Top MCU Movies: The Best vs. the Best

Infinity War is almost here. Since I have made weekly lists that are celebrating the MCU, it is time to give my list of the best films that we have so far in this universe. Everyone is making their lists of the entire catalog of films in the MCU, but this will be different. There are a few reasons I am doing this. Everyone is doing it, so why not be a little different? Also, some of the movies I flat out do not like, so there is no reason to put it on the list. However, a few are not making the list that I do like. To make it easier to make a substantial top 10, I am leaving some movies out, so there is not top 12 or 13. Who knows what didn’t make a list because I did not like the film or thought it would not fit? Well, I do, but the mystery is there for you. I am taking what I feel is the best in the MCU to put them against each other in this list. Now let’s go on this list of the best MCU movies.

#10: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange may have its flaws, but with its sense of humor, stunning visuals, and what it means for the future of the MCU is why the film gets number 10 on this list. Doctor Stephen Strange is one of the most powerful heroes in the MCU, which will be great when he and his friends face against Thanos. The film features an infinity stone that will appear in the upcoming Avengers. A lot of weight is going to be on his shoulders in the future as he takes a more prominent role. Out of any movie so far in the MCU, this has some of the best effects that we have seen. Reality warping, vibrant colors, and psychedelic effects that will make your mind explode. Expect to see more phenomenal visuals in our future with the Doctor.





#9: Avengers: Age of Ultron 

A lot of people like to give this movie a bad name or make it out to be just average, but I think it is great. Sure, it is weaker in many ways to the first Avengers. The villain feels less significant than Loki regarding power, some problems within the plot, and some not so great visual effects. However, the film shows the team in a new evolved way that shows how much they have grown as a team and as individuals. The dynamic that the characters have can cause tension, but levity is in there as they have developed closer as friends. The introduction of characters such as Wanda and Vision was great for these two powerful heroes. The weight of this movie holds up on how the future of the MCU looks today. Even seeing how it connects to Black Panther is an absolute joy -something that many people may have forgotten, so go rewatch this- and many other connections that get made. Sure, it might be weaker in some areas, but it is still a fun movie that builds on excellent characters.






#8: Black Panther

One of the biggest surprises for me was Black Panther. By the trailer, I did not think much of it. This film delivers the diversity that fans have been wanting and so much more. With Kilmonger being of the best villains we have seen yet along with many great supporting characters, this film is loaded with people to remember. Balancing between being like the other Marvel movies, making something different to stand on its own, and making political commentary is done flawlessly. Being one of the most successful films in the entire MCU, we can expect to see a lot more of Wakanda.












#7: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Out of a straight up action movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is excellent. A plot that develops Steve Rogers a lot more while fleshing out his relationship with Black Widow with the added excellent action scenes to make for one of the most enjoyable films so far. It was hard for me to ever like Captain America, but this movie made me like him a lot more. On top of this, getting to see Nick Fury take such a significant role is always a joy because Samuel L. Jackson is still phenomenal. The first film in the MCU for the Russo brothers to take on left a lasting impression on Marvel and fans. My biggest critique of this and Civil War is their humor tends to fall flat a lot more. Their MCU films have focused more on a serious plot that does not lend to much humor. Despite that, it is still full of great action and character development.









#6: Avengers

The first major milestone in the MCU is to finally see the established heroes come together to fight Loki. Rewatching this seemed a bit less epic with the smaller cast, but it is hard to compare because the cast of Infinity War is ridiculously massive. The perfect blend of a compelling story that has weight to it, great characters interaction, excellent action, and hilarious moments that are still some of the funniest in the entire MCU. Despite mixed reactions to the first two Thor movies, making Loki, a central villain was a great idea. Especially since he is still a significant villainous role in the current MCU story. This is one of the best representations of the MCU at its best.











#5: Captain America: Civil War

At first, I did not like this movie. Humor fell flat, except for the Ant-Man and Spider-Man scenes, those guys are hilarious. Plus I did not like the story at first. Recently rewatching the movie, I do not understand why I felt that way. One of my big issues is the MCU lacks stakes and consequences that feel impactful. Seeing the heroes divided and try to rip one another apart is fantastic. The film brings up a great discussion about who is right or wrong and what they should do to fix their issues. An interesting villain who plays the Avengers into trying to kill each other gives the film one of the most unique threats we have seen. .With each movie getting better about how it develops characters and their relationships, we see people grow closer and apart. Understanding the effects of this movie on Infinity War will be really interesting on how everyone will treat one another after what they have been through.







#4: Thor: Ragnarok

This might be the funniest movie so far in the entire MCU. Another film I wrote off based on the trailer, this is what won me over to be a fan of the MCU. This is a hilarious comedy with Thor, Loki, Hulk, and new characters such as Hela. A surprise that came when so many people had a bad taste from the first two movies for the Norse god, but this third installment was so different. Visually beautiful, well-written comedy that has every joke land, and an impactful story that has massive changes to Thor’s side of the MCU. The destruction of Asgard, Thor’s hammer being destroyed, and the loss of his eye makes for one intense comedy.










#3: Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2

This was the hardest choices to make. Which is better, the first Guardians of the Galaxy or the second? I chose the second film to be number two because the first was such a massive shock to me on how much I fell in love with it. What is better in this film is the villain, Ego played by Kurt Russell and the development of the relationships within the Guardians. The group has better chemistry since the first movie and a lot more development on who they are as individuals. Just as funny as the first film, and with some of the best special effects in any MCU film is why this gets number three on my list.




#2: Guardians of the Galaxy

How did Marvel take these obscure characters and make them so great? Seriously, I felt confident that this would be terrible. When I saw it, I loved almost every moment. Besides the death scene at the start of the movie, seriously that stuff is overplayed. I ended up falling in love five minutes after. Hilarious jokes that land every time, great visual effects, and introducing these odd characters was so well done. Practically everything James Gunn creates is gold anyways. He won me over with this spectacular movie. The film has a lot of impact on the future of the MCU. Gamora is the daughter of Thanos, we see an infinity stone, and these heroes will take up the mantle after the major shake-up in the MCU when Avengers 4 ends.



#1: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man is my favorite hero, so seeing this movie made me so happy. The other attempts to bring Spider-Man to the big screen were inconsistent. Now we have the ultimate Spider-Man with Tom Holland. He portrayed Spidey and Peter Parker flawlessly. The film has a lot of heart that defines that character on who he is both in and out of the suit. A great high school movie mixed in with one of the best superhero movies of all time. Taking the Vulture as the main villain with Michael Keaton at the role was a genius move. The character is pretty obscure, but was done is an incredible way. Besides the continuity error that gets made, this to me is a perfect movie. I can not wait to see more of Spider-Man in his upcoming sequels and in future Avengers movies. He will be another major character to carry the torch after some of the older and most significant characters are no longer around.








That is it for my month of the MCU until my review for Avengers: Infinity War which released on April 27. My review will come out on the 29th. Be sure to check out my other Marvel related lists that I made this month: Things that should or could happen in the MCU, best villains, and some facts that you may not know, What are your favorite movies in the MCU? Be sure to comment below on what you like the best.


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