What We Know: Rage 2

A sequel to Rage is an odd thing for id Software to develop, but from what has been shown on the unexpected sequel looks nothing like the original. The mix of id’s experience with insane first-person shooters and Avalanche Studios’ experience with making over the top open world titles like Just Cause should make for a beautifully chaotic collaboration. The game is coming soon, so this is all that is known so far.


Set 50 years after the previous Rage, the year is now 2185. You play as the last Ranger named Walker. You battle against the remaining rulers from the first title. The world has moved on and developed while still having that Mad Max-like apocalypse that the developers have termed “post-post-apocalyptic.”


Imagine if you took the 2016 DOOMJust Cause, and Avalanche’s Mad Max into one insane FPS. It has the insane weapons from DOOM and Just Cause while having many vehicles that have been a staple in both of the Mad Max games and movies. The fast movement from DOOM is another aspect that will embed itself into the DNA of Rage 2.

Many abilities will be unlockable to upgrade Walker. Overdrive grants extra damage, replenish health, and a greater chance for loot from enemies.  Shatter is a kinetic blast that breaks down armor and knocks down enemies. Those are just two of the many attributes that will give you the extra edge in this hostile, desolate world.


The world of Rage has developed further after 50 years so the landscape will be a lot more diverse. Each area differs in environment and factions of enemies that inhabit each region.

The Wild is a jungle that both enemies and allies will use the vegetation to gain an advantage during combat.

Sekreto Wetlands takes Walker into a swamp and the remnants of the Old World. These swamps will be infested with a faction called the River Hogs.

Torn Plains is full of remaining plots of civilization and valleys.

Dune Sea is what people who played the first Rage would expect due to its giant desert that will have plenty of merchants and bandits.

Side Activities

Races, convoys headed by a leader followed by a group of goons, arks to find for additional gear, and possibly more that have not been shown.


The Wasteland Wizard grants you cheat to enhance the gameplay. Rage 2 is bringing back a mechanic that was once thought deceased. Cheats in games was a staple for any release, so this is a nice throwback.

Pre-Order Bonuses and Editions

Standard: Exclusive mission “Cult of the Death God,” Settler’s Pistol, Nicolas Raine Armor, and a monster truck.

Digital Deluxe Edition: The Rise of the Ghost expansion, DOOM‘s BFG, cheat codes, progress boosts, and everything listed in the standard edition.


Collector’s Edition: Everything from the previous edition except for the progress boost. Alongside that, the Collector’s edition includes: Ruckus the Crusher talking head, steel book, and a poster.


Release Date and Platforms:

Rage 2 releases on May 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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