25 Best “Game of Thrones” Characters Who are Still Alive

HBO’s massively successful fantasy series Game of Thrones has announced the final season will premier next April. Despite all of the death over the past seven seasons, a lot of people are still alive. The 25 characters listed will vary from heroes, villains, and the morally questionable, one thing they have in common is that they are some of the best the series has to offer.

No, dragons do not count, but they are in my heart just so you know.

Since I am talking about Game of Thrones, be aware of spoilers of that did not occur to you.

#25: Hot Pie

How could I not put the friendly baker on here? I am not some kind of monster, plus his pies look delicious.

Image via HBO

#24: Podrick Dayne

Sweet Podrick does his best as he has been beside Brienne of Tarth for a while at this point. For someone so sweet and getting pushed down, he has two major surprises in his story so far. One, he manages to stay alive despite being a horrible fighter. Second, he got that orgy with those prostitutes for free. What is his secret? The biggest mystery of the series will never be solved.

Image via HBO

#23: Night King

A character with little development will remain lower on my list, especially one that has never uttered a word. The Night King is the show’s main threat who has an undead army and ice dragon by his side. Plenty more needs to be discovered to see his full potential because this mysterious being has enough power to wipe out everyone.

Image via HBO

#22: Daario Naharis

One of the many strong men who stand by Daenerys’ side. A loyal companion who has some of the best kills in the series.

He also manages to be one of the many characters to be recast. One of the few significant issues the show faces.

Image via HBO

#21: Eddison Tollett

Finding friends in the Night’s Watch can be hard, especially in the early seasons for Jon Snow. Eddison has one of the best hearts of the men who serve the Night’s Watch. A trusty friend who stood by Jon’s side through thick and thin.

Image via HBO

#20: Lyanna Mormont

One of the few characters to have little screen time and manage to be a fan favorite. Lyanna might be young, but her ferocious dialog shows that nobody should mess with this powerful girl.

Another positive to the character comes from her cousin, Jorah Mormont, one of my favorite characters who will pop up later on in the ranking.

Image via HBO

#19: Euron Greyjoy

A smug, charismatic, and most of all annoying villain, but I cannot dislike Euron. A great newer addition for the antagonist side of the show along with developing Theon and Yara’s character arcs.

Image via HBO

#18: Yara Greyjoy

The amount of great female characters in Game of Thrones feels overwhelming to list. Yara has done so much as a standalone character and to the tragic story that follows her younger brother Theon. A tough, fun character who stands out strong against so many incredible personalities.

cq5dam.web.1200.675 (1)
Image via HBO

#17: Grey Worm

A seemingly simplistic Unsullied commander for the Mother of Dragons becomes so much more. Due to his horrific past, he is a broken man who feels as if he is just meant to kill and die. The love story between him and Missandei feels organic and worthy. Too many shows push romance unnecessarily, but not here.

Image via HBO

#16: Bronn

Once he defended Tyrion and now fights next to Jamie. Bronn might not have had the most exciting story arc; that does not stop him from being a charismatic fighter who is enjoyable to watch as he kills or speaks with other characters.

Image via HBO

#15: Varys

While Little Finger was a snake, Varys matches him in sneaky behavior. One of the most morally questionable characters of the series, he keeps himself alive with diplomacy, working behind the scenes, and knowing the right cards to play at the right time. A brilliant man who after all this time, I have no idea what he is looking to get out of all the drama going around Westeros.

Image via HBO

#14: Jaqen H’ghar

The assumed identity of one of the men behind the Faceless Men remains to be an overall mystery. While nobody is certain whether we will see the assassin again, his arc was a methodical, intriguing narrative full of closed doors and death.

Image via HBO

#13: Davos Seaworth

Davos has had quite the adventure. Few characters are further away from where they started then him. Danger lurks around every corner, and I am hoping Davos can survive through all of the armies, undead, and dragons.

Image via HBO

#12: Samwell Tarly

While I am not a fan of his current narrative, Sam has a lot of potential in the final season. The show loves its slow-moving stories that make you question the purpose. By the end of most arcs, the “ah-ha” moment comes with a payoff that satisfies. I can only hope because Sam continues to bring joy with his kind heart.

Image via HBO

#11: Theon Greyjoy

If you asked me a few seasons back then, Theon would have been lower on the list. Due to his current story, I have regained my faith in him. Once a loveable friend of the Starks, turning into a backstabbing fiend, to his brutal relationship with Ramsay, and now he faces a Euron who will make or break Theon’s redemption.

Image via HBO

#10: Cersei Lannister

I love to hate Cersei. One of TV’s most heartless, horrible villains makes for the best threat to the more favorable personalities. The question everyone is thinking, will she win or die? If she dies, please let her be killed by either Jamie, Tyrion, or in a blaze of glory by a dragon. Drogon must be hungry.

Image via HBO

#9: Tormund Giantsbane

A significant member of the Free Folk, Tormund balances killing machine and a ball of levity in one of the darkest TV shows in history. His crush on Brienne of Tarth might be one of the best bits in the series. The little winks and nods as Brienne look away in disgust brings the kind of humor needed right before depressing scenes where fan favorites are raped, tortured, or killed.


Image via HBO

#8: Arya Stark

Arya’s narrative can be tedious. The Faceless Men story pains me to think about due to its pacing. The payoff ended up being worth it because Arya transformed into one of the most ruthless assassins fans have seen. Her killing Little Finger will go down as one of the best scenes in the entire series.

If rumors end up true that Maisie Williams portrays Ellie in the Last of Us movie then I will be happy with the potential trainwreck of another video game adaption.


Image via HBO

#7: Brienne of Tarth

While plenty of men can hold their own in battle, not many of them stand up against Brienne of Tarth. Her stature will make her enemies tremble. An honorable woman who has looked after the Stark girls the best that she can despite some troubling circumstances. You know she means business if she won a fight with the mighty Hound.

Her relationship with Jamie Lannister is a unique dynamic that I cannot wait to see further develop in the final season. Two great warriors who are now on the same side. Even when they were against each other, there was a mutual respect that shined through the conflict.


Image via HBO

#6: Jon Snow

Unlike most people, I used to not like Jon Snow. He grew on me around the time of his death and resurrection. As he has become as a leader and warrior, I have gained an appreciation for him. His narrative during season seven was some of the best in the series, and I am rooting for him during the final few episodes.


Image via HBO

#5: Jorah Mormont

Despite the falling out between him and Daenerys, he has always fought for her. She pushed him out, and he did what he can to redeem himself to be her loyal companion. The world of Westeros is full of selfish people who will lie, steal, and kill their way to the top. Jorah stands out in this hateful world as a man who has a strong moral compass.

On top of his kind soul, Jorah’s kill count rises continuously and will not stop until he dies. If a battle between the fiercest swordsmen and women were to happen, I might bet on Jorah.


Image via HBO

#4: Sandor Clegan/The Hound

A mean-spirited man who will kill anyone who looked at him wrong. A one-note character turned into one of the most complex personalities in the series. Also, he has one of the best lines spoken in the series, “Fuck the king’s guard, fuck the city, fuck the king.”


Image via HBO

#3: Jamie Lannister

A once vile man turning away from his evil, manipulative sister to fight on the right side of history. Jamie was wrapped around Cersei’s finger for so long, I wondered if he will ever break free. He has had plenty of ups and downs, but not is the time for Jamie to rise up. Will the King Slayer become the Queen Slayer? One can only hope.

#2: Daenerys Targaryen

Being forced into a marriage with a barbaric man then raped and brutalized. Daenerys has become a seemingly unstoppable force. People told stories in the first few seasons of a girl with dragons. People dismissed those stories, and now they could potentially have her as their queen. Daenerys has a lot to face before the throne, but with her track record, the crown could be obtainable.


Image via HBO

#1: Tyrion Lannister

Universally the most beloved character in the books and TV show is Tyrion. A brilliant mind with a great sense of humor will get you a long way with the audience. Comedic relief along with a compelling story makes the joker into a person who is irresistible. Tyrion deserves a happy ending after so much suffering. Knowing Game of Thrones, that will not happen.


Image via HBO

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News: PUBG Coming to PS4

PlayStation posted on PlayStation.Blog that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be coming to the PS4 on December 7.

“Hey everyone, today we are thrilled to unveil the exciting announcement that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is officially coming to PlayStation 4,” writes Joon H. Choi, development project manager. “Bringing PUBG to the PS4 has been an ambitious project for us, and we are beyond thrilled to finally be sharing this news with the world.”

Four different editions will be available for pre-order. “Disc Edition” for $29.99 USD includes the base game. “Looter’s Digital Edition” for the same price and items. “Survivor’s Digital Edition” costs $59.99 USD which includes the base game, Survival Pass: Vikendi, 2,300 G-Coin Pack, and 20,000 BP, and the Champion’s Digital edition which costs $89.99 and delivers players with the same as the previous edition except for players receiving extra G-Coin.

Various exclusive skins will be available. You can view each one below:


Nathan Drake Desert Outfit from the Uncharted series via PlayStation.Blog


Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us via PlayStation.Blog



Header Image via Bluehole/PUBG Corporation

10 Best Stan Lee Cameos

The legendary Stan Lee has passed away at 95. The man has brought many joys to the world with Marvel in many forms. From comic books to movies, millions have enjoyed these stories and characters. In memory of Lee, here are 10 of his best cameos.

#10: X-Men: The Last Stand (20th Century Fox/YouTube user ultimate)

Not one of highest quality films on the list, but a solid cameo from the comic book legend. Lee tries his best to water his yard, but those superheroes continuously have to interrupt.

#9: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (20th Century Fox)

Easily the most atrocious movie on this list. Despite being an abomination in the superhero genre, seeing Lee get rejected from Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Grufford) and the Invisible Woman’s (Jessica Alba) wedding is hilarious. The only good that has come out of any of the awful Fantastic Four adaptions.

No clip was found, but here is a photo.

5 FantasticFour2.jpg

#8: Iron Man (Paramount Pictures/YouTube user ultimate)

A quick scene of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) patting Lee on the back and referring him as Hugh Hefner. Lee sure does have a way with the ladies.

#7: The Amazing Spider-Man (Sony/YouTube user Tim Wesseling)

Lee has a job to do which involves him organizing the school’s library. Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) fights The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) does not distract him from his work. Spidey and Lizard need to take it outside so the man can listen to classical music and work in peace.

#6: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Pigeonfiction)

Lee has had many jobs across his cameos, some work better than others. As a security guard, he discovers the Captain America suit has been stolen. Maybe return to organizing books for a high school.

#5: Captain America: Civil War (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Filmic Box)

An odd final note for the spectacular Civil War by having Lee pop up to deliver a package to Tony. He misreads his name as Stank which lightens up James Rhodes’ (Don Cheadle) day after losing the use of his legs. Even in the darkest of times, Lee will make someone smile.

#4: Deadpool (20th Century Fox)

Seeing the beloved creator working at a strip club is all that needs to be said here.


#3: Thor: Ragnarok (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Mr. Spoiler)

Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) beautiful hair gets chopped off none other than the mastermind of comics, Stan Lee. Poor Thor, at least he had the right man to do the (dis)honors.

#2: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Studios/YouTube user Scopian01)

Avoid taking any alcohol from a God, especially at a party full of other powerful beings. Lee tries to be a big man but ends up getting wasted.


#1: Marvel’s Spider-Man (Insomniac Games/Marvel/YouTube user SwanyPlaysGames)

The masterpiece game by Insomniac Games does so much to reach the same quality as the Marvel movies. In a surprisingly enjoyable scene, the man himself makes an appearance. The platform does not matter, Lee will pop up somehow.

The surprise factor and how much I enjoy this scene, that is why I rank this to be the best Stan Lee cameo.

Which are some of your favorite cameos from the comic legend? Let’s celebrate his legacy the best way that we can.

RIP Stan Lee (1922-2018)

Header image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore


10 Talented Vocalists Who Scream and Clean Sing

Some fans in the heavy metal community find utilizing screams, and clean vocals are controversial, plenty of singers make the two styles work. Often time bands will have the lead singer do one or the other while someone plays an instrument and sings the other method. Not everyone has those limitations. These 10 vocalists in the scene are able to belt out horrifying screams then switch to singing with a beautiful voice that will soothe you into sleeping at night happily.

#10: Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)

Blythe has had a long, successful career being a brutal vocalist in one of the biggest heavy metal bands. His range tends to be in the middle, but he can impress the biggest enthusiasts of screaming with his highs and lows. On the band’s last album, VII: Sturm und Drang, he surprised the whole community by the song Overlord. The long-time screamer jumps on the clean singing train for a majority of the track. If you managed to not hear the legendary singer try out some clean singing, then you will not believe what you are hearing.

#9: Ryan Kirby (Fit for a King)

The metalcore frontman stayed in his seat as the band’s screamer, while letting the bassist Ryan O’Leary take over the lighter vocals. He dabbled with Deathgrip then dove right in with the band’s latest album Dark Skies. While his harsher vocals sound much better, he progresses with this skill. His admirable efforts land him a position on this list.

#8: Caleb Shomo (Beartooth/Ex-Attack Attack)

Shomo remains to be one of the most immensely talented people in modern metal. He manages to do everything in Beartooth, and do it well. His mid-range screams always continue to be enjoyable and emotional. His voice fits the powerful subject manner that remains to be the face of Beartooth’s music. What makes him exceptional happens to be his clean vocals. A variety of tones flow out along with a catchy melody in his choruses, I find it hard to get his voice out of my head.

#7: Chino Moreno (Deftones)

The highly experienced singer manages to have an angelic voice will having such ear-piercing screams that set him apart from the rest of the scene. While everyone has their unique sound, Chino’s style and tone stand out more than most singers.

#6. Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)

The frontman of the gothic industrial metal band has quite the range. Going from a low tone like Marilyn Manson to high pitch singing in their early metalcore work. While his harsher vocal sounds have changed a lot over the years, he is able to belt out ferocious screams. The band’s early work displayed more range with impressive highs to brutal lows.

#5. Alisa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy/Ex-The Agonist)

While Gluz has not utilized her clean vocals since her previous band The Agonist, she has continued some heavy screaming with Arch Enemy. While many women in the metal scene are heard clean singing, Gluz stands out with her beautiful voice while managing to switch to ferocious growls.

#4. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember)

The diversity in A Day to Remember’s music is impressive. The decision to mix pop-punk and metalcore seems insane but works wonderfully. McKinnon’s catchy vocals in the poppiest of songs can easily stay in a fan’s head all day. While on the flip side his screams are far from the best, but what puts him high on the list is his ability to go in any direction he wants. The band’s heavy music is excellent, while the lighter material stands just as strong.

#3. Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)

Many tend to think of mixing clean singing and screams sounds like a higher pitched singer blending mid-range screams that adds to no range at all. One of the most definitive vocalists who have a tremendous range with that typical modern metalcore sound is the lead singer of Ice Nine Kills, Spencer Charnas. The vocalist delivers a death metal style to his vocals along with what many tend to hear from metalcore. His cleans are soft and beautiful to give excellent contrast to the heavy music.

#2. Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour)

The masked juggernaut continues with unstoppable talent in both his heavy metal outfit in Slipknot and his rock-oriented band Stone Sour. Taylor has the second highest range in the rock and metal world, and he still can surprise people. From catchy rapping, gorgeous acoustic work, and barking out hateful lyrics, the man does anything and everything.

#1. Spencer Sotelo (Periphery)

While it pains me to not put Corey Taylor at number one, I feel my choice is justified by placing the Periphery singer above the legend. Sotelo has excellent range in his screams from going deep, high, and everything in between. What sets him at number one is his angelic voice. I can listen to this man sing all day while still getting my fix for some heavy music. It makes sense that the most talented metalcore band, and one of the most talented groups in modern metal, has one of the best vocalists in the scene.

With all of the amazing singers out there who can switch from nightmare-inducing vocals to a beautiful sound that only an angel can make, plenty is missing from this list. Comment below what you think of my list and who you would rank instead.

Images via Wikimedia/Alice Wiegand, Wikimedia/Luiz Alberto, Flickr/Gage

Video Game Review: Red Dead Redemption 2

The Wild West was a crazy time in the history of the U.S., especially when witnessing a deer rundown some poor lady or a group of the KKK trying to light a cross on fire, but setting themselves on fire instead. Rockstar Games delivers a Western, unlike anything that has in the genre. The most anticipated game of the year is finally here after a long break from its predecessor. Now the developer has unleashed its first current generation title and as always, they manage to push technology and the industry forward by this ambitious title.

Taking place before the events of the first RDR, players dive into the shoes of Arthur Morgan, a member of the infamous Van der Linde Gang. Yes, that is the gang John Marston was a part of in the previous game, and you get to see a younger Marston grow through the eyes of Arthur. A slow-burning narrative that takes its time to develop characters that players of the first title will know with plenty of fresh faces. The exciting journey takes through a harsh adventure as the dysfunctional family of criminals tries to follow their leader Dutch to find a way to flourish in such difficult times.


Rockstar has always been top dog in the industry by not creating great games but making the narratives have the same quality as the gameplay. The character development is through the roof, unlike anything the company has done. Full of bombastic random characters that come up in the open world. Charismatic characters like Dutch help drive the story. Arthur is the best protagonist the company has ever brought into the world. He is a conflicted man trying to survive and do what he thinks is right despite his unethical occupation. The personalities in the game are not just characters, they feel like real people with motivations, flaws, quirks, and interests. With excellent writing and voice acting, these people come to life magically.

The open world is a massive landscape full of activities and surprises around every corner. Interactable people pop up all over the area to give Arthur a unique experience. Everything presented allows for a choice. See a man with a snake bite? Suck the venom out, provide him with medicine, or blast his head off with a shotgun to loot his corpse. Every opportunity feels real, and the outcomes are in the hands of Arthur by the way he speaks or acts.


With such a vast map, transportation is vital. Horseback riding is a ton of fun but can be tedious when riding across the country. Fast travel maps, stagecoaches, and trains help to get from point A to point B much quicker. A price must be paid to travel, but that does not become a problem once enough money to acquired. I only fast traveled once, every other time I took my sweet time with my beautiful companion across gorgeous landscapes. The introduction of swimming, a mechanic, missing from the first game, is a nice gesture that is useless due to boats and how Arthur swims painfully slow.

Choices have rewards and consequences. If Arthur mugs someone, then honor goes down. Help an old lady get to her home then honor rises. The differences in the experience will not vary too much, which is a disappointment. The differences I have seen will not ruin the game by wanting to take a different moral path. Some people will treat you differently like store owners giving you a discount for being the good guy.


The number of details will make heads start spinning. The way snow seeps into the ground after a horse takes a step, mud getting on clothing, and how every area has unique properties based on the climate. Arthur gets to explore places from developing cities, lush forests, wide-open grasslands, or snowy mountains. The weather mechanic puts every other game to shame by the variety and quality delivered. Freezing blizzards, pouring down rain, and high winds that pick up dirt into your eyes, the world feels real with its highly dynamic ecosystem. Depending on the weather, the clothing Arthur wears will affect his stats. Make sure you bring a jacket, the game acts like your mother to make sure you do not catch a cold. The vegetation, wildlife, and people will change based on where you decide to take Arthur.

Fully rendered holsters, bags, and over materials throughout the world enhance the immersion. When holstering a revolver, the gun does not clip through. Instead, you see Arthur put a weapon into its proper holster. Opening bags to store goods feel like something is inside, compared to most games where the illusion is always there. The rendered equipment gives that small detail to create for a more realistic experience.

Laid back activities are available to take a break from murdering and stealing from innocent people. Various games from poker and blackjack make a return. Fishing is a new way to gain food for your camp and to relax around beautiful lakes and rivers.


More exciting choices are available. Rob a store, loan shark, or hunt one of the 200 different species. Hunting strategies change based on each animal. For a more immersive wildlife experience, the ecosystem runs with or without any player being present. Prey feed on plants, predators feed on the prey, and scavengers will pick off the rest. Plenty of games have animals, but nothing has gone to this level of creating a real ecosystem. Using bates and the right weapon will give Arthur the best quality pelts and meats to use for new items and nutritious food for himself or his gang.

A new eagle eye system that every video game now has to implement enters Rockstar’s latest title. The vision allows to see animal tracks when hunting or see clues when investigating areas. An unoriginal idea that works perfectly well with the game mechanics.

The Van der Linde Gang is a family more than just a gang. People have wonderful chemistry and will change throughout the game. Arthur and everyone else must put in work to make everything run smoothly. Bringing in stolen goods, money, and food will help the camp thrive. Once enough donated money and supplies circulate into the settlement, plenty of options become available to customize the settlement to look less like a slum and more like a prosperous community.


The survival elements will either feel unnecessarily tedious or make players feel like Bear Grylls. The survival mechanics are lightly done to give tension, but not waste time. Wearing the wrong clothing for the weather will slightly drain stats, health, dead eye, and stamina while making recuperating harder. Arthur must eat, sleep, and drink to keep his stats in excellent condition along as his horse. To do all of the above is not necessary. Just using the right items refills each core to maximum capacity then Arthur and his horse are off on the next adventure. Weapons must also be clean for efficient use. Using them too often or going in the water will degrade their condition, making gun oil a precious resource.

Just like the people, the horse is a real character. Not brushing or feeding will lead to a weak bond between man and animal. As the relationship between Arthur and his trusty steed rises, so will the horse’s health and stamina. Buying the right equipment like better saddles and bags will benefit your horses use. The best part, you can name your horse. I called my two horses Mystery (yes, from Spongebob) and Drogon (Game of Thrones is the best).

Combat has had a complete rehaul. The shooting feels better than any other game in 2018. Each gun has a special feel and purpose. Simply cocking and reloading weapons feels satisfying and never gets old. Customization options can be available for all weapons to give a unique look along with upgrades to create a more precise killing machine. The variety of options for upgrades feels too limited. I wish there were more range to improve my weapons.

Deadeye makes a return that gets better as it levels up from use. Time can slow down, highlight enemy weak points and more to make an easy kill during a tense moment. The mechanic feels fresh and remains just as good as the previous game.

Melee combat is significantly improved. Grand Theft Auto V had an atrocious hand to hand fighting with or without weapons. This time enemies take longer to be taken down. Fights feel more realistic and dynamic.

Stealth is much improved. Unlike previous attempts. The NPCs react accordingly with some satisfying takedowns as you make your kill. The addition of a bow and arrow makes for the distant killing of enemies or animals a lot of fun.

The GTA V first-person update was a nice touch, and now we get an improved version of the viewpoint. Since the mode here was developed from the ground up, the feeling is smoother. Traversal and gunplay feel just as good in third or first person.


Law enforcement interactions have changed dramatically. Hiding from the police works instead of the law automatically finding you after a crime. Now people need to investigate areas as you try to escape. If a bounty is left unattended, then hunters will come after Arthur looking to get his head for a reward. Crimes can never be found out if Arthur eliminates any witnesses or evidence. Witnesses can be threatened or killed into silence. Most of the time the enhanced witness system works, but at the time I have been found out by lawmen even when there were no witnesses for miles or that I was wearing a disguise.

Customization has been enhanced significantly to make Arthur look the way you want. Shopping anywhere is done by a book or going up to a shelf to look at an item. Each item is fully rendered, so looking at a piece of cheese feels real. Arthur’s choice of clothing, whether he bathes, and gets a haircut will change people’s perception of him. Being covered in blood will cause a major reaction. Dressing up nicely and being clean will make interactions more positive. The range of clothing and how to grow out hair can suit anyone on how they want Arthur to look. Growing hair does take time, thus throwing out the idea of choosing styles by a menu. If Arthur is clean shaving then you cannot give him a full beard with the press of a button, you must wait.

Obtaining items can be done legally from the shops, but looting bodies and homes can be done too. Looting is fun, rewarding, but sluggish. After a while, I got used to the mechanic but felt Arthur needed to pick up the pace. Almost everywhere has rewards that will satisfy any venture. Many buildings can be entered, but not all. That can become unclear when some homes can be viewed from a window with a seemingly open door. Plenty of times I left a property disappointed that I could not rob them.


Every issue found can be easily corrected or ignored. I feel I will get nitpicky with the game’s slight flaws. Bumping your horse into anything becomes a pain quite quickly. The horse and Arthur go flying in the air and hitting the ground hard. Hitting civilians will cause a panic which gets the police involved unnecessarily. The cinematic camera is inconsistent with some unflattering views. My problem with enterable buildings still stands. Missions force Arthur to use certain weapons. I feel disappointed by this because I want to use my pimped out guns; instead, I am forced to use a weaker rifle. The main issue comes from the controls. Most of the time everything runs smoothly until things turn for the worse. So much is trying to be done which creates problems with some objectives in the story. Press one button then hold another can be overly complicated or not work as well as it should.


Rockstar has not just made a game; they created something that shows how far technology has come. While some holes in its animations can be seen alongside glitches that can be found in every gigantic open world game, the positives overcome those blemishes. Arguably the most beautiful video game ever made to date with some of the most immersive gameplay to date can be breathtaking. While its methodical, tedious pacing and gameplay will not be for everyone, but patient people who can enjoy an array of activities from the adrenaline pumping action to the chill card games, those are the people who will fall in love here. While technology has a way to go before getting to complete immersion, the developers have taken leaps that will push gaming to new levels in the future.

Due to Red Dead Redemption 2 not having the online available at launch, I do have to review the game as incomplete. The score listed does not reflect the final product, a separate review will come whenever multiplayer is released. You can buy the game and see the current score below:

Score: 9/10

All images captured on a PS4 Pro


What We Know: Fallout 76

Bethesda’s next entry into the Fallout franchise is almost here. The company has made a divisive decision by going entirely online rather than a singleplayer experience. With the game around the corner, not many details are known, and many gamers are confused about many aspects of the game, let’s go over everything we know so far about Fallout 76.

Timeline and Setting

Instead of going forward in time, Fallout 76 goes to where everything first started. Vault 76 was created to open up 20 years after the world ended by a nuclear holocaust. Set in West Virginia, players will have plenty of time to explore the early days of the apocalypse.

Players and NPCs

For the total player count, it is a little unclear. However, the total amount will be between 24 to 32. Players can team up in squads to make it easy to play with friends. If you die, you can be picked up or spawn on your teammates.

NPCs are mostly enemies. Monsters will be around to kill such as classic feral ghouls and new horrific creatures to blow to pieces. Robots and ghouls can be interacted with, but it is unclear what their purpose will be. Some robots can be vendors, but any other reason has not been confirmed.

If you see a human character, then that is a real person. The game will be mostly other players or monsters to fight.

PVP will be allowed, but systems are in place to prevent griefing. If you shoot someone, the damage will be minimal. If that player decides to shoot back, then the damage will be normal so everyone involved can fight. If you kill a player, they will only drop their junk.

Looting and Exploration

The map will be four times bigger than Fallout 4. Just like every other Fallout, players will be able to complete missions, loot buildings, and explore the massive world. West Virginia will be getting its first major look from the outside world, a state that many in real life tend to not think of, but millions of players will be walking around its streets.

Looting an item off a table takes that item away. Other players will not be able to get said item. If something is in a drawer or enemy, then the loot is for each individual. When fighting a creature, if everyone in your party manages to do some damage then everyone gets whatever drops. You might see one thing in a container or enemy, but your friend might find something different.


The survival mechanics will be light, but not much has been said. While you may need to eat, sleep, drink, worry about radiation, and keep your weapons in good condition, the extent of its importance is unclear.

Perk System

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perk system is revamped entirely. Each letter gets special cards that relate to that ability. Players will be able to level up these cards and build a set amount to create a class for any situation. If you go solo, then you can have a different build compared to when your friends come online.

Building and Crafting

Building and crafting from Fallout 4 is back. The main difference is that there are no limitations as to where you can build, at least that we are aware. If a threat of destruction to your home comes up, then you have a portable device to take it with you to build somewhere else.

Like previously said, if you die you lose your junk. You will want to track your junk back down because that will be useful when you need to craft items.


One big difference in gameplay will be the introduction of nuclear weapons. Nuclear codes can be found to unlock the destructive missiles. An area will be eviscerated and become irradiated for an unknown amount of time. Every player on the server will see on their map a red circle that will represent the bomb’s radius. Once the radiation dies down to a deadly, but tolerable level if you have the right gear, then the loot quality will be increased, perfect for people wanting to get the best possible weapons and armor.

Fast Travel

Players can fast travel to areas that they have discovered for a cost. Quickly getting to Vault 76 will always be free as a safe and an easy spot for players in trouble.


The aiming system that has been prominent in the last few entries will be different due to its online setting. Instead of stopping or slowing down time, V.A.T.S. will work in real-time and will only aim at the person or monster as a whole target. If you want to hit a specific part of their body, then specific perks will be required.


Bethesda has always been a major supporter of players modding their games. Modding will be a feature in Fallout 76, but not at launch. The developers need to get the game to be 100% before thinking about additions to the experience.

Post-launch Content

Any new updates with new content will all be free.


The dreaded microtransactions will be a feature in Fallout 76. Do not be scared; the microtransactions are only for cosmetic items only. Even then, everything can be unlocked in-game.

Release Date and Platforms

Fallout 76 releases on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Want to buy the game? Click either link below:

Song Impression: Slipknot – All Out Life

Just in time for Halloween, Slipknot has decided to feed their hungry maggots with a brand new song from their untitled sixth album that will be unleashed sometime next year. The band has teased the world that the new direction will be as aggressive as the fan favorite sophomore album, Iowa. With the promotion of a heavier sound similar to their roots had brought fans to get onto the hype train, now it is time for Slipknot to prove themselves.

That they did, in the bloodiest way Slipknot could provide.

The song’s introduction is a slow, quiet start that has a haunting electronic element that sounds out of an ’80s horror movie. The light concussive beats of drums lightly shake the floor with each second the force grows. Pressure builds until an explosion of instrumentation erupts as eight of the members go all out to make anyone want to start headbanging. The low tuned guitar riffs give vibes from The Negative One, the first single off of the band’s previous album. A perfect way to start off shows that these masked metallers mean business.

Corey Taylor comes in with his barking screams that sound as powerful as ever. His constant speed and aggression will make you start to sweat as he tears through the song. The only moments when he remotely slows down is during pre-choruses and the bridge. With vicious lyrics like, “What a world/the horizon’s coming like a hell-bent killing machine,” and “We are not your kind-I challenge you to all-out-life,” you know Corey is ready to tear someone’s head off.

The only slowing down is during the bridge. Taylor dives into a monologue. While Taylor talks, the guitars and bass are distorted and slow, and the three concussion members continue quieter but strong to support Taylor’s speech.

The harangue changes tone as Taylor delivers grows more aggressive as he switches to his rough screams as he repeats the words, “We are not your kind.” Jim Root, Alessandro Venturella, and Mick Thomson lash out with heavy riffs, Chris Fehn, Jay Weinberg, Shawn “Clown” Crahan start smashing their concussive instruments, and Sid Wilson and Craig Jones add some atmosphere with their technical skills.

When the song ends with a fiery rage delivers a final statement that leaves maggots that the guys who created Iowa have two new members and are all grown up. With all the hype that some of the members have been building up, they have proven themselves once again. Slipknot continues to be the kings of the modern heavy metal scene, and they are not going anywhere without a fight.

All Out Life is not even the heaviest song off the upcoming album, as Taylor confirms on his Instagram. While it is not the most brutal track, it is satisfying enough to hold me over until we get some more news about the rest of the record. Maggots have plenty of time to look forward to the rest of the new music.

Slipknot has not released the title of the new album, not the release date either, or the new masks that they are developing. You can check out the new song along with its blood-soaked music video below to hold yourself over if you are just as excited as I am.