Album Review: Fighting for Frequency – A Million Miles Away

Rock has gone through many fazes over the years, and some bands remain true to its roots. Fighting for Frequency has an enjoyable blend of the style of old school rock and the modern evolution that has taken over in the past twenty years. Their EP, A Million Miles Away, may have its flaws, but it satisfies the qualifications of a solid rock record.

The EP starts off with its catchiest song with Signs. Initially coming off a bit more generic with its guitar riffs and style, the introduction has a catchy chorus that is irresistible. While the formula feels like a lot of the other radio-friendly rock groups, the solo and bridge keep it from getting stale and saving the latter half.

Fast Forward shows these New Orleans rockers are not going for the baseline of music by crafting a much more complicated track than the first. A slow intro that transitions into a rollercoaster of variation on the instrumental style. However, I felt the guitar dynamics overpowered the vocals to the point some parts were hard to hear.

At first, the third track Ready to Fall comes in strong with a riff that tears through my headphones in the best way possible. That strength lets loose for a more subdued chorus that is carried out in a relaxing manner. While the lack of catchiness did bum me out, the storytelling with the lyrics felt more engaging than the previous songs.

Coming in for a refreshing change of pace is Still Standing. The acoustic first verse catches me off guard in a delightful way. The relationship between the instruments feels more balanced as the drums and bass get more attention, and the guitar does not drown everything out. A more distinguished personality separates the fourth song from the rest, making it the best on the whole EP.

The title track closes everything down. A collaborative sound with the acoustic and electric instruments from before coming together in unison. The verses are more somber while the chorus picks it up with the strength. The vocals seem to not change pitch or style between different stages of the song but remain fitting throughout the various changes.

A Million Miles Away is the right path for the quintet but needs some work to separate themselves from the rest of the rock world. Still Standing and the title track show they can diversify into standout songs while having more generic moments with Signs. It might be basic at times, but it is still hard-hitting rock that is hard to ignore.

Score: 7/10

Buy the EP: A Million Miles Away

Images via Fighting for Frequency


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