Spider-Man: Far From Home Theory: How Mysterio Will Turn into a Villain

Trailers for any entry into the MCU gets jam packed with content to dissect and with Spider-Man: Far From Home, one specific detail caught me, Quentin Beck/Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) fights on the same side as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Traditionally the special effects worker turned criminal has given Spidey plenty of trouble, but seeing him as a hero feels wrong. Due to Marvel’s current trend with their baddies, I have a few ideas about where Mysterio will end up.

The story we know so far is that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) highjacks Peter’s (Tom Holland) vacation to Europe into a new adventure to face against Hydroman and the other Elementals. He gets introduced to Mysterio who has been hired by the uniter of the Avengers to help the web-slinger defeat these new foes.

Marvel has addressed their antagonist problem in a significant way with Thanos (Josh Brolin), Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), and Vulture (Michael Keaton), who have all been able to prove themselves as worthy foes and have a sympathetic backstory that makes their motivations impact the audience point of view. My thoughts here are that Mysterio will start off as a hero, but end as a criminal. Something traumatic will occur to lead him down a darker path, which leads to a loveable new character to turn down the wrong path, not only affecting Peter but the audience too.

Image via Marvel Studios

Having a change of heart for Mysterio will become important, especially as Vulture gets reintroduced. Keaton’s excellent birdlike crook will make a return in a way that has not been shown or mentioned. The most obvious reason is to move into a Sinister Six direction. Mysterio and Vulture both tend to have significant roles in the clubhouse of supervillains, along with Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) and Mac Gargan (Michael Mando) who eventually turns into Scorpion. Since the standalone films have consisted in threes, Spider-Man’s third journey could have the ultimate climax by facing against six of his greatest enemies, all we need is two more introductions.

Often times the leader of the Sinister Six flips between Green Goblin or Doc Ock, neither of whom have made an entrance into the MCU, yet. The Osborn storyline has been beaten to death with the Garfield and Maguire films, so going to Otto Octavius who has not made any live-action appearances since Spider-Man 2 in 2004. Tony Stark will no longer be around as Peter’s superhero guardian, introducing Otto as a new father figure could push the iconic hero into a new direction that has not been seen on film, along with the leading into his toughest challenge to take on alone.

The motivations to Mysterio could go in a different direction if the Sinister Six option becomes a reality, even without five villainous buddies, he has room to digress into a supervillain. His drive in the comics relates to frustration with the film industry and a desire to become famous, so he tries to take down Spider-Man to achieve a high level of stardom. Not a strong motive for a big screen adaption, but his ego driving him for glory could work against him by moving towards heroism then having those plans blow up in his face to corrupt his moral compass.

Another direction for his desires can stem from a falling out with either Nick or Peter. Seeing heroic men not turn out who he expected could lead Quentin Beck to a darker life. The classic story of betrayal or having different outlooks could turn Quentin into a sinister force rather than an avenging one.

Marvel has come to love their misdirection like in the trailers for Thor: Ragnarok and Infinity War. Due to how many edits were made in the third Avengers, I can no longer trust what gets shown in any preview for new entries in the MCU. No matter what trick lies waiting for audiences, I can guarantee a plan for Mysterio to go rogue will occur at some point in Far From Home.

What do you think about my ideas about Sinister Six or the lone Mysterio fighting against Nick Fury and Spider-Man? Comment any of your thoughts on my theory or your own theories below.

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Trailer Impressions: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Marvel surprised me with a trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home this early and show the man himself, Peter Parker (Tom Holland). After Infinity War, I felt the trailer’s tone and what we will see would be different from here, but we got a standard trailer that shows no spoilers to either Avengers films by standing on its own as a satisfying and intriguing peek into Spidey’s next adventure.

After a special thank you to Spider-Man at our first look into Aunt May’s (Maria Tomei) homeless support program, he goes backstage to see May embrace Peter and his superhero alter-ego. I hoped to see resistance from her initial discovery of Peter’s secret life, but seeing her support him works to help push him further when tensions rise. Happy (Jon Favreau) walks in to have an awkward exchange with May, a possible new romance which feels suitable due to the unlikely pairing and the dynamics that can happen in the future, I am on board.

Screenshot (27).png
Image via Marvel Studios

Peter goes off for a school trip in hopes of hanging out peacefully with his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon), and his new found crush MJ (Zendaya) in Europe, no Spider-Man needed. Of course, due to having these powers, the superhero life comes for him after Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) tranquilizes Ned and gives the young hero a brand new suit to fight off a new enemy alongside a brand new protagonist, Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

His new costume looks like a cross between the Stark suit from Civil War and an old school appearance. A beautiful red and black combo that works well to capture what was perfect about the costume we already knew from previous entries in the MCU and the traditional look he has sported for decades.

Screenshot (26).png
Image via Marvel Studios

Nick will take a significant role in the film as Peter’s new guardian, due to Tony probably getting killed in Endgame or whatever conclusion happens in that film. One quick shot show Fury and a woman holding their guns to a giant monster, which could come from Mysterio or the main antagonist Hydroman (casting unknown as of now). Due to Mysterio always has appeared as a criminal, the trailer could mislead fans by introducing Hydroman, or Quentin’s arc will go from shiny hero to crooked villain.

Screenshot (25).png
Image via Marvel Studios

Chaos circles London with a montage of colorful lightning, explosions, and common thugs with machine guns, which reveals a short glimpse at another suit the web-slinger will sport, a similar look as the stealth costume and Noir Spider-Man.

Screenshot (24).png
Image via Marvel Studios

An ultimate glance at Hydroman comes to light as he squares off against Peter, who does not have his Spider garb equipped. To save the day, Mysterio reveals himself in an outfit that surprisingly works well on screen. Many, myself included, were skeptical on how the character would look in a movie, but those worries snapped to dust due to his stylized armor, and Gyllenhaal always nails his performances, a dream come true for me to watch him appear in the MCU.

In case of anyone wondering, yes, the fishbowl helmet does appear. Shockingly, it works well and does not look goofy.

Screenshot (23).png
Image via Marvel Studios

After the action-packed fight between Mysterio and Hydroman, Peter stands with his classmates watching the TV as the two characters clash together. Some banter occurs between MJ, and Flash Thompson (Tony Revolori) makes for the perfect comedic endpoint.

My main issue stems from revealing Peter is alive and well from the events that occurred in Infinity War,  but marketing the sequel to Homecoming would never happen if everyone at Marvel worried about complete spoilers. It would not be possible to show a trailer without the iconic hero himself. Maybe pushing into the fall or late summer would have been a smarter plan, but I am just happy to get more Spider-Man.

Mysterio makes for an excellent choice, but I hope they stick to him acting as a villain rather than a vigilante. Knowing Marvel, a lot of misdirection covers the whole trailer; I have learned not to trust them after the first look at Infinity War.

I was already excited for Captain Marvel, Endgame, and now Far From Home got me in its web. Marvel might have its best year if Captain Marvel can make a standout debut, Endgame delivers a satisfying conclusion, and the next Spidey adventure can adequately incorporate the aftermath of Thanos along with providing something near Homecoming. 

What do you think of the trailer? Comment your thoughts below. Also, you can watch the trailer here:

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases July 5.

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5 Metal and Rock Bands Who Have Gotten Better Over Time

When an artist releases new material, people find a way to hate. Often times people say, “This fucking sucks, go back to your old sound,” or “You have stayed the same, this is shit.” In rare occasions staying the same is beneficial, allowing time to develop what will become a signature sound, or some can evolve into something greater to provide constant refreshing music. Sometimes finding the sweet spot of good quality music, whether you change a lot or stay the same, can take time. These bands found their way somehow after years of perfecting their art.

#5: Carnifex

The blackened deathcore group have adequate music throughout their discovery, but nothing that feels special. The grim quartet consists of musicians who taught themselves because they love heavy metal, an incredibly admirable. They did strike gold on their 2014 release with Die Without Hope, a gruesome, yet honest approach that took their instrumentation to a more complex and melodic route while holding down heavy breakdowns. Lyrically the songs made their usual topic of depression, suicide, and other related issues into a deeper and honest perspective. Ever since the band launched the phenomenal followup Slow Death, an EP titled Bury Me In Blasphemy, and will take the black metal elements along with all that they have learned into the next album sometime this year.


#4: Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin hit hard with each release; however, their quality significantly increases after every album. Since getting new members, the band rekindled a creative fire that takes their typical sound into new heights while still being is so recognizable from their music.


#3: Fit for a King

For a band that has dropped plenty of solid metalcore albums, the Christian metalcore outfit has found themselves a perfect blend of evolution and staying true to their roots. Their last release, Dark Skies, builds off of the direction of the excellent Deathgrip. With a blend of deathcore and metalcore, Fit for a King has a future to place themselves at the top of the food chain in this scene.


#2: Behemoth

Originating as a group who leaned fully into black metal, the Polish metallers have transcended into a blackened death metal outfit who have improved not only their theatrics but their songwriting too.

After recovering from cancer, singer/guitarist Nergal gathers the band to create one of the best records of their career, and in recent years for extreme metal. The Satanist was a statement to the world of not only their return but for world domination. The album features plenty of strong tracks but has the greatest finale in history with O Father O Satan O Sun. Now after having a strong followup with I Loved You at Your Darkest, it appears Behemoth will not be going anywhere anytime soon.


#1: Ghost

Another band who has always put out consistent work while rising to something greater. While Ghost’s first two albums stand strong, but Meliora and Prequelle show how these Swedish rockers are the most innovative band in the modern landscape of the genre. Elevating their lore behind their characters and music, they will go down in history for their unique direction.


Header image via Nuclear Blast Records and Metal Blade Records

Opinion: Horror Movies are Making a Comeback From the Grave: How the Horror Genre is Rising Back to Greatness

The lucrative horror movie genre has always been profitable, but the quality is often rotten. Sequel after sequel of storylines that get beaten to death then mutilated to further their descent into utter garbage and bad Rotten Tomatoes scores, the overall quality of most films in the world of everything spooky has gone downhill, especially in the 2000s. In the last couple of years, a shift has taken place where these films are making money and people, both critics, and audiences, enjoy these pieces of entertainment for their value rather than seeing it for the sake of watching something at the theater. With movies from 2018 like A Quiet Place, Halloween, and Hereditary finding success and 2019 having plenty to offer, creating something terrifying never looked so good as it does now.

The amount of tickets sold in horror continually goes up and down. According to The Numbers’ data, a sharp 6.98 percent increase has taken place from 2014 to 2017. The most notable movie during this increase is Andy Muschietti’s IT remake which grossed over $700 million during its run in the theaters, making Pennywise’s return the highest grossing in the horror genre and for R rated movies.

Screenshot (17)

2017 had more to offer than just the excellent adaption from Stephen King’s classic novel. The New York Times reported that the year saw the biggest rise for the genre. The USA alone saw $733 million total from scary movies and worldwide the total came to slightly over a billion. Get Out, Happy Death Day, and Jigsaw all helped the killer clown shapeshifting entity take the horror into new heights. Comparatively the biggest year prior was 2000 which grossed $616 million due to reboots of classic horror films like Rob Zombie’s Halloween and original flicks like Saw. The 2010s have increased due to those same reasons, but more original ideas have been popping up.

Get OutA Quiet Place, and Don’t Breathe not only score well at the box office but did well on the Tomatometer. While Rotten Tomatoes is not the judge, jury, and executioner in the world of film, it still holds value as a respectable measurement when looking at how audiences and critics view a movie’s quality. John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place scored a 95 percent with experts and an 83 percent with viewers while grossing $340 million on a roughly $17 million budget. Jordan Peele stepped out of the comedy into the darkness to deliver his standout debut with Get Out received a 98 percent from critics and an 86 percent from fans with a slam dunk by earning $255 million on a budget of $4 million. The director of the 2013 remake of Evil Dead, Fede Alvarez made his most successful film with Don’t Breathe got an 88 percent from the professional reviewers while obtaining a respectable 78 percent from the public. No matter whether people die by a blind slasher, a racist family, or aliens, the masses will throw their money and high opinions over who can scare and entertain better than the rest.

Plenty of good ideas go to waste in the past, still happens today, but riskier projects can thrive. As Above So Below received an abysmal 25 percent with a mediocre return in profit, Flatliners got crushed by a 4 percent by squeaking in $45 million, and Chernobyl Diaries got eaten by a 17 percent but making a respectable $37 million off a $1 million budget. Original ideas in the last few years such as the brilliant Get Out, the unique It Follows (a 96 percent on Rotton Tomatoes), the adrenaline pumping Train to Busan (96 percent), and sweat-inducing A Quiet Place takes their new ideas to win over the world.

Films need to have a better objective, a focus on jump scares and high body counts will not do any justice in creating an enjoyable horror flick. According to a survey of 200 movies from the reviewing juggernaut, any film with higher than five deaths will most likely hinder its rating and proceeds. A Quiet Place and Hereditary (89 percent then raking in a modest $79 million while costing $10 million) came out on top as some of 2018’s highest reviewed horror flicks. Both films have a few deaths while their attention centered around suspense, character development, and narrative. Just like an action movie, if you have nothing but explosions with no meat on the story or personalities, then you become a Michael Bay movie.

The future for these grim films looks bright as they dismember and spread nightmares throughout the world. 2019 holds the sequel to the wildly successful IT, Jordan Peele will deliver a terrifying experience that matches Get Out‘s thought-provoking message with his second outing with Us, another Stephen King adaption storms through with John Lithgow (Dexter), John Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty), and Amy Seimetz (Alien: Covenant) in Pet Semetary, the long-awaited sequel to zombie-comedy Zombieland arrives this fall, and the insanely popular superhero genre will showcase The New Mutants, and Brightburn will turn the idea of cape-wearing vigilantes upside down. Based on the past few years of the rising numbers of these horrific tales that get brought to life on the big screen, make sure you lock your doors and windows every night because this year will be a dangerous and haunting time with evil Superman, killer clowns, and vicious dead animals.

Header image via Warner Bros. Pictures, RADiUS-TWC, Universal Pictures

What We Know: Resident Evil 2 Remake

Capcom cemented the survival horror genre with Resident Evil. While the series has seen its fair share of boulder punching duds that go from cheesy, but thrilling horror to becoming the Fast and Furious of horror video games, that does not take away from some of the hits like the second entry. Later this month both players of the original Resident Evil 2 and newcomers who missed out, like myself because I was too young, will get a chance to grab the remake that will modernize the iconic zombie title. Here is all that you need to know before spending the money on a new game.

Image via Capcom


Is it a remake or remaster?

Original players might feel disheartened to find out about the many changes that will come with the remake. This will not be a remaster, but rebuilding from the ground up to comfort gamers and adapt to the modern gaming landscape.

Graphics have been beautifully enhanced because the old version might have looked gorgeous back in the day, it has not aged well. Credit goes to the same engine used from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which gives a stunning facelift to Leon and all of the horrific flesh-eaters.

Plenty of gameplay mechanics will have alterations ranging from the layout of the world to the fixed camera positions changing to a typical third-person perspective. Not every detail has been listed on what will be different, but the primary goal from the developers is to maintain a balance of retooling RE2 for a modern audience and to satisfy loyal fans who dealt with nightmares and joy from the original release.

Separate campaigns

In the initial version, a different story was set for Leon and Claire. Instead of choosing which character from the beginning then playing as the other person after completing the chosen narrative, Leon and Claire will have their individual campaigns to play on their own.

Image via Capcom

New gameplay mechanics

Knives will allow for an escape when grabbed by a zombie. The knife will stick in the walking corpse, so after killing the flesh-eater, pick the blade back up. Knives will break down over time, so keep an eye out for replacements.

Wooden boards can temporarily barricade windows and doors from imminent threats.

Puzzle solving has changed, like Ada’s segments. Her new tool allows discovering hidden mechanisms and secret paths as an easier task and the chance to survive to rise.

Crafting has become an essential aspect of Resident Evil, one of which will be gunpowder, allowing to create more ammunition.

Framerate and resolution for consoles

PC players rarely have to worry about balancing marvelous resolution and slick framerate, but Xbox One and PlayStation owners sometimes wonder how a game will look and run. An option for higher framerate and lower resolution will be available. Capcom made the game to run in 4K at 30 frames per second, but PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will go with toned down, while still beautiful, graphics to witness all of the gruesome violence engulfing Racoon City while playing at 60 frames per second.

Release date and platforms

Resident Evil 2 launches on Jan. 25 for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One

Want to play? Pre-order from the link below:

Buy: Resident Evil 2 – PlayStation 4

Buy: Resident Evil 2 – Xbox One

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What We Know: Kingdom Hearts 3

Over ten years in the making, Kingdom Hearts 3 will kick off 2019. While I will pass on the highly anticipated title, I know millions of people have been waiting for over a decade to get their hands on the epic Final Fantasy and Disney crossover adventure. For those fans, this is all that we know so far before the release of one of this new year’s biggest games.

Release date and platforms

Kingdom Hearts 3 will release on Jan. 25 in Japan then later on the 29 in North America. Gamers can play it on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Do you have to play the other titles?

Going into a sequel for a game can be risky. Newcomers might be too lost to enjoy the experience. In an interview, director Tetsuya Nomura has been, “thinking very precisely about how to make sure both those who have been with the series for a long time and those for whom this will be the first KH title will be able to follow along.”

Hopefully, newcomers interested in diving into this unique world can enjoy themselves without playing every other main and side title in the series.

Image via Square Enix/Disney


The combat mixes a hack and slash style along with a party system seen in many RPGs. You can have up to five allies who will aid you in battle.

Abilities can be used to help traverse in the world for exploration. Parkour and roaming around will uncover plenty to see and experience when playing.

New additions to the gameplay will give a fresh feel to the latest entry. Under specific conditions during battle, attraction flow will be available, a new superpowered move that summons an iconic ride from one of Disney’s amusement parks to aid you in a fight. Keyblade transformation will have various changes for a unique look and attributes for the right situation. Various forms have been revealed like guard power, and second form, but the details have not been given to what these mean during gameplay.

Image via Square Enix/Disney


Plenty of worlds can be explored in Kingdom Hearts 3. Since the release of the second game in 2005, Disney has acquired a lot of companies and properties that will assist Square Enix in developing the world of this series. So far the following areas have been confirmed: Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6, Olympus Coliseum from Hercules, Andy’s room from Toy Story, Monstropolis from Monsters Inc., Kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen, and Port Royal from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Despite a lot being hidden away until launch, plenty of information is out in the world about the upcoming entry into the Kingdom Hearts series. Only a few more weeks until gamers can get their hands on it. How do you feel about it? Are you excited? Comment your thoughts.

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Top 7 Movies of 2018

While this year had plenty of quality films to watch, I sadly missed too many to catch up on. With that said, the ones I have caught either blew me away with their original ideas and beautiful execution or disappointed me greatly. Let’s give praise to the best of the best from 2018 to see who reigns victorious.

Stick to the end for honorable mentions of films that are fun, but not top movie quality.

#7: A Quiet Place

Before praising this original horror flick, I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed. The hype got to me since I saw A Quiet Place two months ago. With the hype and glaring plot holes, John Krasinski delivers a surprising film that shows he has plenty of range in his acting and talents as a filmmaker.

I was already sold due to the incredible concept for this story and Emily Blunt who always puts on a fantastic show. Due to her real-life relationship with Krasinski, their chemistry works beautifully and feels as real as their love they have for each other off camera.

A genius idea that executes its premise well along with some superb performances and horrific monster designs. Horror fans need to see this film because not enough good ideas in the genre are done well enough unlike Krasinski’s heart pumping thriller.

Buy: A Quiet Place

#6: Annihilation

Alex Garland’s second directed film, Annihilation, further proves his talent to write and direct excellent, stunning works of art. An adaption from the first novel in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, a brilliant, but complex sci-fi narrative that is full of beauty, brutality, and will make you have to think hard.

Sadly, the film did quite poorly at the box office, so the story will most likely not get completed. With some luck due to a niche fan base, Garland can adapt the other two novels.

Buy: Annihilation

#5: A Star Is Born

I love Bradley Cooper, the man can always surprise audiences with his transformative performances, but now he can show he can sing, play instruments, and direct one of the best movies of the year, despite being one of many remakes.

Lady Gaga and Cooper have a fantastic chemistry that shines through while the story shows the darker sides of the music industry and stardom. The multidimensional outlook on entertainment is full of success, joy, and plenty of demons lurking in the shadows.

Surprisingly, the music did not hinder the Cooper’s take on A Star Is Born. His and Gaga’s sheer talent remained impressive every second throughout. It is almost unfair by how much talent these two people hold.

Buy: A Star Is Born

#4: Hereditary

The year’s best horror film, and one of the greatest of all time, Hereditary goes beyond the oversaturated supernatural genre by telling a compelling story about loss, grief, and mental illness.

While the horror elements were more on the creep factor and to psychologically dismantle the audience, the meat of the film comes from the family drama as these people try their best to cope with the loss of a beloved family member.

Everyone’s performance was excellent; however, Toni Collette deserves an Academy Award for her gripping acting. Mixed with excellent writing from director Ari Aster along with Collette’stunning portrayal of a grieving wife and mother shook me to my core.

Horror has plenty of success recently, but Hereditary is truly groundbreaking even with the overabundance of ghost and possession movies.

Buy: Hereditary

#3: Eighth Grade

Apparently going into this masterpiece, I felt I was the only one to not know who Bo Burnham was, but now I see why so many people adore his work.

Burnham’s directorial debut has more heart than almost anything I have ever seen. Full of awkwardness that made me squirm in my seat, comedy that made me laugh to the point of tears, and resonating drama that brought those tears out again for an entirely different reason. Whether someone is a Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial, everyone can relate on some capacity because middle school is the worst.

Out of every Oscar contender from the year, I will be furious if Eighth Grade gets ditched for the popular kids. Elsie Fisher’s performance as Kayla rivals Collette by how moving she is in every moment. A truly talented young actress who has a bright future ahead of her.

The most important film to watch from 2018. Parents can learn how to figure out their troubled teen, teens can figure out how to survive their parents and obnoxious students at school, and twenty-somethings can gain perspective on those times that they may have missed when they were experiencing those moments during their teenage years.

Buy: Eighth Grade

#2: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The year’s best-looking film, right next to Annihilation, has more to offer besides stunning visuals and a heroic story from one of the most iconic superheroes. A resonating message for all ages. Whether someone is a casual moviegoer or a hardcore comic book reader, Spider-Verse opens itself to anyone with its rich lore, golden sense of humor, and dramatic beats that blend well with the contrasting tones.

Buy: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

#1: Avengers: Infinity War

Of course, I am ranking Infinity War at number one. I wrote so many articles on this film and the MCU as a whole. A long ride that goes by quick due to its perfect pacing by mixing excellent storytelling, phenomenal character dynamics, and astounding battle scenes. Ten years in the making and Marvel hit their biggest hit yet.

All I need is the conclusion from Endgame which I cannot wait for.

Buy: Avengers: Infinity War

Honorable Mentions:

Deadpool 2

Black Panther

Ant-Man and the Wasp


Blood Fest

Header image via A24, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. Pictures