2022 Update Where To Find My Work and What the Hell I Have Been up to

Haha, funny how fast life comes at you… and how you forget your login to Word Press to update your dumb blog. That is not about me, obviously. Anyways, it is a new year, so why not give people an update on what I have been doing lately workwise.

For one, I am doing mostly freelance writing. I got let go of my last writing gig a while back, so I have been doing the freelance thing. It is cool to write for different outlets but sucks because the pay is crippling. That said, experience is experience and money is money when you’re a college student. (Feel free to give me work via my e-mail tszelden@gmail.com)

In other news, I have a new-new podcast. I say “new-new” because we evolved Whiskey Talks to Arbitrary Arguments. Turns out a podcast where two of the three hosts get super drunk is a terrible idea. Anyways, check that out to listen to my friend and I get into dumb fights with some moments of agreement. You can find us anywhere you get your podcasts.

I am still making YouTube videos. I quit the Let’s Play styled videos as I was not having fun and editing those were miserable when I am not even making money. I break down news stories in gaming, react to trailers, and do reviews. If that sounds boring or interesting, check it out.

That is essentially it for now. Check out my latest work and follow me on Twitter for my dumb takes, liberal opinions, and any promotion of my work. See you there!


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