: Slave to Nothing (2014)

The band kept their breakdowns but mixing some more technical instrumentation to keep things fresh. In future music, they will step away and reexamine their style as a band, but for the most part, it worked out to make for a solid album. Kill the Pain packs the first punch straight to the gut with its raw emotion. The title track featuring Mattie Montgomery from For Today, who disbanded in 2016, remains to be one of the most outstanding songs off of the record. Impostor has an excellent combination of its clean singing and screaming. Much of the instrumentation feels a bit weak but does not stop the album from standing on its own two feet.


#3: Creation/Destruction (2013)

Despite its ranking on the list, Creation/Destruction is one of my favorite metalcore albums of all time. Sure, some parts of the instrumentation are generic. What makes it work are the hooks, some perfectly paced breakdowns, powerful lyrics, and some of the band’s catchiest choruses. Warpath and Destruction can tear down buildings with their heaviness. Catchy choruses flood through the album that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Aaron Kuvera, former bass player and clean vocalist, delivers some of my favorite vocal performances heard from Fit for a King. Broken Fame, The Resistance, and Bitter End are some of the strongest tracks the band has ever written. The record is able to take a break with a more melodic approach in Skin & Bones. The Resistance is my favorite song from the group to date with its powerful lyrics about the media. Broken Fame sending the message about not letting fame destroy your mindset and who you are. The album remains to be one of their most powerful they might ever create despite some flaws.

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#2: Dark Skies (2018)

Choosing between the band’s latest album over Creation/Destruction pains me. What makes their most recent effort rank higher is the band’s growth and maturity. Oblivion is one of the most emotional songs the group has ever written. A song about wanting forgiveness when you know you have made a significant mistake. With its music video that just came out, your heartstrings will absolutely get pulled on hard. The Price of Agony and Engraved have some of the band’s catchiest choruses since CreationBackbreaker is arguably the band’s heaviest song to date. Kirby discusses social anxiety in the back-breaking track. I love nine out of the ten songs. Despite not loving Debts of the SoulDark Skies is one of my favorite albums of the year.


#1: Deathgrip (2016)

What might be the band’s heaviest and darkest album, Deathgrip brings the perfect mix of brutality and melody. Pissed Off is one of the heaviest songs about terrorism. The track shows off Kirby’s range in his vocals with one brutal guttural that closes the song. Other highlights such as Cold Room and Shadows & Echoes are perfect representations of how far the quartet has come. Jake Luhrs from August Burns Red features in one of the most emotional tracks, Dead Memory. Stacking Bodies has another great feature, Levi Benton of Miss May I. The band has dabbled in guest vocalists, but Jake and Levi are the best vocalists to feature in a Fit for a King album. After experimenting with the previous records, Fit for a King found who they are in the crowded metalcore and deathcore scene.


Be sure to comment how you would rank each Fit for a King record. How much do you agree or disagree with my list?

Images via Solid State Records