Interview: CJ Krukowski of Threatpoint

#1: Competition is rough in the music industry, what is your band doing to grow and continue to reach for success?

CJ: We are always a stickler for playing the live… with all the modern day technology and advancements, performing live is still key to experience music and even win over new people. We’ve recently hooked up with Voodoo Queen Management and they have helped us to a degree with getting in front of some new people and throwing our name out there more, on social media especially.

Speaking of social media, we always do our best to make an online presence… you can find us pretty much everywhere. Do a Google search of “threatpoint” and we’ll come up. And we always interact/respond to our fans.

#2: If someone goes to one of your concerts, what do you think they should know going in?

CJ: We are very much a live band. From Chris up front to getting in everyone’s face, to Sam, Alex and Greg running around or even it in the crowd, to me spitting and spewing water, we aim to put on a memorable show that won’t be forgotten… we strive to stand out one way or another.

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#3: What is your dream tour or festival?

CJ: there are so many to choose from, whether it be to open for Metallica or Iron Maiden on a stadium/arena tour, play the Wacken festival over in Germany or do any of the big European festivals, really. Very difficult to pinpoint one… anything that gets us out in front of more people is always good.

#4: If you could collaborate with any musician, who would you choose?

CJ: Very tough one… I honestly don’t even have an answer for that. I certainly don’t think it’d be a metal musician though… if I were to do something like that, I’d really have to throw everyone for a shot in the dark.

#5: Out of every concert you have been to, who are the best live bands?

CJ: The ones that aren’t afraid to go nuts on stage and get in your face. Overkill, Testament, Anthrax, Kix, Metallica (back in the day)… I prefer seeing bands in a club atmosphere rather than an arena/stadium, there’s just no intimacy with that and it feels like they’re so far away and high up, you spend most of the show watching the screens.

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#6: Who are some of your biggest influences?

CJ: So many… but drumming wise: Lars Ulrich, Scott Travis, Nick Menza, Dave Lombardo, Vinnie Paul… I even like Ringo. I personally like the guys who are not overly technical but make their band pulse and lay it down solid and smooth.

You can follow Threatpoint through their Facebook and website

Special thanks to Rogue PR for setting up the interview.

Images provided by Threatpoint and Rogue PR


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