Trailer Impressions: Sprial: From the Book of Saw

Oh, boy, we got another Saw movie coming. Admittedly, I love the first four, maybe five entries, and you cannot shame me for that. Then things left the initial story and became a convoluted mess, more so than it already turned into. Now we get something a little different from the rumored spinoff featuring Samuel L. Jackson, but despite trying something new, this looks laughably terrible.

I have to see it.

Starting off with weird 90s buddy cop vibes with Det. Zeke Banks (Chris Rock, who happens to write and produce the film because this world is cruel and unusual) and Det. Marv Boswick (Dan Petronijevic). A new series of crimes come along targetting police officers, so now they are on the case to solve it. Who could it possibly be?

That right there is almost the entire trailer until we get the introduction of Marcus (Samuel L. Jackson), who I have no idea who he is supposed to be but it is Jackson, so I am happy enough to see him hopefully save as much of this shit show as he can.

Chris Rock goofily rolls his chair in the police station to see a commotion over a package. A little tease to show either a message or trap being prepared for him because Saw loves its surprises, even if it doesn’t land with the audience.

We do get a weird glimpse into what looks like a heist with men wearing ski masks and boiler suits. Why not, we got this far?

It isn’t until towards the end we get a reminder that this is Saw with Jackson asking, “You want to play games, mother fucker,” and yes, we get him saying his famous two words. Then we get to see two traps, some contraption that has someone’s arms getting pulled by a machine and Officer Chris Rock handcuffed with a saw in one hand. Ooo, fanfare, so exciting!

I have no hope for this to succeed, but Jigsaw made a good profit, so Lionsgate will continue to chuck these out at us for some extra cash. I hope for enough of Nick Fury Jackson to elevate this experience to make it at least enjoyably bad rather than a miserable mess.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw releases May 15.

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Image via Lionsgate


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