Song Impression: Skillet – Legendary

After three years since Skillet’s Unleashed record, the quartet has announced their new album Victorious which will release on Aug. 2. I had a lot of expectations for the new song that released today due to their last album being my favorite that the band has crafted in their long career. Legendary has some of the most energy ever heard from the band along with the refined sound that came off of Unleashed.

Before the explosive song starts, things start off with some catchy synthesizer action from guitarist/pianist/synth Korey Cooper. Lead guitarist Seth Morrison lays down some riffs and lead singer/bassist John Cooper’s bass blasts with sonic booms for a grand entrance into the first verse. So much is happening within the first 30 seconds, and that creativity does not stop flowing throughout.

The first verse is ready to pounce for an attack as Morrison continues his dangerous sounding riffs and Cooper starts his singing. Soon he is accompanied by drummer/backup vocalist Jen Ledger. The two have an excellent back and forth chemistry with a catchy rhythm that will surely be in my head for weeks.

The slightly subdued pre-chorus leaps into the highly energetic chorus. Steady drumming that continues to pummel along with everything else aggressively laying out the rest of the layers as the two singers lead the way. In many ways, the structure and sound remind me of Feel Invincible from the 2016 record with the exception this does not let go of the beat and vigor.

The bridge leads into a melodic, yet still maintaining that gripping instrumentation that does not stop with its assault. Cooper and Ledger singing steadily together to a chaotic climax then seamlessly transitioning into the final chorus to end on a high note.

Legendary already shows Skillet is coming into this year for blood. The rock group has a lot to prove with the rest of the album, but this first single is a positive sign that they are on the right path. I was already hyped for a new release, and now this is one of my top most anticipated records for 2019.

You can listen to the new song below and pre-order the album to support both the band and my blog:

Pre-order and support the blog and band: Victorious

Image via Pixabay/PascalBeckmann


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