From YouTube to Journalism to Podcasting: An Update on Where to Find My Work

Hello readers, long time no see. The world has changed a lot since I was frequently posted. The United States is about to have a new President, COVID-19 has engulfed the planet, WordPress updated the look of the writing section here and its a fucking mess, and I have some new work to show off.

If you read my blog posts before and were wanting to know what I have been up to then this will give you an idea of everything for you to check out.

Let’s start with KeenGamer.

KeenGamer is a small, independent gaming journalism website. I have been writing there for almost a year now. I have written game reviews, guides, and plenty of news covering the games industry. I also revamped the site’s podcast where we talk about all things video game related.

As of writing this update on my blog, I have been writing a lot on Cyberpunk 2077, which I am beyond excited about, so I have become the Cyberpunk guy at KG.

Since then, I got promoted twice to become a Senior Editor. Meaning, I edit and publish people’s articles across all the different types we put out for our readers.

Time to transition into my other podcast, Whiskey Talks.

I did not start this project, but my two buddies did. The idea is that they drink a lot of whiskey and shoot the shit. I came on board to keep the conversations on track.

We talk about a bunch of random topics from cults to time travel. At the end, we review an album of the week. Just something that we like or find to make for an interesting discussion about. It is a less official and quite arbitrary take on reviews, but its fun and introduces us and our listeners to a wide array of music.

We also have a store, so go check out our merchandise.

Finally, onto YouTube.

This is a recent endeavor, but I wanted to learn how to edit video. It is mostly for my resume to be more desirable for any employers out there. Also, it is a fun hobby as I survive the pandemic.

I got into it mostly because of a class I am taking where I learned how to use Premiere Pro and Adobe Spark. You can check out a story I developed, both in video form and as a multimedia package, on how the tattoo industry has been hit by COVID.

Regarding the personal YouTube channel, I make videos all about video games. I make gameplay videos for now, but I plan on expanding the kinds of content I produce.

Thank you for supporting me to get to this point for the old time readers. For the newcomers, welcome aboard. I hope you all follow me on some of these new adventures.


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