Interview: Tim Graham from Rozu

#1: Competition is rough in the music industry, what is your band doing to grow and continue to reach for success?

In such a competitive industry we are really taking a different approach with the idea that content is king because honestly, it is. We have not stopped writing for a year now and continually creating more content and releasing bits and pieces here and there to grow our fanbase and avoiding wearing ourselves out too soon. We have 3 songs released now, have another EP still to be released and are currently finishing the writing sessions for an album.

#2: If someone goes to one of your concerts, what do you think they should know going in?

Really as anyone should at a show go in with an open mind and let yourself feel the music. Going into our show I think anyone should know that we leave it all out there and write music that is incredibly honest to us and we put that emotion into our show.

#3: What is your dream tour or festival?

Right now, our dream tour would be going out with our bros in Noble, Oceans Ate Alaska, and Outline in Color. That tour would honestly be the best times all around.

#4: If you could collaborate with any musician, who would you choose?

I would love to collaborate with the dudes in Underoath, their songwriting is just incredible and are living legends of this genre.

#5: Out of every concert you have been to, who are the best live bands?

Tool is always incredible to see live. In the scene, Architects and Plot in You are incredible live every time.

#6: Who are some of your biggest influences?

We draw a lot of influence from Underoath, Like Moths To Flames, Saosin, and Chiodos.

#7: When did you first start playing music and how did that come together to lead you to where you are today?

We all started playing at a young age individually. We just all have this fire inside of us and this drive knowing this is what we want to do. It is not an option anymore this is just what we need to do.

#8: What are your plans for the rest of the year for the band?

Well, we are going to continue writing with hopefully releasing this album by the end of the year and we are planning some tours right now for summer and fall. We are staying as busy as we possibly can.

Find more information on Rozu on their social media accounts and website:

Facebook, website, Twitter, and Instagram


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